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Opening Credits

A Cosgrove Hall Production


From the Book by
Roald Dahl

Adapated by
John Hambley

Produced by
Mark Hall and Brian Cosgrove

Directed by
Brian Cosgrove

Closing Credits

Cast of Characters:

The BFG David Jason
Sophie Amanda Root
The Queen of England Angela Thorne
The Head of the Army Ballard Berkeley
The Head of the Air Force Michael Knowles
Bloodbottler and Fleshlumpeater Don Henderson
Mary Mollie Sugden
Mr. Tibbs Frank Thornton
The Sergeant Don Henderson
Mrs. Clonkers Myfanwy Talog
Additional Voices by Jimmy Hibbert

Music Written and Produced by
Keith Hopwood and Malcolm Rowe

Sequence Director:
Keith Scoble

Nigel Rutter

The Key Animators:
George Jackson Jean Flynn
Steve Thomas Meyrl Edge
Phil Morris Matias Marcos
Alain Costa Arthur Humberstone
Marc Eoche-Duval Dave Livesey
John Offord Brian Cosgrove

The Animators:
Denise Heywood Kay Widdowson
Andy Wilson Garry Owen
Paul Greenall Mark Povey
Arthur De Clodet Ken Duncan
Les Brooksbank Eric Bouillette
Stewart Selkirk

The Assistant Animators:
Joe McCaffrey Garry French Powell
Andy Roper Manuel Garica Pozo
Daniel Jeanette Adrian Bell
Mike Eames Alastair Fell
Malcolm McGookin Karen Heywood
Murti Schofield Carmel Buitrigo
Ken Emmett Claire Grey
Jennie Langley Phil McMylor
Juan Jose Bravo Claude Bonney

Special Effects Animators:
John Cousten
Lew Newstead

Special Effects Artists:
Roy Huckerby
Jackie Mitchell
Stephen Simpson

Design and Backgrounds:
Beverly Bush Brian Cosgrove
John Geering Steve Hanson
John Millington Nick Pratt
Andy Roper Keith Scoble
Ben Turner

Additional Backgrounds:
Barbara Alcock Margaret Riley
Diane Wren

Keith Scoble
Andy Roper

Animation Camera:
Frank Hardie
Wendy Senior
Peter Kidd
Mark Sutton

Trace and Paint Supervisor:
Laine Thomas

Animation Colour Stylist:
Judy Pilsbury

Beverley Phillips Yasodha Huckerby
Sue Halliwell Joan Storey

Cel Painters:
Stefania Giani Gloria Vassiliou
Lynn Hardie Andrea Hough
Katie Nutter Lesley White
Karl Scoble Maggie Beamer
Joyce Flowers Laura Cosgrove
Michael Lannigan Weston Samuels
Michelle Povey Helen Michaels
Sue Robson Craig Whittle
Helen Smith

Additional Cel Painters:
Lisa James Carol Leslie
Samantha Reynolds

Annie-Mate Ltd

Video Line Testing:
Phil Atack

Tony McAleese Andrew McLoughlin
Joan Simmons

Dubbing Mixer:
John Wood

Assitant Dubbing Mixer:
Trevor Barber

Scrolling Credits

Music Supervision:
Mark Hall

Lyrics by
Malcolm Rowe

"Sometimes Secretly"
Lyrics by
Malcolm Rowe

Sharon Campbell

Musical Director for Troubadour Music:
Keith Hopwood

Orchestral Arrangements:
Brian Ibbetson
David Cullen

Richie Close
Steve Pigott
Andy Richards

Music Recording Engineer:
Phil Bush

Music Recorded at:
Pluto Studios - Machester
CTS Studios - Wembley

Music Mix Engineer:
Chris Dibble

Music Mixed at:
Lansdowne Studios

Dialogue Recording:
Chris Anderson - Elstree Studios

Additional Dialogue Recording:
Steve Rogers - John Wood Studios

Location Sound Effects Engineer:
Mike 'Golly' Russell

Foley Recording Engineer:
Billy Mahoney

Foley Artists:
Ted Swanscott
Beryl Mortimer

Laboratory Liaison:
Brian Wynne

Color Timer:
Frank Reid

Negative Cutting:
Terry Lee

Dolby Consultants:
Ray Gillon
John Iles

Sound Track Re-Recorded at
World Wide Studios

Effects Editor:
Howard Lanning

Assistant Film Editors:
Stephen Perry
Jane Hicks

Live-Action Reference:

The BFG Peter Gluckstein
Sophie Zinnia Mitchell
Costumes: Sue Hunting
Props: Terry Brown

Model Fabrication:
Peter Saunders
Noel Baker
Colin Batty
Liz Fitzgerald

Camera Crews:

Title Model:
Neil Culley
Westbury Design and Opitcal Ltd

Motion Control:
Peter Tyler

Model Footage:
Peerless Camera Company

Bob Burrows

Vortex Effects:
Phil Atack
Nigel Rutter
John Geering

Aerial Image:
Martin Goldsmith

Title Pyrotechnic Special Effects:
Brian Smithies

With thanks to
240 Squadron O.C.O. R.A.F. Odiham
and especially to
Flight Lt. Simon Falla and Crew

Production Secretaries:
Carmel Wilson
Jane McCooey
Julie Barter
Sian Hopkins

Production Accountant:
Phil Slattery

Accounts Assistant:
Julia Salt

Production Manager:
Chris Phillips

General Manager:
Michael Robinson

Executive Producer:
John Hambley

Cosgrove Hall Productions
dedicate this film to the memory of
George Jackson

Dolby Stereo Mr. Nanny

Color by Technicolor

Copyright Cosgrove Hall Productions
All Rights Reserved

A Cosgrove Hall Production
(C) 1989

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