The Batman is a 2015 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character Batman.




Michael Fassbender as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Timothy Dalton as Alfred Pennyworth

Brian Cranston as Commissioner James Gordon

Emma Watson as Barbara Gordon

Crispin Glover as The Joker

Eva Green as Selina Kyle/Catwoman

Jon Hamm as Harvey Dent

Danny Glover as Lucius Fox

Ray Winstone as Detective Harvey Bullock

Willow shields as Carrie Kelly/Robin

kit Harrington as dick Grayson/nightwing

Asa butterfield as Tim drake/red robin

Chloe moretz as stephanie brown/batgirl/spoiler

Julianne Moore as Detective Sarah Essen

Salma Hayek as Rene Montoya

Michael Madsen as Detective Harvey bullock

Aaron tyler johnson as Jason todd/Robin

Adam Driver as Doctor Death

Robert Carlyle as Edward nigma/ the riddle

Mark Addy as Oswald coppelpot/ the penguin

Derek meyers as killer croc

Bradley cooper as basil Karlo/ clayface


When the Superman reboot was announced in late 2020, Warner Bros. and DC confirmed that they would be creating a cinematic universe based on their characters in hopes of creating a Justice League movie. The universe would begin with the Superman film, and the second film announced to be a part of the universe was a Batman reboot.

Based on his work on films such as Babe and Mad max fury road, George miller was selected as the director. Miller was reportedly thrilled to be taking part in the construction of the universe and was especially happy to be overseeing the Batman reboot. 

Several scripts were worked on but none really worked until the draft by paul dini, the creator of harley quinn and head writer of batman the animated series, and James Vanderbilt, based on his work on Zodiac and The Amazing Spider-Man, were chosen. They talked with Miller and they all agreed that the film would take element from various batman works particularly the early golden age material, Frank Miller's the dark knight returns, Batman year one, the long halloween, Death in the family and most importantly Batman: the killing joke. Dini said that the killing joke was definitely a setter for the kind of batman we were trying to create. Miller stated in interviews that the tone and atmosphere was heavily inspired by the animated series. The Villain Doctor Death was actually taken from batman's early appearances and in the 30s Comics he's essentially the DC universe's first supervillain, so it was decided to do something similar.


when casting the film various actors were chosen for the role of batman like Tom hardy, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, And Benedict cumberbatch, however eventually Karl Urban was chosen. Urban had some experience with comic book films Most famously playing the titular character of judge dredd in Dredd . "it's a high honor to play a charcter like Batman, And i have two comic book characters i've played now. Ready for my third" Karl said in an interview. the next roles were harder though Alfred pennyworth was Just as hard but eventually Timothy Dalton was chose, Dalton also had some experience with superheroes playing the villain neville sinclaire in the rocketeer . For the Role of Catwoman People like Rachel weisz, and Charlize theron were considered before Eva green was chosen. Eva was stated saying "i was given comics that retold her origins and i took her past into account, as well as the preformances from the 60s televison show and michelle pfieffer's preformance." 

For the roles of Nightwing, Kit harington was cast. Kit said "i always thought of him as sort of like a brother Batman never had/ The angel onhis shoulder. plus i'll know that there's a chance i'be him, Spoilers." for Barbara Gordon Emma stone and Amanda seyfried. the role went to emma watson who said "i wanted to show barbara as a fighter, as just as strong as even batman. But i knew i should show her vulnerability which is why she's has night terrors about the joker"

For the roles of Red Robin and Batgirl/Spoiler Asa butterfield was chosen right from the getgo for Red Robin, but batgirl/Spoiler was originially played by Haliee steinfeld but she was too busy with Mythic city/Star wars/Indiana Jones: the colliding of worlds, which Emma watson was also in but finished before Haliee, so Chloe Moretz was chosen. In an interview Asa said that "the idea we had is that they were fans of batman who decided to do it themselves" and chloe in that same interview said "yeah and they have no idea what they're doing." For carrie kelly Willow shields was chosen because of her showing up to the audition with with a slingshot.

As soon as the reboot was announced, Bryan Cranston was a fan favourite for the role of James Gordon. Cranston had previously voiced the character in the animated Batman: Year One film and was reportedly interesting in reprising the role. The fanbase's reaction to his casting was overwhelmingly positive, with Cranston commenting on Twitter that he was honoured to get such a reaction. Julianne moore lobbied for the role and was happy to discover that she was the first choice. Rene montoya and James maddsen were also first choice picks with the two actually appearing at comic con as montoya and Bullock respectively.

For the villains Robert Carlyle was as the riddler chosen after Guy pearce refused. Mark addy was cast and actually took inspiration from tjhe comics and the animated series and played off of that. "he's the Sociliate of the underworld" Addy describred his character. Bradley cooper was basil carlo despite him already playing Rocket racoon at the same time. "turns out playing two comic book characters is more fun than you think" Cooper said in an interview.

For the main villain of Doctor Death, it was decided to go with Adam Driver due to his Role of Kylo Ren in the Lucasfilms Universe. I saw him as a Man who lost his mind after the police destroyed his home after due to his actions."


A big part of the film was design, as the creators wanted to set it apart from previous Batman films and make it unique. one of the important details was that they'd be practical and would actually work in real life. Most of the costumes were in fact actual combat suits that were deigned for the military to more flexible and stronger than normal wear and more skin tight and be able to adapt to the wearer. they were able to get them through a friend of the producer's and the military allowed it since they were already being redesigned anyway. they were scanned into a cumputor and the sculptors were able to add the batman elements over them and recreate them with the original material in the same way. the capes however were actually made with the same cape material as the previous batman suits particularly the BvS cape. they were able to keep them since they would last a long time anyway.

The Batsuit's design when he first appears was inspired by the costume from detective comics number 27 everyflash back has a batsuit based on a point in the comic's history. the New batsuit was based on the Batsuit which had appeared in "Arkham" video games, with a black bat symbol on a grey bodysuit. The cowl was given the white pupiless eyes from the comics, as well as adding a yellow outline around the symbol mirroring the yellow oval used in the comics, similar to DC rebirth's batsuit. "i think my costume's probably the most realistic of the batsuits, at least since the 60s series. since it was designed from military unifroms i could really be more active with it."

Catwoman's was inspired by the sixties series but the mask was actually designed after the one in the comics. Unlike the others it was a uniqute material that was more like a catsuit but still had the adaptability of the others. Eva said "it was actually kind of empowering wearing it, and it actually works as a outfit so i could be warm when it was cold yet also cool on a boiling day." one element that was added was a bandadna like face guard that can be taken off and become cloth. It was actually based on the early days when catwoman's mask was an actually cat head.

the batgirl costume for barbara was based on the costume worn by yvonne craig but with a darker purple and yellow gloves and boots inspired by the comics. Emma watson said "that costume was actually alot of fun to wear since you could hypothetically wear the costume in combat and it would actually protect you. But most of all it was actually mobile and was designed with us in mind so it would actually adapt to our surroundings."

The designs for red robin, Robin, and batgirl's early outfits were thought of as something a kid would make out of materials they could find. stephanie's hood in both batgirl and spoiler was inspired by a hoodie. their Uniforms were actually Done in the same manner as Barbara's and batman's and were done in the same way except for spoiler's hoodie which was normal cloth.

Nightwing's was the easiest to design since it was taken almost directly out of the comics without variations. Like the others Kit was able to use it but he had this to say "I was careful trying not to break them in the start since they were military grade but i got used to them."

The villains were designed almost entirely off of the arkham games. For Doctor Death since he was Burned they looked at real burn victims and exagger upon them.  for his clothes which are a trench coat, Black suit coat, white suit shirt and a top hat it was decided that since they belonged to his family who died in a fire, that they'd show fire damage.

The one bit of design that set this batman movie apart from the others is that gotham city has a design, which itself was inspired by batman the animated series, a art deco, retro futuristic city, though to set it apart from metropolis it was done in a style more suited for a film noir, which many have argued is the tone where batman is the most natural. as such the clothing was designed and made by hand to envoke that noir time frame.


The film was Well received with fans saying it did the characters justice. Critics enjoyed the neo-noir atmosphere and story telling. Some even say it's better than the dark knight. Doug walker said "it's like the Purest form of batman but it also took a huge risk and knocked it out of the park." James rolfe said "it's like an old movie from the past but done in a new style." Lewis luvhaug said "it did take elements from the past but it did its own thing well enough for it to be it's own thing." 


The film was followed by World's finest in which superman and batman met. Then Justice League which batman, nightwing, Bagirl, Red robin, Spoiler, Catwoman and Robin appear, though only Batman joins the league. Then with The Shadow. in which batman admits he was inspired by the titualr hero. Return of the Batman where he fights Black mask and other mobsters. House of the batman Where the Batfamily are trapped inside arkham asylum and have to deal with every batman villain, including the joker. Trinity where Batman Superman and wonder woman fight off an alien invasion on their own, and Trinity/The shadow where The trinity team up with the shadow. The Titans informing robin and nightwing about the movie's conflict, Deathstroke. Justice league Brave and the Bold, where The justice league faces off against their Earth 3 counter parts. City of the batman where Gotham is cut off from the rest of america. legacy of the Batman where Dick has to take on the mantle of batman.  Batman Vs superman in-which friends become enemies. and finally Justice league apocalypse.

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