The Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman is a 2017 superhero action film based on the DC Comics character Batman. It is a remake of the 2003 film Mystery of the Batwoman and stars Eric Bana, Logan Lerman, Geoffrey Rush, Bryan Cranston and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. It is also a sequel to The Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and The Batman: Sub Zero.


Batman and Robin are on patrol one night and spot mysterious, disguised woman attacking a truck belonging to the Penguin, sending the truck driver to his death. Batman realises that this new 'heroine' isn't afraid to use lethal force to achieve her goals and must stop her. Meanwhile, the Penguin partners up with Carmine Falcone to sell weapons to the nation of Kasna. They employ a man named Carlton Kane as protection.

Batman recognizes the vigilante as a 'Batwoman' but notes that she does not stick to the rules as she doesn't spare her adversaries. He also notices that her primary interest is in the activites of Kane, the Penguin and Falcone. While Batman and Robin investigate the Batwoman and try to uncover her identity, Batman's alter ego Bruce Wayne becomes romantically involved with Kathy Kane, the daughter of Carlton Kane.

Along the way, Bruce is also introduced to Dr. Chase Meridan, an Arkham Asylum criminal psychologist, and Detective Ellen Yin, who is the new partner of Detective Harvey Bullock. Batwoman begins to target the various facilities where the weapons are stashed and when Kane fails to protect them, the Penguin decides to bring in additional reinforcement in the form of Bane. 

Soon, the mystery becomes unravelled. Although Batman had previously suspected all three women of being the Batwoman, he ultimately had to rule them out because of their alibis. In truth, Batwoman is a shared identity by the trio, who were all working together. Kathy and Ellen met in art classes in college, at the same time Ellen was Chase's roommate. They also all have motive to dismantle the illegal operations; the Penguin had framed Chase's fiancé, Ellen wanted revenge after Falcone left her family bankrupt while Kathy wanted her father to end his criminal career. It is also explained that nine years ago, Batman saved Ellen's life so she took on the bat identity.

At the climax, Kathy attacks the Penguin's shipment of weapons, which is headed for international waters. Batman pursues her as she plants a bomb which begins to destroy the ship. The Penguin, who is on board the ship, berates Bane, who finally snaps and kills him before attacking Batman. As he gains that upper hand, Kathy returns and intervenes, sending Bane into the ocean. On the shore, Bullock arrests Falcone but Ellen is found rescuing Batman, publicy disclosing her identity as the Batwoman. She decides to resign from the police force and leave Gotham, but not before Batman gives her the evidence he recovered that allows Chase's fiancé to be cleared. Carlton reconciles with his daughter and agrees to testify against Falcone. The film closes on Bruce driving away with Kathy.


Eric Bana - Bruce Wayne/The Batman

Logan Lerman - Dick Grayson/Robin

Geoffrey Rush - Alfred Pennyworth

Bryan Cranston - Comissioner James Gordon

Billy Dee Williams - Lucius Fox

Scarlett Johansson - Dr. Chase Meridan 

Amanda Seyfried - Kathy Kane

Zhang Ziyi - Detective Ellen Yin

Bob Hoskins - Oswald Cobbelpot/The Penguin

Nathan Jones - Antonio Diego/Bane

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