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The American Idols is an American animated musical dramedy miniseries that follows a fictional band who composes mixed-genre music and follows their personal lives, including the suicide of the band's rapper Hiro and the band's hippie Maria's mental breakdowns. It aired for five episodes throughout August 24 - 28, 2015, as part of The CC (Cartoon Comedy)'s yearly deal to make miniseries. It was critically acclaimed but was also negatively criticized for how it handled mental issues and suicide.


It is about a fictional band named "The American Idols", composed of singers who each come from a different genre. The miniseries looks into each of their lives and personal struggles during their band years and the years leading up to their band break-up. The show also takes place in the 1970's.


  • Eli (Thurop van Orman), a country singer who dons a cowboy outfit as his "gig". He has a crush on band member Maria, but stops after she has mental breakdowns.
  • Maria (Kath Soucie), a hippie psychedelia singer, who is the only female member of the band, and Eli's love interest, though not after she keeps having mental breakdowns. It is revealed she loved Hiro, but thanks to Samuel's comforting, eventually has a crush on him.
  • Samuel (Neil Patrick Harris), a disco singer, who is handsome, rich and loves Maria along with Eli.
  • Hiro (Keich Michael Richardson), a rapper who commited suicide in prison after he was arrested for shooting a robber. This was due to the hate he received for being black and having to tolerate racism.
  • Paul McCartny (Tim Curry), a 74-year old rock and roll singer, who used to be in a rock-'n-roll band called "The Cockroches", a parody and allusion to The Beatles. He's also a parody of The Beatles member Paul MCartney, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

Series overview

Season Episodes Original broadcast
Season premiere Season finale
1 5 August 24, 2015 August 28, 2015

Series (2015)

No. Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod.
1 "Hiro" Jason Muto Maria Sanchez August 24, 2015 103
Hiro is a rapper who's adored by the band "The American Idols, of which he's a member, but certainly not by fans off-stage due to his African-American identity. In fact, he's sent death threats and hate mail on a basis and he tries to handle it to no avail. Due to this, he has a break from the band in order to compose himself. Unfortunately, he ends up snapping when someone breaks into his house and tries to rob his house in an act of hate, and shoots the robber in the scene. He ends up getting arrested and sentenced to 2 years after the robber survives. This causes him to leave the band, much to his dismay. In prison, after failing to handle all of the negative things which have happened in his life, Hiro commits suicide. A funeral is then held for him and the remaining members of the bad read his eulogy together. They call out the racists, who are present in the funeral, that Hiro was more than "a skin color" and that no one will ever forgive them for their hateful ideologies. The racists leave with a deeper understanding of African-Americans.
2 "Eli" Jason Muto Rex Stein August 25, 2015 104
Eli is a country singer who has a crush on band member Maria. He desperately admires her and tries to send her love letters, though she confuses them with fan mail. Finally, he decides to tell her face-to-face. Unfortunately, when he does so, another band member, Samuel, also tells her face-to-face that he too loves her, and they end up fighting for her. Maria breaks the fight by saying she's not interested in neither of them. Eli is furious and decides to actually prove himself to her. He becomes a hippie and begins to live her lifestyle but she does not seem to be impressed.
3 "Maria" Jason Muto Rex Stein August 26, 2015 102
Maria is a hippie and psychedelia singer and the only girl in the band who finds herself at a love triangle between Eli and Samuel. She tries to tell them she's not interested in any of them and that she wants to be alone. She is, however, met with each of them trying to impress her in some way in order to see who gets to win her affections. She ends up having a mental breakdown and telling them to leave her alone before she locks herself in her room in the band's tour bus. Eli and Samuel, feeling bad for enraging Maria, decide that they should stop loving her because her "emotions matter more than ours". In Maria's room, her walls are hanging with pictures of the late Hiro and is revealed that Maria was in love with Hiro but, due to the existing racism in the 70s, she could not bring herself to tell him as she worried this would bring hatred towards her. She then realizes that if she was his girlfriend and stuck by his side, she could have saved him from getting arrested and taking his own life in prison. Eli and Samuel knock at her door, apologizing and Maria decides to accept it and after some, deciding, agree to sing a song that Samuel had written. She does it to get out of her misery.
4 "Samuel" Jason Muto Tanner Britton August 27, 2015 105
Samuel is a disco singer who finds himself in love with Maria. However, after she has a mental breakdown, he decides to stop loving her and to just simply be her friend. This doesn't help as Maria keeps having mental breakdowns over something she will not tell them about. Samuel tries to get her to talk about her troubles, but she refuses to and locks herself on a regular basis. Samuel feels as if he's not a real friend and wishes to known what is causing Maria to break down. He thinks it may be because of their bribing in order for her to fall in love with one of them but rules it out, as he knows she had gotten over it. He also thinks touring is causing her great stress, but also rules it our because the band has not done much touring lately. After ruling out each possibility, which could have been why Maria keeps having breakdowns, he realizes the obvious one: Hiro's death. He believes Hiro's suicide may have been impacting her because he was a great friend and always brighted up the whole band even with his having to deal with constant racism. He decides to confront Maria with this reason, and, when he accidentally enters Maria's room, finds her covered with pictures of Hiro and thinks he has found the reason. After comforting Maria, she reveals she liked Hiro as a lover and not as a friend, which shocks Samuel but, being a good friend, tells her it's okay and that with the remaining band member's help, she'll feel more happier. Maria feels more better and, in the heat of the moment, makes out with Samuel.
5 "Paul McCartny" Jason Muto Ursula Reynolds August 28, 2015 101
Paul McCartny is the band's oldest member at 74 and a rock-and-roll singer who questions his retirement after he's singled out of the band. All the band members always look up to him due to his wise yet no-nonsense attitude and his useful tips on singing and playing of the instruments. When he reveals his retirement plans to the other band members, they deny it because they want him to remain in the band. He doesn't know if he should, and looks back on when he was in other bands, when he was much more younger and wilder. At home, he asks his wife for advice but she stops him and reveals she wants to adopt a child as they never had one during their early years of marriage as she was infertile. This answers Paul's question and he celebrates with his wife as he agrees with her. He then tells the band that he wants to retire in order to take care of an adopted child with his wife. The band is saddened by the news but agree to his decision under one condition: that he will be in one last concert with them. He does so, and in the last concert, after they finish singing, the band announce Paul's retirement and everyone wishes him the best in his retirement years. Paul hangs out with the band one last time and after, he goes home to find his wife with a kid she adopted, whom she calls "Benson". Paul is surprised yet happy, and promises his adopted kid and wife that he will be the best father and husband that can be. At the tour bus, the remaining three band members (Maria, Eli, and Samuel) are unsure of their future and decide to seperate as they don't know if they can continue the band anymore. They announce their band break-up and go on their seperate ways. Eli goes solo and has a mildly successful career but never marries. Maria and Samuel marry and have a kid named Anastasia. Paul and his wife raise their kid and he teaches Benson how to play a guitar in the hopes that he becomes a singer like him. Hiro's grave is visited by many people in his remembrance.