The Batman Returns is a 2016 superhero film and the first sequel to the 2014 film The Batman.


During a Christmas party, Bruce Wayne is introduced to Oswald Cobblepot and billionaire industrialist Max Shreck. Shreck briefly leaves to return to his officer, located in the upper levels of a high rise building, where he finds his secretary Selina Kyle snooping around. Realising that Kyle has stumbled upon his criminal ties, Shreck throws out a window to her death before returning the party, which is subsequently stormed by armed thugs, who kidnap him.

Shreck, it turns out, is working with the villainous Cobblepot to take over Gotham by having Cobblepot instated as mayor, and Cobblepot is revealed to be the true identity of unknown criminal mastermind the Penguin. Meanwhile, Selina mysteriously returns, and disguises herself to become Catwoman.

Catwoman soon becomes embroiled in Cobblepot and Shreck's plot, part of which involves her seducing Bruce Wayne, not realising his true identity as the Batman. He uncovers her identity, but nonetheless, they begin to develop genuine romantic feelings for each other.

During an address to Gotham by Cobblepot involving his candidacy, his plans are exposed by Batman, causing him to fly into a rage. He then decides to take revenge by using his secret lair in Gotham's sewer system as a place to drown Gotham's young.

Catwoman agrees to help Batman foil the plan and the infiltrate Cobblepot's lair. Cobblepot dies after falling through a glass panel and plunging into the toxic waste he planned to use in his plan. Catwoman sacrifices herself to get revenge by electrocuting both herself and Shreck to death. The film ends with Batman guarding Gotham City alone.

A subplot in the film involves the mob's revenge plot against Harvey Dent, which culminates in them planting a bomb in his office, which detonates and blows half of his face off.


The Batman Returns was followed by three sequels; The Batman Triumphant, The Batman Beyond and The Batman Forever.

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