The Angel is a 2016 fantasy film and a story by Fugly bat.


The thunder clapped as the person dug the shovel into the ground and lifted the dirt on to a person laying in a six feet grave. The person is revealed to be Christian who appears to be dead. The person continued throwing dirt on to his body as it started rain down on them.

Christian falls to the ground and Blakes catches him he drops the axe on the ground. Bakes puts Christian up againsit a tree on the ground. Christian is clutching his stomach in pain as he sees blood everywhere. Blakes throws the shovel at Hallie who starts digging in the ground beside her is Kaylee and she's laughing. Drew is lying by the hole his head bleeding and he's unconisous. Christian sits there unconcious while Blakes starts talking to him. "Are you allright?" Blakes asks and laughs. "Your parents are dead did you know that?" I Killed them." Blakes tells him. "Tonight will be the night you die," Kaylee says. "And if were lucky we can kill some of your slayers." Hallie laughs. "I hope that happens." "Maybe." Blakes says and they all three laugh. They here a cardoor shut and Seth comes running to them. "It's them." Seth says. "The slayers." "Take care of it." Hallie says. "I'll go with you." Kaylee says and they run out of here. All Christian sees is blurry, he slowly falls asleep. He is then walking around in fog that surrounds him, he looks around with fright wondering where he was. All of a sudden he heard a voice say "Christian." He followed the voice and he was out of the fog and he spotted Drew standing there. Christian ran to him and hugged him. "I thought you were dead." Christian tells him. "No I'm as alive as you are." They let go of each other and Christian grabs Drew's hand. "Do you know where we are?" Drew shakes his head. "No I don't." Suddenly the fog around them begin to disappear and a bright light came and revealed that they were standing on a hill and below them was a cave. Drew and Christian both looked at each other. "Do we go in?" Christian asks. "I think it wants us too." Drew says. They both look at each other and they started walking down the hill.

Blakes looks at Christian who had his eyes closed. Blakes wondering what he was thinking about and he stared at the wound. He stood back up and walked down the hill to Drew who also had his eyes closed. His wound worse then Christian's. Guess I hit him too hard Blakes thought to himself with a laugh and chuckled out loud. Jared, Jordan, Travis and Daniel came out of Drew's cabin. "There not in there," Daniel says looking at all of them. "Well maybe there in the woods." Sam says. "I'm scared I don't want to be here." Hanna tells them. "Same." Grace says. "Here I'll take you girls to the car and wait in there with you guys." Daniel says. He started walking to his car with Hanna, Grace, Sam and Kaitlyn behind them. Travis looked at Misty. "Your not going with them?" Misty looked at him funny. "No I'm not scared." "Are you sure maybe you should l-" "I told you I'm fine." Misty walks to the cars. "Well there here somewhere." She says. All of a sudden they here giggling and they all turn around and see Kaylee, Hallie and Seth standing there. All of a sudden smoke comes out of there hands and blats the slayers and they start coughing. "What is this?" Troutman says coughing and falling to the ground at the same time. "It's smoke but there's Anesthesia in it." They here Kaylee say and all of a sudden they all pass out.

Christian held on tight to Drew's hand as they walked in the dark cave. "Please don't let go of me Drew." "I'm never going to let you go Christian." All of a sudden they started walking down a hill and they saw a river and a boat. "What is this place?" Christian says. "I don't know." Drew says as they walked to the boat. They climbed in and suddenly the boat took off down the river.

Two months and two weeks later Jared feels like he has Christian all to himself despite what happened. Christian and Drew can't stop thinking of the power they felt whenever they came back to life. Christian goes to see Drew during 7th period. He's in there by himself usually Troutman and Jordan are usually in here. "Hello Christian. Come in." Drew walks in and sits down in one of the front desks. "You haven't been in here for a long time." After what happened Christian and Drew sort of of stopped seeing each other. Christian didn't want too but he thought it was for the best since he's with Jared now. "I know I'm sorry I just been thinking about something lately." "What is it?" Drew asks. "The power that we had. I want to know what it is and I think I know someone who knows." "Who?" "Micheal I'm going to his kingdom after school Ezra's taking me." "I've been thinking about it too I'll drive up there also." "Good I thought you would." "I've missed you you know." "I know you have." Drew looks stung. "Do you hate me?" "No I don't." "Then why have you been ignoring me lately you don't even talk to me anymore is it because we had sex?" He lowers his voice. "No." "Then what is it?" "I really liked what we did but it was wrong I hooked up with you while your with Jared." "I thought that might of been the reason." "I'm sorry Drew." "It's fine." Christian gets up and leaves.

Jared is happy that he got Drew out of his way. A few weeks after that night he and Christian had sex for the first time it was so good. Jared is sitting in his 7th period class with Travis and his girlfriend Katelyn. They started daiting a few weeks after that night. "I'm glad we haven't been busy." Katelyn says. "What do you mean?" Jared asks. "I mean know crazy ass creatures has been trying to kill us which is good we need a break." "I'm suprised they haven't tried to attack us lately." Travis says. "It's beacuse we deserve a break." Kaitlyn says and they all three laugh. "At lest we had three and half months of R& R." Jared says and leans back in his desk. After class is over Jared bumps into Christian. "Hey, babe." Jared says. "Oh...hey." Christian says it seems like he's in a hurry to run off somewhre. "In a rush to leave school or something?" "Oh no Ezra is picking me up and taking me somewhere." "Where?" "To Micheal's kingdom." "Why are you going there?" "I'll tell you later bye." Christian runs off. "Why is he running for?" Troutman says from behind him. Jared turns around. "He said something about going to Micheal's kingdom do you know anything about that?" Troutman shakes his head. "No I don't but I'm not going to try to get into that." They start walking. "I like the new Troutman." Troutman chuckles, "Everyone says that now." "Remeber how you used to act?" Jared asks. "Yes and I was a prude." They both laugh. "We should go back to the Overlook again sometime." Troutman tells him. "I would love that." Jared says.

Drew arrives at the Kingdom and parks behind Ezra's car. Drew walks up to them too. "Hey, Drew." Ezra says. "Hey, Ez." Christian looks at both of them and laughs. "What?" Ezra asks. "Your nickname." "That's been my nickname since I was in sixth grade Drew started it." "I always had nicknames for people remeber Troutmans nickname?" Drew laughs. "Yes. Trottey and Trotteybaby." They all three laugh. "I can't believe you all have known each other that long." Ezra puts his arm around Drew. "Me, him, your mom and Troutman have been best friends since sixth grade." They walk to Micheal's frontdoor and Drew knocks on it. Ashley answers it "Hey guys." "Hey." They all say and walk in. "He's in the longue the rest of us royals are in there if you don't mind." Ashley says leading them there. Drew and Christian look at eachother "No we don't mind." Drew says. "How did you beat us here?" Christian asks. "Were Royals Christian haven't you learned by now?" She laughs, Ashley opens the door and all the Royal kids are siitting in there with Micheal sitting behind his desk eating cookies and drinking lemonade. "Welcome Christian, Drew and Ezra." The Royal kids say hi to them. The three of them sit in chairs in front of Micheal's desk Ezra sits between them. "Do you know why were here?" Micheal shakes his head. "Yes Christian and Ezra explained it to me. Now I discussed this with my brothers and are kids and there's only one thing we can think of that caused this. Sprit."  Christian and Drew look at eachother in shock. "Do you have that power?" Ezra asks his son. Christian shakes his head. "No and I don't think Drew has that power ether." "I thought so." "When you say Sprit you mean the element right?" Drew asks. Micheal shakes his head. "Yes." "Theres a secrect group in Orlando Florida and they all have sprit theres about five of them and they know everything and anything about sprit that's your best bet at finding out anything about that power or how you two started healing." "You don't study much about sprit?" Drew asks. "When I was in election we had to sudy everything I forgot about it." Christian looks at Ezra "Let's go down there." "I actully planed for all of you to go down there." "That's even better. When can we go?" "Well with the amount of snowdays we have to make up you'll be back for school for sure we will be paying for you flight there and back and your expenses. Any more questions?"

Cole is at Senior night at school. Senior night is where the teachers throw a carnivle for the Seniors at school. You are allowed to bring three underclassman with you. Jared invited him and Christian. Kaitlyn, Hanna, Grace and Caroline are here also. They were sitting at one of the tables on the football feild eating snow cones. Daniel and Grace are a couple. "Do we leave tomorrow?" Grace asks. "Yes." Christian says. "Hopefully well get to go to Disney!" Hanna exclams. "Now I do want to go there Hanna." Christian says. Suddenly they see Kristy and Macy and they walk over to them. "What are you guys doing here?" Daniel asks. "Were singing at the dance and on the feild." Kristy says. "Plus were the best singers in this whole entire school." Macy says. They both sit down, they both have snow cones in there hands. "Are we leaving tomorrow?" Macy asks. "Yes." Travis says. "Which means we get to miss school." "But you still need to study for your finales." Caroline says. "Don't worry girl I packed already." "We all need to study for finals." Kaitlyn says. "Fuck school." Christian says. Grace claps Christian's hand. "Hell ya." They all laugh. "You guys are lucky that your graudating in less then two weeks." Christian tells Jared, Travis and Daniel. "Yeah screw you guys." Cole says. They laugh. "I'm glad its about to be over with." Daniel says. "And then it's off to collage in the fall." Travis says.  "You all are all going to Moonlight Falls Univeristy right?" Kaitlyn asks. Moonlight Falls Univeristy was two hours away from Hollow Falls. Moonlight Falls is only for supernatural creatures."Yes and Jordan is going with us." Jared says. "I'm glad he's going with you guys." Christian says. "He needs an educatuion like the rest of the gurdians." Jared says. "What do you think your going to find in Flordia?" Kristy asks. "I don't know hopefully something about this spirt stuff." Cole hopes that Christian can find out more about sprit.

Christian, Ezra and Zoey are in Ezra's car he's driving Christian to the bus at Micheal's Kingdom. "We still plan on coming when Micheal and the others come." Zoey says. "Zoey he knows already." Ezra says. Christian laughs. "I'll miss you guys." Christian steps out of the car. "Bye love you." He tells them and they both say the same thing. He walks to the bus where Troutman is standing at. "Hello, Christian."  "Hey, Trottey." Troutman laughs. "Get your ass on the bus." "Are you driving?" "Yes I am." Christian smiles and gets on the bus. Christian goes to the back of the bus and sits down. Daniel and Grace are sitting in the seat beside him. "Where's Jared?" He asks them. "Who knows?" Daniel says. "He's probably on his way." Grace says. "Are you worried about him?" Ashley asks from the seat in front of her. "No." "Are you sure?" Megan asks. I shake my head. "I hope we get to go to Disney!" Kristy exclaims from the seat in front of Daniel and Grace. "Me too." Macy says. "My favorite park is Magic Kingdom." Brennan says. "Mine too." Christian says. "That's where all the rides are at." Hanna says. "I'm sure we'll go to Disney but we have to go to Orlando to find out this sprit stuff." Cole says. "We didn't forget about Christian." Kaitlyn says in a baby voice. "I want to go to all the Disney Parks and Water Parks." Christian says. "I do also." They look up and see Jared walking to them. He sits down next to Christian. "Hey, babe." Christian says to Jared and kiss him. "Who are waiting for?" Jared asks. Hanna looks around and says "Just Drew." Jared sighs. "What the fuck is takeing him so long?" Misty exclaims. Troutman and Jordan get on the bus. "Where the fuck is Drew?!" Sam yells. "On his way hopefully." Troutman says.

Meanwhile Drew is packing his stuff. He checks the time. Drew grabs his suitcase and goes into the grauge. He puts his stuff in the trunk and sits in his car. He forgot his car keys. "Fuck!" Drew gets out of his car and runs inside. His car keys are on the kitchen counter. Drew usally leaves his car keys on the hooks. He here's laughing from behind him and turns around and sees Blakes standing there. Drew quickly grabs his car keys. He turns around and Hallie is standing there. She throws him across the room and he lands on the table breaking it. Kaylee, Hallie and Blakes walk to him laughing. "What do you want?" He asks them. "I want to know where your going?" Blakes asks him. "To town." "With a suitcase?" Kaylee asks. "Why dose it matter where I'm going?" "We saw Christian leave with a suitcase." Blakes said. "And Jared and the others." "Whatever your not going to know where were going." Blakes leans down. "I think I am." Drew smiles and he punches Blakes in the face hard. Drew gets up and starts running but Set appears out of nowhere and grabs him. "Where the hell do you think your going?" "Wherever the hell I want too." Drew punches him in a blink of an eye and throws him into the counter. Drew runs back into the grauge and quickly gets in his car. He sees Set come out of the grauge with Kaylee and Hallie behind him. Drew starts his car and backs out of  his driveway and he speeds down the road. Drew arrives at Micheal's Kingdom five minuents later. "Where were you?" Micheal asks. "I was just attacked." "By who?"Christian asks. "What the hell happend?" "I was packing my suitcase and Blakes, Kaylee, Hallie and Set was there. They threw me into a table they wanted to know where we all were going." "How did you get away?" Jordan asks. "I punched Blake in the face and I threw Set into the counter and zoomed out of there." Christian highfives him "We both have done damage to Blakes face." They all laugh. "You all better get out of here." Micheal says. They say bye to Micheal and get on the charter bus and drive off.

"What state are we in?" Jared asks Christian. "I think were in Gerogia." Jared groans. "This is the longest state we've been in today I'm exhausted and tierd." "Watch Carrie like everyone else is." "Your not." "That's beacuse I've seen it a thousands times but I am watching the next movie." "What's that?" "Paranormal Activity four and then there playing Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones." Jared groans asgain. "I've seen both those a thousand times." "How come you don't like Carrie?" "I do like Carrie I've just seen it a bunch of times like you." Christian kisses Jared. "Now are you in a better mood?" Jared smiles. "Keep it coming." Christian kisses him again. "A little better." Christian sighs. "Last time babe and that's it." "Why?" Christian smiles. "You know I'll kiss you whenever you want me too." "Then kiss me now." Christian kisses him. "Do you want to tonight?" Jared kisses him. "That will satisfy my needs of wanting you so bad."  Christian laughs. "I'm looking forword to it." Jared smiles. "I love you so much." He grabs Christians hand. "Love you too. Last kiss." Christian kisses him and they expolde in giggles. "Are you glad your not in Hollow Falls anymore?" Jared asks him. "Yes and no. I hope that Ezra and Zoey are going to be safe." "They are Christian. " Jared tells him. "Micheal said he's going to have them move in while were gone." Jared rubs his hand. "Tell me the good news." "I love Flordia and were going to Disney." Jared smiles. "Your movie is about to start talk to you later." Christian smiles and puts his headphones on. Jared notcies someone looking at him. He sees Drew starring at them and Jared gives him an evil look.

"Were almost there!" Troutman yells and everyone clapps there hands. Cole is starring out at the ocean. The hotel they were stayting at was right by the beach he wanted to swim later on. "What's wrong with you?" Blake asks. "Nothing I just wanted to swim in the ocean later." "We'll have time to do that." Kaitlyn says from behind him. "Hopefully." Cole says. "Bro are you sad or something?" Travis asks. "No." Cole tells them. "Why dose eveyone think I'm mad for." "You just don't look well." Blake says. "Maybe your just tierd and exhausted." Kaitlyn suggests. "Don't worry were almost there." Travis looks at her. "What?" She asks and kisses him. "Your just so damn sexy." Travis kisses her. Cole and Blake laugh. "I wish I was daiting someone." Blake says. "Me too." Cole agrees. "Come on you guys are both sexy." Travis says. "I'm sure you'll find someone." "Whenever that will be." Cole says. "Is this why your sad?" Kaitlyn says. "I was never sad I just wanted to go to the beach big deal guys." Kaitlyn and Travis look at eachother. "Were here!" Troutman screams. "Thank god." Hanna says. They park at the hotel and get out. They walk into the loby. "Man I am tierd of sitting." Alex says. "Longest bus ride ever." Willy says. "At least we got to watch movies." Megan says. "That's the only good thing." Whitney says. Christian walks up to him. "Hey are you okay?" Cole sighs. "Why dose everyone think I'm in a bad mood." "Sorry I was just asking." Christian is about to walk away but Cole grabs his arm. "I'm sorry it's just-" "I heard what you all were talking about." "You did?" Christian nods his head. "Your not ugly someone will fall for you I just know it." Cole smiles and thinks If only it was you. "Thank you." "Anytime." Christian's phone buzzes he picks it up and sigh. "Who was that?" Christian smiles. "No one important."

After seeing that Jared is finally asleep Christian sneaks out of his room. He takes an elevator down to the lobby and leaves the hotel. He takes a trail down to the beach. He reads the text message again: Can you meet me at the beach when Jared is asleeep?. Christian walks up to the person. "Thanks for meeting me." Drew says looking at him. "Your welcome." Drew grabs his his hand and says "I miss you." Christian sighs. "Is this why you dragged me down here? I already know you love me." Drew lets go. "Drew I'm sorry it's j-" "Just that your with Jared I know this. We should of never had sex it was a mistake." "No it wasn't." "Really beacuse that's why I think you don't love me anymore." "I do still love you." Christian kisses Drew and then lays his head on his shoulder. "I wish we could be together." Christian lets go and kisses him again. "So was this really why you wanted me out here?" Drew shakes his head. "Um after that night at the cabin Jared has been giving me these looks...there like evil looks." "I'll talk to him." "Please do." "I think I'm going to go back." Drew grabs his arm. "Lets go swimming." Christian smiles "Allright but i'm not taking my clothes off." "I am." Christian runs to the water and Drew follows. They jump into the water.

Jared is sitting in a chair waiting for Christian to come back. He woke up and Christian wasn't there. The door sowly opens and Christian shuts it. Jared turns on the light. Christian jumps back. "I didn't know you were awake." Jared stands up. "Where were you at?" "At the beach I need to change clothes." "Go do that real quick we need to talk." Christian goes in the bathroom. Jared has a pretty good idea what Christian was doing at the beach. Christian comes out of the bathroom. "What the fuck Jared?" Christian throws a pillow at Jareds face with his telekenis. "Don't get mad at me your the one whose off hooking up with Drew. What did I not fuck you hard enough or something?" Christian laughs. "Now that's hilarious." "So were you?" "No he wanted to talk to me about you." Jared stands up. "Me!" "Yes you! Do I need to say it twice?" "Why would Drew be talking about me?" "He wasn't talking about you he was telling me something you've been doing to him." Jared chuckles. "I wonder what that would be beacuse I don't talk to that faggot." "Look whose talking." "You've got no room to talk Christian." "Really cuz I girls and boys. Last time I checked you only liked boys. Has that changed?" Jared shakes his head. "Just tell me what he said." "He said you've been giving him these looks. Evil looks. What the fuck up with that?" "I don't wont him starring at you. Your mine. I loved you first he can't steal you away from me." "He can't help it. He's in love with me." "Look I'll stop." Jared walks over to Christian. "I'm sorry for yelling at you like that I shouldn't of said all that stuff about you and Drew." Christian touches Jareds face. "I'm sorry too." They kiss eachother. "Lets end this night in peace." Jared says.

The next morning Cole is sitting in the lobby eating breakfast. He is the first one out of all the slayers. He didn't get much sleep last night. Cole is starring at his bowl of cerrel. Christian and Jared sit down with there food. "What are you doing?" Christian asks loudly. Cole jumps up. "Not so loud." "What's wrong with you we've been trying to talk to you." "Sorry I didn't get much sleep." he yawns loudly. "The waves made me go to sleep easier." Christian says. "Well you two were arguing so loud I couldn't go to sleep." Jared and Christian look at eachother. "You heard us?" Jared asks. "Yes and I'm sure the others heard you too." "Sorry." They both said. "It's okay." Cole starts eating his cerel. Daniel, Grace, Caroline, Misty and Sam sit down  at the table. "Dose anyone know where were going today?" Caroline asks. "Not so loud." Cole says to her. "Sorry I'll whisper." "I don't know." Christian says. "Hopefully we'll have time to go to the beach." Misty says. "I need to work on my tan." Sam says. Cole snorts. Sam flicks him off "Fuck you." They all giggle. Troutman sits down next to Grace. "Trottey are we going anywhere today?" Grace asks. "The leader of the spriters lives in Satalite beach." "When are we going there?" Daniel asks. "When everyone is ready. Don't interupt me." Daniel rolls his eyes. "Sorry." "Calm the fuck down Daniel I was just kidding."  They all giggle. "Tonight were going to Magic Kingdom." "Yes!" Cole yells scaring people and they all laugh.

They arrive at the leaders house. "I love there house!" Jordan exclaims. Drew gets off the bus with the slayers behind him. "Whose going to knock on the door?" Ashley asks. "I will." Drew takes off. "Wait for us Drew!" Troutman yells. Drew opens the gate to the entrance and knocks on the door. A boy answers the door. "Can I help you guys?" "Hi were the slayers a-" "I know who you all are." He looks up as if thinking about something. "Micheal sent you guys." "Yes." "Your not a vampire right beacuse your really pale?" Drew heres the slayers expolde in giggles. "No I'm not." He smiles. "Come in you guys." They all walk in. "You have a nice house." Kristy says. "I do." He leads them outside where they sit by a pool. "If you don't mind me asking how old are you?" Jared asks. "Fifthteen. I'm the youngest out of all of my sprit group." "What's the oldest?" Macy asks. "Thritry nine." They all sit down on the couches. "Do you live here by yourself?" Cole asks. "No my Dad lives here but he works at the Magic Kingdom so he's working there now." "What's your name?" Christian asks. "My name is Parker and the other people in the group is Dalton, Tess, Nicole, Lance and Nathan." "Where are they at?" Kaitlyn asks. "Probably at there houses." "I just thought you all lived together." "I thought that also." Drew says. "How did you all form into this group?"  "All are parents are friends and we just became friends and we just started pratcing magic together." Drew looks at Christian. Christian says "Why don't you tell him what happend." Drew tells Parker what happend that night. When its over Parker's smileing. "I think I know exactly what happend." "What do you think happend?" Christian asks. "Well sprit is an element and its a very hard on to use. A real pain in the ass. One out of five witches in each state has used sprit." "Sorry to interupt but what if your parents have had sprit would it pass on to there kids?" Drew asks. "Sometimes. My Dad dosen't have sprit at all." They nod there heads. "Sprit comes to you out of love, hurt and pain. When Christian was stabbed with the axe he grabbed Drew's hands they were both in pain, hurt and love you see sprit comes to you if you really need it. You all were both in pain, hurt and love and could not live on Earth without the other person. Drew would of survived beacuse he has Resurgence but Christian wouldn't of." Drew realises that all the slayers are looking at him and Christian. "You all should come to Magic Kingdom tonight the others will be there and them and my Dad has questions for you." "Will be there." Christian says.

Later in the afternoon Jared and the slayers are at the beach. Jared just got out of the ocean and is lying on a towel when Christian comes over.He sits down next to him. "How come your not in the ocean?" "I just got out of the ocean babe." "Are you mad at me?" Jared shakes his head. "No I'm not." "Are you sure not mad at what Parker said?" "No I don't want to argue again like last night. I understand what you were going through at that time and he was the only around so you couldn't help yourself." Christian kisses him. "Thank you for underdstanding." "Your welcome. Are you happy you learned more about sprit?" Christian nods his head. "Yes." "I love you." Jared says and kisses Christian. "Love you too promise you'll swim in the ocean again?" Jared nods his head and smiles. "I promise." Christian smiles and gets up and runs back to the ocean and jumps in next too Ashley, Kaitlyn and Hanna. Jared dosen't know what to think. He knows Christian loves him but he isn't sure if Christian is still in love with Drew. Jared is just glad that Christian and Drew haven't been hooking up. Jared was asleep when Christian kissed Drew and is unaware that happend.

Christian and the other slayers walk into the Magic Kingdoom at six thirty. "Parker better give us time to ride rides." Hanna says. "I know I want to ride Space Mountain." Whitney says. "And we want to ride Splash Mountain." Kaitlyn says. "Calm down guys I'm sure Parker will let us ride rides." Troutman says. "Where did he say to meet him at?" Jared asks. "In front of Cinderellas Castle." Drew says. Jared looks at Christian and Christian nugdes him. "What?" Jared asks like he didn't do nothing wrong. "You know what." Jared just rolls his eyes. "There he is." Sam says and points. They walk up to Parker and his sprit group. They all introduce themselves and Parker introduces his Dad Zoo who waves at them. Christian notcies how hot they are except for Zoo. "It's so nice to meet you guys." Nicole says.  "We've heard alot about you guys." Tess says. Christian notcies Alex looking at Lance and there both looking at eachother. "Do you guys know eachother?" Christian asks. Lance smiles. "Were brothers." "What!" They all say except for Alex, Lance and Zoo. "Well it's nice to see you again Lance." Lance just smiles. "But how?" Jared asks. Alex is about to say something but Lance cuts him off and says "Alex ran away a year ago didn't know what happend to him." "I'm living with are cousin Nate." "Okay can you guys maybe talk later?" Parker asks. "That would be for the best." They both say at the same time." Theres a awarkard silence until Zoo says "So why are you guys all here? In Orlando?" "Were here to learn about sprit." Christian says. "We? I thought there were only two of you?" "Were here." Drew says. "I was just wondering why all of you all came." "Well we travel all together." Troutman says. "Is that a problem?" Jordan asks. Zoo smiles "Know it's not." Parker looks at his Dad. "What the hell is your problem?" he asks. "Me I don't have a problem I just don't think it will be safe here." "What do you mean Zoo?" Nathan asks. "I mean since all the slayers are here there will be trouble. They always bring trouble wherever they go. Always trouble." "We do-" Christian starts but Drew cuts him off and says "We don't bring trouble we protect the humans from learning about us and slaying the evil." Zoo laughs. "Shouldn't you be working now?" Parker asks. Zeus looks at them again and walks through the castle's entrance. "I'm so sorry you guys I didn't know he was going to act like that." "It's fine." Drew says."I know something to cheer you up."

They all step off Splash Mountain soaking wet. "I miss that ride." Cole says to Kaitlyn. "I ride that ride about everyday." Dalton says, "Lucky!" Kaitlyn yells at him. "My hair's all wet but oh fucking well." Misty says and everyone laughs. "Sorry again you guys about my Dad I don't know why he acts like this. If he tries to talk to you all again just ignore him." "My pleasure." Drew says. "So dose alot of people in Orlando have sprit?" Christian asks. "We only know some people that dose that's not in are group." Dalton says. "I'll write you down a list just come by one of the disney parks tomorrow I'll tell you which one." Parker says. "Do you all usally do bussiness in the Disney parks?" Megan asks. "Pretty much." Nathan says. "Do alot of people see you guys?" Cole asks. "Yeah other witches who has sprit or are trying to learn about sprit." Tess says. "Do any of you guys want to ride anymore rides?" Lance asks. They all look at the Gurdians. "We can stay until they close." Troutman says. Christian and some of  the slayers hug Troutman. "Now lets go ride Big Thunder Railroad Montain." Dalton says and they head in that direction. Later they arrive at the hotel lobby and find Micheal and the other kings and Queens and Ezra and Zoey. "You all decided to come early?" Jordan asks. "Something happend." Stan says. "What happend?" Christian asks. "We were all having dinner at Micheals place when Ezra started smelling smoke. Then all of a sudden the palace was on fire." Winne says. "Luckly Stan teleaported us here before the fire could burn us to death." Zoey says.

"Do you know who did this?" Troutman asks. Micheal shakes his head. "No. All I can think of is a jelaous supernatural creature or witch or warlock." "Are you all going to stay here now?" Drew asks. Micheal shakes his head. "Yes until its safe." "Well how will you when it will be safe?" Jared asks. "Whenever you all get finished here and besides if you want to stay here longer I have a case you guys can work on." "What kind of case?" Kaitlyn asks. "Young kids and teenagers have been disappering around the Disney Parks funny how there all witches." "So we have a witch hunter?" Cole asks. "Possibly but you never know." "Maybe its Zoo." Drew mutters. "Zoo Goldberg I forgot about him." Ezra says. "You guys know him?" Drew asks. "We both hate eachother." Micheal says. "Why?" Drew asks. "Beacuse he hates us meaning the slayers, gurdians and royals. You all need to stay away from him." "Glad too." Drew says, "I'm going to go to the beach I need to swim." Misty says. "I'm going too." Christian says. "I think we al should go." Jared says.Later there all swimming. Christian walks up to Drew who is suprised. "You seem suprised." Christian tells him. "Well your talking to me while Jared is around." Christian looks back at him. "He'll get over it."  "Are you sure you should be talking to me?" "Relax Drew I'll deal wth him later." "But he's watching." "Don't pay attention to him then." "So dd you talk to Jared about the looks?" "Yes he said he'll stop." "Are you sure he'll stop?" "Quit asking me all these questions." "Alright then." Chrstian looks back at Jared and notcies that he's gone.

Misty sits down next to Alex on the beach. "Hey." he says to her. "Are you going to tell me about your brother?" she asks hm. "What's there to tell he hates me." "Tell me what happend and how you ran away up here I never knew any of this and I'm your girlfriend you should be able to tell me this kind of stuff." "I'm sorry Misty." "Alex tell me what happend." "When I was thirteen I knew I was bi and I told my parents and they hated it.  Lance is gay and my parents hated us. They were more mad at Lance though they thought he was trying to copy his older brother. They were always teasing us and calling us names and I couldn't handle it anymore. Lance was on a school trip away from Orlando and I was fourteen years old at the time and I ran away I saved enough money to buy a plane ticket to Lousiville and I got on the plane and flew away. My cousin Nate knew about all of this and was there at the airport. He took me to Hollow Falls and I was happy. Then a few days I meet you." Misty smiles. "You changed my life Misty your the most betifual girl ever and I love you." Alex kisses her. "I love you too." Misty says. "I don't know if I can face Lance tomorrow I just left him here when I left I didn't even think about him I just wanted to get away from my parents." "I think you too need to talk. Did your parents knew you were with Nate?" Alex shakes his head. "No they don't it's not like they care." "I'm so sorry." Misty says. "Don't be sorry I hated them since I was able to talk."

Christian stands up. "I'm glad you were able to talk to me." Drew says. Christian smiles jumps in the ocean.  Drew comes up with a plan and walks up to Troutman. "Hey, Drew how can help you?" "Do you know where Jared is at." Troutman points down the becah and Drew spots him. "I was going to talk to him but I figuerd he wanted to be left alone." "Thank you Troutman." Drew begans walking down the beach to Jared. "Leave me alone Drew." Drew walks up right next to Jared. "Why do you hate me so much?" "I don't hate you I just don't like you." "Why? You used too." "I don't like you because your in love with Christian. He's mine so get used to it." "I can't help what I feel Jared." "So keep your horney thoughts in your head don't go around kissing him and fucking him at every chance you get." "Excuse me? Fucking when did I do this." A look of suprise crosses Jared face. "Quit lying Drew I know you too hooked up at the cabin." "And how would you know if we did?" "I just do." Drew rolls his eyes. "You know I can't help that Christian loves me and you." "Me and you you've got to be kidding me. He dosen't love you he told me that." "Really? Beacuse he told me that aftet we fucked." Jared punches Drew in the face. Drew punches him back. Troutman and Jordan run over there before they can do anything else. Jared walks away. Christian runs over to Drew. "What the fuck was that?" "I ried being nice but he turnded it into a argument." "Really you told him about us?" "I didn't tell him he said he knew and I don't know how he knows." "Why are you lying to me Drew?" "I'm not lying to you I swear." "I thought i could trust you guess not. Everything we had was a mistake." Christian storms away.

Jared storms into his hotel room and begins packing his stuff up. He's going to ask Stan to teleaport him back to Hollow Falls. Christian comes into the room. "Are you leaving?" "What dose it look like?" "Jared I'm so sorry." "Why would you do this to me Christian? I thought we could trust each other." Christian has tears go down his eyes. "I love you Christan I just don't know how to continue on from here." Christian puts his hand on Jareds arm. "Jared I was lonely at the cabin I couldn't help myself." "You hooked up with him and didn't tell me." "I didn't want to hurt you." "He did you didn't." "What are you trying to say?" "You were never going to tell me beacuse you felt bad and he didn't. Drew dosen't care about are feelings." Jared drops his suitcase. "I'm sorry for acting like this." Jared kisses Christian. "Your not leaving?" "No I can't leave you behind." Christian smiles and he lays on the bed while Jared kisses him and they have sex.

The next morning Christian goes down to the lobby for breakfast. Christian sits by Jordan. "So do you know what park were gong to today?" "Hollywood Studios. That's where Parker wants to meet us at." "What time?" "They'll all be there when it opens they said whenever." "Let's go down there Jordan." Kaitlyn says. "We have to wait for the others Kaitlyn and besides the parks aren't even open yet." "I could telaport myself down there." Jordan rolls his eyes. "Be my guest." "I was just jokeing." "Where's Jared?" Sam asks. "He was waking up when I left he told me to wait for him but I was hungary and didn't want to wait anymore." "Well call him and tell him to hurry up I'm not waiting all fucking day." Sam says. "Relax Sam. Hollywood Studios isn't even open yet so calm down." Troutman says. "I just want to get in line for Tower of Terror beforethe lines get long." "I here you that and Rock N' Roll will be packed." Hanna says. "Maybe Grace can mainuplate the people to let us get in front of them." Travis suggests. "I don't know about that I haven't tried doing that many people before." "But you think it would work?" Caroline asks. "Why are we even arguing about this we have to see Parker first before we do anything anyway." Cole says. "No you all go ahead and ride rides I'll go see Parker I don't wnat to ruin you guys fun." "No we all came here for this reason no were all going together." Sam says. 

They arrive at Hollywood Studios and walk to Mickey's Sorcerce's hat where Parker, Tess, Nicole, Lance and Dalton are standng under. "Glad you guys could make it." Tess says. "We wouldn't miss it for the world." Drew says. Christian looks at him and rolls his eyes. Parker takes off his backpack and hands it to Christian. "What's in here?" "The Book of Sprit tells all about sprit." Nicole says. "Here." Lance hands him a piece of paper with five names on it. "What's this?" Christian asks. "The only sprit people we know in Orlando." Dalton says. "You don't know anyone that has sprit in Satalitte Beach?" "No. Can we talk about this during lunch I think we should ride some rides." Parker says. "Sure." Drew says. "Let's go to Rock N' Roll." Tess yells and they all run to the ride. After that they are standing in line at Tower of Terror. "Parker can I ask you something?" Micheal asks him. "Sure Micheal." "Tell us about the missing witches." "I pefer if you all ask me all of these questions during lunch beacuse theres more stuff I need to tell you guys."

Alex walks behind Lance. "Can we talk?" he asks him. "Why? Are you going to run away again?" :"I wasn't thinking about you at the time Lance and I'm sorry for leaving you behind. I can take you with me if you want this time." "No. I'm not even staying at there house I've been staying at Nathan's house and that's where I would like to stay." "Do they know?" "No course not." "What happend after I left." "Well I was shocked that you left when I came home. They were glad you were gone they just wanted you to take me with you." "When did you leave?" "After I met Nathan, Parker, Dalton, Tess and Nicole I moved in nine months ago." "I'm glad you moved away from them." Lance looks at him. "I'm glad you moved away too." They both smile at ecahother.

The Slayers and Sprit groupies are eating at the 50's Prime Cafe in Hollywood Studios. "I love this place." Ashley says sitting down at are table. "There's someone here I want you guys to meet." Parker says. "Who?" Kaitlyn asks looking around. "He's a waiter and he's a witch." Tess whispers. "What's his power?" Winnie asks. "He has Chrnokenis." Nathan says. A waiter who is about in there mid twenties comes to there table. "JL the floor is yours." Dalton says. "It's such an honor to met you guys I've heard so much about you guys and now your in my cafe." Christian smiles. "Did you here all the bad stuff?" he asks and they all laugh. "I've heard about the good and bad stuff. Can I get you all something to drink?" They all order there drinks. "When can we see these sprit people?" Christian asks. "We can go after we eat if you want too?" Christian looks at the slayers. "Go have fun Christian." Grace says. "Yes I would like too after were done eating here." "So tell us about the missing witches?" Micheal asks. "We've been actully trying to solve this case. " Nathan says. "All we know is that young witches are being kidnapped around these parks." "Where and when was the last witch kidnapped?" Cole asks. "Epcot and two days ago." Lance says. "Which means you all should be at Epcot closing and hide until everyohe leaves and then invstigate the park." Micheal tells them. "Sounds good." Tess says. "We should be there before the fireworks." Nicole tells them. "But where would we hide at?" Hanna asks. "I don't somewhere but the rides run all night." Parker says. "We'll find out tonight." Megan says.

Christian, Parker and Drew head to a car Parker leads them. "Wait you drive and your only fifthteen?" Christian asks. "Yeah so what." "You better let me drive." Drew says. "I'll let you on the way back beacuse it's hard to get to the place were going." Christian sits in the passenger seat. "The place were going its around here right?" Drew asks climbing in the backseat. "Yeah." Parker starts the car and they leave Hollywood Studios. They arrive at a house five minuents later. "That wasn't long." Christian says. "I told you it wouldn't be in the Cafe."  They get out of the car and walk to the house. Parker knocks on the door and a boy about twenty four opens the door. "Hey, Parker come on in. You brought guests?" "More sprit people." "Come on in guys my name is Elton." "This Christian and Drew you know memebers of the slayer group." "Oh I thought they looked familiar. Nice to meet you guys." "Same here." Christian says. He and Drew sit down on the couch beside eachother. Elton sits in a lazyboy and Parker sits on the other. "I assume Parker that you want me to explain my story?" "You know the drill E." "Parker do you bring alot of people here?" Drew asks. "I do like you all everyone knows about the sprit group in Flordia." "I'm going to start now Parker." "The floor is yours." "On prom night me and my girlfriend Holly were drinking that night and we went out in my car. I don't know where we were going I was just driving and drinking at the same time and she was drinking too. We crashed into a tree and we both flew through the winow dead. I suddenly awoke with theis great amount of power and I reached for her and we were suddenly both alive and filled with power. Soon after that me and Holly started seeing shadows. The shadows were dead people and they would attack us or scare us for the fun of it just beacuse we can see them. But after we developed new powers the shadows went away for good." :"Do you think me and Christian would see these shadows?" Drew asks. "It's possible but I can't say  for sure." "Have you seen them Parker?" Christian asks. "Only once they kept messing with me but they finally went away when I used magic on them." "Any more questions?" Elton asks. Christian and Drew shake there heads.On the way back to Hollywood Studios vines come out of a plant by and Earth user and suddenly the vines wrap around the car's tiers to Parkers car. "What the fuck?" Parker says.  Then huge vines crash them down the hill and the car goes rolling down there. Christian awakes only to be surrounded by dozens of shadows and there all looking at him. Christian screams. "No! Get away from me!" The shadows all get on there kennes and get in Christan's face. Christan remerbers what Parker said and uses his telekenis and blast the shadows away and they disappear. Christian sits up shakeng and he passes out again.

Drew wakes up and crawls out of the car. He wakes up Parker and he crawls out of the car. Drew notcies Christian lying on the ground. He runs over to him. "Christian!" Christian wakes up gasping.Christian suddenly awakes gasping. "I saw them." "What?" Drew asks. "The shadows." "I thought I felt something werid when I was knocked out." Parker says. "I felt it too. What did they do?" "I think they got me out of the car because I awoke on the ground and they surrounded me. I remebered what Parker said and blasted them away with my telekenis. Why am I shakeing?" "It's part of Sprit." Parker says. "The Sprit in us hates Shadows." "How do we stop it?" "The best away is to kiss eachother since that's what caused it you know the love, hurt and pain." Drew kisses Christian and the shakeing stops. "Thank you." "My pleasure. Are you still mad at me?" "I don't know where we are at Drew but I take back what I said." "About everything being a mistake?" "Yes beacuse it wasn't." Drew smiles. "I hate to ruin yor love fest but we are stuck in the middle of the fucking woods!" Parker yells. "Calm down Parker Drew can fix this car with his resurgence and when he's done I can use my telekenis and push the car up on the road." "I never thought about that." "Well Christian is a smart boy." Drew says patting his back. "Go do your magic Drew." Drew laughs and walks over there and opens the hood. He closes his eyes and hols his hands over the engine and a few seconds later the car comes to life. Christian then pushes the car up the hill on to the road. "You slayers contiune suprise me." Parker says and Christian and Drew smile at him. They get back in the car and drive off.

Meanwhile the slayers are watching the Indianna Jones show Jared gasps really loud. Everyone looks at him. "What the fuck?" Grace asks from next to him. Jared shakes his head. "Sorry." Jared just saw Christian and Drew kiss eachother. Jared's heart hardens a little beacuse he thought Christian was mad at Drew. When the show is over they walk out and stand in line for the Star Wars ride. "We haven't heard from Christian, Parker and Drew for a while." Troutman says.  "I'll text Christian." Jared says. He texts Christian:

R U guys okay?

Christian responds back immedtantly.

We got in a car crash wich we think was caused by a bunch of shadows. Shadows are stuff sprit people can see and there evil but were okay and on are way.

I hope your allright.

We are we just arrived at Hollywood Studios.

Jared tells the slayers what happend to Christian, Drew and Parker. "Oh no they saw them." Nathan says when Jared is finished. "What are they?" Jared asks. "There dead people that bother the crap out of you I've seen them." he replies. "What do you mean bother you?" Cole asks. "They mess with you and attack you and sometimes they'll just sit there and stare at you." Tess says. "How do you get rid of them?" Kristy asks. "You use your magic and they go away quick." Lance says  "We'll have to go to the Magic Hat after the ride is over." Troutman says.Later Christian spots the slayers walking up to the hat. Jared embrces him in a hug. "Are you okay?" "Yes I'm fine." Parker tells them that vines attacked the car.  "I wonder whose after us here in Flordia." Sam says. "You all probably feel like this all the time." Dalton says. "Yeah." Hanna says. "We do." "I think we should go back to the hotel and then tonight we go to Epcot." Micheal says. "Can we go with you we haven't swimed at the beach in a long time." Nicole says. "Of course you all can come back." Micheal says and they leave Hollywood Studios. When they arrive at the hotel Parker, Nathan, Lance, Dalton, Tess and Nicole arrive at the beach and sit down. "I need to tell you something." Lance tells them and they all look at him. "I think I want to move back to Hollow Falls with Alex." Parker chuckles. "I was thinking the same thing." "But how would Zeus let you go up there?" Nicole asks. "He wouldn't care if I stayed up there." "But he would make you come back and we need you up there with the rest of us." Dalton tells him. "I'll talk to him eventually." "I really like them and I think I want to move up there as well." Tess says. "I think we all want too." Nathan says and they all look at Parker. "Don't look at me I don't control what my Dad dose."  "I'm sure he'll at least let you come down there with us right?" Lance asks. Parker nods his head. "I think so."

Christian jumps into the water and comes back up spitting out salt water. Jared stands there laughing at him. "I fucking hate salt water so shut the fuck up." Jared still laughs and Christian pushes him in the water. They both laugh in the water. Meanwhile Drew watches. Lance walks past Drew and walks to Alex. "Hey Alex." "Hey." "So I've been thinking and I want to move back to Hollow Falls with you." A look of a suprise crosses Alex's face. Alex huggs his brother. "I'm so happy." They let go. "But what about your friends?" Alex points at Parker, Nathan, Dalton, Tess and Nicole who are looking at them. "They want to move back to Hollow Falls too they really like you guys." Alex smiles and he smiles at them. "Wait but what about Zoo?" "Parker thinks that he can at least stay down there for a few days but he's got to ask Zoo." "Hopefully he can." Troutman wals up to Drew. "You don't look good? Are you okay?" Drew turns to him. "Yes it's just too hot out here." "Then get your big ass in the water." Drew laughs. "Hey is Christian still mad at you?" Drew shakes his head. "No I don't think so he just dosen't know where we stand out now plus he takes back everything he said." "I can't believe you too daited I had my suspions though." "I'm sure everyone did but I can't believe Micheal didn't throw me in jail or anything." Drew looks at Mcheal whose talking with Ezra and Zoey. "Maybe he dosen't care." "Let's just hope no one else finds out." Drew says.

Christian and Jared are sitting in the water talking. "Your not still in love with Drew right?" Jared asks. "No why would you ask that?" Christian lies. "I was just wondering." Jared thinks about the kiss. He hopes that he might have been seeing stuff but his visions never proved him wrong. "Are you still mad about what happend?" Jared shakes his head. "No." "You sure act like you are." Jared shakes his head. "No I'm not I just-" "You just what?" "Nothing." "No tell me what." "Nothing I'm over it trust me." Christian giggles. "Okay." Christian knows Jared is lying. "I'm glad you and Lance are okay." Misty tells Alex in the water they were standing there getting soaked. "I know I'm happy too." Alex kisses her. "You guys are talking about me?" They turn around and see Lance standing there. "Were saying good things about you Lance." Misty says. "I hope so." "We are what else would we be saying about you?" Alex asks. "I'm just kidding take a fucking joke Alex." Alex pushes Lance into the water and Alex gets up and pushes him into the water.  Misty starts laughing.

That night the slayers walk into Epcot  "What ride should we go to?" Megan asks. "I recommend Soarin beacuse theres always long lines." Tess says. "Let's head over there." Ashley says. They all start walking to The Land. "Epcot is so beatifual lets eat at Germany." Kaitlyn says. It was just the slayers, spritiers and gurdians the adults stayed at the hotel. "I guess we can eat there after this ride." Jodan asks Drew and Troutman and they both nod there heads. "Why do we always follow what you say?" Travis asks Kaitlyn. "I like eating at Germany if you guys want to eat somewhere else that's fine." "No Kaitlyn we were probably going to eat there anyway." Drew says. "So shut the fuck up Travis." "Okay fine but your not getting any dick tonight." They all laugh. Kaitlyn slaps his head. "I never asked for it." Kaitlyn walks away and walks beside Hanna and Grace. "What a asshole." "Tell me about it." Hanna says. "He's just mad beacuse we haven't had sex in a while or done anything sexwise." "Guys get like that sometimes trust me I would know." Grace looks back at Daniel who is laughing with Travis, Cole and Brennan. "What's going on between you too?" Hanna asks. "Oh nothing sometimes we just get mad at eachother I think it has something to do with sex." "When was the last time you all did anything?" Kaitlyn asks. "Two weeks." "Same here." "Maybe you too should have sex tonight." Hanna suggests. Misty and Sam who has been listening says "Hanna is just jealous beacuse she can't fuck anyone." Misty says. "Oh please Misty all you've been getting is one dick I have the football team minus Travis." "Slut!" Sam yells and they all three laugh. Christian is walking by Kristy, Jacob, Will and William. "There crazy." Jacob says. "Tell us about it." Kristy says.

"I hope Soarin is a long line beacuse usally the fucking line is long." William says. "I know haven't the lines been up to eighthy minuents?" Kristy asks. "That's how it was the last time I was here." Christian tells them. "Maybe Grace can charm us through the fast pass line." Will suggests. "I heard my name." Grace says. "You must have been imagning things beacuse no one has said your name." Will says. "I'm not stupid Will I know it was you that said it." "I don't know what your talking about Grace." "What do you want?" "I said if the line was wrong you could use your complsioun on whoever is working the fastpass line and go in that line." "Why didn't we get fast passes tonight Drew, Troutman and Jordan?" "I was hoping you wouldn't notcie It slipped my mind about the fast passes." Jordan says. "Grace if the lines are long for any ride your using complison." Sam says. "Fine guys." "Your the only one who can do it." Macy says. "I know it's just sometimes it's hard to use it." "We wont force you if you can't." Yosunne says. "No I'll do it." They walk into The Land and walk to Soarin. The line was eighty minuents long as predicted. "Oh no!" Loren yells. "Relax Loren I'll do it you all just stay behind me." Grace walks to a man working the fast pass line. "Hi me and my friends were told we could get in for free." The man types on the computer. "Of course come on in you guys." Grace smiles at them. "Told you." She says and they all walk in. After the ride is over the slayers are all eating in Germany and the restraunt is set up iike a town. There were Germans dancing around on stage. "Them dancing is so cool." Kaitlyn says. "I have another waiter who is fan of you all." Parker says. "You and all these waiters." Jared says. "Are all of the waiters you know fans of us?" Troutman asks. "Just Ash and Rebecca at Animal Kingdom, JL at Hollywood Studios and Danny here. No one at Magic Kingdom." "I love all this German food." Ashley says. "There beef is really good." Brennan says. "You'll have to take us to Germany Drew, Troutman and Jordan." Jacob says.

"You'll have to talk to Micheal about that were not in charge of going on vcations." Drew says. "Do you think he will take us somewhere out of the country?" Jasmine asks. "We never know with him?" Jordan says. "Meaning what?" Hunter asks "Michael us crazy about plans he's always changing his plans." Troutman says. Drew sees Christian watching the show all by himself. Drew gets Up and walks over to Christian. "Hey." Drew says. Christian looks over startled. "Did I scare you?" Christian odds his head. "You have a habbit of doing that." Drew chuckles. "What are you doing I thought you were getting more food you just have an empty plate." Christian looks down at the empty plate. "I was going to get something to eat but I got to focused into the show." Drew looks at the show. "The show is very intresting." They watch as the show goes off. "Now I'm going to get something to eat." Christian stands in line. Drew grabs a plate. "I want to get more roast beef it's to die for." Christian smiles. "Same here I love the roast beef here." Drew laughs. "Werelike magically connected." Christian smiles at him. "Maybe."

At the table Kaitlyn asks. "Where's Christian and Drew at?" A pain hardens in Jared's heart. He see's two empty seats and starts to shake. "There they are." Ashley says from beside him and points at Christian and Drew who are standing in line together. "I still can't believe they both loved eachother." Kristy says. "Kristy!" Megan tells her. "What?" "It's okay I don't care about that anymore." Jared lies. "They look like a couple from here." Troutman says. "Yeah do look how there smiling and laughing." Whitney says. Jared starts clenching his fist underneath the table. There waiter Danny comes by. "Can get you guys anything else?" "Troutman order me something alcholic." Jared tells him. Troutman looks at Danny "Can you order us both Vodka?" "And can I get a refill on my Dr. Pepper?" Misty asks and hands Danny the cup. "Sure thing." Danny leaves them. Jared unclenches his fist and the anger leaves him. "Troutman and Jordan I need to ask you a question?" "Sure Jared what is it?" Jordan asks. "Would Micheal put Drew in jail beacuse of for Christian?" "Me and Jordan were thinking the same thing we didn't know if Micheal would do that or not." "Do you think he would?" "Judging by what I saw today I would say no." Jordan replies. "Same here." Jared leans back in his seat and thinks.

Before the Firework show at Epcot the slayers were walking around they managed to ride some more rides with the help of Grace after dinner. "It looks cool with all the lights out." Jasmine says. "I love it when all the countries light up." Nathan says from beside Christian. "Your lucky that you live here I would be coming here everyday if I could." Christian tells him. "Well I wont be living here much longer." "Oh yeah I forgot about that are you sad?" "No we want to join you in Hollow Falls we could be a big help plus I'm thirty seven and I lived here my whole life." "I think you all could be a big help for us." Nathan  smiles. They stop by Duffy Bear's building. "This is where were going to watch the show." Jordan says. "Do we have any idea where we are hidding at?" Sage asks. "You didn't tell them yet?" Tess asks. "Tell us what?" Loren asks. "Were hidding inside the Mayan Temple all the workers will be gone we'll just keep ridding the boat ride over and over." "Wouldn't it be suspious if all of us went in there at once?"  Travis asks. "How about half us go to the Mayan Temple and the other half go to Malestorm?" Christian suggests. "Good Idea I think we should use it." Jared says. "I'm going to Malestorm I call dibs." Christian says and they laugh. Later the announcer was talking about the diffrent countries and the Earth Ball was going around in a circle and then all of a sudden the fireworks explode. Jared holds his hand. Christian looks over and they kiss for a few moments. When they stop kissing Christian notcies Malefcent watching him or someone in that costume watching him. Christian stares at her and she waves her wand at him. Christian nudes Jared and points in Malefcent's direction he see's her and then she disappers.

Later when the show is over Christian, Jared, Jordan, Sam, Misty, Whitney Alex, Nicole, Parker, Nathan, Jay, Dalton, Brennan, Sage and Loren go into the Malestorm cave. The workers were gone already. "Get on the boat." Dalton tells them and they all manage to fill up that boat. Parker uses his spirit to start the ride and the ride starts. "Here we go." Jared says. At the Mayan Temple the workers are gone as well and the rest of the slayers get on the boat. Tess uses her spirit to start the ride and the boats start off. "It's so quiet and  werid here." Grace says. "Have you guys snuck into the parks before?" Will asks. "Pleanty of times." Lance says nodding his head. "I bet it's fun not having to wait in long lines." Megan says. "Nicole can charm like Grace so if we don't have fast passes we just use her." Tess says. Grace chuckles. "I need to learn from her." Tess smiles at her. "Do we need to watch out for park security?" Hanna asks. "No they come out on segways every hour there really lazy here." Tess says. They all laugh. The boat goes down the hill backwards. "My hair is wet!" Whitney exclaims. "Oh calm on Whitney I barely got wet and I'm sitting next to you." Brennan says. "That's beacuse your not sitting by the edge you idoit!" They all laugh. "These trolls remind me of the ones in Hollow Falls back in January." Christian says. "And then they crashed our date!" Jared exlaims. "But then I kicked there ass and you burnded there ass." "Were a good time don't you think?" "Team Cared." Jared expoldes into giggles.

Christian and the others met the others at the Mayan Temple. "Have a nice ride?" Dalton asks. "Why of corse." Frank says. "What do we do now?" Morgan asks. "We split up and investigate the park." Drew says. "We'll go this way." he points behind him. Christian's group turns around. Christian sneaks into the bakery in Norway the sweet smells of the pastries engulfing him. "Ahhh just like I remembered." Christian goes behind the counter where there were pastries waiting for him. The door opens and Jared comes in and the group. "The hell you doing in here?" Jordan asks. "Eating I'm hungry." Christian grabs one of the pastries. "Why are these pastries out anyway isn't it like illegal to keep food out overnight?" Jared asks. "It actually is don't eat that Christian the food could be bad." Sam says. "You can't stop me." Christian takes a bite of the pastry. Some of them gasp. "See no problem." Christian steps out from the counter and they walk out of the bakery. The other slayers were in England right now. "This looks exactly like England." Travis says. "Duh its supposed too." Megan says. "The town square looks just like it dose there." Troutman says. "You've been there?" Hanna asks. "Uh-huh Drew has too but we went at separate times." "Was it a vacation?" Ashley asks. "You can say that." "You guys I think I here voices." Tess says and they all hide in a building. They see Zoo and the Evil Queen talking. "Zoo." Lance says. "What the hell is he doing here he works in Magic Kingdom?" "And who is that he's talking too?" Kristy asks. "It's someone dressed up obviously." Alex says. "I'm going to text Jordan and tell him to be careful." Drew says. The slayers all here the loud buzz and look at Jordan. Jordan pulls out his phone and looks at the text message. "It's from Troutman it says look out for your surroundings Zoo and the Evil Queen are walking around."

"What's your Dad doing here?" Nathan asks Parker. Parker shruggs his shoulder. "I don't know." Christian thinks about Malefcent and tells them about her watching him. "We should get out of here this is a trap." Nicole asks. "No calm down." Jordan tells her. "Were not going anywhere until we met up with the other slayers but until then were still investigating this place." They sigh and start walking again. When there sure Zeus and The Evil Queen are gone the slayers leave the building and start walking again. "The lake is so pretty." Hanna says. "I'm so hot I want to swim in there." Caroline says. "No."  Drew says. "I wasn't serious." "I was just saying no." They walk into france. "If only they made a real eiffle tower." Willy says. Christian stops. "I need to go to the bathroom." They were in China. "Do you know where it is?" Jared asks. "Yes." Christian walks across the bridge and goes inside the hut. He finds the restrooms and gos in. He pees then goes to the sink. He finds a necklace lying in the sink. There's a ruby tied to it. Christian puts it in his pocket and runs out only to stop short when he heres his voice. He follows the voice into the movie room and he sees him, Drew and Parker when they crashed. "Oh my god." The video was playing all around him. Jared and the slayers come in hereing the video also. "What is this?" Jared asks. Then the video stops and theres a picture of all the slayers watching the fireworks. A voice says "Leave or die." and it repeats over and over. The door to the room shuts. Jay runs to it and tries to open it but it's locked. "It's locked."

The voice keeps saying "Leave or die." Christian falls to the ground and covers his ears. The doors open and the rest of the slayers are standing there. The pictures goes off and the chinnese movie starts. Christian gets up and runs out and he runs outside and stops. Jared is right behind him. "Are you okay?" "Yeah it was just that voice it was getting on my nerves." The slayers all come out. "What the fuck was that?" Troutman asks. "There was a video of me, Parker and Drew after the cara wreck playing and then it started playing that voice and the picture then we were locked in." Christian tells him. "Let's get out of here." Drew says and the slayers all run. The next morning while the slayers are eating breakfast Micheal runs to them. "A witch was kidnapped last night." "What?" They all say. He sits down at the table. "A boy named Randy Borren was at Animal Kingdom last night you guys need to go there after you eat." "My favorite two rides are there." Christian says. "Expedition Everest and Dinosuar." "Christian you need to find him not ride rides." Micheal says. Christian looks down at the bowl of cerrel. Christian gets up and walks up. He goes back to his room. His cell phone is ringing. Christian picks it up. "Hello." "Hello, Christian." Christian looks at the number it's blocked. "Who is this and how did you get my number?" "Call me creature and it dosen't matter how I got your number." "Actully it dose. Wait a minuent were you the one watching us last night." "No that was the bad people you know them real well actully." Who are they?" "Can't tell you." "Tell me again your whole purpose of calling me?" Creature laughs. "You have my necklace." Christian runs to the bag he put it in and pulls it out.

"What are you talking about? What necklace?" "Don't play dumb with me Christian. Malefcent isn't wearing the necklace anymore." Christian stops in his tracks. "Is someone dressed up like her?" "Yes and you've seen that person before." "Tell me who it is." "You have to find out for yourself. I have to go now keep my necklace safe and do not give it to the perople you trust. You think you know people but then they suprise you." "Are you really saying an Alison DiLaurents quote?" "Yes I actully am." Creature hangs up. Christian stares at the phone then he looks at the necklace. "What do you do?" The door opens and Christian throw the necklace on the ground. "Hey are we about to leave?" Christian asks Jared. "Yes we are." The slayers walk into Animal Kingdom. "Dose it got to be so fucking hot." Brennan says. "Hey JL and Danny are going to help us today." Parker says. "Where are they now?" Drew asks. "In Africa where Rebecca and Ash work at we'll see them later." Dalton says. "Can we please ride rides first we can look on the way up there?" Christian beggs. Drew and Jordan look at Troutman. "I don't care but we need to head over to Expedition Everest first." "Fine with me." Christian says and takes off running. After going through the Fast Pass line they get on the train. Christian and  Jared sit in front and the ride starts. "I love this ride." Christian tells him. "I do too." Jared says. They start up the hill. "You can see the whole park from up here." Christian says. They go into the mountain.

"That was so fucking fun we have to ride that again."  Daniel says. "Later." Jordan says. "Oh my god! Troutman, Drew and Jordan!" Christian looks up and is stunned to see Royal Gordon and Jo and there two kids Chris and Erick they were on Megan and Ashley's side. "We haven't seen you guys in forever." Megan says. "I know. LIke last christmas?" Jo asks. "I think so." Ashley says. Drew and Gordon hug. Erick looks at Christian and extends his hand. "I'm Erick." "I know I'm Christian." "I know that." Christian giggles. "What are you guys doing here?" Drew asks. "Just on vacation." Gordon says. "I assume you all are on slayer business." Chris says. "Sorta of." Grace says. "Are you all looking for the missing witch that disapperd around here?" Gordon asks lowering his voice. "We are after lunch." Troutman says. "We were too come eat with us." Jo says. Christian is waling in line to get his food when he bumps into someone. "Oh sorry I wasn't paying attention." The boy turns around. "It's fine."  Christian smiles. The boy turns back around. "Your Christian Hollis arent you?" Christan looks at him. "I'm afraid you got me confused with someone else." The boy laughs. "I'm not a spy. I'm a warlock too and I know your part of the slayer group." "What's your power?" "I can fly." "I have teleknis. What's your name?" "Justin." "You scared me at first I was like do I need to kill whatever creature this is?" Justin bursts out laughing. "This line is so long." Christian says. "Shouldn't the slayers be with you or something?" "They already got there food I had to go to the bathroom and then I went into the store to look around." "How long are you staying in Orlando?" "I don't know but we've been here for a few days now." All of a sudden another boy comes up beside Justin. "There's two of you."  The boy looks at him. "Your Christian Hollis." Christian smiles. "Everyone seem to know me." "Well your pretty famous if your part of a slayer group." He extends his hand. "I'm Cameron." Christian shakes his head. Cameron and Justin grab there trays of food. "It was nice talking to you." Justin says. "You too." Christian says as they walk off.

Christan sits down next to Cole and Jared he kept thinking of how gorgeous Justin was. "Took you long enough." Hanna says. "I know." Christian starts digging into his food. "Someone was hungary." Drew says. "This is soo damn good." Christian says. They all laugh at him. When Christian is finished eating his dinner he notcies something. He see's Malefcent. Christian is about to tell the slayers when he looks at there happy faces. Christian gets up. "Where are you going?" Cole asks. "To dump my tray." Christian takes his tray and dumps it out. He see's Malefcent running away and he follows her. She disappers by the bathrooms. Christian goes behind the bathrooms thinking that she's back there. He gets grabbed by her and dragged off. "Okay Christian was deffintely lying when he said he had to dump his tray away." Grace says. "You think we should go look for him?" Cole asks. Drew gets up and he gasps. "Look it's the Evil Queen." He points at her and takes off. Meanwhile Christian pushes Malefcent off of him. He starts to run but she tackles him. All of a sudden Justin comes flying out of nowhere an tackles her. He grabs Christian's hand and they fly off. Drew follows the Evil Queen too Dinosuar where she goes through a backdoor. He goes in and he's in the ride. He can't find her anywhere. All of a sudden a notebook paper brushes past his feet. He pics it up and gasps. Christian and Justin land behind the restrooms. "Thank you." "I saw you leave in a hurry and thought you were in trouble." They start walking back to the restraunt. "Do you think anyone saw us?" "I don't thnk so." Justin replies.  Christian sees Drew running with something in his hand and he see's Christian and Justin and run to them.

"Where did you go?" Christian asks him. "I chased after the Evil Queen where the hell were you at?" "Chasing after Malefcent she tried dragging me into the woods until Justin showed up. He's a witch by the way." The slayers come running up to them. Christian tells them what happend to him. "What happend to you?" Daniel asks. "I followed her all the way into Dinosuar and she disappered and then I found this." He hands the paper to Christian and Christian reads it out loud. "Operation Disney. We've been investagating the park searching for where the ruby but still have turnded up to nothing." "What the hell is that?" Jared asks. "I don't know but I'm going to show Micheal maybe he knows something about this." Drew says and starts to walk off. "Your just going to leave us?" Christian asks. "I'm going back to the hotel Troutman and Jordan is here." Drew runs off. "What do we do now?" Erick asks. "You all are going to help us search for the missing warlock same with you Justin." Jordan says. "Anything I can do to help." "Let's start searching and if we run into any of the disney villans we follow them." Drew says. They split up and Christian, Grace, Justin and Hanna head over to Dinosuar world. "Look at all these kids." Hanna says. "There all leading normal lifes and were not." "I'm sorry you guys have to live like that." Justin tells them. "So what is your power?" Grace asks him. "I can fly." "I bet you fly wherever you want." Hanna says. "Only when I want too the furthest I've been is Austrilla." "Dose your brother know where your at?" Christian asks him.

"No." "Don't you think you should tell him?" Justin shakes his head. "Cameron is a little over proctictive if he texts me I'll just tell him I left and went into the city." "I think we should ride the Primtive Whril." Hanna suggests. "There going to kick are ass if they see us." Christian says. "Use your power." Chrstian gives her a look and Hanna smiles and says. "I'm just kidding but we should still get on the ride." "Fine let's go." They walk over to the ride. Troutman, Jordan, Jay, Kaitlyn and Travis enter the Dinosuar Land. "I think we should ride Dinosuar." Travis says. "Your right Travis maybe the Evil Queen will show up." Troutman says. "Look up there." Jordan points to the Primevial Whirl and see's Christian, Grace, Hanna and Justin ridding the ride. "There just having fun." Troutman says and they start walking to Dinosaur. "I really love the new Troutman." Jay says. "I think we all do." Katelyn says. "Nobody misses the prude Troutman." Travis says. "Well I'm glad I improved." They get in line. "You improved a lot." Jordan reminds him. "I'm glad I did." Troutman looks at the line. "This is one of my favorite rides here." "I love this ride." Jordan says. The line moves up. "I hope were not standing here for a long time." Katelyn tells Travis. "I hope not ether baby." "If only Grace was here." Jay says turning around. "Seriously." Travis tells him. Katelyn lets out a sigh "I wish I could teleport all of us down to the front of the line." "If only." Troutman says. "Let's just suck it up guys." Jay says.

Jared, Tess, Ashley, Megan, Blake and Alex enter Africa when they run into Parker. There were to girls next to him and JL and Danny. "There you guys are." Parker says. "Who are they?" Jared asks. "Ash and Rebecca." "Oh yeah. Nice to see you again JL and Danny." They nod there heads. "Were looking for the missing warlock." Tess says. "We'll go by the tree and you all go down the Trail." Parker says and they walk by each other. "Was that Jared Coulter?" Rebecca asks. "Yes I told you the slayers were here." Ash says. "Sorry I don't have a good memory." "You mine as well be an eighty eight year old woman." JL says. They all laugh. Christian, Justin, Hanna and Grace get off Primetievil Whirl. "Where do we head off next?" Hanna asks. "Let's just look around." Christian says and they start walking. "There's so many kids here." Grace says. "What do you expect its Disney?" Hanna asks. "I'm sure all the parks are crowded like this." "When is the best place to go Justin?" Grace asks. "Probably November and February. I hate long lines." "I'm glad I can use compulsion on people." Grace says admiringly. "I'm glad you can do that remember when you used compulsion Appleton and you got us out of school?" Hanna asks. "Yes I remember." "I remember that I was shocked to see you all at the cabin." Christian says. Then Christian spots The Evil Queen she's walking to the Nemo building. They take off after her. "Be slow act casual." Christian tells them. And they follow her down the path.

"Look at all those fish." Blake says. "Where do you think they would hide a warlock at?" Alex asks Tess. Tess shrugs her shoulders. "I have no idea there's so many hiding places here. All over Disney matter of fact." "What if they took them to where all the animals are being kept at?" "I am not going in there." Megan says. "Me nether." Ashley says. "Would you guys relax no one is going in there." Jared says. "Why Jared?" Alex demands. "What if they are hiding them there." "Where would they hide them at?" Jared asks. "Jared is right there is no hiding spots out there but there is one by the Nemo place." "You just now thought about it?" Blake demands they take off running. Christian, Hanna, Justin and Grace hide in the bushes. The Evil Queen stands there and turns around. "Are you being followed?" A voice says from behind her. She turns around and Cruellea De Ville is standing there with Maleficent and Jafar. "No why would you say that?" "Because." Jafar says. "It looks like you are." "I had to sign autographs. Those damn kids better think were real because we are." Christian looks at them in shock. "We've always been real ever since the dream writer created us." Drew knocks on Michael's door. Michael answers. "Drew?" "I need to come in." Michael lets him in. "What's going on?" "Do you still bring your witch books?" "Yes I have too you never know what kind of situation you could be in." Drew gives him the ruby paper. Michael reads it and opens his suitcase and gets out a book and hands it to Drew. "Walt's notes and stories. You knew Walt Disney?" "No my great grandpa has. Walt was a warlock every time he wrote down something it would come true." Drew looks at him in shock. "That means...." "That all those Disney stories really happened and there all alive in the parks."

Christian, Hanna, Grace and Justin look at the Villains in shock. "I found them!" A voice says from above them. Captain Hook raises his hook hand. Christian uses his telekinesis and throws him. They stand up and is about to run when The Evil Queen throws at force field around them preventing them from going anywhere. "You bastard." Captain Hook says and gets up. "I thought you weren't being followed." Maleficent says. "I thought I wasn't ether." They walk to the force field. "You damn slayers don't know when to quit." She says. "Are you surprised?" Cruella asks. "That your real yes we are." Christian says. "You all are coming with us you have a lot of explaining to do." Jafar says. The slayers meet up with each other. "Where's Christian?" Jared asks looking around. "He's missing along with Hanna, Grace and Justin." Troutman says. "What if they were kidnapped by them?" Tess asks. "Let's go look then!" Katelyn exclaims. They take off looking for them. "This can't be true." Drew tells Michael. "Well it is." Michael says. "I tell you everything that has to do with magic is real." "Answer this. Is Elsa freezing everything now?" "Elsa is somewhere near Hollow Falls and she's trying to control her power." Drew sighs. "I just can't believe all this is real." "Remember when you were training to be a guardian?"

Drew has a flashback. He was punching the punching bag outside of Michael's mansion. "I'm taking a break now Michael." Drew sits down by the fountain and gets a big drink from the fountain. Michael stands in front of him. "When your really fighting don't give up so easy." "I wont Michael I promise." "You better this is all hard work to be a Guardian." "I know I know that's why I wanted to train extra time since I want to be the leader." "I'm glad you are." Drew nods his head. "You know Drew. All magic is real you need to believe that if you want to be a Guardian." They flash out of it. "Looks like you didn't believe me." "I just didn't know..." "I'm not mad at you I just wished you pay attention to me when I told you that all magic is real." Christian and the others were sitting in one of the emergency rooms in Expedition Everest. Jafar was watching them while the others were out looking around for the slayers. "Where are the other villains?" Justin asks. "Don't worry about it." Jafar says with a smile. Christian sighs. "I can't believe you all are all real." "I know it's something they never mention and your handbooks that you all have." "But how?" Grace asks. "Walt Disney had the power to make every story he wrote come true." "Why don't you just leave?" Hanna asks. "You've been here long enough." "That's what were working on trying to get us all out including the good guys. Mickey's trying to prevent us villains from leaving that's why were not at Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot. The Good guys are there." "So are all the villains here?" Grace asks.

"Not all of them. Just us." Jafar sits down. "Is this you all's hiding place?" Justin asks. "You can say that but it's not like we sleep or anything were always out and about watching everything and talking to the people that's helping us." "People?" Hanna asks. "Yeah blonde people. As in humans." "Why would you trust any humans?" Christian asks. "I've said too much." Jafar walks out of the room. "We got to get out of here!" Grace exclaims. "How?" Hanna asks. "We try to unloosen this knots but I think there sealed by magic." Justin says. The slayers all meet in Africa. "I didn't see them anywhere." Jordan says. "Oh no what if something happened to them." Ashley says. "I've texted them in a group message a bunch of times and they haven't answered." Willy says. "The Evil Queen must got them." Brennan says. "Or Maleficent." Jacob says. "Do you think we should tell them?" Tess asks Parker. "Tell us what?" Troutman demands. They all stare them down. "Walt Disney wasn't a normal man he had the power to write stories and they would come true." "Wait a minuet are you saying that...there real?" Jared asks. "Yes there all real and those stories you call Disney movies actually happened except the villain didn't die they just used power to bring themselves back." Nicole says.

"Wait a minuet are you saying that The Evil Queen we've been seeing I real?" Daniel asks. Lance nods his head. "That's the real one." Jared sits down. "I need to sit down I'm so stressed out right now." "This is beyond crazy." Ashley says. "You can say that again." Kristy says. They all sit down in front of the costume shop. "We can eat?" Parker suggest. "Eat. My boyfriend and are friends are missing right now and you want to eat?" "How do you know there missing? Parker asks. "Your right I don't they could be ridding Expedition Everest right now." "I guess we can eat." Jordan asks looking at Troutman and Troutman nods his head. They get up and head over to the restraunt across the street. Drew is pacing around on the balcony. "I can't believe this. This is crazy." "I know exactly how you feel." "Are we going to Animal Kingdom to tell the others?" "Yes we should go now." "How the fuck are we going to get out of here?" Grace exclaims. "We'll find a way." Hanna says. "Sorry for getting you into this mess." Christian says to Justin. "Oh I've been kidnapped before by demons before but never by Disney Villains." "Same." The door opens and Maleficent comes in. "You stupid fools how dare you try to find out what were doing." "We didn't even know you were real until today." "I don't care you know about us now therefore you have to stay until are plan is over."

"We know about your plan you bitch!" Grace exclaims. "What is it then?" Maleficent points her specter at Grace. "Your trying to leave the kingdoms and your trying to get everyone out but the good guys don't want you to leave am I wrong?" Maleficent storms out and slams the door shut. Grace starts laughing. "That bitch is crazy." Hanna and Justin start to giggle. "Christian how come your not laughing?" Hanna asks. "I'm more concerned with trying to find a way out of here." The slayers were all sitting at a big table eating. "I hope there okay." Travis tells Jared. He and Jared were at the buffa table. "I don't think they are Travis." "I'm here for you you know that right." "I know we've been friends since the sixth grade." "Yeah me, you and Daniel." "I'm worried about Jared," Katelyn tells them. "So am I." Jordan says. "I hope he doesn't go crazy." "I don't think he will," Sam says. "I think he's just really worried about Christian as usual." "When was the last time we saw any of them?" Jacob asks then taking a sip out of his coke. "When we spilt up into groups." Alex says. "No me, Katelyn, Jordan, Jay and Travis saw them riding the Primeval Whirl." Troutman tells them. "If they did disappear around Dinosaur land don't you think someone would of saw them?" Will asks. "Not unless they were down one of the trails." Tess says. "I hope they didn't get kidnapped and that there just waiting in a long line or something." Misty says. "I think the queen got them." Blake says. "Because they would answer there phones. I've texted them several times." "And I called them and it will ring all the way to voice mail." Megan says. "A crazy thought just ran across my head." Kristy says. "What if one of the villains got them?" "Kristy you idoit." Caroline tells her and they all laugh.

"We've been saying that silly." Brennan tells her and Kristy smiles. Jared and Travis sit down at the table everyone goes quiet. Jared and Travis look at them. "I don't care talk." Jared tells them. "Were just worried about you Jare." Katelyn tells him. "Why would you all be worried about me?" "Because your acting a little...crazy." Yosunne tells him. "I am not." "They all look at him. Jared makes a face at all of them. "I'm not going to freak out like I usually do." "Better not." Troutman says and looks at him. Jared gives him a weak smile. Katelyn rolls her eyes at them and turns to Travis. "Am I sensing a love connection?" "I think so." Travis tells her and they both smile and laugh. Drew and Michael enter Animal Kingdom. "When did you last seen them?" Michael asks him. "In Asia at that restraunt I forgot the name." "I don't think there still there." "How about we go to Africa?" Drew suggests. "Since it's closer." "Let's go." "Well you sure did piss her off." Christian tells Grace. "That green bitch had it coming." "She's right Christian." Justin says. "He agrees with me." "I do agree that she had it coming but I don't think it's the time to joke around now." Hanna tells her. "Hanna's right."

"Of corse you agree with her." "Meaning what?" Hanna asks. "You too both like each other of corse you agree with everything." "Can we not fight?" Christian asks. "Were all friends and we'll get out of this mess hopefully." "There it is." Grace points out. "There's what?" Christian asks. "The hopefully we'll get out." "What else was I supposed to say?" The Evil Queen and Jafar comes in. "Stop bickering your making my brain bleed." The Evil Queen says. "Good job for pissing Maleficent off." Jafar starts clapping his hands. "Bravo." They don't say anything. "Now were going to find out where your other buddies are at and get them." The Evil Queen says. Troutman drops his phone. "Drew and Michael are here I told him to meet us here." "Did he find anything out?" Daniel asks. "I have no idea Daniel." Drew and Michael come in a few minuets later. "Where's Christian, Hanna and Grace?" Drew asks. "We don't know." Yosunne says. "Have they been kidnapped?" "We don't know anything Drew." Caroline says. Drew and Michael sits down. "When was the last time you saw them?" Michael asks. "Me, Troutman, Jay, Travis and Katelyn saw them ridding a ride and we don't know what happened to them. They want call or text us back." "Is it going straight to voicemail?" Michael asks. "No it rings all the way through." Jared says. "Have you all searched for them?" "No we've been sitting here chilling out." Kristy says.

Drew just stares at her. "We can't find them anywhere." Jordan says. "Have you searched the whole park?" Michael asks. "Yes but not the hidden entrances." Tess points out. "What hidden entrances?" Troutman asks. "The ones that go through the safari trails." "I am not fucking going through there." Whitney says. "Me nether I'm not getting fucking eaten by those lions or hippos." Ashley says. "Good thing I'm a man." Travis says. "Put a sock in it." Katelyn tells him. "We didn't say we were going through the trails." Michael says. "But what if there out there?" Jared asks. "Jared I'm pretty sure there not out there." "Yeah how do you know that." "I don't." "Then let's go I'll go out there alone if I have too." All of a sudden all there phones ring at once. "What the fuck?" Sam says. "Could it be them?" Nicole asks. They all answer there phones. "I know where Christian, Hanna, Grace, and Justin are located at." A voice says in the phone. "Who is this?" Jared asks. "Don't interrupt Jared it's rude." "There on the inside of Expedition Everest good luck." The caller hangs up. The Evil Queen stands in front of the mirror. "Mirror mirror on the wall show me where the other slayers are at." A image of the slayers running through the park shows up. "Where are they running too?" An image of Expedition Everest shows up. "Shit!" The queen yells and runs out of the room with Jafar.

Maleficent is walking around near the bridge when someone says from behind them "There you are." She turns around and Zeus is standing there. "Well hello to you too." "So is my son here?" Maleficent nods her head. "He's with the slayers." Zeus sighs. "I was afraid this was going to happen." "The queen warned you." "I didn't think it would come true." "Well it did Zeus just like we told you it would." "What am I going to do now Maleficent? He can't be around those fools." "We take him away from everyone even his spirit friends." "Not them." "Zeus we have to separate him from all of them. I'm sorry." "But why?" "Because there friends with them now and are hanging out with them allot now." "He'll never forgive me." "Eventfully he will." Zeus sighs. The slayers run to Expedition Everest's exit. They go inside. "It's pitch black in here." Ashley says. "Were in the fucking mountain of corse it is." Katelyn says in front of her. "Now you guys stay close I have no clue where the fuck were going." Troutman tells them. "And keep one hand on the wall or whatever it is." Jordan says. "I think were going upstairs." "It feels like it." Jared says. All of a sudden there in sunlight. "Were are on stairs!" Kristy exclaims. "Told you." Jordan says walking past her. "Now where the fuck are we going?" "Just follow the stairs." Drew says. "I'll lead." Michael tells them." "What if this is a trap?" Kalysta asks. "We can fight Kalysta." Drew tells her. She just gives him a weak smile. "Let's go." Michael says.

Jared walks to Troutman. "What if this is a trap?" Jared asks him. "I'll protect you Jared you know I will." Jared smiles. They reach the top of the landing. "Took you long enough to get here." The Evil Queen says with her arms crossed. "Well were here now." Michael says. The Evil Queen snickers. "Where are they?" Drew demands. "There not here your too late." "Your lying I can tell." Jared tells her. "Really Blondie?" "She's telling the truth." Jafar says from behind her and walks out. "Am I supposed to believe a snake?" Jared asks with a giggle. Some of the slayers giggle also. Jafar throws his scepter at them and they duck behind a rock. "I think the slayers are here." Christian says. "Did you here that loud boom?" Justin asks. "Oh god there using magic." Hanna says. "They better beat there asses." Grace insists. "Is that all you got?" Troutman yells. "There's plenty more from where that came from." Jafar yells. Michael throws an electric ball at them and The Queen and Jafar hit the rocks unconscious. "That was easy." Kalysta says with a smile. "Now lets go find them." Jordan says. They run back into darkness and see a door. Michael opens it. "Did you kill them?" Christian asks. "No." Michael says untying him. "But they are unconscious." Christian gets up and he and Jared hug. "Oh my god I missed you so much." Jared says. "How long have we been here?" Christian asks him. "It's still the same day." "Thank god." Grace says. "Let's just teleport out of here." Katelyn suggests and they all touch her and they teleport to the parking lot. "That was exhausting sitting there." Hanna says.

"What did she want?" Michael asks. "She didn't want us to ruin her plan so they kidnapped us after we realized they were real." "They must have told you the plan." Michael tells them. "Yes they did." Grace says. "Is it the same thing you told us?" Ashley asks. Michael nods his head. Christian see's Justin start to walk away Christian walks over to him. "Thanks for helping us Justin I'm sorry you caught in are shit." "No it's fine me and Cameron get caught in this shit allot." They hug each other. "Were going to be in Florida for a little while you should come hang out with us?" They exchange numbers and say bye to each other. "Let's get out of here." He tells them. The slayers start walking. At the beach Christian sits by Jared. "How did you guys find me anyway?" "Someone named Creature called all of us and told us where you were at it was strange." Christian looks into the sky. "Yeah it is. I wonder who he is." "Me too. Maybe a friend." "Maybe." Parker comes home with the lights out. They suddenly come on and Zeus is standing there. "Where the fuck have you been?" "I was at Animal Kingdom then I went to the beach." "Why do you keep hanging out with them?" "What do you have against them there's nothing wrong with them." "There troublemakers and I don't wont you hanging out with them anymore or Tess, Nicole, Nathan, Lance and Dalton anymore." "Why!" Parker suddenly screams. "Because I said so and your going to stay in the house unless I give you permission too." "Fuck you!" Parker tries to go out the front door but is shocked by a forcefeild. "Some Dad you are hurting your son!" Parker pushes past him and goes to his room. Zoo here's the door slam and calls someone on his phone. "It's done." He smiles.

The next morning Parker is starring out the window and he tries to put his hand out the window but his fingers start to get shocked. "Damn it." Parker leaves his room and goes downstairs where Zoo is making breakfast. "How long are you going to keep me here?" "Until I say so. You hungry?" "You've got to be kidding me!" "What?" Zoo asks like he did nothing wrong. "Am I hungry what the fuck is wrong with you." "Excuse me?" "You heard me Dad. Don't talk to me until you let me out." Parker runs up the steps. Justin walks into the kitchen of his house. "Where's Mom and Dad at?" He asks his brother. "They went to work." Cameron tells him. "Jeeze they've been working lately there hardly here anymore." Justin fixes himself a bowl of cereal and sits down at the kitchen table with his brother. "I'm surprised you didn't get in trouble yesterday." "What do you mean? Why would I get in trouble?" "Because you left me all alone in the park and I went home by myself. Mom and Dad weren't to happy about that." "We turn sixteen tomorrow they can get over it." "Are you still having your party tonight?" "Yeah why wouldn't I?" "Just wondering." "I'm think I'm going to invite more people." "How much?" "I don't know maybe twenty." "Twenty more!" Cameron exclaims. "Who are they?" "The slayers." "Is that who you were hanging out with instead of your own brother?" "Would you relax Cameron you've been acting weird lately?" "Just a whole bunch of stuff have been driving me crazy. I think I'm going to go take a walk on the beach." Cameron leaves. He steps outside and pulls his phone out and calls someone. "Change of plans there coming to the house tonight."

Christian is sitting on the balcony thinking of Justin and how cute he was. He's listening to music off his phone. Jared steps out on to the porch. "Hey, baby a bunch of us are going to the beach want to come?" Christian shakes his head. "No I don't really feel like going now." "Come on Christian please?" "Sorry Jared." "Fine." Jared kisses his forehead. "I'll see you later baby." Jared walks inside. "He doesn't want to come." He tells Travis, Daniel, Alex, Cole and Blake. "What's wrong with him?" Blake asks. "I don't know I think he's still a little shook up about yesterday you know." They nod there heads and leave the room. At Nathan's house all the Spirit uses were there. "Is he still not picking up?" Tess asks. Nathan hangs up. "No." "Have you tried Zoo?" Dalton asks. "Yes he wont answer ether." "What the fuck is going on with them too?" Lance asks. "We should go over there." Tess suggests. "We shouldn't just barge in." Nicole tells her. "Why not? They wont pick up the phone so lets go over there and see what's going on." Tess tells them. They don't say anything. "Fine I'll go by myself." Tess heads to the door but Nathan says "Wait Tess." Tess slowly turns around. "We'll go with you."

At the beach Katelyn, Whitney, Hanna and Grace were all swimming in the water. Hanna looks around and doesn't see Christian. Jared is near her and she pushes him into the water. "What the fuck was that for?" Jared asks splashing water at her. "Where's Christian at?" "He wanted to stay at the hotel and not have fun with the rest of us." "Did he say anything about yesterday?" Jared shakes his head. "No I think he's still having a hard time of what happened yesterday you know?" Hanna nods her head. "Those ropes really hurt my hands yesterday." Hanna shows Jared the marks on her wrists. "Do they still hurt?" "A little." "Mine still hurt allot." Grace says from behind her. "That's because you and Christian kept struggling with the ropes." "Whatever Hanna." "It's the truth." Grace dives into the water. Christian's phone starts ringing he picks it up. "Hello?" "Hi, It's Justin." Christian smiles. "Hey, Justin. How are you?" "Good. What about you?" "I'm good too." Christian and Justin both start laughing. "Well listen tomorrow is my sixteenth Birthday and I'm throwing a party tonight and I want all of you guys to come." "That sounds like fun what time?" "8:00 sharp and the address is 707 Brookhaven." "Where do you live at in Florida?" "Orlando. Aren't you guys here as well?" "No were at Satellite Beach but we have ways to get to Orlando quickly or we can drive." Justin starts giggling. "I'll see you guys there." "See you too bye."

The Spirit users arrive at Parker's house and they all step out of Nathan's van. "Zoo's car is here." Tess says. They all walk to the house and Tess opens the gate and bangs on the door. "Jeeze Tess." Lance says. Zoo opens the door a crack. "Oh it's you guys." He steps out on to the porch. "What's going on Zoo?" Tess asks. "What do you mean? Nothing's going on." "We've been trying to call you." Nicole says. "My phone is dead and I haven't been able to charge it sorry about that." "Can we talk to Parker? We were supposed to have a meeting this morning." Nathan says. "He's not feeling very well sorry about that guys." They nod there heads. "I have to go actually." Zoo walks past them and to the driveway. "Bye." He calls and gets in his car. "Pretend to walk to the car." Tess mutters. The spirit users do so and when Zoo is out of sight they run back to the house. "He was so lying!" Lance says. "You could obviously tell." Dalton says. "What do we do?" Nicole asks. "We are going to break in." Nathan replies. He runs to the front door and puts his hand on the knob and is shocked and he fly's back. "Nathan!" Lance cries and runs to him. "I'm all right." Nathan stands up. "What the hell was that?" "An electric force field." Dalton replies. "Something weird is going on here." Nicole says. "You think?" Tess says to her. "Do you think Parker is in there?" Lance asks starring at the house. Parker could here his friends outside but if he got near the window he would be shocked. "I'll try to get close to the window." Lance says starts walking to it. "No Lance stop!" Nathan yells. Parker throws the rock and it crashes through the window and Lance jumps back. Electricity starts popping all over the room and Parker runs out. "Look there's a note on it." Dalton says pointing at it. Lance takes the note off the rock and reads it out loud. "I don't know if this rock will go through the force field or not but it's worth a try. Zoo locked me in this house because I've been hanging out with the slayers to much and he wont let me see you guys or them ever again. You guys have to get me out and when you do I'm staying at Nathan's and never coming back here ever again. Please get me out Parker." "Were going to get you out!" Nathan yells. "No matter what!"

Cameron is lying on the beach reading his book when Justin walks to him. Cameron jumps up startled. "Damn Justin! You scared the shit out of me!" Justin laughs. Cameron throws sand at him. "That shit's not funny!" "Hey!" Cameron laughs. "The slayers are coming tonight if that's okay." "I don't care who you invite my friends will be there also some of them will be dressed up in Disney costumes." "That's weird I'll laugh at them when I see them." All of a sudden time stops and everyone around them stops except Cameron. Cameron stands up and looks around. "All right guys where are you?" Zoo appears with Maleficent and The Evil Queen. They suddenly appear in front of him. "We love scaring you like that." Maleficent says. "You don't scare me I obviously know its you guys when you stop time like that." "One of my countless tricks." The Evil Queen says looking away. "What's going on?" "Are the slayers coming tonight for sure?" Zoo asks. "Yes Justin literally just told me that." "Good. You know the plan right?" The Evil Queen asks. "Yes. So Zoo how are things with Parker now that you've locked him in that house?" Cameron asks with a smile. "Well he hates me and never wants to speak to me ever again." "But it's the right thing Zoo." Maleficent tells him. "What about the spirit users?" Cameron asks. "I told them Parker was sick but I know they don't believe that wait are they going to be here tonight?" "I think so." "Great. I'll try to avoid them." "What time is the party again?" The Evil Queen asks. "Eight. Don't you all do anything stupid." "Were not were just observing." Maleficent says. "No your going to try to talk to my brother." Cameron tells her. "We are but you'll have to do most of the convincing." "I told you I was working on it. I'll start it off little by little." "Whatever Cameron." The Evil Queen says. "We'll see you tonight." They disappear and Cameron quickly lays on the ground and time starts again. "They wont care if you laugh at them." Cameron tells him. Justin laughs and runs back to the house.

Christian walks down the hill and to the slayers. "Look who finally showed up!" Cole yells and comes running to him. He gives him a hug and Christian laughs. "Hey, Cole!" "I haven't seen you all day." "It's only eleven o' nine." "Oh well whatever I missed you." "I missed all of you guys." Christian and Cole walk to the slayers. "Christian!" Jared yells from the water and runs out and hugs him. "You got me all wet now Jared!" "Good now you can get in." "Seriously you guys come here I need to tell you guys something." Jared yells for the slayers in the water to come over here. Soon all of them are by Christian, Jared and Cole. "Okay you guys remember Justin right?" They nod there heads. "He's turning sixteen tomorrow and he invited us all to his Birthday Party tonight." "Cool!" Daniel yells. "Did he give you the address?" Hanna asks. Christian nods his head. "I'm to old to be going to teenagers parties." Drew says. "Same." Troutman and Jordan say. "Oh come on you guys." Christian says. They shake there heads. "You guys suck." "Now get in!" Jared yells. "Fine." Jared throws Christian into the water. Drew sits down with Troutman and Jordan. "There all so happy we should stay here." Jordan says. "I wish." Drew says. He looks at Christian in the water with Jared and the others. "How are things going with you and Christian?" Troutman asks. "Good." "How about romantically?" Jordan asks. "Not so good." "I still can't believe you guys were secretly dating and didn't tell us at least." Troutman says. "We weren't secretly dating we just both really liked each other and Christian didn't want to break Jared's heart." "I understand why you didn't want to tell anyone about it." Jordan says. "I miss him in that way allot." Drew says starring at Christian in the water. "You'll find love Drew I'm sure of it." Troutman tells him. "I just want it to be him but he's with Jared." "At least you and Jared haven't been fighting or arguing lately." Jordan tells him. "Yeah I'm glad we haven't ether." All of a sudden The Spirit users come running on the beach. All three Guardians get up and they run over to them. Michael, Ezra and Zoey were behind them. "What happened?" Drew asks. "Zoo locked Parker in his house because he's been hanging out with you guys to much." Lance says. "What do you mean locked up?" Jordan asks. "He's put an electric force field around the house and no one can enter or leave except Zoo." Tess says. "Parker threw a rock out the window and here's what he wrote." Nicole hands him a letter. All three guardians read it. "Michael isn't there something you can do about this?" Troutman asks. "I can't even though I'm really powerful I can't break through Spirit magic." "Were not as powerful as Zoo." Nathan says. "What about Zeus?" Drew suddenly asks. "I never thought of him." Ezra says. "Do we tell them?" Zoey asks looking at the slayers. "There going to a party tonight it would give them some free time away from this." Michael says. "Wait a minuet didn't Michael have a party invitation in his hand when he left the house when we were over there?" Dalton asks them. "Yeah he did." Nicole says. "So he's going to be at Justin and Cameron's party tonight so then we can go break Parker out while he's there." Drew says. "That's a good plan Drew." Michael says. "We don't say anything to the slayers about this?" Ezra asks. "No." Michael tells him. "You three stay here we will go talk to Zeus." Christian is starring at the guardians talking to the Spirit users and his parents and Michael. "Looks like there talking about something important." Christian says to Jared. "Yeah it dose." The Spirit users leave with Michael and his parents. "That's strange." Cole says from the other side of him. "Maybe they don't want us to get involved." Jared says. "That's a change." Christian snorts. "Maybe they just think we need to have fun." Jared says and pushes Christian into the water. Jared and Cole burst out laughing.

"Where exactly are we going to call Zeus?" Tess asks. They were walking all the way down the beach until the slayers were far away from them. "There's no one around here." Michael says looking around. "And the slayers can't see us so let's do it here." Michael takes a deep breath and stares at the sky and points his pointer finger at the sky and says "Zeus I call on you." A bright light shoots down from the sky and Zeus appears on the beach. "Hello, Michael, Ezra, Zoey, Tess, Nicole, Nathan, Dalton and Lance." "You know are names?" Lance asks. "How could I not?" Lance smiles. "I'm not busy in Heaven how could I be a service?" "We need you to break through an electric force field with your lightning." Ezra tells him. "Why?" "Are friend Parker is trapped in that house. His Dad Zoo locked him in there because he's been hanging out with the slayers." Nathan explains. "Zoo did this?" "Yes." "I absolutely despise that man." "He's not my favorite person ether." Michael says. "I'll do it to save Parker." Zeus says looking at the Spirit users. "When are we doing this?" "Tonight while the slayers are at a party." Michael tells him. "How come there not coming with us?" "We want to give them a break from everything." Zoey says. "So do I need to stay here until eight?" "If you want too." Michael tells him. "I will. Let's go see the slayers I'll just tell them I decided to stop by to see how everything was going." They head in the direction of the slayers.

Christian is splashing water on Hanna and Katelyn when he sees Zeus walking with Michael, his parents and the Spirit users. "Zeus?" Christian calls. Zeus waves at him. "What are you doing here?" "I just wanted to stop by see how everything was going." "How long are you staying?" "The rest of the day." Zeus smiles and walks over to the guardians. "Hello, Zeus." Drew says. "Hello you guys." Zeus sits down on the sand. "This sand reminds me of the Greek days. All Aphrodite would do is play around on the beach when she wasn't seducing men she was." "Do you even know where she is?" Jordan asks. "She's in the ocean with her sea friends. The last time I saw her she was swimming in the Indian Ocean." Christian looks back at the slayers. "There obviously all up to something you can tell." Christian tells them. "Yeah they keep looking over here at us." Kristy says. "I don't think they want us to be involved." Sam says. "Zeus was lying even I know that," Brennan says. "He never just stops by like that he always has a reason to be here that's if something good or bad happened that needs his attention." "Let's just act like nothing has happened." Christian says and tackles Jared into the water.

Misty is brushing her hair for the party. "Are you and Lance still getting along?" "Yes didn't you see us splashing water at each other?" Alex asks. "I was just wondering and no I was swimming with Ashley and Megan." "I can't wait for him to come with Hollow Falls with us." "That would be good for both you too." Misty puts eye liner on and turns around and faces Alex. "How do I look?" Alex can't get the words out and says "Hot." Misty giggles. Alex walks up to her. "I think were going to have to hit the bed now." Misty giggles. "Sorry not now were about to leave we can do it when we get back." Alex smiles. Grace is curling her hair. "How crazy do you think this party is going to be?" Daniel asks her. "Why do you always think party's are crazy?" Grace asks him. "I'm a boy what do you expect?" Grace giggles. "I expect allot of maturity since your about to go to collage." "Please don't bring that up Grace." "Why we both know it's not going to work out." "We can make it work I'll come see you every weekend." "Every Weekend? We see each other everyday how about that?" Daniel sighs. Grace stands up. "I don't want to talk about it anymore." Grace walks out and Daniel those a book across the room. Hanna and Katelyn were in the same room getting ready together. They were both putting make up on. Travis comes out of the bathroom. "You girls look sexy." "Thanks." Hanna says and she and Katelyn laugh. "This party better be great." Travis says. "Why wouldn't it be?" Hanna asks turning around to look at him. "I don't know." Hanna rolls her eyes. "I feel bad because we don't have any presents to give him." Katelyn says putting powder on her face. "Actually I think Michael went out and bought something I don't know what he said it was surprise." Travis says. "Who told you that?" Hanna asks. "Jacob and Will were talking about it." "I'm ready." Katelyn says and stands up. "You look stunning." Katelyn smiles. "What about Hanna?" "She looks sexier then you." Hanna gives him a look. "Come on." They leave the room and run into Christian and Jared. "You too look cute." Hanna says. Jared smiles. "Thank you." "Let's hit the road bitches!" Katelyn says and they all laugh.

All the slayers were in the bus arguing of what was in the box. "Let me hold it!" Blake demands. Christian gives him the box. Blake shakes it. "Damn I can't tell what it is." "That's because it's a gift card." Christian says. "I think it's a gift card too." Blake says shaking it. "You can't even here anything." "We all agree on a gift card?" Willy asks them all. "I think it's something else other then a gift card." Will says. "Like what?" Ashley asks. "I don't know." They all crack up. The Spirit users were following Michael, Zeus, Ezra and Zoey and behind them were Drew, Troutman and Jordan. "I'm surprised Michael knows where Zoo's house is." Dalton says. "I hope we can get him out." Nathan says. "Nathan Zeus is the third powerful person in this whole wide world." Lance says. "Who are the first two?" "God and Jesus." Tess says. She gives him a What-the-fuck look. "Sorry I wasn't thinking about all of them." "Your a dumbass." Nicole says. The bus arrives at Justin's house and they all get out and walk to his front door and knock. Cameron answers. "How nice of you to join are party." "Are present is for both of you." Blake says. "I wonder what it is presents are on the table in the dinning room." Christian sees that most of the people were at the beach. He grabs Jared's hand "To the beach we go." Grace walks to the kitchen and eats a ham sandwich. "Can we talk?" Daniel asks from behind her. Grace slowly turns around. "Daniel you and me both know how this relationship is going to end." "Please Grace I don't want it to end like this not here and not now." "So if we were anywhere else it would be okay?" Grace walks off. "Grace!" Daniel yells over the music but she runs off.

They park down the street from Zoo's house and get out of there cars and creep up the street. "Shit! His car is still here." Tess says. "I thought you said he was going to the party." Drew says. "He is!" In the house the door to Parkers door open, Zoo comes in. "How dare you come in my room without knocking." Parker sits up on the bed. "I'm your father I can come in whenever I want." "Can you at least knock before I could be getting dressed for all you know." "Nothing I haven't seen before." Zoo says with a smile. Parker gives him a look. "What do you want?" "I just came to tell you that I'm going to leave the house for awhile." Parker turns away. "I hope you have fun at the party." Zoo doesn't say anything else and he leaves the room. Parker locks the door and puts his nightstand against the door. Zoo's phone starts ringing. "Yes I'm heading out the door." Zoo hangs up and leaves his house. He walks down the path to his car. They watch as he gets in his car and drives away. "Showtime." Drew says. At the party Christian and Jared walk to Justin who was dancing with his friends. "You all made it." He hugs them both. "I told you we were." "Did you bring me any presents?" "We did but it's for both you and Cameron." "Hmmm interesting I need to open that one first." They both laugh. Sam is walking down the beach when she spots Grace crying. "Grace?" Grace looks up. "Oh hey Sam." "What's wrong Grace?" "Daniel." "What did he do? Do you want me to beat him up?" Grace giggkes. "No he didn't do anything. It's just I don't think we can pursue are relationship anymore." "Why not?" "Because he's going to collage which is two hours away and I don't think I can do the long distance relationship." "I think you should talk to him about this and see what he says." "Thank you Sam for listening to me." "Anytime." At Parker's house they stand in front of the house. "How are you going to do this again?" Nathan asks Zeus. "Just watch and learn. Okay I need absolute silence." Zeus closes his eyes and holds his hands out and electric beams come out and he opens his eyes and shoots the electric beams to the house and the force field pops up and the beams go through the field and bounce off. "Duck!" Troutman yells. They all do the beams fly over there heads and land on the road and disappear. "Did we break through?" Tess asks. "Yes we did." Zeus tells her. Nathan runs inside the house and finds Parker standing there. "You saved me." "No I didn't," Nathan points at Zeus. "But he did." "Zeus?! Thee Greek god all mighty?" Zeus laughs. "That's me." "Are you okay? What did he do to you?" Lance asks. "He didn't hurt me or anything he just locked me up in this house." "Pack your stuff you coming to my house and staying." Nathan tells him. "Will you all help me?" He says looking at Tess, Nicole, Lance and Dalton. "Yeah." Nicole says and they all follow Parker to his room. "Wouldn't this make Zoo even madder?" Jordan asks Michael. "Probably but we had to get him out of here and he'll be safe at Nathan's house I think." "I'm glad I was able to help him." Zeus says. "Oh no you have to go now." Drew says. "Yeah I do. I'm sure I'll see you all again or you'll see one of my brothers or sisters." Drew hugs him and Troutman, Jordan, Ezra and Zoey do also. "I'm going to miss you." Ezra tells him. "I'll come back next time to hang out since you guys love me so much." "We do." Zoey says. Zeus walks out into the yard and the bright heaven lights shine on him. "Goodbye." He waves at them as the lights take him back to heaven.

Caroline and Blake are standing in the living room talking about Hollow Falls when they see two girls walk in with Zoo. "Why is he here?" Caroline demands. "he shouldn't be here it's a high school party not an adult party." "Oh look Cameron is taking care of it." Caroline says looking at Cameron who was fast walking to the front door. "Who the hell are these two?" They don't say anything. "Ladies stay in here me and Cameron need to go outside and address something." Zoo opens the door and he and Cameron go outside. On the beach Christian, Cole and Justin were drunk dancing together Jared, Travis, Daniel and Alex were laughing at him. "Are you even going to stop him?" Travis asks Jared. Jared shakes his head. "No he's need to have fun like the rest of us." Jared takes a big sip of his bud light. "I'm surprised I'm not drunk yet." Travis says taking a long sip of his bud light. "Your usually the one getting drunk first." Daniel tells Travis. "I know! Damn it!" They all laugh. "So Grace is mad at me." Daniel tells them. "Why?" Alex asks. "About me going to collage." "Yeah you guys are going to leave your girlfriend/boyfriend and all your friends." "Oh god." Jared says. "What?" Travis, Daniel and Alex say in unison. "Me and Christian haven't even talked about this." "Me and Katelyn haven't talked about it ether." "Guys what are we going to do about are girlfriend/boyfriend?" 'There going to be heart broken." Travis says. "I don't want Katelyn going back to being the school's slut with Grace and Hanna." "I don't want that ether." Daniel says. "And Christian was depressed before we got together what if he gets depressor afterward." "Shit guys what are you going to do?" Alex asks them and they all three look at him. Hanna and Katelyn are watching Jared, Daniel, Travis and Alex. "I wonder what there talking about." Katelyn says. "Probably something about us." Hanna tells her. They walk out of the house together and stop at the dance floor. "Let's get there attention." Hanna walks up to Whitney and Morgan. "Where did you get your alcohol at?"

Hanna asks them. "Over there." Whitney points to the cooler on the picnic table. "Thanks." They start walk towards it. "What the hell Hanna? You knew that cooler was over there." "I know." Hanna opens the cooler and pulls out a beer bottle and hands one to Katelyn. Hanna quickly opens hers. "Bottoms up bitch." They clink glasses and chug on the beer. "Now lets head to the dance floor." Christian stops dancing. "Why did you stop?" Cole asks. "I feel like I'm going to throw up." "Oh suck it up Christian." Justin tells him. Cameron comes into the crowd with presents and Zoo and two girls were with him. "What the fuck?" Christian says looking at him. "What's he doing here?" Cole asks Justin. "That's one of Cameron's friends I Really don't know him well." Cameron cuts the music. "All right Drunkies time to watch us open presents." "Damn it!" Hanna says. "They were supposed to notice us on thee dance floor and come dance with us." Justin goes to the present table and grabs the present the slayers gave him. "It's for both of us." He tells Cameron. They both open the box and pull out a bunch of tickets. "Tickets to all of the Disney parks!" Justin exclaims. "Thank you guys." "Yeah thank you." Cameron adds. "Why don't you open are present next?" One of the girls says. "Yeah open it." The other girl adds. Zoo smiles at them. "Fine." Justin says. Cameron looks at them weirdly then at Justin who grabs the box. Justin takes the ribbon off. "I have a feeling something bad is in there." Christian whispers. "So do I." Jared says and grabs ahold of Christian's hand.

Justin takes the wrapping paper off and opens the box and pulls a strange type of machine then all of a sudden the time stops except for all the witches and Zoo and the two girls. "It worked!" One of the girls says. Then all of a sudden she changes into The Evil Queen and the other one turns into Maleficent. "That explains allot." Ashley says. "What the fuck am I just that drunk?" Cameron asks looking at them. Zoo turns around to look at them. "Your time has come to and end slayers." Zoo suddenly bursts out fire from his hands and Jared shoots out his fire and they hit each other. The Evil Queen throws electricity at them and the slayers run away. "Come on Maleficent come this way." They run off after them. Christian runs to Cameron and Justin. "Come on we have to get out of here." Justin grabs Christian's hand. "Go Christian I got this!" Jared yells. Christian, Justin and Cameron run off into the beach. "You can't hold on much longer Jared I know it." Zoo tells him. "Yeah we'll see about that." Christian, Justin and Cameron are running in the darkness. "I can't see anything!" Justin yells as he passes Cameron. "Me nether!" Christian yells. Cameron was behind Christian and Justin and he had a rock in his hand and hits Christian head and he falls to the ground knocked out. The fire on both sides grow stronger and suddenly it bursts and they both go flying through the air and Jared hits the house and falls on the ground hard and Zoo lands in the ocean.

The slayers run to the guardian's door and knocks on the door. Drew answers. "Party over so soon?" "No we were attacked!" Daniel yells. "What by who or what?" "Zoo, Maleficent and The Evil Queen." Brennan says. "We couldn't find Jared and Christian we think there still there." Caroline says. "How did you all get away?" Caroline and the others ran into the house away from Maleficent and The Evil Queen. "What should we do?" Travis asks. "Run." Kristy says. "Do you think some of you all can make it to the bus?" Daniel asks. "Me and Travis are going to blast them when they come." "The rest of us are going to try to make it to the bus?" Blake asks. "Yes Blake you guys should go before they appear." The slayers go out the front door. "I feel bad because Jared is out there all by himself." Travis says. "He wanted to do it by himself to protect the slayers." Daniel tells him. All of a sudden they here a loud noise on the roof. "What the hell are they on the roof?" Daniel asks looking up. The sliding doors open and Maleficent and The Evil Queen come in. "Are you going to blast us?" The Evil Queen asks. Daniel and Travis close there eyes and wind bursts out of Travis's hands and electricity burst out of Daniel's hand and before The Evil Queen and Maleficent can do anything they are flown threw the wall and outside. "Come on!" Travis yells and he and Daniel run to the bus and get in. The bus drives away. "That's how we got here." They were back on the bus with The Guardians. Michael, Ezra and Zoey and the others were on the beach and Drew, Troutman and Jordan didn't wont to disturb them. They arrive at Justin and Cameron's house. "All the cars are gone." Grace says. "Time must have unfroze." Alex says. "Let us get off first and Grace do your mind seeing trick." Troutman says. "It's a vision Troutman." "Whatever vision." Drew, Troutman and Jordan get off the bus. "This place looks abandon like a creepy abandon carnival full of clowns." "Don't mention clowns I hate clowns!" Sam says. "There so creepy looking and there always smiling at you." Grace touches the ground and is sucked into a vision. Zoo runs to Maleficent and The Evil Queen. "Were fine!" Maleficent shouts. She's about to run in but they see the bus rolling away. "Will get them later." The Evil Queen says. All of a sudden time unfreezes. "Damn it!" Zoo yells and they quickly orb away. The party goers notice that Cameron and Justin are gone and assume the party is over and they all leave. Zoo, Maleficent and The Evil Queen arrives at Zoo's house. "Zoo did you leave all the lights out?" The Evil Queen asks. "No." Zoo runs in the house and opens Parker's room only to find everything empty. "No!" Grace gets out of the vision and jumps back. "Zoo knows about Parker now." "What about Parker?" Jacob asks. The three guardians all look at each other. "Fine. Zoo locked Parker in his house and he was surrounded by an electric field all because his Dad didn't like us hanging out with him." Drew says. "I about had it with Zoo!" Alex yells. "Calm down Alex we all got Parker out" Jordan tells him. "So that's why Zeus was here." Hanna says. "And that's why you all were huddled on the beach talking." "Is he okay?" Cole asks. Troutman nods his head. "He's staying at Nathan's house for good." "That's good."

The slayers start walking to the house. "Some of us should go down the beach I saw Christian run down there with Cameron and Justin." Cole says. Cole starts running off in that direction and Drew follows him. "Did you see how far he went?" Drew asks Cole. "No because we ran into the house." Hanna spots Jared. "I found Jared." They all run to him and Jared starts groaning. "Where's Zoo? I'm going to kill him." He starts to sit up. "Take your time Jared." Jordan tells him. "Zoo is gone." Nathan tells him. Jared rubs his head. "Are you hurt?" Troutman asks. " where's uh Christian at?" "Stop I think I see something." Cole tells Drew. Drew looks around "Where? What do you see?" Cole points and runs to it. He finds Christian laying in the grass. "Christian?" Christian groans. "What...happened? Where am I?" He sits up and looks around. He quickly stands up. "Someone hit me in the head. Where's Justin and Cameron?" Drew and Cole look around. "We don't know." Drew says. "What about Jared is he okay?" Soon all the slayers show up near them. Jared helps Christian up. "Are you okay? What happened to you?" "Someone hit me in the head I don't know where Justin and Cameron are at I hope there okay." Justin wakes up he's laying on the beach. He looks out into the water and sees blood. Justin gasps and stands up and backs into a dead creature lying on the ground. Justin screams he looks around. There was a blood red sky and he saw a huge bridge in the distance. "Would you relax Justin." Justin turns around and sees his family standing there. "Where the fuck are we?" "I told you he would flip out." His mom Kim says to his father Dylan. "Can you guys answer my fucking question?" "Were in the Underworld." Justin starts backing away from them. "You guys are crazy!" Justin runs to the river. "I wouldn't go in there if I were you." Cameron warns. "Why not? Is a big giant serpent going to eat me?" "No but that is the Lethe river your about to enter. That river can make you forget your whole life you would have no clue who you are. Just one drop on you can make you forget what you did all last week." "Why am I here?" "We need to show you something so follow us."

Christian stares out the window at the beach the next day. "I'm worried about him." "I'm sure there okay Christian." "What makes you say that?" Christian turns around to face Jared. "I hope your right." Jared hugs him. "I'm pretty sure." Cole is on his lap top downstairs looking at Magic Kingdom. He sees that there hiring people. Cole's face lights up with a smile. He motions for Travis and Katelyn to come over here. "Did you find something?" Katelyn asks. "Yes something really important that we should show Michael." Cole turns his lap top around and shows them. Minuets later Christian's phone rings. "Hello?" "Hello, Christian." Michael's on the other end. "Can you come to my room real quick there's something we need to discuss." "yeah sure Michael." "Okay bye." Christian hangs up. "Oh God Michael wants to discuss something with me." "Want me to go with you?" Christian shakes his head. "No he'll probably just kick you out. Remember what happened at court?" Jared smiles and laughs. "When he breaks his gavel that was so hilarious." Christian explodes and giggles. "I'll text you if something bad happens Jare." Christian kisses him and he leaves the room. Christian walks down to the end of the hallway and knocks on Michael's door which is the last one. Hanna answers it. Christian gives her a weird look and walks in to find Cole, Katelyn, Travis, Yosune and Kalysta. "What the fuck is going on here?" Christian asks. Hanna giggles from behind him. Cole walks to Christian and hands him the lap top. "Read this." Christian reads about Magic Kingdom hiring people. "I'm going to take a guess that were all going to get jobs there right?" Michael nods his head. "yes." "What if Zoo doesn't let us get a job there after all we kidnapped his son." Yosune says. "I don't think Zoo is the boss and besides I have a friend that works there." The scene changes to the slayers walking around Disney but you can still here Michaels voice. "His name is Gordon Cinnamon Roll and he works at Cinderella's castle he'll tell you what to do. I already called him." "I never realized how huge her castle was." Cole says looking up at it. "Well her real story happened here after all." Katelyn says looking up at the castle. "I wonder if she's inside." Kalysta says.

"She might be or she's out wondering around the park." They walk under the castle and look at the art on the walls. "Look at this," Katelyn points to the tiles of Cinderella. "This is so cool. Travis get a picture." Katelyn hands him her phone and he takes a picture of her and hands her iPhone six back to her. "That's going straight to instagram." "There's the entrance." Christian says and they walk inside the castle and enter the gift shop. "What dose he look like again?" Cole asks Christian. Christian pulls the picture out of him and Michael standing in front of the castle smiling. Christian looks up and sees Gordon starring at them. He motions for them to come over. "I found him." Christian, Cole, Yosune, Hanna Kalysta, Travis and Katelyn walk up to the counter. "I recognized you as soon as you came in." "We had to look at a picture." Hanna tells him. "Come with me." Gordon leads them out of the gift shop and up the stairs. They pass the restraunt and go into a secret room upstairs. The room had a big long table and chairs around it. "Before you ask anything I only know two things about all the shit that's been going on." "How did you know we were going to ask you that first?" Katelyn asks. "I'm a mind reader so if you don't want me to here anything I would keep it to myself." Christian gives him a strange look. "So what do you know?" "Well I know that all the Disney villain and characters are real people and there stories are all true. The other thing I know is that the villains are working with some secret group. There called Operation Disney." Christian remembers what Drew found in Animal Kingdom. "Isn't that what Drew found on the paper?" Hanna asks. "Yes." Christian says. "Was it one that had something to do with taking over Animal Kingdom?" "Yes how did you know that?" Cole asks. "Because The Evil Queen has been looking for it. She thinks you guys have it." "Well we do." Kalysta says. "I thought so." "So what are we working for exactly?" Travis asks. "Depends on what you want to do." "I want to be faraway from Zoo." Christian says. "Me too." Yosune says. "I think we all do." Hanna says. Gordon giggles. "I hate him too he thinks he's all that." "Do you anything about him and why he's working for The Evil Queen?" Christian asks. "Nope I don't know anything and he's in charge of the park so you'll probably run into him on a daily basis sadly." "Can I work at Splash Mountain?" Christian asks. "Can I work there too?" Cole asks. "I want to work at Space Mountain." Travis says. "I want to work at Thunder Railroad Mountain." Katelyn says. "Me too." Hanna says. "And we'll work at haunted mansion." Kalysta says. Meanwhile Gordon was writing all this on a piece of paper. "You guys will start working tomorrow."

Parker drinks out of his glass cup. Nathan, Lance, Dalton, Tess and Nicole were all here. They were all starring at him. "You guys can stop starring at me you know." "Sorry." Nathan says and looks away. "I'm just curious have any of you guys heard from him?" They shake there heads. "Good because I'm never going to see him again." They don't see anything. "So did you get the job?" Jared asks Christian when he walks in. "Duh." Jared laughs. "Well I didn't know." Christian giggles. "When do you guys start working?" "Tomorrow." Justin follows his family through a dark forest. "Where the hell are we going?" He asks them. "To the city." Cameron says. "A city. In the underworld?" "Yes." Justin sees a blue murky water in front of them. "I wouldn't even think of going in that." His Mom says. "That's the river of pain." Justin sees people in there and he starts to here there cries. Cameron shakes him. "Don't concentrate on them because if you do you can never get there screams out of your head." Cameron tells them. Justin looks away and he can't here them anymore. He starts walking with his family and he sees a bright light. "What the fuck is that?" "You'll see." Dylan says and they walk out of the forest and the bright light disappears. A city like New York City appeared in front of him. There were five different rivers surrounding the city and they all go in different directions. A bridge was built over the river. Justin looks in the air there was birdlike animals flying around in the sky. "All the creatures live in there." Kim points to the city. "Why are we going in there then?" "To meet with someone." "Who?" Kim looks at Dylan. "Should we tell him?" Dylan nods his head. "Were going to meet someone named Zoo and his two partners Maleficent and The Evil Queen." Justin looks at them weirdly. "I've heard the name Zoo before I just don't know where and do you mean Maleficent and The Evil Queen from Disney?" They all three nod there heads. "Let's go across the bridge." Cameron says and they all start walking to the bridge. Cole, Blake, Daniel, Jay and Jacob were all at Ron Jon Surf Shop. "I think I need a new surf board." Jacob says looking at all the surf boards everywhere. "Yeah who knows how long we'll be here." Jay says. "I like it here," Cole says turning around to look at them. "We don't have to worry about Blakes and them and were by the beach." "I agree with you," Daniel says. "This was my first time coming to a beach." "Seriously." Blake asks. Daniel nods his head. "This is probably my third time at the beach." "I like this shirt." Cole says and grabs a long red one. His phone starts to ring and he pulls it out of his pocket. "Hello." "Hey, Cole this is Michael Nathan just called he wanted us to meet them at a Pizza place near here." "That's right across the street." "Yeah I know. Whenever you guys are finished in there come meet us alight." "Okay we'll be right over there." "Be over where?" Blake asks. "The Spirit users want to have dinner with us and Michael said be over there when were finished and I am so I'm going to head to check out."

They walk off the bridge and stepped into the city where dozens of creatures and spirits were starring at them. "Why are they starring at us?" Justin asks. "Because there not used to seeing humans." Finally the crowd splits apart so someone can walk through. Its Zoo. "I know him he was at the party." Cameron shakes his head. "Yeah he was." Zoo stops in front of them. "The whole family is here." "Told you we would all be here soon." Dylan says. "And you kept your promise. Follow me to the tower." Zoo turns around and walks forward and they follow. him. Katelyn and the rest of the slayers walk into the Pizza place. "Were here to met someone." Michael spots the spirit users and tells the waiters that were sitting with them. They walk over there and sit down. Katelyn sits next to Travis and Christian sits down beside her. "I want some pizza." Will says. Tess and Nicole giggle. "We already ordered some." Nicole says with a giggle. "Good because I'm hungry." Christian says. "Well the pizza's here are big." Parker says. "Big enough for all of us?" Alex asks. "Not quite." Nathan says and Alex laughs. "We wanted to thank you for getting are friend out of the house." Nathan says. "Thank you." Parker says. "No need to thank us." Drew says. "Plus it was all Zeus." "Where is Zeus?" Parker asks. "Probably somewhere in the clouds or in heaven." Troutman says. They all order there drinks and the waiter leaves. "So has Zoo try to break in or anything?" Michael asks. "No haven't heard from him and I don't want too ether." Parker says. "Were all staying there for now." Lance says. "That's sweet that you all are doing that." Katelyn says. "Were a team and we all need to stick together." Tess says. "Were all a team now actually." Dalton says. "Yeah he's right." Lance says. "Do you even know when were going to Hollow Falls?" Tess asks. "Not until this Disney shit is solved." Daniel says "What did another witch get kidnapped?" Nicole asks. "No but Christian, Cole, Hanna, Katelyn, Travis, Yosune and Kalysta got jobs there and there going to solve this and when they do then were going back to Hollow Falls." "Can you find out how and why my Dad is involved in all this?" Parker asks. "He's actually the one in charge of this." Christian says. "He is?" "Yeah he tried to kill Jared last night. The Evil Queen and Maleficent are helping him too." "Do you know why?" "No not yet but I will find out trust me." Parker nods his head.

Zoo, Justin, Cameron, Dylan and Kim look up at a tall tower as tall as the Sears Tower and walks in. "This is where I stay at from time to time." "Have a question?" Justin asks. "Sure Justin what is it?" "Doesn't Hades and Persephone live here?" "Yes and no. They have a place here and a kingdom in hell." "Are we really that close?" "Yeah all you have to do is take a boat down the red river." Justin looks stunned. They all get into an elevator and the elevator doors shut. "I assume were going to the very top." Zoo nods his head. The elevator stops at the top and they walk down a hallway and go inside a room. "Took you long enough." They look up and see The Evil Queen, Maleficent, Cruella, Captain Hook, Jafar and Emperor Zerg. Christian took a long bite of his pizza. "This is really good." "But not as good as you." Jared tells him. Christian looks at him weirdly and so dose some of the slayers. "I was just joking guys." "okkkkayyy." Hanna says then eats a big part of her pizza. "When do you guys work?" Lance asks. "Tomorrow." Travis says. "Were going to come by and see how you guys are doing." Tess says and laughs. "Yeah a good job spying you mean." Christian says. "Yeah that's a better way of putting it." Yosune says. "My bad." Tess says and starts laughing. "Have a seat?" Zoo tells them and they all sit down. There were seven thrones in front of them Zoo and each villain took a seat. "Is this some sort of a meeting?" Justin whispers. "Yes." Cameron whispers. "Well I am glad you guys are all here." "Why are we here exactly?" Justin asks. "I was forced here and I just wanted to know." Zoo smiles. "Your here because were going to destroy the world." Justin's face drops. "Why are you so shocked? Don't you want to rule the world?" Zoo asks. "That would be fun but I don't want to destroy it." "You don't have too you wait here while we do it." "Is this why you guys are always disappearing and shit?" Justin asks his family. "Yes honey." Kim says. Justin finally sits down. "Thank you for sitting down." Regina says. "Now that the whole family is here were going to discuss are plan. Can you keep a secret?" Zoo asks. His family looks at him. The next morning Daniel stares at the ocean the breeze blowing his face. "What are you doing out here?" Grace asks. Daniel slowly turns around. "Oh hey." "I'm not mad at you anymore Daniel I never was I was just sad." Daniel walks over to her. "You don't have to be. Listen were going to get through this." "I...just don't know anymore. Christian and Jared are slowly drifting away and Katelyn and Travis I think there having problems too." "Don't worry about them Grace they'll work out there own problems its just me and you don't worry about them." Daniel strokes her hair and puts his arm around her. "I don't want to lose you Daniel." "You wont Grace I promise." Daniel kisses her. Christian sat in the lobby with



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