The Bat is a 2014 reboot to the Batman franchise.


After his parents death, Bruce Wayne (Robert Downey Jr.) wanted vengance on Joe Chill (Colin Farrel). When he grew up he decided to put an end to the mob and traveled the world with Raa's Al Ghul (Ian McKellen), training in the ways of the ninja. After training with the league of assassins, Bruce returned, and decided to become his worst fear: the bat. He made a stealthy bat-suit with the money he inherited from his parents. The mobster he took down, Rupert Thorne (Martin Sheen), wanted revenge so he hired the assassin Bane (Geno Segers), got some other enforcers, Victor Zsasz (Norman Reedus), and Killer Croc (Michael Jai White), and kidnapped then forced a scientist, Dr. Kirk Langstrom (Edward Norton), to work on some weapons to take down the bat. A week after the reported kidnapping of Dr. Langstrom and several sightings of a so called "Batman" started causing panic in Gotham, Raa's Al Ghul arrived both searching for Bruce Wayne and delivwering some combat weapons to Rupert Thorne. Batman came and tried to stop the delivery, but saw Raa's Al Ghul and and was confuse. Just then, a trio of assasins, a refference to the Terrible Trio, (Cillian Murphy, Michael Clarke Duncan, Luke Goss) snuck up behind Bats and knocked him out. Rupert Thorne and Raa's Al Ghul had him tied up in Thorne's hideout and were about to unmask him, but Batman came to and broke free before they could. Zsasz and Bane entered the room and told Raa's Al Ghul and Thorne they would handle it. Batman threw a punch at Zsas, then Bane picked up The Bat and threw him across the room. Zsasz started shooting at Batman, but Batman dodged and threw a Baterang at Zsasz's gun. The Batarang got stuck in the gun and jammed it. Then Bane charged at Batman, but Batman jumped away and tackled Zsasz to the ground, punching him. Bane picked up Batman and threw him out the door, then locked out Batman and climbed out the window with Zsasz. Zsasz and Bane went out behind the hide out and broke the back-door down and warned they're employers, Raa's Al Ghul and Rupert Thorne. Just then, Batman broke in and swiped the weapon Al Ghul delivered. Before they could do anything Batman escaped, and went to Wayne Manor. Batman used theweapons to make them better and turn them into items suc as an EMP Gun, a Grappling Gun, a Smoke Bomb, etc., etc.


Robert Downey Jr. - Bruce Wayne / Batman

Martin Sheen - Rupert Thorne

Michael Jai White - Waylon Jones / Killer Croc

Steve Blum - Waylon Jones / Killer Croc (voice)

Norman Reedus - Victor Zsasz

Geno Segers - Bane

Fred Tatasciore - Bane (Voice)

Edward Norton - Dr. Kirk Langstrom

Bryan Cranston - Alfred Pennyworth

Charlize Theron - Talia Al Ghul

Ian McKellen - Raa's Al Ghul

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