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The Amazing Spider-Man is an American-Action Superhero television series, based off of the Marvel superhero Spider-Man, premiering on the CW Television Network on July 1, 2016. Featuring Dylan Sprayberry, Emilia McCarthy, Colin Ford, Sally Field, Jadin Gould, and Jake Abel as the initial Main Cast of the series, which follows the life of Peter Parker, a teenage boy that is bitten by a genetically enhanced spider and gains superhuman abilities, and uses them to fight crime, as the masked vigilante, Spider-Man."

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Years after his parents die in a plane crash, investigating their work leads teenage High School student Peter Parker to the company, Oscorp. When his class takes a field trip there, he sneaks off and stumbles into a secret room, where he is bitten by a genetically enhanced spider, giving him spider-like super powers. Now, after his uncle Ben is murdered, Peter strives to learn the truth about his parents and to find his uncle's killer, and becomes a masked superhero. Having learned his last lesson from his uncle Ben, that "with great power, comes great responsibility", Peter continues his teenage life, hiding his secret from his Aunt May, his best friends, Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy, and his classmates, while selling his pictures to the Daily Bugle and working as an intern for Dr. Curtis Connors, but his fight against crime becomes more of a challenge, when psychotic villains with superhuman abilities begin attacking the city, leaving Peter to stop them as New York's own superhero, the "Amazing Spider-Man".


Main Cast

  • Dylan Sprayberry as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, a teenage boy, who as a child, was left at his Aunt May and Uncle Ben's doorstep by his parents, who died in a plane crash. Years later, Peter begins looking into their work and the truth, which leads him to Oscorp. On field trip there with his class, he sneaks off and is bitten by a genetically enhanced Spider, giving him superhuman speed and strength, and the ability to stick to walls. After his uncle Ben is murdered, Peter makes a suit and devices that can generate web fluid, to become a masked vigilante to save lives and fight crime. He works an internship at the lab of Dr. Curtis Connors, alonside his friends, Gwen and Eddie, and sells pictures to the Daily Bugle in order to help his Aunt May with financial problems, while keeping his secrets from friends and classmates.
  • Emilia McCarthy as Gwen Stacy, one of Peter's best friend and co-worker at Dr. Connor's lab, as well as the daughter of the Captain of the New York City Police Department, George Stacy. Like Peter, she is very smart, and they often joke about who's smarter, and is also strong-willed and caring, sticking up for her friends. She is also good friends with Eddie and Harry, whom both harbor a crush on her, but doesn't reciprocate due to her feelings for Peter, which he was oblivious to, until later in the series, when they eventually begin a relationship, soon after she discovers her secret. She was eventually targeted by the Green Goblin to take away Spider-Man's hope, and he drops her off the Brooklyn bridge, and tragically falls to her death, despite Spider-Man's best efforts to save her.
  • Colin Ford as Harry Osborn, Peter and Gwen's best friend, and the son of Norman Osborn, the billionaire CEO of Oscorp. He and Peter have been friends since childhood and are considerably like brothers, but Harry often resents Peter, who often gains Norman's approval, something Harry can't seem to do, as he is often neglected by him, and because he harbors feelings for Gwen, who only has eyes for Peter, though they date a short time. Afraid to face friends and classmates after his father was revealed to be the Green Goblin, he left New York to go travel, returning later in the series, now knowing Peter's secret, and excepting it, hoping to return to his normal life. Soon after his return, he gives his life to save Peter, and apologizes for everything he's ever said or done to him.
  • Jadin Gould as Mary Jane "M.J." Watson, the niece of one of May's friends, introduced when May tried to set Peter up with her. She began going to Midtown High School, and quickly became friends with Peter, Gwen, and Harry. She is a skilled actor and has a passion for the theatre, and persues her dream throughout the series. She becomes very close to Peter, and she comforts him after Gwen's death, and they eventually begin a relationship, but is becomes strained due to Peter's secret, which she eventually discovers when she kisses him. She has confidence in herself and is an independant thinker, not caring what anyone thinks of her, which is usually considered unusual in a teenager, and plays an important role in Peter's growth and maturation, keeping him on the straight and narrow whenever he feels lost or confused.
  • Sally Field as May Parker, the aunt of the orphaned Peter Parker and widowed wife to the deceased Ben Parker. She appears slightly younger and less fragile than her other counterparts, After Ben was killed, she began having financial problems, but has help from Peter who gets money from selling pictures to the Daily Bugle, but she often worries about his strange behavior lately, coming home very late, with cuts and bruises, often being overprotective of him, and Peter often worries about her health, especially after her heart attack, and tries to keep her from doing to much at once. Despite that, he still encourages her to go out and have fun, which she often does with her good friend Anna, the aunt of Mary Jane.
  • Jake Abel as Eddie Brock Jr/Venom, the son of a couple of scientist that worked with Peter's parents, and died in the plane crash with them, and is Peter's earliest childhood friend, as their families were very close, and considered each other honorary brothers. Eddie is strong and very smart, and is protective of Peter, sticking up for him, and is also close to Gwen, and works alongside them at Dr. Connor's Lab, as Dr. Connor's assistant. He began growing mad when Peter kept neglecting his job to take pictures of Spider-Man, but he lost his job at Dr. Connor's lab when Spider-Man allowed the symbiote to escape, in which Dr. Connors had to make budget cuts. He grew a hatred for Spider-Man and Peter, until the alien symbiote bonded with him, turning him into the monster, known as Venom.
  • Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curtis "Curt" Connors/The Lizard, a brilliant biologist and the boss of Peter, Gwen, and Eddie, who lost his arm while serving as a surgeon in the U.S. Army. Spider-Man often goes to him when he need technological or scientific insight. Though he has a prostetic arm, he longs for his real one, and works with his wife in research on reptile DNA and cellular regeneration. In season 2, he used his research to create a formula, using Lizard DNA to grow back his arm, but it backfired and it turned him into a lizard creature. After defeating him, Peter, Gwen, and Mrs. Connors long to create a cure for him, which they do and he tries to return to his normal life.
  • Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, the billionaire CEO of Oscorp, and the father of Harry Osborn, as well as ruthless businessman and inventor. He often neglects and ignores Harry when he tries to get his approval, though he does show pride in Peter's achievements. He believes himself incapable of failure and never apologizes. He used Oscorp to test his experiments, purposely causing the creation of many super villains. He was later unmasked as the Green Goblin, using the Oz Formula to gain superhuman strength, speed, and agility, and uses a costume and a glider, along with pumpkin designed bombs to commit crimes and cause chaos. After returning, believed to be dead, he used a new and improved Oz Formula to become a monstrous goblin-like beast.

Recurring Cast

  • Martin Sheen as Ben Parker, the deceased husband of May Parker, uncle of Peter Parker, and brother of the late Richard Parker. After his brother and sister-in-law died, he took in his nephew, Peter, in and raised him. Ben is a pure-hearted man who is selfless and loyal. He did everything he could to make Peter turn out alright, and died trying to stop a mugger. Peter takes his last words to heart and uses them everyday, which is "with great power, comes great responsibility". Peter often uses memories of Uncle Ben to face moral dilemmas, as Uncle Ben helped guide Peter's mind out of the symbiote.
  • Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curtis "Curt" Connors/The Lizard, a brilliant biologist and the boss of Peter, Gwen, and Eddie, who lost his arm while serving as a surgeon in the U.S. Army. Spider-Man often goes to him when he need technological or scientific insight. Though he has a prostetic arm, he longs for his real one, and works with his wife in research on reptile DNA and cellular regeneration. In season 2, he used his research to create a formula, using Lizard DNA to grow back his arm, but it backfired and it turned him into a lizard creature. After defeating him, Peter, Gwen, and Mrs. Connors long to create a cure for him, which they do and he tries to return to his normal life.
  • Zachary Quinto as J. Jonah Jameson, the loud mouthed and egotistical publisher of the Daily Bugle, to whom Peter sells his pictures of Spider-Man to, only for him to smear Spider-Man's name by calling him a menacing vigilante. This is due to a hate for masks, and his extreme pride in his son, as he believes true heroes are the ones that have nothing to hide. He is a foolishly stubborn and pompous skinflint man, who micro-manages his employees, and constantly nags them to do better.
  • Chris Zykla as Eugene "Flash" Thompson, the quarterback of the Midtown High football team and a jock who bullies Peter, which is ironic, since he is a huge fan of Spider-Man and has been revealed to be Peter's best friend in elementary. Despite this, Flash has been shown to not be a complete doof to hate, and has a likeability, as he once snapped some since into a symbiote infected Peter, and emberassedly threatened him if he told anyone he helped him. After high school, he and Peter made ammends, and he reconciled with Liz and they got engaged.
  • Kira Kosarin as Liz Allen, a popular student and head cheerleader. She is initially Flash's girfriend, who shows resentment towards Peter and his "nerd" friends, but after breaking up with Flash and being tutored by Peter, she shows a less shallow personality and more open and accepting side, and gains feelings for Peter. Though they only date a short time, despite what her friends think, before Peter dumps her for Gwen. She later gets engaged to Flash after High School.
  • Dennis Leary as George Stacy, the father of Gwen Stacy and the captain of the NYPD, who believes Spider-Man is a true hero, albeit working outside the law, defending him when he is seen as otherwise, including believing that Spider-Man was being framed and often requests his help. As Peter and Gwen's criminology teacher, he strongly hints multiple times that he knows Peter is Spider-Man, and approves, giving both advice on morality and responsibility. He often speaks innuendo to both Peter and Spider-Man, and giving him alibies and covers for slipping away. Though Peter suspected Stacy knew, he didn't find out until Captain Stacy died saving a girl from debris.
  • Evangeline Lilly as Betty Brant, the secretary of J. Jonah Jameson, who is very kind to Peter and her other co-workers. She always remains calm during Jameson's outrages.
  • Bill Nunn as Robbie Robertson, the gentle-hearted editor-in-cheif of the Daily Bugle, who often opposes Jameson's opinion on Spider-Man, seeing him as a hero, and treats Peter with kindness.
  • Daniel Henney as Ned Leeds, a wisecracking ace reporter at the Daily Bugle, who often flirts with Betty, despite her always turning him down. He started an investigation into the identity of the Spider-Man, nearly catching Peter on more than one occasion.
  • TBA as Kenny "King" Kong, a member of the football team and the big dim-witted best friend of Flash and his "sidekick" in bullying. He often screws up in his relationship with Glory.
  • Karissa Tynes as Gloria "Glory" Grant, one of the popular kids, and one of the few of her friends who has a kind heart, as she is very friendly towards Peter, Harry, and Gwen. She often threatens her relationship with Kenny, due to his antics and bullying.
  • Tyler Jackson Williams as Randall "Randy" Robertson, a member of the football team and the son of Robbie. Unlike most of his jock-headed friends, he is much nicer and is neutral towards Peter, telling Flash to backoff when he bullies. He is often annoyed by his snobbish girlfriend, Sally.
  • Dove Cameron as Sally Avril, a cheerleader, who is snobbish, spoiled, and stuck-up, more so than most of her friends, andis  Liz's best friend, often being very mean to Peter, Harry, and Gwen, resenting Liz's decision to date Peter.


  • Kieth David as L. Thompson Lincoln/Tombstone, a business man and, secretly, a crime boss and head of an underworld organization, who plans to take over New York City He offered Spider-Man a job, but he obviously turned down the offer, now creating multiple super villains to distract NYPD and Spider-Man from his day-to-day criminal operations.
  • Troy Baker as Herman Shultz/Shocker, a member of the criminal group the Enforcers, who was later hired by Tombstone, who equipped him with high-tech blasters. He is a professional, and has no grudge against Spider-Man, just seeing as a responsibility to take him down.
  • B.J. Novak as Dr. Otto Octavius, the former awkard and cowardly scientist and head of the science department at Oscorp, who used mechanical arms to multi-task, but after a nuclear incident fuses the arms to him, he becomes the diabolical mastermind; Doctor Octopus.
  • Colm Feore as Adrian Toomes/The Vulture, a former electrical engineer at Oscorp, who designed a glider-tech that Norman Osborn stole (to build his Goblin Glider). To get revenge he built a glider suit, with wings resembling that of a Vulture. The wings also have machine guns and can shoot razor feathers.
  • Jamie Fox as Maxwell "Max" Dillon/Electro, an engineer of Oscorp, who was installing a new high tech generator into the Connors' lab, but after an electrical accident with the generator gave him the ability to generate and control electricity, he became a super villain.
  • Chris Pratt as Flint Marco/Sandman, a criminal, who was introduced as a petty theif for a few of the first five episodes to get his "big score", until being hired by the Tombstone to destroy Spider-Man, and mutated his body, allowing him to transform his body into sand and shapeshift, including turning his hands into hard weapons. In the final season, he opened up his goodside in his last attempt to get his big score, and helped Spider-Man save passengers on a sinking boat and seemingly died shielding an oil rig explosion, but later revealed himself to be alive, and living in peace
  • Paul Giamatti as Alex O'Hirn/Rhino, another criminal, also introduced as petty theif and partner of Flint Marco. After Sandman failed, Tombstone hired O'Hirn to destroy Spider-Man, shielding him in a large exo-suit in the shape of a rhino, allowing him incredibly enhanced strength.
  • Michael C. Hall as Cletus Kasady/Carnage, a criminally insane psychopathic serial killer, first appearing when he took a hospital hostage, including Gwen and Eddie. He later reappeared as Eddie's cellmate at Ravencroft. After the symbiote returned itself back to Eddie, it spawned a new symbiote that turned Cletus into ruthless and savagely dangerous super villain, Carnage.


Season 1

"My name is Peter Parker. When I was a child, my parents died in a plane crash, and I spent my whole life researching their work. This lead me to Oscorp, where I was bitten by a genetically enhanced spider, and suddenly I was faster, stronger, and better than ever. To the outside world I'm just an ordinary teenager, but secretly, in order to honor the words of my uncle Ben, I use my powers to fight crime and stop super powered villains, and someday, I'll find out what my parents were really up to. I am the Amazing Spider-Man."

Title Description
Pilot After his parents died in a plane crash, Peter Parker was left to be raised by his aunt May and Uncle Ben. Researching the work of his deceased parents, 16 year old Peter is lead to Oscorp. Taking a field trip their with his friends, Gwen and Harry, Peter is bitten by a genetically enhanced Spider, giving him superhuman abilities. He plans to use these for gain, until his Uncle Ben is murdered, causing Peter to work to use them for something else.
The Enforcers Peter's search for the his uncle's killer is put on hold, when he comes across a group of criminals with powerful high-tech weapons, using them to commit crimes, and must use his powers to stop him, while making a new suit for himself, and a new name.
The Bird of Prey When Adrian Toome's work is stolen by Norman Osborn, he uses his work to create a glide suit with bird-like wings that can shoot razor feathers. Now Spider-Man must stop him, while Peter tries to maintain his job at Dr. Connor's lab and keep his secret from his friends.
Electrical Charges An electrician named Max Dillon, who works at Dr. Connor's lab, accidentally exposes himself to an experimental electrical charger that turns him into a electricity controlling villain. Peter learns a lesson, when he attacks Max before first trying to talk to him.
Market Forces Former member of the enforcers, Herman Schultz, is mysteriously equipped with high tech blaster that he uses to become Shocker and destroy Spider-Man. Meanwhile, Peter meets with J. Jonah Jameson face to face for a job at the Daily Bugle.
Competitions Peter decides to back up his friend, when Harry decides to tryout for the Football team, and tryouts himself. Meanwhile, an experiment turns regular criminal, Flint Marco, into Sand-Man, and now he wants revenge on Spider-Man, who learns of a crime boss known as the Big Man, who's been creating super villains.
Rampage Aleksei Sytsevich is turned into the Big Man's latest creation, when he is given a large body armor that gives him super strength, turning him into the Rhino. When he learns that Peter Parker is known for his pictures of Spider-Man, he attacks him at the Daily Bugle for info.
Masquerade A criminal called the Chameleon uses masks and multiple tools to make himself appear like anyone he wants, and uses this to frame people. Now Spider-Man must stop him and clear the names of everybody that was framed. Meanwhile, Aunt May sets up Peter with the niece of her friend Anna, a girl named Mary Jane Watson.
Formality Peter takes Mary Jane to the Winter Formal, but must leave her when a psychotic villain calling himself the Green Goblin attacks a Christmas party thrown by the Daily Bugle to celebrate the return of astronaut John Jameson from his mission, but the Green Goblin proves to be his most dangerous foe yet.
Reaction Peter learns that actions have consequences when an accident fuses mechanical arms to Dr. Otto Octavius, turning him in to the megalomaniac, Doctor Octopus. Now Spider-Man must do what he can to stop him, while Peter gains the attention of Liz Allan.
Survival of the Fittest Kraven the Hunter arrives in New York City to catch what he believes to be his ultimate prey, Spider-Man, who shows to be a harder prey to catch than he thought. Meanwhile, Mary Jane begins High School at Midtown High School.
Mysterious Peter finally asks Liz Allan out on a date, in which Gwen find herself jealous, but his date is interrupted by the mystical super villain, Mysterio. Now Spider-Man must stop him and learns that not everything is what it seems with his "magic".
Criminology The Big Man sends his gang on a crime spree around New York City, Spider-Man makes an ally in Captain George Stacy, Gwen's father, in order to help him stop them. Meanwhile, Captain Stacy begins a criminology class.
Gangland On Valentine's Day, Peter may have to risk his relationship with Liz, when the Big Man calls Valentine's Day summit, leaving Spider-Man to have to stop them, but things get even worse, when the Green Goblin crashes the party.
Probable Cause Peter has a miserable night, when Captain Stacy sends the students on a ride with his men for a field trip, and he ends up with a spoiled cheerleader Sally Avril for his police ride, with Captain Stacy in the drivers seat, but when Shocker, Ox, and Ricochet return as the Enforcers, Peter must find a way to keep his secret from Captain Stacy and sneak off to battle the Enforcers. Meanwhile, Liz's brother Mark is freed from prison and returns to School where he becomes smitten with Mary Jane.
Moltan Man Determined to be a better boyfriend to Liz, Peter wishes to help Mark when he begins gambling, but when be becomes in debt to Tombstone, Green Goblin covers him in lava-like nano armor, on which he can control when Mark's armor activates, and is blackmailing him to do his bidding, leaving Liz and Mary Jane extremely worried, while Peter isn't sure he can save Mark.
Uncertainty Principle Spider-Man struggles to defeat Green Goblin, who threatens the newly revealed Big Man, Tombstone, in order to kill Spider-Man and become New York City's newest Crime Boss, but is shocked when he finds Harry under the mask.
Birthday Caught between his job at Dr. Connor's lab, the Daily Bugle, School, and as Spider-Man, Peter unknowingly dodges attempts by his friends and Aunt May of a birthday surprise, while Spider-Man must deal with an attack by Tombstone, and than worse, the return of the Green Goblin.
Out of Control Peter breaks up with Liz to reveal his feelings to Gwen, who's dating Harry. Meanwhile, when Harry regains the memory he lost under the Oz formula, he reveals to Peter and Gwen that he isn't the Green Goblin, who returns once again, with bigger plans to kill Spider-Man and take control of New York's criminal organization. Now Spider-Man is determined to stop him once and for all, and finally unmasks him to be Norman Osborn.

Season 2

"My name is Peter Parker. Last year, my class took a trip to Oscorp, where I was bitten by a genetically enhanced spider. Suddenly I was faster, stronger, more powerful. To the outside world I'm just an ordinary teenage High School student, but secretly, I honor the last words of my uncle Ben by using my powers to fight crime and stop super powered villains. I stopped a crime war from ensuing New York City, but now worse things are coming and I'm the only one that can stop it. I am... the Amazing Spider-Man."

Title Description
The Wall Crawler Months after defeating the Goblin, Spider-Man is in action better than ever, while Peter is left without Liz or Gwen, or Harry, who wants Spider-Man dead after what happened to his father, while Spider-Man must now battle new villain, Scorpion. Meanwhile, a break in occurs at Ryker's prison, and all of Peter's most dangerous enemies break free.
Back in Business Flint Marco and Aleksei Systavich, also known as Sandman and the Rhino, team up like the old days in order to finally destroy Spider-Man, who continues his search for the missing inmates that escaped Ryker's island.
Power Surge Max Dillon, better known as Electro, returns, learning to control his powers better, including stretching his currents across New York City. Now Spider-Man must find a way to stop him, and might need Gwen's help.
Determined Liz Allan, Peter's ex-girlfriend, goes to Peter for help, in hope that he can reach out to Spider-Man, when she discovers that her brother Mark, also known as Molten Man, has returned and plans to reunite with Mary Jane and his sister.
Blizzard While saving people from a burning building, Peter comes across Bobby Drake, a teenager with the ability to generate beams of ice, and now the two must work together when Molten Man returns.
Enforcement Tombstone's old team, Shocker, Ox, and Ricochet return as the Enforcers to get revenge on Spider-Man. Meanwhile, Peter has a bad feeling about Mary Jane's new boyfriend, Morris Bench.
Cold-Blooded Dr. Connors believes he has finally made a serum, using Lizard DNA, to grow back his arm, but it instead causes him to transform into a lizard-like creature and goes on a rampage throughout New York.
Lizardous Spider-Man chases Dr. Connors, who has been transformed into a dangerous creature, The Lizard, into the Subway, and must find a way to stop him, while Martha Connors, Gwen, and Eddie struggle to find a cure.
Team Work Doctor Octopus breaks Spider-Man's enemies, including, Electro, Rhino, Sandman, Vulture, and Shocker, out of prison and assembles of team in order to finally destroy their common enemy. Despite his best efforts to defeat them, Spider-Man may not be strong enough.
Behind the Mask Peter is stunned to see a newspaper about Spider-Man being a thief, and sets out to capture his copy-cat, and along the way, comes across a cat burglar calling herself, Black Cat. Meanwhile, Mary Jane goes to Peter, when she believes her ex-boyfriend, Morris Bench, is stalking her.
Hydro After an accident with an experimental hydrodynamic generator turns Mary Jane's stalker ex-boyfriend, Morris Bench, into the water controlling Hydro-Man, Spider-Man must protect her and find a way to stop an enemy he can't touch.
Thrill of the Hunt Kraven the Hunter returns with a new plan to hunt down his ultimate prey, Spider-Man, by stealing Dr. Connor's research to create his own formula, using the DNA of a tiger, turning him into a half-man half-tiger creature. Trying to stop him, Eddie is injured.
Psychopath A criminally insane psychopath named Cletus Cassady takes an entire Hospital captive, and Gwen happens to be there visiting Eddie. Now Peter must work as fast as he can to stop the Enforcers in order to save his friends.
Scorpion's Sting As Spider-Man searches for the Master Planner, the Scorpion returns and takes a hostage in return for Spider-Man, who has no choice when he finds out the hostage is his Aunt May.
Forever Lasting As Midtown High Seniors prepare for the end of High School, Peter goes down memory lane, recapping his High School years, as Flash Thompson befriends him, and Gwen remembers what it was like before with just Harry and Peter. Meanwhile, Peter investigates, when students begin disappearing.
Master Plan The Master Planner kidnaps Gwen to hold advantage over the Police Force, so Captain Stacy goes to his only hope, Spider-Man, who must now do everything he can to save his friends, as he finally uncovers the identity of the Master Planner.
Group Therapy On Gwen and Peter's graduation day, Doctor Octopus, now revealed as the Master Planner, reassembles his team of super villains, again, including Scorpion, Shocker, Rhino, Sandman, and Electro, and Spider-Man has to stop them.
Sinister Six Spider-Man is defeated and outnumbered by the Sinister Six as Mary Jane is nowhere to be seen, and Spider-Man must find a way to find her and defeat the team of his most powerful foes once and for all.

Season 3

"My name is Peter Parker. A couple of years ago, researching my parents work lead me to Oscorp, where I was bitten by a genetically enhanced spider, and suddenly, I was faster, stronger, more powerful. To the outside world, I'm just an ordinary College student, but secretly, I use my powers to fight crime and stop super powered criminals, in order to honor the last words of my uncle Ben. I saved New York City from powerful threats, but now something worse is coming, something darker, more powerful, and I am the only one that can stop it. I am... The Amazing Spider-Man."

Title Description
The Man that saved New York City After stopping the Sinister Six, Spider-Man is hailed as a hero among New York City, and is offered the key to the city, as Peter continues his relationship with Gwen, and Harry returns from his year long trip, but now Tombstone is back and is ready to be New York City's Big Man again.
The Invisible Hand Continuing to re-establish himself as Big Man of New York, Tombstone turns Shocker, Vulture, Ox, and Kraven into his New Enforcers. Meanwhile, Peter and Gwen begin their first day of college.
Mad Bomber A psychopathic bomber that was locked up 40 years ago escapes with the help of his apprentice and plans to return to action by setting bombs around New York, leaving it to Spider-Man and Captain Stacy to find them.
Witnesses Captain Stacy sets out a man hunt for Spider-Man when he sees Spider-Man murder a man right before his eyes, so Peter sets out to find out what really happened and learns the trickster, Mysterio is behind it.
Electrical Currents Morris Bench, better known as the water controlling villain, Hydro Man, returns to get Mary Jane back, leaving Spider-Man to stop him, but things get worse when Electro returns as well.
The Animal Kingdom Vulture, Kraven, and Rhino team up once again to defeat their common foe. Meanwhile, Peter, Gwen, and Harry encourage Mary Jane to follow her dreams of acting in the theater.
Age of Crime Tombstone intends to return Gotham into an age of chaos under his rule, but when his henchman Hammerhead betrays them, it threatens to start a gang war.
Empire Peter and the staff of the Daily Bugle comfort Jameson as his son John struggles to land his damaged space shuttle. Meanwhile, Hammerhead means to start his own criminal empire and pits it against Tombstones.
Reinforcements Christmas time arrives, and Peter plans to invite Gwen and Captain Stacy to dinner with him and Aunt May, but now a new Sinister Six has formed, Electro, Sand Man, Rhino, Vulture, Kraven, and Mysterio. Meanwhile, John Jameson's shuttle finally lands.
Growing Pains Infected by alien spores, John Jameson gains superhuman strength and uses this to save lives, but Spider-Man believes he should be helped, especially after learning that the alien spores are making him more aggressive. Meanwhile, Dr. Connors, his wife, and Eddie are chosen to test extraterrestrial strand of mud attached to the shuttle.
Accomplices A gang war looms upon New York City, as Hammerhead, Tombstone, and Dr. Octopus battle for control over the city, and Spider-Man is caught in the middle as the only one that can stop it.
Gangland Peter's Valentine Day plans with Gwen are ruined, when Hammerhead, Dr. Octopus, and Tombstone continue their battle for the title of the Big Man, and enter a gang war, one that only Spider-Man can stop.
Darkness While stopping Black Cat from stealing the symbiote, it attaches to Peter and completely forms around his suit, forming a black suit with a large white spider symbol, and notices a gain in strength, speed, and agility.
Persona The Chameleon once again frames Spider-Man for crimes, and Spider-Man gets help from Black Cat to stop him, when people aren't so easy to believe who the real Spider-Man is due to his new black suit.
Group Therapy With Electro's help, Dr. Octopus breaks himself, Scorpion, Rhino, Sandman, and Shocker out of prison and forms the Sinister Six once again, and with his new alien suit, Spider-Man must defeat them again, but soon finds himself nearly killing one of them. Aunt May has a heart attack and is put in the hospital.
Nature vs Nurture Eddie is fired due to budget cuts at the lab, and asks M.J. on a date to hurt Peter, who struggles to free himself from the control of the symbiote, but continues to fight for control as his Uncle Ben guides him to the light, helping him remove the symbiote once and for all. When he tries to destroy it, the symbiote finds it's way to a vengeful Eddie.
Venomous The symbiote has bonded itself to Eddie, who wants revenge on Peter Parker and Spider-Man, now knowing that they're one and the same. Peter finally has freedom as Aunt May is released from the hospital, and reconciles his relationship with Gwen, who now knows that Peter is Spider-Man, and is considering using the gene cleanser to rid himself of his powers, but now he has to face his greatest challenge yet and stop his former friend turned worst enemy, Venom.

Season 4

"My name is Peter Parker. A couple of years ago, researching my parents work lead me to Oscorp, where I was bitten by a genetically enhanced spider, and suddenly, I was faster, stronger, more powerful. To the outside world, I'm just an ordinary College student, but secretly, in order to honor the last words of my uncle Ben and use my powers to fight crime and stop super powered criminals. I saved New York City from powerful threats, but in doing so, I unleashed new threats that will stop at nothing until I'm dead, and my city burns, so I'll do anything I can to stop them. I am... The Amazing Spider-Man."

Title Description
Opening Night Spider-Man is asked by Captain Stacy to test the new security system at Ryker's Island, but when something malfunctions, every inmate he ever put away has been freed and is now out for Spider-Man, who gets help from Black Cat.
Bird's Eye Vulture is attacked and is injected by a serum that turns him into an actual, vulture like beast, leaving it to Spider-Man to stop him.
Scorpion's Sting When Gwen is infected by the Scorpion's venom, Spider-Man sets out to find him and receive a clean slate of the venom in order to make a cure.
Charge of the Rhino The Rhino's armor begins molding, so searches for a way to get a new one, and goes to Oscorp, where Harry, insane due to Oz Formula, gives him a serum that turns him into a large rhino beast.
Electro Recent events cause Peter to rethink involving Gwen in his life, when she insists in involving herself in his problems as Spider-Man, now he is reluctant to let her help him stop Electro. In the end, Peter proposes to her.
Like Father, Like Son Gwen responds to Peter's proposal, causing a fit of rage and jealousy in Harry, who in insanity caused by the Oz Formula, becomes the newest Green Goblin to destroy Peter Parker and Spider-Man, learning that they're one and the same.
Return of the Originals With Harry defeated, Norman Osborn returns to reclaim his place as the Green Goblin, no matter what it takes, as he continues to make a new Oz Formula to become even more powerful, so Peter must do whatever it takes to stop him.
Final Curtains Norman Osborn has used his new Oz Formula to become a monstrous Goblin creature, as the new and improved, Green Goblin, and now sets out to destroy Peter Parker and everyone and everything he has ever cared about. Despite his best efforts, Peter is unable to save Gwen from dying at the hands of the Goblin.
Lost Months after Gwen's death, Peter has shut himself out and Spider-Man is nowhere to be seen, causing an increase in crime rate in New York City, so Mary Jane, Aunt May, and Uncle Ben have to bring him back to the world.
Transformation Dr. Connors is attacked and injected with a new Lizard formula, transforming into The Lizard once again, and Spider-Man must do everything he can to bring him back, but the former genes cleanser isn't working.
Fire and Ice Bobby Drake returns to New York to visit his old friend Peter, and is followed by the Juggernaut, leaving Spider-Man and Ice Man to stop him. Meanwhile, a new student, Angelica discovers that she has pyrokinetic powers.
Amazing Friends After seeing her powers, Peter and Bobby befriend Angelica and reveal themselves to her, and she learns to use her powers, as Firestar. Now Spider-Man, Iceman, and Firestar must work together when the Enforcers return.
Claw of the Wild Peter, Mary Jane, Bobby, and Angelica go on a camping trip, but things go wrong, when mutant creatures begin attacking.
Flamethrower Angelica numerously begins losing control of her powers, while the team goes against Sandman. In the end. Firestar leaves to set out to control her powers.
X-Factor Bobby is confronted by a man named Charles Xavier, who wants Bobby to join his institute for mutants so he can learn to better control his powers, but he's also confronted by Magneto, who also wants Bobby to join him.
Resurrection The sorcerer, Dr. Strange, recruits Spider-Man's help, when an evil warlock Mordu steals life force from others in order to free his master, an ancient demon sorcerer Dormammu.
Lord of Chaos Dormammu has been released from his ancient banishment, and now Spider-Man must find a way to stop him and return him to his prison. Meanwhile, Peter and Mary Jane grow closer

Season 5

"My name is Peter Parker. A few years ago, researching my parents work lead me to Oscorp, where I was bitten by a genetically enhanced spider, and suddenly, I was faster, stronger, and more powerful than humanly possible. To the outside world, I'm just an ordinary student in college, but secretly, I use my powers to fight crime and stop super powered criminals. I saved New York from powerful threats, but in doing so, I unleashed new threats on Earth, that will stop at nothing until I'm dead, and my city burns to the ground, and I am the only one who can stop them. I am... "The Amazing Spider-Man."

Title Description
Normal Peter wakes up at his old home, with uncle Ben, Gwen, Harry, and Norman Osborn alive, with Eddie and Dr. Connors back to normal, and finds himself without his powers, as he watches Spider-Man himself take on the Sinister Six.
S.H.I.E.L.D. After being saved by the secret agency S.H.I.E.L.D. in the previous episode, Peter is taken aboard the Helicarrier and meets Nick Fury, Iron Man, and Bruce Banner, who recruit his help on a secret mission.
First Steps Peter finally finishes college and Flash Thompson and Liz Alllan return to Manhattan to celebrate their engagement, while Spider-Man has another rumble with Sandman, but finds that Marco has a soft side and might actually be able to appeal in the good in him. Meanwhile, Peter believes that he's been seeing Eddie Brock, Venom, disappear into the night.
Identity Crisis After Venom has outed his secret in front of the Daily Bugle staff, Peter works harder than ever to convince the world he's not Spider-Man, while taking on Venom, but things become even more difficult, when Venom accidentally spawns another symbiote, that attaches to the psychopathic seriel killer, Cletus Kassady, turning him into Carnage.
Carnage Although he has defeated Venom, Spider-Man seems to be no match for the psychotic Cletus Kassady, now transformed into Carnage, more powerful than venom as he creates chaos and destruction across the city. Mary Jane finds out that Peter is Spider-Man.
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