The Animals will Hunt you Down is a horror movie starring Mila Kunus, Christian Hall, Jean-Luc Bil

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odeau, Brianna Evigan, Ashton Kutcher, Corey Moneth, Danielle Panabaker Shannon Elizabeth, Bailee Madison, Maya Ruldoph and Kevin Bacon.


The Sadins are having a reunion at there mansion in the woods. Bree is afraid taht she wont fit in with her new husband Rio's family who are rich and has alot of money. They don't know that four deadly people in animal masks are watching them throuh the windows and waiting for the perfect time to kill them with there machetes and kinves.


The sadins haven't seen eachother since the wedding of Bree and Rio and that was four montha ago. Rio's parents Andy and Brenda call the whole family up to stay at a mansion that the Sandins own. Bree is afraid that she wont fit in with the family but Rio assures her there's nothing to worry about. While the family meet eachother outside of the house they dont someone is watching them from the woods. The Sadins go to there room and settle in. The four strangers earlier who ae now wearing masks are watching them through the windwindows.                                                                                                                                    

The masks they are wearing is a Lion mask, Hippo mask, Elephant Mask and a Crocodile mask. They family gets setteled in the dinning room for a family meal. Carter excuses himself so he can use the bathroom and he looks out the window and see's the four animals and tells everyone to come into the hallway. They do and see the four strangers outside. Ricky goes outside and yells at them to go away and Lion Mask throws a knife by his head and Ricky slamms the door shut and locks it.

The Sandins ask what do they do and Charlie tells them to stay locked in the house and they check to see if all the windows and doors were locked and they were. Brenda and Andy says there weapons in teh basemnst and they all go down there except Grace. Grace goes upstairrs unaware that Hippo Mask is behind her. Grace turns around in time just as Hippo Mask throws a knife into her shoulder. Grace cries and runs into her room and locks it and Hippo Mask starts stabbing through the door. Grace opens her window and hides under the bed.

Hippo Mask comes in and thinks Grace went out the window and leaves the room. Grace leaves from under the bed and looks into the hallway just as Lion Mask was coming into the hallway. Grace screams and tries to shut the door but Lion Mask pushes his way in and throws Grace out the window stabbing her in the stomach. Grace lands on the car. The others come upstairrs and find Grace missing.

Grace wakes up and she see's Elephant Mask and Crocdile Mask in the distance and she gets in the car. She looks for keys and can't find none and screams as Lion Mask jumps on her car and he stabs his way in as well as Crocdile Mask and Elephant Mask. Grace tries to leave but they all start stabbing her with knifes but she manges to get out of the car and crawl away in till Hippo Mask stands in front of her. Grace looks up and Hippo Mask starts stabbing her in the face and head killing her.

The others go upstairs and find that Gace's room had been broken into and they look out the boken window. Elephant Face is standing there and he looks up and waves at them Hippo Face knocks the electrisdy out with an axe. Miley looks out the widnow to see what's going on out there and Hippo Face shoots an bow and arrow through the window almost hitting her. Miley and Charlie look out the door windows and see's Hippo Face, Lion Face, Elephant Face and Crocdile Face walking up to the house with there weapons.

Miley and Charlie are afraid that there going to come in and screams for everyone to hide and they hide. Bree hides in the passageway between the walls. She looks out the little hole and see's them walk in. They look around in the living room. Bree gasps when one of them throws a hevay book at the wall She covers her mouth but then a pole goes through the wall. She gets up and runs through the pasageway and the floor breaks underneath her and she falls into the basement laundry room.

Rio thinks they got Bree and runs into the living room with an axe and Crocdile Face throws the pole at him but he ducks and it hits the family picture. They come at him but Carter hits one of them in the head with a baseball bat and Lion face tumbles to the ground.Carter runs into the basement with Elephant Fae behind him. While that was going on Rio an away. Carter hides behind a table. He shines his flashlight around and the light goes out and when it comes on Elephant Face is in his face.

Elephant Face grabs him and drags him across the floor but breaks out of the hold and runs out of the celler doors and runs out into the field. Carter gets jumped by Elephant Face and Elephant Face throws him down a ravine. Elephant Face pulls out a gasoline tank and throws it all over Carter and sets him on fire killing him. Rio leaves his hidding place in the closet and walks into the living room looking for his uncle Carter. Miley comes up behind him and asks where every one else is at.

Rio tells her to look upstairrs for Bree and the others and he'll look for Carter. Miley goes upstairrs and see's blood on the floor. She follows the blood to her room and she goes in and the blood is underneath the bed. Kim and Mickey come out of the closet scaring Miley. Miley tells them that she needs help looking for the others and Miley and Kim start to leave the room when Mickey falls down on the blood. Mickey stands up and they watch in horror as a hand grabs Mickey and pulls him under the bed.

They try to help him but splatters of blood shoot out in front of the bed. Kim and Miley run and run into Charlie ans the others. Miley tells them that they just killed Mickey and that they need to find Rio and Bree and get the hell out of here. Rio is walking around downstairrs and is unaware that Elephant Mask is behind him in till he tackles him from behind which results of them toppling down the basement stairrs. Rio finds an axe and swings it at Elephant's Mask face which beaks his mask and it falls off.

Rio dosen't reconzie the stranger and he stabs him in the face with the axe and starts chopping him up in till Charlie and Ricky come downstairrs and stop him. They all notcie that there's another room down here and they go in there and find Bree sitting on the floor blood coverd all over her. Rio helps her up and brings her into the living room. Rio tells Charlie and Ricky to go get the others. Charlie runs ahead of Ricky and Lion Mask grabs him and pulls him into a room where he ties him to the bed.

Charlie brings the others downstairrs and realise that Ricky is missing. Meanwhile Crocdile Mask starts chopping the naked body of Ricky


Bree-Mila Kunus(Rio's wife)

Rio-Christian Hall

Zoey-Brianna Evigian(Rio's cousin)

Charlie-Jean-Luc Bilodeau(Rio's brother)

Andy-Ashton Kutcher(Rio's Dad)

Miley-Bailee Madison(Rio's sister)

Brenda-Shannon Elizabeth(Rio's mom)               

Ricky-Nico Tortellea(Rio's cousin)

Grace-Danielle Panabaker(Rio's cousin)

Mickey-Corey Moneth(Rio's brother)

Kim-Maya Ruldoph(Rio's aunt)

Carter-Kevin Bacon(Rio's uncle)


Grace-buldegoined to death by Hippo Mask

Carter-brunded to death by Elephant Mask

Mickey-face cut open?

Elephant mask-hacked up by Rio



Crocdile Mask


Lion Mask-



Hippo Mask-







The masks

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