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The Art Entertainment Network (formerly known as NBC 2) was a television channel launched on September 25, 1988 by General Electric.

This channel supposed to called TV2, but they rename it to NBC 2 because there was already a channel that was called as TV2 (now known as SVT2)

The channel showed mostly fine arts, documentaries and dramas that are produced in the United Kingdom.

In 1997, the channel renamed to The Art Entertainment Network.

In 2004, The Art Entertainment Network merged with NBC Sweden to form Tattoo. (with the working title called Art Revolution).



Final programming


Former programming

Art programming

  • The Joy of Painting
  • Art in Action
  • Art Attack
  • A History of British Art
  • The Magic of Oil Painting
  • Paint This with Jerry Yarnell
  • Painting with Paulson
  • Pappyland
  • The Puzzle Place
  • Rolf on Art
  • The South Bank Show
  • Star Portraits with Rolf Harris
  • Mark Kistler's Imagination Station
  • Paint This with Jerry Yarnell
  • Conquistadors
  • The Private Life of a Masterpiece


  • America's Castles
  • Ancient Mysteries
  • Christianity: The First Two Thousand Years
  • City Confidential 
  • Comedy on the Road
  • First Flights with Neil Armstrong
  • Mysteries of the Bible
  • Lorne Greene's New Wilderness 


  • Breaking Away
  • Dead Head
  • Flambards 
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