The Africa King (2019 film) is a Live Action Remake to The Africa King.

Voice Cast


  • This was the last Shires Media to Star Russi Taylor, who died a few days after the film’s release.


  1. The Surprises in Life - T.J. Davis and Lebo M.
  2. The Daily Report - Zambia and Young Shere Khan
  3. Tigress Hunt - Sasha Khan, Sabrina Khan, and Tigresses
  4. Ready to Rule - Young Shere Khan, Young Sanya, Zambia, and Others
  5. Chow Down - Stella, Berlioz, and Eddy
  6. Tigers Over All - Scary Khan, Young Venasta, and Masa Khan
  7. Now That You’re Gone - Young Shere Khan
  8. Forget All About It - Tyke, Pulser, Young and Adult Shere Khan
  9. Going on Strike - Sanya, Sasha Khan, Sabrina Khan, and Tigresses
  10. Reunited and In Love - Shere Khan and Sanya
  11. He Lives in All - Reggie
  12. Power - Sanya
  13. Tigers Over All (Reprise) - Scary Khan, Venasta, Stella, Berlioz, and Eddy
  14. The Surprises in Life (Reprise) - Chorus
  15. Roaring Thunder (End Credits Song) - Phil Collins
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