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The Amazing World of Gumball: Movie is a 2019 British-American-Irish animated fantasy comedy-adventure film based on the Cartoon Network animated television series of the same name. From Cartoon Network, the film is produced and executive produced by series executive producer Daniel Lennard and directed, written and executive produced by series creator Ben Bocquelet, along with Mic Graves. The events of the film take place during the series' sixth season, produced by Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. In theaters, a Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart short entitled Bat Ninja was shown prior to the film.

The film features Nicolas Cantu, Christian J. Simon, Kyla Rae Kowalewski, Teresa Gallagher and Dan Russell reprising their roles from the series, with guest performances by Ron Perlman, Lizzy Greene and Casey Simpson.

Although the frequent guest performers on the series Jenny Slate, Kiefer Sutherland, Jace Norman, Madisyn Shipman, Austin North, Kirsten Dunst, Zach Tyler Eisen, Collin Dean, Grey Griffin, Colleen Villard, Michael Peña, Nathan Kress, Nancy Cartwright, Zach Callison, Deedee Magno, Victoria Justice, Paul Bettany, Kira Buckland, Brittany Faith Rosoff, Eileen Montgomery, Sarah Silverman, Kristen Schaal, Greg Cipes and Cathy Weseluck will also reprise their roles, as well as Donielle T. Hansley Jr. and Alix Wilton Regan.

The film was theatrically released in movie theaters on August 31, 2018 in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland, by Warner Bros. The film received positive reviews from critics and was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $315 million worldwide against a $64 million budget, making it the next Cartoon Network animated film to gross as high as $100 million in the United States, and also beating out Mulan's record for highest-grossing hand-drawn animated film of all time and the highest-ever grossing film based on an animated television series.


Elmore is told of a story long ago of how their town was saved from a demon that was defeated by a legendary hero, and was given its name. After the last day of class has passed and the kids of Elmore will have the two months of vacation and the city of Elmore is destroyed, the demon, Anderous, would return. Unfortunately, the great vacation has passed, and Gumball and Darwin was told by their mother that the legendary heroes was a Watterson, and they was the descendant of the heroes, so they has to prepare themselves when the demon comes and the wattersons is living in the clowns of idiots brief language. And as they continue their journey, they somehow stumbles into a different dimension where they find their mother's opposite counterpart and their girl forms, and find out the truth about the legend & their battle through dimensions and time and planets and as they encounter their evil and other forms, as they go through time and find their future selves and their past selves, and as they travel through different planets, they all must team up to defeat the evil enemy in the multiverse: Anderous.


The movie begins with a mysterious demon plotting to get revenge on the Wattersons with the help of his demon army. Then, in the next scene of the movie, Mr. Small was reading the storybook to the class. The story of the legend starts out in a village that is at peace, with people having laughter and joy. But then one day, a mysterious dark demon appeared out of nowhere and destroyed the village, and killing all it's people. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere, a hero appeared out of nowhere, defeating the demon lord and restoring peace to the land. The hero then named the land after his name, Elmore. However, the demon left a message saying he will return again in a thousand years, so their descendants better be ready. Everyone but, the hero, believed that it wasn't true, but the hero knew that he would return, so told his to his future son to warn the other future son's and so on that Anderous, the demon lord, would return, so the descendant would be ready.

Then the bell rings and Mr. Small says that class is over and is time for everybody to go home. On the way, Gumball asked Darwin and Eric Watterson if he thinks that story that Mr. Small told was real. He said he wasn't sure, but he would think that the descendant should be ready to the demon. Later when he gets home, he asks his mother the same thing, but she only remained silent and went up stairs. The kids felt weird about their moms, but they decided to not worry about it, for he knew that tomorrow was the vacation of the day that the legendary hero defeated Anderous. The next morning, the Wattersons got all ready for the festival. Nicole asks the boys where they heard that story yesterday, and he says the Mr. Small told it to the entire class. Then he asks why, but she said that he would tell him later. He meets Carlton, Troy, and Mr. Kresse (from the episode The Sweaters) and wishing to destroyed Elmore. Everyone at the festival starts to celebrate with joy, just as the people did celebrated the joy 1000 years ago in 1016 AD. Gumball, along with his family and friends, started to have a great time at the festival. Then Gumball wanted to ask Penny something, but before he could, his mom pulled him away to tell him something. But before she could tell him anything, everyone heard a loud crash come from the legendary hero's statue. They saw a dark coffin rise from the broken statue, and saw darkness coming out the coffin as well. Then, a strange and mysterious dragon-looking figure rose from the coffin.

As he began to speak, he said that he was the demon, Anderous. A lot of people didn't believe him, but when they saw him rule Elmore and turn all the students into the demons, meeting a dark spell of the town. Now he renames "Hellmore", everyone startled in fear as they saw the dark magic. Everyone was shocked that he had returned. They thought he wouldn't but he did. Nicole and Gumdrop grabbed everyone in their family and told her son Gumdrop to take the kids and head home to head out of town, but Gumdrop didn't want to, so Nicole told him to not worry about her and do it for her, her long lost sisters and their husbands. They had no time to pack anything, they all just headed straight for the car to get out of town. Gumball and Darwin wanted to say something to Penny and Carrie, but had no time. Anderous created a force field around Elmore, so nobody could escape, but the Wattersons were the only ones to escape and Tobias and Banana Joe wishing the circus train named Toby to escape from Elmore. The Wattersons had barely escaped, and were the only ones to escape from Elmore. They lucky enough to find a hotel to stay in for the night. And while they were there, Gumball and Darwin started to ask their brother Gumdrop about the story he heard yesterday. he told them a long story about his mom's past few fathers, saying that they were descendants of the legendary hero that defeated Anderous. Then he told them that they are the last descendants living to defeat Anderous. At first, they though it was a joke, but then they saw that nobody was laughing, so they knew it was serious. They were mad with their big brother that he and Nicole didn't tell they before. He tried to apologize, but the boys didn't listen. Anais told everyone to calm down, as so they did.

Gumdrop told Gumball and Darwin that there is only one weapon that can defeat Anderous. It was known as the Sword of Elmore. It was used by the legendary hero long ago to defeat the dark demon lord. She said she didn't know where it was, but she did know about a clue of where it is. She said that the clue was somewhere in a snowy place. An idea all of a sudden came over Gumball. Then the Wattersons decided to go to Alaska, for it was the only snowy place that they knew about. They would head straightly there in the morning. Because as of now, Elmore's shoulders now lie in the hands of Gumball. Gumball Soon Found A Portal that leads To Another Dimension He Attempted Escape Darwin Joined Him, They Were About Rescued By their family, But It Was A Complete Failure, As They Were All Sucked In The Portal, After That, The Portal Immediately Disappear. Back in Elmore, Anderous made some troops to search for the Wattersons. They searched the entire city, but they were nowhere to be found. He had figured that they had escaped, so by going to their house, he gathered up information there to where they might be found. But he could not do it alone, so he recreated the evil helmet that Gumball threw into the crusher (back in The Helmet), thus, Carlton, Troy and Mr. Kresse creating a dark form of Gumball, and the evil form of Darwin, and resurrected Jealousy to destroys Elmore. He told them to head for Alaska, because that is where His Family Lived After the Town Of Elmore Was attacked, he feared that he was already searching for the legendary sword the killed him a long time ago, so him and his troops started to turn Elmore into a city of slaves. And especially, he started to search for Penny's family for some reason.

Meanwhile, as the Wattersons Family Were Sucked In The Portal, they Were Sent To Somewhere It Looks Familiar. Luckily, Neither Of The Group Were Hurt, But All Of A Sudden He Saw His House, But He Was Confused He Thought The Portal Was Fake, So He Enters In The House, & He Finds A Man That Looks Exactly Like His Mom, The Man Asked Who Gumball Was & Gumball Replied The same thing, The Man Told Him His Name Was Nick Watson & As Gumball Heard His Name It Sound Familiar, & As Soon As He Replied His Name, The Both Freak Out, He Soon Finds Everyone Else In The House, & Then He Realized That Anderous Is Still Continuing To Find Him, So to make sure that nobody suspected, he hid In The Deep basement to make sure no one would notice. Nicole bought all the food she could buy. Richard suddenly saw a wanted poster of them behind the manager and warned everybody about it. So Nicole bought the supplies before they noticed, and headed off to Alaska. As they arrive at Alaska, they see that the traffic is all jammed up. After waiting hours in the traffic, they finally made it out, and headed toward the mountain. They found a house to stay in, so they could sleep for the night. The next morning, they headed toward the mountain. It took them hours, but they managed to reach the top. At the top, they found an inside pillar with only one room in it. The only room had a book in it, and Gumball started to read it. As he read it, it told him of a clue that told him where the sword was. It was underneath Anderous' coffin. The entire family was shocked to know where it was, but Gumball knew what he had to do - He had to head back to Elmore to get the sword. As they left the pillar, three strange figures were standing outside, waiting for them. They were Dark Gumball, Evil Darwin, and Devilish Eric and Jealousy, the enemies sent by Anderous to get Gumball back to Elmore alive. Dark Gumball had given his good counterpart a message. It was from Anderous. It showed Gumball what Elmore had become ever since him and his family had left. Anderous said in the message that he would kill the entire city if he didn't come back. And before the message ended, Anderous showed a room, where one person was in. It was Penny, tied to a chair. Anderous said that he would kill her if he didn't come back. With that, the three evil doers teleported into darkness and back to Elmore. Anais became angry, and accidentally traded down the mountain, towards the car the family had parked.

They headed back to Elmore, because Gumball didn't want anybody, including Penny, to die. As they slowly reached Elmore, they saw that it was protected by numerous guards, so they had to think of a plan. All of a sudden, Nicole threw something at the guards. The family didn't know what she was doing until the thing they saw exploded. Darwin asked where she got that grenade. She said it was a long story. But there was no time to waste. They had to get a move-on to save Elmore. They grabbed the guards' guns and headed out. Gumball knew where Penny was hidden. She was located at the basement of Elmore Junior High. As they easily sneaked there, Gumball had a plan all figured out. After he explained what the plan was, the family had separated into singles, they all went different ways. Gumball however, went to the basement to find Penny. As he headed to the basement, he saw some guards standing by a familiar looking door. It was where Penny was hidden. With accuracy, Gumball quickly took out the guards, and pressed on. He went through the door, and saw that Penny was there. He was rejoiced that he found her. Penny had tried to warn Gumball that there was something behind him, but he couldn't hear her, because her mouth was tapped shut. Then he realized that someone WAS right behind him. It was Anderous. He said that he had been waiting for him to return. Gumball shoot him, but nothing happened.

As the bullets hit him, Anderous felt nothing, as if his body was made of steel. Anderous then pointed his hand in the left direction. Gumball saw and looked that his family were caught and brought them for them to see something. Gumball asked, but he figured out that Anderous wanted to kill him, get revenge on what Gumball descendant did to him. Gumball asked for forgiveness, but Anderous refused and pulled the trigger on his gun. Everyone was shocked in horror as they all saw Gumball and Darwin get tranquilized with poison by the mind controlled Pest Controller, and fell to the ground. Since Anderous had felt better after killing the descendant of the legendary hero, he just decided to let Gumball's family and Penny go. He also released Elmore of it's slavery, because he knew that nobody could stop him. The Wattersons and Penny all sobbed as they went back to their homes. They put Gumball on the couch for him to lay down. They were all very disappointed because not only that there is no one left to defeat Anderous, but had also lost someone very important to them. They had all placed their hands on Gumball's forehead and prayed for forgiveness. Later in a strange, light, blank place, Gumball woke up and saw someone else looking at him. He asked where he was. The person said that he was just inside his own head. Then Gumball asked who he was. As the person told him who he was. He was the legendary hero that defeated Anderous 1,000 years ago. Gumball was surprised of who he was talking to. Gumball asked him how to defeat Anderous. He said not only to use the sword, but to use what is important to him, what helped him throughout his life. And before he woke up, he also told him that Elmore was in his hands, then went away. As Gumball and Darwin's eyes opened, everyone was surprised to see that they were alive. Gumball, Darwin, you're alive! said Penny and Carrie, they were almost dead, the legendary heroes gave a potion that he borrowed from the teenage angel girl that will give gumball and darwin more strength.,is family lifted it, they found a underground room, where laid the legendary Sword of Elmore. Gumball had approached, and pulled it out of the pedestal. Everyone then knew, he was the descendant of the legendary hero.

Gumball told his family to gather guns and everyone in town. A fierce war was about to start. Later, when Gumball had his "army" ready, he hollered out Anderous' name. Anderous couldn't believe what he saw. He had saw that Gumball was still alive. Ignoring him, he prepared his army to attack. Then they both meet on the battlefield, with their two armies ready, both of them ordered to attack. Then when both Gumball and Anderous eye's meet, the Battle of Elmore began. People, fighting people, it was just like the war 1,000 years ago. Gumball was heading for Anderous, so he could finish this once and for all. Anais and Darwin went with him. Along the way, Jealousy appeared out of nowhere, telling them they had nowhere to go. Anais said that she would take care of this, so Gumball and Darwin headed on, until they encountered another person, Evil Darwin. Darwin said that he would take care of him, so Gumball went on until he encounter something else. The evil helmet he created, Dark Gumball, appeared in front of him. Gumball had no choice, he had to fight him.

But all of a sudden, the battle was interrupted. Penny stood before Gumball and told him to go on, in which he did. Dark Gumball tried to stop him, but Penny stopped him, and told him that he had to fight her if he wanted to go on. Anderous was nowhere to be seen. But Gumball couldn't let go of his sense, so he knew where to find him. He encountered him at a strange village that looked familiar. It was where he was defeated by the hero long ago. Both of them readied their swords, and begun their final battle. Swords had clashed on and on numerously. None of them were breaking a drop of sweat. At one point, both had dropped their swords, axes only trying to get them back. Then the final clash had begun. The intense power went on forever. And as Gumball had fell to his, he thought of something he never had before. He knew that his family and friends were the most important thing to him. They had helped him throughout his life, and helped him came over many trials. So using all of his might, he stood up, using all of his power to defeat Anderous. The screen fades out of the circus. Then he had finally delivered the final blow, defeating Anderous once and for all. Anderous said that he would return again in 1,000 years to claim Elmore as his own. But Gumball and Darwin did something that the hero didn't do. He used the power of the sword to seal Anderous' life into the Sword of Elmore. Then he struck the sword to the ground, sealing the demon forever. When Gumball and Darwin had returned, he saw an empty battlefield, filled with nothing but the citizens of Elmore. They saw him walking towards the middle, knowing that he had sealed the demon away forever. Also, he saw that no one was killed. They were injured, but not dead. He had felt very happy to see that it was all over. Then citizens cheered out his name several times, knowing that he was the new hero of Elmore. Then Penny walked toward him to ask him something. She wanted to know what he was going to ask her on the night of the festival. He said that he loved her, and also said that he always loved her ever since he meet her. She said the exact same thing to him, then they both kissed. Everyone had rejoiced and said that they should do a special party for Gumball and Darwin. As so they did.

After a special party, Gumball tells Darwin that Dark Gumball and Evil Darwin are both turned into balloons. Gumball had sealed away Anderous back to the Underworld for the very last time. Now since Gumball defeated Anderous and sealed him away back to the Underworld, he gave Penny one more kiss to end the movie, but Darwin said the movie can't be over yet because he wanted to do one more song to end the film, so everyone joined them.

Years later, Gumball and Darwin (now adults) was married to Penny and had two sons and one daughter. Their sons are Gumdrop and Brittle, and their daughter was Carol. One day, they all went to Elmore Park for an evening stroll. As they passed by the statue, Gumdrop asked his dad what it had been like to be a hero. Anais showed Gumball a job well-done music video of a brown fish dancing and singing. Before he started talking, Darwin and his family showed up. Darwin was married to Carrie, who had two sons and two daughters; the sons Greg and Bunker; and his two daughters, Marmalade and Mi Amore Aidar. Then Gumball answered that it was love that made him felt like a hero. Tobias and his sister, Rachel, had never thought of it that way. Neither did Anais. But Gumball always knew what it was like to be a hero, and always will.

In the mid-credits scene, Anais awake from the big party they had as a celebration for defeating Anderous, and then heard Principal Brown say that the government's cutting Summer short for an unknown reason, so she and Billy all going back to school first thing tomorrow, causing them to scream "WHAT?!", and starting the scrolling credits.

In the post-credits scene, Porky Pig attempts to close the film with "That's all folks!" only for the studio to shut down before he can finish, and he tells the audience to go home.

Characters and Cast

Voice Actors

  • Gumball Watterson - Nicolas Cantu
    • Adult Gumball Watterson from the Future - Johnny Galecki
    • Big Gumball - Jacob Hopkins
    • Jacob Hopkins provides Gumball Watterson's singing voice
  • Darwin Watterson - Christian J. Simon
    • Adult Darwin Watterson from the Future - Kevin Hart
    • Big Darwin - Terrell Ransom Jr.
    • Terrell Ransom Jr. provides Darwin Watterson's singing voice
  • Anais Watterson (Gumball's Sister) - Kyla Rae Kowalewski
    • Big Anais Watterson from the Future - Tara Strong
    • Younger Anais - Mia Talerico
  • Nicole Watterson - Teresa Gallagher
  • Richard Watterson - Dan Russell
  • Anderous - Ron Perlman
    • Chris Brown provides Anderous's singing voice
  • Moribunda - Lizzy Greene
  • Finado - Casey Simpson
  • Kirby Fisher (Darwin's Mother) - Jenny Slate
  • Don Fisher (Darwin's Father) - Kiefer Sutherland
  • The Anti-Virus Leader, Wolf - Ben Bocquelet
  • Banana Joe, The Anti-Virus Minions - Mic Graves
  • Dark Gumball - Logan Grove
  • Evil Darwin - Kwesi Boakye
  • Penny Fitzgerald, Molly Collins, Masami Yoshida - Hynden Walch
    • Adult Penny Fitzgerald from the Future - Kate Higgins
    • Rihanna provides Penny Fitzgerald's singing voice
  • Rob - David Warner
  • Meras (Reverse Elmore Lord) - Bridgit Mendler
  • Narah (Sister of the Reverse Elmore Lord) - Ariana Grande
  • Waston (Husband or True Lord of the Reverse Elmore Lord) - John Morris
  • The King of Elmore - Albert Brooks
  • Harmal (Ancient Princess Of Elmore) - Dove Cameron
  • Merinda (Daughter Of King Of Elmore) - Sofia Carson
  • Sebastian Fisher - Jace Norman
  • Rebecca Fisher - Madisyn Shipman
  • Mr. Fitzgerald - Don Carey
  • Mrs. Fitzgerald - Janie Haddad
  • Tobias Wilson, Juke, Miss Simian, Julius Oppenheimmer Jr. - Hugo Harold-Harrison
    • Adult Tobias Wilson from the Future - John DiMaggio
  • Ryan Wilson (A Smarter & Nicer Sibling of Tobias), Carlton - Jake Short
  • Gumdrop Watterson (Lost Brother of Gumball) - Austin North
  • Ocho, Clayton - Max Cazier
  • Jackie Wilson - Donna Murphy
  • Mi Amore Aidar, Sophie Wilson, Polly Fitzgerald, Carine - Kirsten Dunst
  • Harold Wilson - Alfred Molina
  • Rachel Wilson, Daisy the Donkey - Jessica McDonald
    • Adult Rachel Wilson from the Future - Jessica DiCicco
  • Principal Nigel Brown, Gary Hedges - Gary Oldman
  • Marvin Finklehimer - Elton John
  • Doughnut Sheriff - Wallace Shawn
  • Banana Bob, Idaho, Anton, Sal Left Thumb - Craig Ferguson
  • Dianne Smith - Grace Kaufman
  • Grady, Frank - Baker Terry
  • Howdy - Rebecca Sloan
  • Clare Cooper - Naomi McDonald
  • Sarah G. Lato, Flight Attendant - Debi Derryberry
  • Green Bear, Rocky Robinson, Jared Dawson, Mr. Corneille - Simon Lipkin
  • Hector Jötunheim - Christian Slater
  • Bobert, Leslie, Larry Neddlemeyer, Colin - Kerry Shale
  • Frankie Watterson - Rich Fulcher
  • Gumbelle Watson - (Reverse Gumball) - (Female) - JoJo Siwa
  • Dakota Watson - (Backwards Darwin) - (Girl Version) - Riele Downs
  • Nick Watson (Boy Form of Nicole Watterson) - Chris Tallman
  • Robin Rabbit (Richard's Woman Form) - Ginifer King
  • Andrew Watson (Anais' Opposite Form) - Cameron Ocasio
  • Pete (Penny's Different Gender) - Buddy Handleson
  • Tammy (Tobias' Female Version) - Isabela Moner
  • Scott (Sarah's Boy Form) - Benjamin Flores Jr.
  • Granny Jojo, Alison Sandra Gator, Karen - Sandra Searles Dickinson
  • The Legendary Hero of Elmore #1 - Elijah Wood
  • The Legendary Hero of Elmore #2 - Chadwick Boseman
  • Eric Watterson - Zach Tyler Eisen
    • Big Eric Watterson from the Future - Rob Huebel
  • Mr. Steve Small, Phil - Adam Long
  • Mr. Kreese, Melted Cheese Guy - Steve Furst
  • Andy Nuttels - Nicky Jones
  • Jason Synchron - Collin Dean
  • Devin Synchron, Darwin Jr. (DJ), Devilish Eric - Donielle T. Hansley Jr.
  • Daphne Synchron, Carrie Krueger, Debbie, Rosie, Caroline Nuttels - Grey Griffin
    • Adult Carrie Krueger from the Future - April Stewart
    • Ariel Winter provides Carrie Krueger's singing voice
  • Mina Synchron, Sora Synchron - Colleen Villard
  • Junior Nuttels - Amy Palant
  • Jenny Synchron, Carmen - Alix Wilton Regan
  • Brandon Synchron, Razor, Charcoal, Pantsbully, Tony - Michael Peña
  • Carbon Watterson - Nathan Kress
  • Amy Shadowthourne - Drew Barrymore
  • The Underworld Lord - Phil Collins
  • Gaylord Robinson, Tina Rex, Jeff Benson - Stefan Ashton Frank
  • Susan Benson, Jamie Russo, Margaret Robinson - Maria Teresa Creasey
  • Elliot Lance - Nancy Cartwright
  • Freddy Fazbear - Tom Hanks
  • Bonnie the Bunny - Ed Helms
  • Balloon Boy - Carson Daly
  • Quint (A Friend of Gumball & Darwin) - Dylan Riley Snyder
  • Randy - William Salyers
  • Greg Watterson, Max - Zach Callison
  • Mr. Stain - Bobby Moynihan
  • Timmy - Sean Giambrone
  • Martha - Estelle
  • Elsa - Deedee Magno
  • Mabel Watterson, Skye, Emma, Gwen - Victoria Justice
  • Mortimer Watterson, Alan Keane - Paul Bettany
  • Gummy Lee - Kira Buckland
  • Talking Frog - Jim Cruz
  • Darling Lee and Teri - Brittany Faith Rosoff
  • Anaiuette - Eileen Montgomery
  • Drew Jones - Kodi Smit-McPhee
  • Carol - Sarah Silverman
  • Brittle, Walter Milo Waters - William Lawrenson
  • Marmalade - Kristen Schaal
  • Jealousy - John Kassir
  • Dan Limesley - Tom Kenny
  • Bunker - Greg Cipes
  • Mi Amore Cadenza - Cathy Weseluck
    • Rebecca Shoichet provides Mi Amore Cadenza's singing voice
  • Troy - Fergus Craig
  • Sussie - Aurelie Charbonnier
  • Teenage Angel Girl - Alexa Chapman

Additional Voices

  • Tim Allen
  • Jack Angel
  • Bob Bergen
  • Chris Rock
  • Max Charles
  • Taylor Grodin
  • Matthew W. Taylor
  • Roger L. Jackson
  • Dustin Hoffman
  • Mr. Lawrence
  • Carlos Alazraqui
  • Bill Farmer
  • Brad Bird
  • Bill Fagerbakke
  • Estelle Harris
  • Patrick Stewart
  • Rodger Bumpass
  • Lori Alan
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Donovan Patton
  • Dee Bradley Baker
  • Frank Welker
  • Trey Parker
  • Matt Stone



Warner Bros. Animation had already begun the process of starting development of movies with budgets of around $100 million. The intellectual property for these films was meant to be supplied by Warner Bros. Animation, Hanna-Barbera (Warner Bros. Animation's in-name only division), Cartoon Network and Turner Entertainment (also both Time-Warner divisions) among others and included The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Scooby-Doo, Samurai Jack, Adventure Time, Cow and Chicken, and more, of course, Codename: Kids Next Door. Cartoon Network had been approaching the original crew from the television series to make a high-profile, animated theatrical feature-length film adaptation and had long wanted to partner with Warner Bros. Pictures to release a Gumball film given the network's extraordinary legacy in the world of animation, including some of the most enduring characters on cable television history.

Creator Ben Bocquelet agreed to make a feature film version of the show with the promise it would be the first of a planned trilogy. During development stages of the film, he and his co-director and co-writer Mic Graves intended to revisit some of the greatest films of the time, with Scarface and The Dark Knight having the core inspirations for the film.

On July 8, 2015, they came up with an idea to make a movie for Gumball and Darwin, their family and all the people of Elmore, Chris Pratt was originally gonna be the voice actor for Gumball and Tobias, but Chris Pratt dropped out of the project to work on The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part and was scheduled to release on January 22, 2016. It was to early then on to June 3, 2016. But, it was not good enough, so it was then set to release on July 29, 2016, but it wasn't ready in time. The next idea was September 30, 2016, but it couldn't go. Then, it was to release on October 28, 2016, but it was moved to March 24, 2017. But then, it was removed from the date & then went to August 4, 2017, but it was delayed again to November 10, 2017. It was once again deleted from the release & then February 23, 2018 & then changed to April 6, 2018, but it was planned to release May 11, 2018 or July 5, 2018. But now, it is completely complete to release on August 31, 2018 to make room for the sequel to Regular Show: The Movie.

Sound and music

Ben Locket composed the soundtrack for the film with Neil Myers, Kevin MacLeod, and Mic Graves serving as the soundtrack producers. In addition to using the original series' music work on the film, he also composed themes for each of the characters. Gumball and Darwin's adventure score was the major focus and he also composed themes for Anais, Gumdrop, Jason, Tobias, Banana Joe, Nicole and Richard, and Anderous. The music score was recorded at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California and mixed at Incompetech Music in Green Bay, Wisconsin and New York City, New York.

The sound design work was done at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, California and Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank, California.

The Music from the film is also recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, England.


A soundtrack for the film, titled The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie: Music from the Motion Picture was released on August 10, 2018 by WaterTower Music, and it features original score by Ben Locket, Neil Myers, Kevin MacLeod, and Willie Dowling. It also features original songs made for the movie by George Gendi and Maurice Davis and parodied versions of songs featured in the film, as well as real-life songs.

  • The Amazing World of Gumball Theme Song (Remix) - Ben Locket
  • The World of Elmore - Chorus
  • My Amazing World - Chorus
  • Earth Angel - Marvin Berry & the Starlighters
  • Bow to Your New Leader - Chris Brown
  • For Once In My Life - Stevie Wonder
  • We Could Be Heroes - Nicolas Cantu, Christian J. Simon, Kyla Rae Kowalewski, Deedee Magno, Jace Norman, Madisyn Shipman, Austin North, Grace Kaufman, Kirsten Dunst, Zach Tyler Eisen, Collin Dean, Donielle T. Hansley Jr., Grey Griffin, Amy Palant, Nathan Kress, Nancy Cartwright, Zach Callison, Victoria Justice, Paul Bettany, Kira Buckland, Brittany Faith Rosoff, Eileen Montgomery, Sarah Silverman, Kristen Schaal, Greg Cipes and Rebecca Shoichet
  • Patrick Star - N.E.R.D.
  • Back To The Future Main Theme Song - Alan Silvestri
  • The Fun Will Never End - Rebecca Sloan, Baker Terry, Nicolas Cantu and Christian J. Simon
  • Back To The Future Part II Main Theme Song - Alan Silvestri
  • Who Am I - Jacob Hopkins
  • Tonight We Destroy Them - Ben Locket
  • I'm Not a Loser - Terrell Ransom Jr.
  • Tonight We Rule Elmore - Chris Brown, David Warner, Logan Grove, Kwesi Boakye and Donielle T. Hansley Jr.
  • Blast Off - Joby Talbot
  • Freedom - Pitbull
  • Life Is a Highway - Rascal Flatts
  • The Day - Teresa Gallagher
  • Love Like You - Nicolas Cantu, Christian J. Simon, Ariel Winter and Rihanna
  • Let's Go Get Gumball and Darwin - Ben Locket
  • Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen - Traditional
  • If You Happy and You Know It - Traditional
  • Careless Talk - Joby Talbot
  • You're Gonna Think Big - Ben Bocquelet
  • Stand by Me - John Lennon
  • Masters of the Universe Theme - Bill Conti
  • Run Gumball And Darwin Run - Ben Locket
  • Gremlin Rag Theme - Jerry Goldsmith
  • Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears and Chris Brown
  • Just Do It, My Boy - Idina Menzel
  • Goofy Goober Rock - Jim Wise
  • We Could Be Heroes (Battle Remix) - Nicolas Cantu and Christian J. Simon
  • We Are the Big Family - Chorus
  • The World of Elmore (Reprise) - Chorus
  • The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (Looney Tunes Theme Song) - Cliff Friend and Dave Franklin
  • Let's Go - (End Credits) - Tiësto featuring Icona Pop
  • The Banana Joe Song - Traditional
  • Diamonds (In the Sky) - (End Credits) - Rihanna
  • I'm Alive (Life Sounds Like) - (End Credits) - Michael Franti and Spearhead
  • Other Ways - (End Credits) - Trevor Hall
  • Stronger Than You - (End Credits) - Estelle
  • Disturbia - (End Credits) - Rihanna

Trailer Voice-Over

  • For the Teaser Trailer, the Teaser Trailer voice-over will be voiced by Mic Graves.
  • For Trailer, the Trailer voice-over will be voiced by Brian Cummings.
  • For Extended Trailer, the Trailer voice-over will be voiced by Will Foster.

Trailer Music

  • The music for the Teaser Trailer of The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie will possibly be Die Young by Ke$ha. See The Teaser Trailer On March 7, 2018.
  • The music for the Official Trailer of The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie will possibly be Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash / Break the Rules by Charli XCX. See The Official Trailer On June 18, 2018.


  1. Main Titles/Anderous's Cave in The Underworld
  2. Welcome to Elmore
  3. Mr. Small's story about the Legendary Hero of Elmore
  4. School's Out for Summer
  5. The boys ask their mothers a question
  6. Going to bed
  7. Time for the festival
  8. Nicole tells the boys something
  9. Anderous
  10. Welcome to the Apocalypse
  11. The Watterson kids escape
  12. Staying in a hotel for the night
  13. Behold the Sword of Elmore
  14. Bow Down to your Leader
  15. The Fate of Elmore is in the boy's hand
  16. To Alaska, Wattersons!
  17. Time Travel
  18. Meanwhile In Elmore....
  19. Opposite Universe
  20. In the basement
  21. Reverse Elmore Lords
  22. Captured by Puppets
  23. The Bizarre Puppet World
  24. The Fun Will Never End
  25. Escaping the Puppet World
  26. Future Universe
  27. New Time Scooters
  28. In The Past
  29. Arrived in Alaska
  30. A House to stay in
  31. Climbing the Mountain
  32. The Revealed Location of the Sword of Elmore
  33. Tennis Rematch with Richwood
  34. Heading back to Elmore
  35. Getting Caught by Anderous
  36. Gumball and Darwin's funeral
  37. The Strange, Light, Blank Place
  38. Gumball and Darwin are alive
  39. The Underground Room
  40. Jailbreak
  41. Anderous' victory
  42. Anderous unleashing his army
  43. Inviting the multiverse to the party
  44. The Multiverse vs. Anderous
  45. Final Battle
  46. The Remote
  47. Arrest
  48. Back to Normal
  49. Special Party
  50. End Titles


After the film's success, Ben Bocquelet confirmed that the film will have two sequels entitled The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie 2, happening next year after the events of the first film and The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie 3, which will be taking place 4 years in the future after the show's series finale.


Theatrical release

The movie is released in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland on August 31, 2018, by Warner Bros., on the same year as Cartoon Network's previous film, Adventure Time: The Kingdom of Ooo. The film will be presented in a 1.85:1 format, rather than Warner Animation Group's standard 2.39:1 format on its previous titles. The film's theatrical release will be preceded by Bat Ninja, a short film serving as a sneak peek to Cartoon Network's forthcoming animated television series Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart.

Home media release

The film was released on Digital on November 13 and Blu-Ray and DVD on December 4, 2018. It contains the deleted scenes, a Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart short film Bat Ninja, the 18-minute featurette, The Amazing Tale behind Gumball, featuring interviews with most of the principal cast and crew, animatics, the pilot episode, the audio commentaries and the sneak peek of The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie 2.

International Premiere

International Release Dates: Albania, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Estonia, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Denmark, Croatia, Poland, Israel, Japan, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Armenia, Thailand, Norway, Taiwan, India, Netherlands, Republic of Macedonia, Russia, Italy, South Korea, Lithuania, Hungary, Cyprus, Sweden, Iran, Mexico, United Arabs Emirates, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Australia, USA, Canada, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Serbia, Latvia, Ukraine, Belgium, Iceland, Pakistan, August 31st, 2018 and Latin America/Brazil/Europe/USA/Australia/UK/Ireland/Asia/

Countries from Release Premieres, China, Taiwan, Norway Sweden, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Russia, Romania, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Denmark, Austria, Albania, Republic of Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Iceland, Spain,


Box office

As of its close date of November 1, 2018, The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie has grossed $114 million in the United States and Canada, and $201 million in other territories, for a total worldwide gross of $315 million, against a production budget of $64 million.

In North America, The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie was released alongside Kin, Destination Wedding, Reprisal, Boarding School and The Little Stranger, and was initially projected to gross around $46 million from 3,495 theaters in its opening weekend, with a chance to go as high as $100 million. Therefore, The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $315 million worldwide against a $64 million budget, making it the next Cartoon Network animated film to gross as high as $100 million in the United States, and also beating out Mulan's record for highest-grossing hand-drawn animated film of all time and the highest-ever grossing film based on an animated television series.

Critical response

Review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a 95% approval rating based on the 112 reviews, and its average rating is 8.6/10. The critical consensus reads, "The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie manages to win over the audience and fans of the show because it is perfect and exciting for kids, and very realistic for adults." Metacritic, assigns the film a score of 75 out of 100, based on 30 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews". CinemaScore gives the film a "A" on its A+ to F scale. 97% of Google users liked the film.


  • This is the first ever feature film of the series.
  • This is the first animated Gumball movie to hit theaters.
  • The film was originally intended as the series finale, but Cartoon Network ordered more episodes of the series after the film's success, so Bocquelet resigned as Showrunner, with Graves taking Bocquelet's place.
  • The events of the film take place after the Gumball episode, "The Movie".
  • The film also marks the last full appearence of Jealousy due to his death.
  • This movie has received a 95% rating from Rotten Tomatoes & IMDb gave it 8.6/10.
  • The movie will be Rated PG.
  • This was one of the successful films of 2019.
  • This is Cartoon Network's eighth original program to get a theatrical release, after "The Powerpuff Girls Movie" released 17 years prior, "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters"'' released 12 years prior, ''"Star Wars: The Clone Wars"'' released 10 years prior, ''"Regular Show: The Movie"'' released 3 years prior, ''"The Lego Ninjago Movie" released two years before, ''"Teen Titans Go! To the Movies"'' and ''"Adventure Time: The Epic Movie"'' both released a year before,''and "Steven Universe: The Movie"'' and "Clarence's Big Break" both released this year.
    • Although, Teen Titans Go! and Ninjago are only aired by CN, and they’re made by Warner Bros. As well, Aqua Teen is an Adult Swim show.
  • The original cast reprised their roles in the movie.
  • The end credits is similar to the end credits from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.
  • This was the 7th film to collaborate with 10 different cartoon series.
  • This planned movie is now in production instantly.
  • Footage from "The Puppets" is reused.
  • Music from "The Nest" is reused.
  • The same actors of Steven Universe, Estelle and Deedee Magno, who voiced Garnet and Pearl, reprised their roles as Finado and Moribunda, after guest starring in The Amazing World of Gumball: Family Reunion Special and the Gumball episode, "The Wrestle".
  • The Looney Tunes trademark, ''That's All Folks'', was used at the end of the movie.
  • Finado and Moribunda were voiced by the same actors of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, Lizzy Greene and Casey Simpson, who first portrayed Dawn Harper and Ricky Harper. While Anderous is voiced by Ron Perlman, the same voice of the Lich from Adventure Time.
  • This is Ron Perlman's third Warner Bros. animated film, after "Teen Titans: The Movie" released 6 years prior and "Adventure Time: The Kingdom of Ooo" released this year.
  • This is the 6th collaboration between Tara Strong and Hynden Walch. Their first was "The Wild Thornberrys Movie" released 16 years prior, their second was "Teen Titans: The Movie" released 6 years prior, their third was "Codename: Kids Next Door - Operation: M.O.T.I.O.N.-P.I.C.T.U.R.E." released 2 years prior and their fourth and fifth were "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies" and "Adventure Time: The Kingdom of Ooo" both released this year.
  • This is Kevin Hart's third animated film, after ''The Secret Life of Pets'' released 2 years prior and ''Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie" released a year before.
  • This is Ed Helms's fourth animated film, after ''Monsters vs. Aliens'' released 9 years prior, ''The Lorax'' released 6 years prior and ''Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie" released a year before.
  • This is the first time Ed Helms voices Bonnie the Bunny in the Warner Bros.' animated film.