The Africa King (2019 film) is a Live Action Remake to The Africa King.

Voice Cast


  • This was the last Shires Media to Star Russi Taylor, who died a few days after the film’s release.


  1. The Surprises in Life - T.J. Davis and Lebo M.
  2. The Daily Report - Zambia and Young Shere Khan
  3. Tigress Hunt - Sasha Khan, Sabrina Khan, and Tigresses
  4. Ready to Rule - Young Shere Khan, Young Sanya, Zambia, and Others
  5. Chow Down - Stella, Berlioz, and Eddy
  6. Tigers Over All - Scary Khan, Young Venasta, and Masa Khan
  7. Now That You’re Gone - Young Shere Khan
  8. Forget All About It - Tyke, Pulser, Young and Adult Shere Khan
  9. Going on Strike - Sanya, Sasha Khan, Sabrina Khan, and Tigresses
  10. Reunited and In Love - Shere Khan and Sanya
  11. He Lives in All - Reggie
  12. Power - Sanya
  13. Tigers Over All (Reprise) - Scary Khan, Venasta, Stella, Berlioz, and Eddy
  14. The Surprises in Life (Reprise) - Chorus
  15. Roaring Thunder (End Credits Song) - Phil Collins


The remake was announced in 2016, because of the success of The Premiere of the Africa Guard. It was also announced that Samuel L. Jackson would return for the remake.

In 2017, the whole cast was announced with images of the characters revealed and was announced to come out in 2018.

When the first trailer was released, critics hated it because of it being too realistic. So they delayed it to September 2019, but not only change the designs, but make it on Shires+ instead of making it theatrically.

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