The fifth season of The Adventures of Teddy and Friends, an animated parodical sitcom focusing on a yellow teddy bear named Teddy, his brother, a stuffy gray bear named Bibi, their stuffy gang of friends, and the many adventures they have as they adjust to New Stuff City, began airing on June 1, 2018, after airing of the Robot Buddies television film Robot Buddies Reprogrammed, and concluded on March 29, 2019. Initially conceived during the original series' run (from 2013 up until 2016), it was cancelled due to budgeting issues, but was revived following the high sales of DVD copies of its film Teddymovie: Teddy vs. Aliens. It was the first season after its revival and, with 30 episodes ordered, was the biggest episode order for a season of the series.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
5 30 June 1, 2018 March 29, 2019


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Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
87 1 "Kitty's Out of My Life"
Sweetheart Saga, Part One
Marjory Katz Dipper June 1, 2018
Teddy finds a note out of the blue which details Kitty's decision to break up with him and become engaged to another person, which he shows to his kids and explains to them the topic of child abandonment. They end up mourning for Kitty back, and the rest of the gang tries to make them feel better.
Title reference: N/A
88 2 "When Teddy Met Stuffa"
Sweetheart Saga, Part Two
Ronald Munoz Annamarise Scarborough June 8, 2018
Teddy falls head over heels for a female stuffy named, well, Stuffa, after crying for Kitty at a park bench, and his whole life changes in a positive way as she too admits her feelings for him.
Title reference: When Harry Met Sally
89 3 "Stuffy Date"
Sweetheart Saga, Part Three
Poppy Livingston Lamar Robinson June 15, 2018
Teddy and Stuffa agree to have their first date in a casual dining restaurant, but things go south when Teddy spots Kitty as an employee of the restaurant, and finds himself pondering on whether to leave the vicinity with Stuffa or spill out the beans that he used to date Kitty.
Title reference: N/A
90 4 "Here Comes the Stuffy Bride...Or There, Or Somewhere Else"
Sweetheart Saga, Part Four
Calvin MacKenzie Diane Reed June 22, 2018
A flashback shows Teddy and Stuffa announcing their engagement, before flash-forwarding 6 months into the future, where Teddy and Stuffa are getting prepared for their wedding, but some obstacles become more transparent as Teddy realizes all of the tailor shops that could cater to his groom suit are closed, so he must deal with a shady subject in an alleyway, leading to him getting beaten up. Then Stuffa is supposedly being driven to the altar, only for the crash to steer out of the highway and into the lake, where she and her chauffeur nearly drown. Teddy ends up arriving at the altar with a bloody nose and Stuffa succeeds him with her drenched bride gown. Despite both of them looking like a mess, they decide their love has been left "intact", and are officiated as husband and wife.
Title reference: Here comes the bride
91 5 "The Haunting In New Stuff City"
Sweetheart Saga, Part Five
Sherm Cohen Patricia Tambor June 29, 2018
Teddy and Stuffa have their honeymoon at a luxurious mansion that is situated only 8 miles away from the gang's apartment, which is soon found out to be haunted by the ghosts of a wealthy family who was killed by a falling meteor in 1859.
Title reference: The Haunting in Connecticut
92 6 "Back to the Stuffture" Annie Oh Miriam Northrop July 6, 2018
John Crazy constructs a time machine and Teddy decides to go back in time to stop Kitty from breaking up with him when he quarrels with Stuffa over their future. Unfortunately, Teddy's body is not fit for time-traveling, and his body begins to shrivel up due to its effects, so he has to instruct John Crazy on how to build a counter-effect potion and attempt to calm an angered Stuffa after she realizes his motivation to travel back in time. Despite the latter's mental instability, John Crazy is able to compose a potion while revealing at the same time that he's not actually unhinged most of the time. The potion does its wonders and Teddy vows to leave Kitty in the past forever, as Stuffa is "[his] bright, beautiful future".
Title reference: Back to the Future
93 7 "Mission Instuffible" Fenton Cole Thurop van Orman July 13, 2018
Teddy and the gang have to temporarily become spies after they overhear some stuffy robbers' plot to seize many priceless artifacts at the New Stuff City Historical Museum of History, and after the NSCPD (New Stuff City Pol-eaze Department) is on strike due to a shortage in police officers. When they realize the robbers come armed, however, the gang realize they have to pay the prize for role-playing as spies.
Title reference: Mission Impossible
"Holy Crud, The Aliens are Back!" William Ebert and Patrice Harrison Tamara Morgan and Calvin MacKenzie July 20, 2018
The Aliens hatch their latest plan to take over New Stuff City: disguise themselves as charismatic stuffies, land in New Stuff City, and convince its citizens to vote for the Alien King Father in disguise in the city's mayor re-election, with Teddy as a potential candidate, given his previous position as the city's mayor. Unfortunately, the Alien King wins by a landslide, when he reveals himself and imprisons all of the citizens in his alien spaceship. He keeps the stuffy gang in a special cell where he inspects them daily, but otherwise makes a brainwashed Stella to watch them overnight. Shocked at the whereabouts of their former roommate and friend, the gang try to assist her in remembering her life co-inhabiting an apartment with them to no avail, as she only recollects being a servant to the Aliens. Teddy then realizes what he must do in order to free Stella from the mental reigns of the Aliens: make out with her, as the feeling of his lips is the one thing that she might remember from the gang. When he locks lips with her, she comes back to her old self and rejoices for Teddy to kiss her more, but he turns down her offers and tells her what the gang has gone through. She then plots an escape involving flirting with the Alien Guards overlooking the spaceship before knocking them out unconscious as she's about to snog them. Following the successful knockout of all the Guards, she faces the Alien King Father, who flirts back to her despite his commitment to the Alien Queen Mother, and is knocked out as well. She then takes hold of the spaceship and maneuvers it back to New Stuff City, where she and the gang free all of the citizens from the ship. She then resets the spaceship's intergalactic version of a GPS to send it to a desert planet known as StuffdunesX899, where all the aliens find themselves trapped in. The Alien Queen Mother hilariously slaps the Alien King Father for his infidelity before driving away in her own spaceship that the Alien King was not aware of, leaving the rest of the aliens to die of dehydration.
Title reference: N/A
96 10 "Oprah Teddy" Wendy Conroy Diane Reed July 27, 2018
Desperate to get out of his dead-end, part-time college job at a frozen yogurt place, Teddy finally sees his big break in filling in as a temporary host for the talk show Look at What's Live! Live after the original host, Mandy Mendez, goes into bypass surgery. After Teddy hosts Look at What's Live!, the ratings go through the roof, and soon Teddy becomes the actual host, while Mandy gets fired. Unfortunately, Teddy's fame causes him to hang out with more important individuals due to his star power, and he dupes his old friends for the famous lifestyle, with the exception of his wife Stuffa and his kids. With the help of Mandy, however, Teddy's family and friends band together to purposely butt in on the set of the show during a live taping, favoring in decreasing ratings and Teddy being booted off as host while Mandy gets her job back.
Title reference: Oprah
97 11 "Stuffhood" Ronald Munoz Lamar Robinson August 3, 2018
An episode showcasing Teddy's childhood, as he struggles to fit in his school due to his introverted personality, eventually making friends in the 5th grade with other kids similar to him, and dealing with a developmental disorder that enables him to learn a whole lot slower than the other kids, becoming the subject of mockery from his peers for this very reason. On top of all that, he also copes with his parents' constant absence from his life as they work jobs at a spaceship program that trains future spaceship captains. He one day dreams of graduating from the eighth grade and moving into Earth, due to the fact that after eighth grade stuffies in his planet can pursue further education in another planet of their choice. Despite having to work extra harder than his classmates, Teddy finally graduates from the eighth grade and gives an inspiring speech about overcoming adversity, before revealing a spaceship and hopping into it, blasting off towards Earth, much to the other graduates' shock.
Title reference: Boyhood
98 12 "Citizen Stuff" Kamden Middleton Grekk August 10, 2018
This episode takes place in the future, where an 89-year old Teddy, who's on his deathbed, utters his final word "Goldie" before passing away. His only remaining son, Theodore, now a interviewer, sets out to find the hidden meaning of the word by interviewing an 88-year old Bibi, his 90-year old wife Stuffa, and his friends John Crazy (who's an amazing 99-years old), Mr. Snuggles, and Stella, to no avail as he doesn't get a definite answer from them. At Stella's behest, however, he interviews the one person that his father dreads and longs to this day: Kitty, who's also 89 years old and living in a retirement home due to Parkinson's disease. She debates Theodore on the "Goldie" matter and refuses to answer what it all means, at one point attempting to fight him, but her tremors from Parkinson's debilitate her and she dies on the spot, causing great grief in Theodore as he believes the death was his fault. He closes the case without a clear answer, but the final shot reveals that "Goldie" was referring to Kitty's necklace which Teddy kept as a "souvenir" of his short-lived relationship with Kitty.
Title reference: Citizen Kane
99 13 "The Ted-inator" Amy O'brien Fatima Mataraci August 17, 2018
John Crazy is building a robot in his ridiculously huge underground laboratory (situated below Bibi's apartment) when his 45-year-old self materializes out of thin air to heed Crazy warning that his robot will be the catalyst of the imminent robot uprising against Stuffkind in the post-apocalyptic future and will also time travel back into the present to terminate Stella, who will have Blue's baby, and that the baby will eventually be the savior against this war. Crazy evidently must protect Stella at all costs from his own robot while having to find a way to destroy it. While Crazy's never been chummy with Stella prior, he is willing to do it to break free of the mad scientist trope. He goes to her house and explains the situation much to her confusion and hostility, threatening she'll report Crazy to the police, dialing 911 when a police patrol shows up before she can end her call. He appears as normal before revealing to be Crazy's robot from the grim future, attempting to shoot at them. The unlikely duo escape and plot out ways to destroy the robot, but don't manage to complete their plan before it shows up again to impersonate Blue, even donning a blue fursuit. Stella does not easily buy into his disguise but is immediately locked into a hold by the robot. John Crazy immediately takes action and takes out a wire cutter that will cut off the wires processed into the robot's brain, but not before the robot cuts him deep in the neck, which "unstuffs" him. Later at the hospital, Crazy's "unstuffing" proves to be fatal and he now must live with it, being prescribed ointment that will control his "unstuffing". Stella, however, thanks him profoundly with a kiss.
Title reference: The Terminator
100 14 "Doctor Stuff?" Anthony Gilligan William Ebert August 24, 2018
John Crazy's at it again with a device that connects his personal "dimension machine" with another one in reach, resulting in Camilla, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the LOXSM from Teddy and Friends' spin-off Stuffy Quests, teleporting to Bibi's apartment to get help for their debilitating dimension machine which they barely travel in. So Crazy attempts to get in contact with a famous dimension traveler, Dr. Stuff? (Robin Atkin Downes), which involves traveling to Dr. Stuff?'s home planet of Griffiner with the LOXSM. However, the doctor ends up dragging them along to an unforgettable adventure.
Title reference: Doctor Who
101 15 "Are You There, Mom? It's Me, Teddy" Marjory Katz Donald Fairbanks August 31, 2018
Teddy catches wind that his mother has tragically past in a spacecraft crash after testing what could have been a revolutionary spaceship that almost surpassed the sound barrier, which breaks his and Bibi's heart. The day following his mother's funeral, Teddy begins hearing voices that match his mother's, which he logically dismisses at first as grief getting in the way of his rational thinking, but soon they become unbearable to the point where they are intruding his thoughts and everyday life. He attempts to talk over this issue to his friends, who dissuade him from coping with his mother's death as they believe it's "driving him out of his stuffing". However, the voices become more audible as Teddy hears coordinations being spoken out. He writes it down and attempts to search them up on his phone to no avail until the voices begin "guiding" him, in a way, to the location of the coordinates. He follows behind them, finally finding himself face-to-face with a therapy center, implying that it was all in Teddy's head as a "signal" to "lead" him to emotional help following his mother's death.
Title reference: Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret
102 16 "Like Father, Like Son" (Part 1) Joe Ansolabehere Annamarise Scarborough October 5, 2018
The Alien King Father tries to persuade his son the Alien Prince Son, heir to the Alienated Throne, into training to become a proper royal as he will become King in 3 days just in time for his 18th birthday, but the Prince is disinterested and dreams of becoming a Stuffologist who studies Stuffkind and their culture. This angers the King Father, who gives up on training, kidnapping him and brainwashing him with a brainwash helmet against his will so he will become fit as a king. As the brainwashing process goes on, the wiring in the helmet becomes detached, helping the Prince process the fact that his father held him hostage and practiced brainwashed him. The Prince becomes angered by his father's actions and packs up, declaring that he will study Stuffology far, far away from his "roomates", in an attempt at disowning his entire family. The Alien Queen Mother is just as enraged as her husband while she watches her son leaves. She then hears her daughter, the Alien Princess Daughter, weep for her brother to return, and turns her attention to the King to motion for his newest plan.
Title reference: Like father, like son
103 17 "Like Mother, Like Daughter" (Part 2) Ingrid Gibbons Lester Gomez October 5, 2018
The Alien Queen Mother is now in charge of persuading her teen-aged, ditzy Alien Princess Daughter to become a true-blooded loyal, and for a while it seems like the Princess has her heart set on not disappointing her parents and being appointed Queen one day. However, she is secretly in contact with her older brother through a mind-implanted device that allows telepathic communication in the form of text messaging, and they both plot to charade the Princess as eager to already be in the Throne despite still being a minor. This is so as, if the Princess is honored as Queen at this instant, the Princess can rule to her heart's desire. With this power the Princess can forbid segregation between Aliens and Stuffies and live wherever she wants. When the Princess announces her early reigning desire to her enthusiastic parents, they quickly title her Queen under the guise that she will follow in their footsteps, even planning before on her wedding. However, she reveals her plans to "stay alone and do what I want", before leaving with her brother, who's waiting on a spaceship. They both speed off as the Queen and King find themselves powerless to stop them.
Title reference: Like mother, like daughter
104 18 "Stuffmento" Aracely Tepes William Ebert October 12, 2018
Following a home invasion at his apartment that saw most of his savings being burgled (along with his consciousness), Teddy develops temporary retrogade amnesia that affects his long-term memory. He also notices strange marks and etchings stitched all over his stuffy body, which resemble symbols of some sort. Unable to fully comprehend their significance, he consults his wife Tuffa, who advices accompanying her to the library, as she's a librarian, and digging into some books about alphabets to replenish her theory that the marks are from an alien alphabet. During their investigation, Tuffa matches the Alien Glyphs, the alphabet used in the Aliens' language, with that of Teddy's etchings, and manages to decode them, which spell out a quote: "Those who now rule, will bring upon a fate so cruel". This quote confounds our two love stuffies. The last scene shows the Princess Daughter and the Prince Son in their spaceship, counting all the burglarized money from Teddy's apartment while debating on how to evenly split it up. Their kidnapped parents are heard somewhere in the ship screaming for mercy, but they are largely ignored as the two count up the money.
Title reference: Memento
105 19 "Bonnie and Teddy" Poppy Livingston Wendy Conroy October 19, 2018
During an expectedly routine trip to the grocery store when he is coerced into robbing the store by a female criminal, Bonnie (Lorraine Toussant), who he subsides to for fear of being threatened with his life. After he does so, however, she drives him to commit more roberies and into a subtle, non-consensual relationship. When they hold a gas station hostage in Stuff Pines, a rural countryside in the outskirts of New Stuff City, they are finally caught by the police, which forces them to surrender to authorities. The officers dismiss Teddy, however, as one of Bonnie's "love hostages", due to her long history of persuading young, naive men to commit crimes alongside her and become her lovers, Teddy being the only surviving one. Bonnie is therefore held in custody while Teddy goes back to his grieving family and his wife, whom he declares his only love.
Title reference: Bonnie and Clyde
106 20 "John of the Dead" Van Allen Amy O'brien October 26, 2018
Crazy John's failed attempts at concocting a cure for world hunger depress him amidst Halloween, so he opts out of preparing Teddy's Batty Bash Halloween party at his apartment as he wallows in his own failure. However, Teddy seizes one of John's potions to mix it up with punch, which is actually a Zombify potion that turns its consumer into a zombie. When all the partygoers consume it and turn into zombies, New Stuff City is filled with these undead creatures, with John being the only one not affected. That is, until he unearths Stella hiding in a cupboard, and they both rekindle their joint love of adventure by producing a Dezombify cure and drenching it all over the zombified individuals, reverting them back to their stuffy state. Everyone appreciates the two individuals for their good deed and are honored by the new New Stuff City mayor. Returning to the apartment, Stella decides to leave as the Batty Bash has come to a close, but kisses John once more.
Title reference: The title reference is a combination of the zombie horror films, Dawn of the Dead, and Shaun of the Dead.
107 21 "An Alien's Bribe" (Part 1) TBA TBA January 4, 2019
Following the first few moments after the end of the episode "Like Mother, Like Daughter", the Alien Princess Daughter is washed with guilt over abandoning her parents, so she convinces the Alien Princess Son to turn back and pick them up to his begrudge. The parents shortly reunite with their children, but only under the pretense that they are to remain in a closely-spaced room deep in the spacecraft until they are "treated like the royalty that [they] are". Their agitated parents bribe them for shared power, and their kids feel remorse, so they demote their parents as the Alien Prince Father and the Alien Princess Mother.
108 22 "An Alien's Deal" (Part 2) TBA TBA January 4, 2019
The Alien King Son and the Alien Queen Daughter propose a deal with numerous other planetary rulers that involves giving them half of their leadership rights to them under the pretense that they will induct more education in their children's school curriculum, but intentionally hide their true purposes for such leadership.
109 23 "The Stuffy Party of the Stuffy Century!!!" Ronald Munoz Lamar Robinson January 11, 2019
Stuffa is about to become 26 years old, so she plans on celebrating big with a huge house party and over 100 of her friends that she wants to invite. Teddy refuses to invite a huge number of her friends over because their kids need to rest early for school the next day. To spite him, Stuffa moves her plan ahead and invites all of her friends over for the party, who fill up the house really quickly that some of the guests spill out in the backyard. Teddy is miffed but surrenders himself to her since it is her birthday and finds it controlling of him to monitor how his wife's birthday should go. Disastrously, the party attracts former alien servants to the Alien King Father and the Alien Queen Mother, but Stella and John Crazy fend them off before a scene breaks out. Worse still, the kids go missing, and Teddy and Stuffa must find them while not trying to make a big deal out of their disappearance.
Title reference: N/A
110 24 "Stuff-Tea Party With the Mad Stuffer" Kamden Middleton Thurop van Orman January 18, 2019
Teddy gets invited to a tea party by the Mad Stuffer, a self-described stuffy rabbit who "loves the loops" a bit too much. He also allows for his family's presence, but Teddy has never met the Stuffer before and is wary of attending the party. As his children are adamant, however, they glam up for the occasion and follow the instructions to attend, which detail going into a rabbit hole. They find a beverage and cake which shrinks and increases their sizes, respectively, and the children cry up a flood, which brings along some stuffy animals who advise running in circles to get dry. More nonsensical events take place before the Mad Stuffer recognizes them and shows them the scene of the party, where they are bombarded with unanswerable riddles. Unable to give concrete answers, the guests jump on them, but the family hauls ass to Turbo's party when he texts them about it.
Title reference: The title does not allude to another title, but rather the Mad Hatter, a character from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
111 25 "Stuffpocalypse Now" Wendy Conroy Annamarise Scarborough January 25, 2019
In a post-apocalyptic New Stuff City in an indefinite future, John Crazy finds himself wandering by his lonesome self, but eventually encounters a dehydrated Stella, and they band together to collect as many resources as they can for basic needs, build a shelter that they immediately abandon once they discover it is construed out of stuffies' strewn skin, somewhat find an attraction for each other, and fight a pack of zombie-like creatures known as "Zombaliens" (a cross-hybrid of zombies and aliens), who turn Stella into an alien after she sacrifices herself for John Crazy. Now one of them and aware of their weaknesses, Stella tells John how to defeat the Zombaliens once and for all, including her. Devastated, he tells her she is beautiful even as a horrid, slimy, oozing Zombalien before killing her first, and then the following Zombaliens, leaving naught a trace of them. While satisfied, he is unable to find a reason to stay living in a lifeless and merciless world in ruins, and curls himself in a fetal ball starving, before blacking out. It's eventually revealed that it was all the product of a virtual reality game Teddy and the gang were playing at a bowling alley and arcade fusion place. The rest of the gang had died before the episode's beginning, with the exception of John Crazy and Stella, who would "die" during the episode. They move on the bowling alley, questioning how John Crazy and Stella of all people outlived them inside the game. Both of them look at each other intensely before joining the gang in a game of bowling.
112 26 "The Lords of Stuffbush" Calvin MacKenzie Diane Reed March 1, 2019
Teddy's kids report to him on the bullying that has been endured by them by the "Lords of Stuffbush", whom they describe as a pack of rebellious and rowdy teenage stuffies that commit other misdeeds apart from bullying children half their seniors. Teddy calls his kids' school principal to punish these rotten cottons, he is instead told that evidence must be presented in order to directly blame them for bullying. So when Teddy sets out to confront and reprimand these hooligans himself for messing with his kids, he is baffled by the fact that they are able to turn themselves invisible at will. Because of this, he finds himself unable to stop them.
Title reference: The Lords of Flatbush
113 27 "Rebel Without a Stuff" Joe Ansolabehere Donald Fairbanks March 8, 2019
Stella buddies herself to a reserved but handsome stuffie, James (Cole Sprouse), at the expense of John Crazy's frustrations, who believes that she betrayed him. As James is part of a gang, she joins them in their many meetings, and dismisses Crazy as "being Crazy" whenever he attempts to intervene in their reunions. Ignoring her refusal to acknowledge him as someone with connections to her, John stakes them out on a basis in case of danger, and conveniently arrives one day to call off Stella's initiation into James' gang, where she has to embrace all the members. After rescuing her, Stella is visibly ticked that Crazy was "stalking" her and the gang, but nevertheless thanks him for his valiant effort. Crazy responds with a smile, knowing Stella fully well to the point that she will recover from James, to his knowledge.
Title reference: Rebel Without a Cause
114 28 "The Tedfather" Annie Oh William Ebert March 15, 2019
Teddy is initiated against his will into the Stuff City Mafia by members of the Furleone crime family after their previous member, Salvafur, suffered from a fatal heart attack. Not wanting to be murdered for refusing his hierarchy, Teddy grins and bears it for a while before planning to falsify his own death (after giving a placeholder name instead of his actual name to the crime family) and returning safely home with a tall tale for family and friends. Unfortunately, he is drawn in and actually enjoys leading the family, becoming so notorious that his family identifies him on the news for his criminal activity. They research the possible hideout of the Furleones and confront them, which includes a ruthless Teddy. It dawns on Teddy that his family is in need for his return, and he eventually steps down from his position as the "Tedfather". The other criminals, touched by the family's reunion and their refusal to murder children, agree to disband the Furleone crime family and adopt children in need as entirely new, more loving family.
Title reference: The Godfather
115 29 "Stuffshank Redemption" Aracely Tepes Fatima Mataraci March 22, 2019
Bibi is incarcerated with a sentence of 6 days at the county jail to pay for the crime of robbing a bag of family-sized hot flavored chips, Hot Potato Crisps (which he comically insists are "Chips" and not "Crisps", landing him an additional day in jail because the police officers are British and offended by his remark). In there, he buddies himself with cellmate Bluford "Blue Baker" Baker, a professional robber serving a 20-year sentence who displays a poster of Mandy Mendez on the cell walls. Bluford warns Bibi that the county jail warden and prison guards are corrupt and regularly mistreat housed inmates, but evidence of this is lacking and is ignored by everyone else. Bibi also progressively warms up to the warden despite Blue Baker's previous warning concerning him, who promises him hush money for not exposing the jail's dirty laundry when he's out and about and free and saves him from abuse at the hands of the more violent inmates. However, the deal bitters itself with the warden hurling insults and beating him physically due to his anger issues and Blue Baker angered that Bibi betrayed his hazard about the warden. Blue Baker changes his mind on the 5th day of Bibi's conviction when he confesses that the warden threatened him with a longer sentence, and unveils a dug hole beneath the Mandy Mendez poster, which leads up to a sewage pipe that is located within a short proximity of Teddy's apartment (Blue Baker discovered it during an attempted escape, but heartbreakingly did not go through with the plan as the "prison is his true home"). Bibi is glorious at his escape and returns to Teddy, but not before he writes an exposé for The New Stuff Times detailing the county jail's sordid conditions and corrupted officials.
116 30 "Tuffa" Poppy Livingston Anthony Gilligan March 29, 2019
Teddy and Stuffa seek out to adopt a child of their own when Stuffa becomes open about her infertility. They finally choose a cute little stuffy girl (McKenna Grace) as their adopted daughter, naming her Tuffa (which is Teddy and Stuffa's "ship name"). While they immediately adore her, their biological children, the Teddies and kittens, are not so fond of her and either show their dislike or look the other way at her presence. It's not long before their parents take notice, so they advocate them about loving their adopted sister because "she's not used to loving and needs it to love in return". The children simply tolerate her but still don't fancy her. On a particular day, Teddy and Kitty have to spend a few hours at the bank to solve an issue involving unpaid taxes, leaving their kids with Tuffa at the park. The Teddies and Kitties absorb themselves in a game of Ultimate Frisbee, ignoring Tuffa in the process, who is suddenly kidnapped by the former Alien King Father and Alien Queen Mother yearning to relive raising a child that's not "manipulative and bossy" like their actual children. She's taken away by a spaceship, which goes noticed by the children who alert Teddy and Stuffa. Stuffa's hysterical, but Teddy's quick to react and calls Bibi over for help. They manage to reach the spaceship before it closes in delay, as it's not properly functioning, and retrieve Tuffa to Stuffa, but they're enclosed from within and find themselves face-to-face with the former rulers of the Aliens as the episode ends on a cliffhanger.
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