The Batman: Red Rain is an American superhero action horror film based on the DC Comics character of Batman.


The Joker arrives at Gotham Cemetery, where the Penguin is waiting. They are searching for a treasure stashed away in a tomb somewhere in the cemetery. While ivnestigating several crypts, the Penguin accidentally cuts his hand and his blood spills onto one of the corpses within, reanimating it. The body turns out to be that of Count Dracula, a Transylvanian vampire who was secretly moved to Gotham after his death. Dracula first attacks the Joker and seemingly kills him before making the Penguin his manservant.

Shortly thereafter, Bruce Wayne is throwing a party at his mansion, where he is being interviewed by reporter Vicki Vale. He then meets Dr. Alucard, who claims that he is investigating Gotham's protector, the Batman. Bruce takes an interest in Vicki, which she returns, and they begin to date.

Meanwhile, several Gotham citizens go missing. Batman investigates and learns that Dracula is behind them. They battle on a rooftop one night, during which Batman deduces Dr. Alucard as Dracula's alias. Dracula offers Batman the chance to join him, but the hero refuses. Dracula then declares that he will kill Batman for rebuffing him. At the same time, the police begin to suspect that Batman is behind the attacks as a bat-like figure has been sighted.

Batman arrives at an attack on blood bank and encounters the renegade Joker, who is now a vampire but Dracula is unable to control him. After a brutal fight, Batman captures him and then tries to synthesize a vaccine from him. However, the Joker escapes before he can be cured.

Batman learns that Dracula once had a wife named Camilla, who looked like Vicki, which explains Dracula's obsession with her. Dracula then kidnaps her and plans to sacrifice her soul to ressurect Camilla. Batman sets out after him.

Batman rescues Vicki from the Gotham catacombs and learns Dracula into a confrontation in the Batcave, where he activates a prototype solar energy storing machine which kills Dracula. He then takes the cure and prepares to unleash it, which will save Dracula's victims.

After doing so, however, Batman is attacked by the Joker, wielding super charged joy buzzers. They chase each other to the top of a building and fight, culminating in the Joker falling into the river below and being electrocuted. The Penguin finds the treasure but is arrested, the police believing that he was behind the entire affair. The film closes with Batman returning to his duties as the dark knight.


Eric Bana - Bruce Wayne/The Batman

Geoffrey Rush - Alfred Pennyworth

Bryan Cranston - Commissioner James Gordon

Christina Hendricks - Vicki Vale

Javier Bardem - Count Dracula

Crispin Glover - The Joker

Phillip Seymour Hoffman - Oswald Cobbelpot/The Penguin

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