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The Allie Archives (2019)

R | 2h 31min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy | 8 November 2019 (USA)


When eight members of the Robot Hell on Earth Team go missing, Zachary Bortz sends the remaining members of the team to a warehouse to find them, but when they attack and the mission turns into a game of cat-and-mouse, they must find a way to escape before it's too late.

Director, Producers and Writer

Director and Writer: Miranda July

Producers: Jason Blum, Teddy Schwarzman, Seth MacFarlane, Rebel Wilson, Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi


Dakota Johnson, Peyton List, Landry Bender (see full cast below)

Character Gallery

Robot Hell on Earth Team

Remaining Members (Protagonists)

Missing Members (Antagonists)

Supporting character


Cast overview, first billed only:

  • Dakota Johnson-...-Carina, Meredith and Ainsley Bortz and Allie Indian
  • Peyton List-...-Grace Bortz
  • Landry Bender-...-Kaia Bortz
  • Lauren Taylor-...-Lydia Bortz
  • Ashley Olsen-...-Olivia Indian
  • Rebel Wilson-...-Hailey Bortz
  • Alicia Vikander-...-Leah Bortz
  • Amy Poehler-...-Alexandra Bortz
  • Alison Brie-...-Alexa Bortz
  • Laura Marano-...-Lexia Bortz
  • Amy Schumer-...-Abworker Bortz
  • Regan Burns-...-Zachary Bortz
  • Jamie Dornan-...-Tape 1
  • John Oliver-...-Tape 2
  • Brad Pitt-...-Tape 3
  • Elizabeth Olsen-...-Tape 4
  • Tom Holland-...-Tape 5 and Phone Guy
  • Chris Evans-...-Radio Man



Written by Miranda July

Genres: Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Drama | Horror | Mystery | Thriller

Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)

Rated R for disturbing violent content, bloody images and terror including rape, strong sexuality/nudity and language | See all certifications >>

Parents Guide: View content advisory >>


Country: USA

Language: English

Release Dates

8 November 2019 (USA, theatrical release)

11 February 2020 (USA, home release)

Company Credits

Production Companies


Crazy Credits

  • The film uses the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Bron Creative logos from The Addams Family (2019).

Quotes (see full transcript on this page: The Allie Archives/Transcript)

[Zachary and the protagonists are out on the parking lot.]

Olivia Indian: Zach, can I ask you something?

Zachary Bortz: Go ahead.

Olivia Indian: I have a bad feeling about this f**king battle at all. What do we do?

Zachary Bortz: I don't know. Maybe perform our passives? Uh, come up with plan B before anything happens to us? Look, Liv, I understand you're nervous and overwhelmed with this mission, but you'll be fine, I promise.

[Hailey sees the antagonists come towards them]

Hailey Bortz: There they are! Hold it right there, bitches!

Allie Indian: You're too late, motherf**kers! Soon, we will steal every f**king box from the warehouse to make a junkyard collection of multiple stuff like tools and props, where everybody will try to buy that kind of s**t from us during our yard sale!

Zachary Bortz: Pfft! Please. I give you ladies one week before you come crawling back to the motel.

Allie Indian: Silence! Now it's your turn to feel the pain from our f**king warehouse-related weapons!


[Meredith summons in a car and throws it above the protagonists and Zachary]

Hailey Bortz: Shoot that big f**king car!

[Zachary shoots it]


Olivia Indian: One, two, Allie Indian's coming for you.

Carina Bortz: Three, four, lock your door.

Hailey Bortz: Five, six, she's a bitch.