The Ancients: Blood of War is an American animated epic science fiction-fantasy film.

Taglines: In an unknown era, in an unknown dimension, the Ancients were locked in an endless, infinite and seemingly pointless 1,0000 year old struggle against the malevolent Obsidians. Thousands were dying and only one Ancient's thoughts are focused.


Upon a distant wintry planet, an archaic humanoid race, The Ancients, are locked in an unending war against on another, having recently learned of a plot to assassinate each other of their clan leaders. The Wise One knows otherwise and sets out a plan to stop the two opposite sides from committing certain actions that will have dire consequences.


Liam Neeson as The Wise One, an ancient who is the only one with color changing eyes

Ryan Reynolds

Idris Elba

Anna Torv as Aella, a swordswoman ancient from the Unukit clan.

Nicolas Cage


Eons ago, in a parallel dimension...

The Ancients are a humanoid race with extreme fighting and defense capabilities. They have no religion because they see themselves as deities. Their initial origins are unknown. Outwardly, they seem cold and emotionless. The world they live on is eternal Winter and is plastered with lakes, coniferous forests, mountains and some seas. The first clans in existence were the Siqiniq on the volcanic island in the east, the Nanukip people in the north, the Arcadiniq on a moderate continent, and the Imperiniq tried to form first a republic and then an empire which some became all too oppressive, That is until a smaller clan of elite warriors called the Unukitiq, somehow of Siqiniq origin, sought to bring the empire down. Their fighting style was also adapted from the Siqiniqs in the east. meanwhile, in an unnamed western continent, some small tribes of the Nanukiq migrated south, becoming accustomed to the spruce forest territories and lakes. They called themselves the Na'ukiq. Ship-builders from the Scandiniq territory taught the Unukitiq people how to build ships, in return for being taught swordmanship. The Unukitiq traveled in two seperate groups to the great western continent, racing the Arcadiniq to it. The Unukitip got to the southern part of the continent, rich with spruce forests, plains and lakes, and named in Volatau. The Unukitip there became the Volatauip, driving the Na'ukip out of their homelands in a brutal war. The continent was named The Greater Unukit. In the northern part of the unnamed continent, unukitiq warriors landed there, only to fight the Arcadiniq Ancients across the mountainous regions. The Arcadiniq lost and the remaining Unukitiq became Canukiq, befriending the Nanukiq people of the frozen north. The Volatauiq decided to turn their attention on their northern cousins and attacked Kanuk. After s year of bloody battles, the Volatauiq were severly beaten, although Canukiq also suffered losses. Famine hit the Volatauiq hard and the Canukiq were only too happy to help. This strengthened the clans' relationships greatly.Warriors of Siqin travelled to The Greater Unukit to explore. The Ancents discovered three constructs called Castles, spaced across The Greater Unukit and chose leaders from each clan. These leaders were called Elders and they took up residence in the man castle. Soon, rifts opened between the Elders and the Ancients. The Elders were being arrogant and enforcing their power upon the Ancients, whom they saw as inferior. To tip the Ancient population into war, the Elders feigned great knowledge to tell the Ancients there would be assassination attempts on each clan. The clans turned on each other and a war began...

Nu'unga? (What's up?)

Tavisii. (Nothing much.)

Something is bothering you?

(sarcastically)When did you work that out, eh?

Do not start lecturing me about questioning my superiors, but i believe this is pointless.

But you said you don't know what to believe anymore.

Maybe i was seeking the meaning of all this only to find nothing.

And that is what i found. NOTHING!

The Ancients: Blood of War Soundtrack

Brand X Music- World Without End (used in trailer)

Immediate- Destiny of the Chosen (used in trailer#2)

Jo Blankenburg- Garador's Flight

Audiomachine- Tree of Life

Two Steps from Hell-For The Win

Two Steps from Hell- Skyworld

Two Steps from Hell-Strength of a Thousand Men

Two Steps from Hell-Moving Mountains

John Dreamer-Becoming a Legend (End credits)

Two Steps from Hell- Birth of a Hero

John Dreamer- End of My Journey

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