The Aquatic Adventures of Zachary & Ainsley (2014)

Parents Guide


MPAA - Rated R for strong brutal violence and sexuality throughout, graphic nudity, language and drug use

Certification - Argentina:16 | Australia:MA15+ | Austria:12 | Belgium:CAT.2 | Brazil:14 | Bulgaria:D | Canada:18A (outside Québec) | Canada:16+ (inside Québec) | Chile:14 | Colombia:15 | Denmark:11 | Estonia:K-12 | Finland:16 | France:16 | Germany:16 | Greece:17 | Hong Kong:IIB | Hungary:16 | Iceland:12 | India:UA | Indonesia:17+ | Ireland:15A (theatrical release) | Ireland:15 (home release) | Italy:VM14 | Jamica:T-16 | Japan:R15+ | Kazakhstan:E16 | Latvia:16+ | Malaysia:P13 | Maldives:15+ | Malta:12 | Mexico:B15 | Netherlands:12 | New Zealand:RP13 | Nigeria:15 | Norway:15 | Philippines:R-16 | Portugal:M/14 | Romania:N-15 | Russia:16+ | Singapore:R21 | South Africa:16 (H, N, S, V) | South Korea:15 | Spain:16 | Sweden:11 | Switzerland:14 | Taiwan:15+ | Thailand:15 | Turkey:15A | United Arab Emirates:15+ | United Kingdom:15 | United States:R | United States:TV-14 (DSV, TV rating) | Venezuela:C (San Cristóbal and Baruta municipalities) | Venezuela:B (Maracaibo municipality) | Vietnam:C16

Sex & Nudity


Strong sex scenes between Zachary and Ainsley occur throughout the movie.

Violence & Gore


LOTS of blood throughout. Zachary and Ainsley are either getting attacked by the aquatic animals or attacking them.




Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


Zachary and Ainsley use opioids and heroin to poison animals throughout the movie.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The movie is very brutal throughout, even though the violence and gore isn't extreme enough to earn an NC-17 rating. While it is comedic with some scenes shown for laughs, it is only intended for older teens and adults.

The sexual content and nudity in this movie is played for laughs but is not explicit enough to earn an NC-17 rating.

ACB - Rated MA15+ (strong horror violence, sex scenes and nudity)

BBFC - Rated 15 (strong bloody violence, strong sex and sexualized nudity)

Info-communications Media Development Authority - Rated R21 (Sexual Scenes and Nudity)

Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration - Rated IIB (frequent gory violence and shocking scenes, occasional strong sexuality, nudity, coarse language and drug content)

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