The Amtyville Haunting: Annabelle Doll is a 2018 American supernatural horror film directed by David F. Sanberg and written by Gary Dauberman. It is a prequal to 2014's Annabelle and the fourth installment in The Conjuring series. The film stars Patrick Wilson, Vera Farminga, and Lulu Wilson, and depicts the possessed Annabelle doll's origin.

The Amtyvile Haunting: Annabelle Doll premiered at the Amtyville Flim Festival on June 23, 2018, and was theatrically released in the United States on August 21, 2018. The film grossed $317.9 million worldwide and received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised the atmosphere and acting, and noted it as a major improvement over its predecessor.


In 1973, Eric Wilson (Patrick Wilson) and his wife Annie Wilson (Vera Farminga) grieve for the loss of their seven year old daughter Annabelle (Wilson), who died from cancer. An unkonwn entity shaped that's a pig named Jodie that that transforms into their daughter wants their daughter to go into a Doll that they gave for her sixth birthday. They soon realize they have attracted a demon looking for a human soul. They take the doll to Annabelle's room and lock in a closet. Then soon a priest they know bless her room and the house. Four years later, in 1977 they got married again and was born to Jasmine Wilson (Lulu Wilson) and Brian Wilson (Gabriel Bateman), and welcomed a nun in their home Sister Charlotte (Stephanie Sigman) and Judy Warren (Sterling Jerins). On the first night of August 23, 1985 Judy Warren heard strange music in Annabelle's room, soon releasing the demon. On the second night, the demon torments Judy, and slips and falls in front of the stairs soon being thrown to the ceilling and being thrown to the first floor with a broken left arm. The manages to successfully possess her and Jasmine notices changes in her behavior and admitted to Eric that she snuck into Annabelle's room and found the doll two nights earlier. Sister Charlotte speaks with Annie and tells Sister Charlotte that the house is haunted and a man named Ronald Defeo killed his whole entire family at 3:15 AM on November 13, 1974. After Judy murders Eric and Annie, the demon attacks Sister Charlotte as she attempts to get the girls out of the house. The possessed Judy continues he pursuit of Jasmine, who hides in Annabelle's room. Sister Charlotte arrives to stop Judy and locks her and the doll in the closet. The next day police arrive to search the house and its surroundings and find only the doll inside the closet. Judy escaped through a hole in the closet and went to Santa Monica. Adopted by Higgins family. Later it shows a picture of Annabelle Higgins and her boyfriend dead in the orignal events of Annabelle film. Then it shows Annabelle sitting in a closet in a rocking chair. In post-credits it shows Valak the Nun in the Enfield House based off of The Conjuring 2.

Cast Patrick Wilson Vera Farminga

Lulu Wilson

Stephine Sigman

Gaberial Bateman Sterling Jerins

Filming Locations:

Atmyville, New York at 112 Ocean Avenue Amtyville Horror House location

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