The Batman Strikes is the title for the upcoming sequel to the film The Dark Knight. Not much is known except for the cast and part of the story. More is likely to be added later.

Character Bios


Bruce Wayne/Batman

Played By: Christian Bale

Biography: Bruce Wane is still fighting crime as Batman in Gotham City. Though the Joker is dead Bruce's old friend named Harvey Dent has become the brutal vigilante Two-Face. Bruce wants to help his friend as Two-Face targets criminals across Gotham. Batman also faces the new cat burglar named Catwoman.

Alfred Penntworth

Played By: Michael Caine

Biography: Alfred still serves Bruce Wayne at Wayne Manor.

Rachel Dawes

Played By: Maggie Gyllenhall

Biography: Rachel has been the assistant DA of Gotham for a long time. She has become depressed ever since Harvey Dent has been turned into Two-Face. Her relationship with Bruce is also strained when Bruce becomes attracted to the rich environmentalist Selina Kyle.

Edward Nashton

Played By: Johnny Depp

Biography: Edward Nashton is an eccentric and aspiring investigative journalist at the Gotham Times that loves and is good at puzzles. Edward asks to be put onto the Two-Face case, and is eventually allowed to be put onto the story by his boss Alexander Knox. Edward investigates the events involving Batman, Two-Face, Oswald Cobblepot, and the mobster Black Mask.

Major Spoiler: Near the end of the movie Edward is kidnapped by the Penguin and Black Mask and is tortured, eventually driving him insane, turning him into the criminal the Riddler for the next movie.

Vicki Vale

Played By: Scarlet Johanssen

Biography: A friend and fellow employee of the Gotham Times with Edward Nashton. She has romantic feelings towards Edward but he doesn't notice it, and just considers her a friend. She is a photographer and repeatedly works with Edward. When Edward learns about the Penguin, Vicki tells him it is too dangerous to run the story, but he proceeds to.

Jim Gordon

Played By: Gary Oldman

Biography: Jim is still fighting against crime in the Gotham City Police Department.

Lucius Fox

Played By: Morgan Freeman

Biography: Lucius still helps Bruce in getting the tech he needs to fight evil.

Alexander Knox

Played By: Alan Arkin

Biography: Alexander Knox is the elderly editor of the Gotham Times.

Trivia: The character Alexander Knox appeared in the original 1989 Batman movie and is in this film albeit very different.


Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot/Penguin

Played By: Timothy Spall

Biography: Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot appears to be a mere legitimate businessman as the owner of the Iceberg Lounge, but in reality he is a criminal mastermind. He has his right hand man Roman Sionis a.k.a. Black Mask look like the head honcho, when he actually answers to the Penguin.

Harvey Dent/Two-Face

Played By: Aaron Eckhart

Biography: Harvey Dent was scarred by the Joker in The Dark Knight, and has since become the violent vigilante Two-Face. Two-Face has been targeting and killing several criminals. He now seeks to destroy the Penguin's organization.

Selina Kyle/Catwoman

Played By: Kate Beckinsale

Biography: Selina Kyle is a rich environmentalist that is also the cat burglar Catwoman, who is the best at what she does. She first meets Batman while she is stealing a precious jewel, but she escapes from him. She later meets Bruce at a party at the Iceberg Lounge. She becomes in danger when she steals precious jewels from Oswald Cobblepot, also known as the Penguin.

Roman Sionis/Black Mask

Played By: Edward Norton

Roman came from the rich Sionis family, which owned the company Janus cosmetics, and was civil with Bruce Wayne. His father was extremely abusive to both Roman and his mother. Eventually Roman set his mansion on fire killing his parents, and giving him the empire of Janus Cosmetics. Janus began going bankrupt and Roman decided to try and come up with a new product to save the company with a new product and his girlfriend tested it for him. She became horribly disfigured helping make Roman lose it. To make things worse Bruce had bought out Janus Cosmetics, thinking he was helping Roman, but Roman felt betrayed. Roman went to his parents' crypt, tore the lid off of the coffin of his father, and carved it into a black mask, and took that as a nickname. Roman started his own gang, but was eventually found by the big time gangster Oswald Cobblepot, also known as the Penguin. Black Mask's gang was assimilated into Penguin's and Black Mask became Penguin's right hand man and puppet boss of the gang while Oswald looked like a legitimate businessman. Black Mask loves torturing others.


Note: Everything stated here is pure speculation and is likely to change with the release of The Dark Knight.


The Joker is dead and Harvey Dent has been turned into the violent vigilante Two-Face.

A new cat burglar has arrived in Gotham called Catwoman.


The Batman Strikes is followed by another Batman movie called Batman: Dark Victory.

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