The Batman is a 2018 superhero neo-noir action thriller film based on the character created by bob kane and bill finger. directed and staring ben affleck

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. it also stars Jeremy Irons, Eva green, Jared leto, Margot robbie, Natalie dormer, mark addy, jackie earle hayley, Robert Carlyle, Jon Hamm, and brad dourif.



Ben affleck as bruce wayne/ the batman

Jeremy Irons as alfred Pennyworth

Eva Green as selina Kyle/Catwoman

Jon Hamm as victor fries/ Mr. Freeze

Jared Leto as The joker

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

Natalie Dormer as pamela isley/ poison ivy

Mark Addy as Oswald copplepot/ the penguin

Jackie Earle hayle as Victor zasz

Robert Carlyle as Edward nigma/ the riddler

Brad douriff as Johnathan Crane/the Scarecrow

Jeffery Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne (flashback/ghost)

Lauren Cohen as Martha Wayne (flashback/ghost)

zachary quinto as The shadow

Maurice lamarche as the voice of the shadow

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