The Adventures of Teddy and Friends (season 4) is the fourth season of The Adventures of Teddy and Friends, an animated parodical sitcom about a yellow teddy bear, Teddy, his gray bear brother Bibi, their stuffy friends, and the many adventures they have as they adjust to life in New Stuff City.

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Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
4 23 June 27, 2016 November 2, 2016


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Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
64 1 "Slumber Stuffy" Fenton Cole Calvin MacKenzie June 27, 2016
As the stuffy males and stuffy females of the stuffy gang have their own separate sleepovers to relive their childhoods, Stella tries to sneak in on the boys' sleepover in order to flirt with Teddy, causing the guys to infiltrate the girls' sleepover in retaliation.
Title reference: Slumber party
65 2 "We Are Stuffamily" Fatima Mataraci July 4, 2016
Another stuffy gang who uses violence to get their message across threaten to expel the gang out of their apartment because they're homeless and need a home, but Teddy and the stuffy gang won't let them get what they want.
Title reference: "We Are Family"
66 3 "Poistelladon 2: The Return of Blue" Dipper William Ebert July 11, 2016
Blue visits the gang again and Stella immediately breaks up with him simply for "the fun of it". So Blue invites the gang on yet another cruiser to rekindle Stella's affections for him.
Title reference: N/A
67 4 "Stuffy Admirer" Anthony Gilligan Donald Fairbanks July 18, 2016
Stella gives Teddy a Valenstuffy's card revealing her feelings for him, but he rejects them since he's openly dating Kitty at the moment. But Stella won't surrender that easily, and she engages Kitty in a fight, thinking that her strength will impress Teddy and convince him to be with her instead.
Title reference: Secret admirer
68 5 "Teddy + Stella" Fenton Cole Miriam Northrop July 25, 2016
Stella forces Teddy into a marriage after a legal loophole allows arranged marriage if one of the parents abides by the marriages, with Teddy's parents having previously given a blessing to their marriage in "Meet the Teddies".
Title reference: N/A
69 6 "Murder Mystery" Ronald Munoz Patricia Tambor August 1, 2016
The gang attend a drive-in theater showing of the film Stuffday the 13th, but a mysterious stuffy killer begins murdering stuffies at random, so the gang must get to the bottom of the situation and discover the killer's true identity.
Title reference: N/A
"Baby Teddy" William Ebert Annamarise Scarborough August 8, 2016
Kitty begins showing strange symptoms like pica cravings, increased moodiness, and nausea, even affecting Teddy when he begins feeling sick himself. They ignore this as they dismiss it being flu, and begin self-medicating without ever checking in with the doctor. 9 months pass when Kitty's water suddenly breaks, and Teddy drives her over to the hospital, but not before getting a speeding ticket despite Teddy urging for the police officer who stopped them that it's the typical pregnancy emergency and that therefore he should let them off with only a slap on his stuffy wrist. At the hospital, it becomes clear, though Teddy and Kitty had long suspected beforehand, that Kitty was pregnant all along. Kitty ends up giving birth to quintuplets, 3 mini Teddies and 2 mini kittens. She names the mini Teddies Terry, Theodore, and Todd, and the mini kittens Kelly and Kesha. They are later handled over to the nurse for routine postnatal procedures. However, Stella hears of the news from the rest of the stuffy gang and kidnaps the babies, passing them off as her own to anyone who deems her suspicious during her kidnapping. She is arrested on charges of kidnapping, and Kitty begins singing a lullaby to the quintuplets as a way of comfort as the blaring of the police's sirens disturb the babies.
Title reference: Baby Daddy
72 9 "Stuffi: Dawn of the Hawaiian Zombie" Poppy Livingston Wendy Conroy August 15, 2016
Teddy and Kitty go on a romantic getaway to Hawaii, where they come face-to-face with a Hawaiian zombie and his army of similar minion-zombies.
Title reference: N/A
73 10 "McStuffie's" Annamarise Scarborough August 22, 2016
The stuffy gang all get employment at a fast and stuffy food restaurant, but soon realize just how unhealthy and trashy their food is.
Title reference: N/A
74 11 "Going Viral" Fenton Cole Donald Fairbanks August 29, 2016
Stella decides to film a viral video declaring her love for Teddy so everyone can believe they're in a relationship. When it indeed goes viral, Teddy and Kitty are horrified since the video ruins their relationship.
Title reference: N/A
75 12 "Fundraiser Stuffies" Marjory Katz Lamar Robinson September 7, 2016
The stuffy gang helps Teddy as he is in charge of his high school's fundraiser, and try to make it more cooler.
Title reference: N/A
76 13 "Who Let the Stuffies Out?" Fatima Mataraci Amy O'brien September 14, 2016
Kitty begins a new job at Stuffybahn, a parody of Schlitterbahn, so she makes Teddy and the rest of the stuffy gang in charge of taking care of the babies. The babies, however, prove to be too much for them due to their constant crying and destructive nature, so they leave them be. That proves to be a terrible idea as they escape, and they try to recover the babies before Kitty finds out of their irresponsibility.
Title reference: "Who Let the Dogs Out?"
77 14 "Dolly the Talking Stuffie" William Ebert September 21, 2016
Kitty's new stuffy friend Dolly alleges that she is in fact a doll, but the gang don't buy into her "erroneous" claims, taking into account that she resembles more like a stuffy dog. They venture into her attic and find out that she was born a doll, but transitioned into a stuffy, thereby being a "stuffy doll". The gang apologize and accept for who she is.
Title reference: N/A
78 15 "Stuffscouts" Dipper Calvin MacKenzie September 28, 2016
The stuffy gang attend summer camp, which results in chaos since they are not well-adjusted to the natural environment.
Title reference: N/A
79 16 "New Stuff City, We Have a Problem...Again" Anthony Gilligan Lamar Robinson October 5, 2016
The stuffy gang have to collect rock samples from an extraterrestrial planet, but their spacecraft malfunctions and they find themselves stranded in stuffer space.
Title reference: "Houston, we have a problem."
80 17 "Stuffy From Another Planet" Wendy Conroy Ronald Munoz October 12, 2016
A Pillow Pet, a species of alien, befriends Teddy and Bibi, but he is actually in alliance with the evil aliens, who use him to lure them to their home planet without this knowledge.
Title reference: N/A
"Easter Stuffy" Poppy Livingston Thurop Van Orman October 19, 2016
The so-called "Easter Stuffy" convinces the quintuplets, who can already communicate and think for themselves, to "join" him. They end up taking his offer, and a frantic Teddy and Kitten set up a "Stuffy Child Alert" in the hopes of finding their quintuplets.
Title reference: Easter bunny
"New Stuff City Cotton Massacre" Dipper Diane Reed October 26, 2016
Sentient cotton pieces with a sharp set of teeth start to invade New Stuff City after a strange artifact re-animated them on a cotton factory. They become capable of chewing off stuffies' skin, instantly killing them, with one of their victims being the mayor of New Stuff City. Teddy and the gang escape from the clutches and manage to get a hold of the artifact, stopping all production of evil pieces of cotton.
Title reference: Texas Chainsaw Massacre
"Pomp and Stuffcumstances" Dipper November 2, 2016
It's almost graduation time at Teddy and Bibi's high school, and Bibi longs for the time they were still in high school, since that means he'll no longer see his crush, the previously unseen Matilda, a shy stuffy. He inquires the rest of the stuffy gang on whether he should admit his feelings towards her, and most of the gang believes he should but that, at the same time, he also needs to accept rejection. The minority of the gang believe he shouldn't since his feelings towards her will wane away as he meets other stuffy girls in college. Ultimately, he goes with telling her at the graduation, where she reveals she does not feel anything for him. Bibi tries to cope with her rejection but ends up crying, which saddens Matilda. He admits that he's not good with his emotions and bursts tears out at inopportune times, and begins re-telling previous episodes in which he ventured out with the gang. Matilda admits she finds him sensitive yet adventurous, and only rejected him believing in the misconception that he was another popular yet stuffy jerk, and that she shouldn't have judged him by his cover. Matilda then plants a kiss on his lips and reveals she now "adores" him as Bibi receives his graduation certificate. As he is the last one to graduate, the graduates now have a chance to throw their motorboats in the air. Afterwards, the rest of the stuffy gang takes a pic with the newly-engaged stuffy graduates Bibi and Matilda, and Teddy in addition, while "Pomp and Circumstances" play in the background. The 1-hour special ends with Bibi and Matilda trying to French kiss in the sunset, but getting interrupted with Teddy and Kitten, who are also smooching off.
Title reference: "Pomp and Circumstances"
Note: This episode was considered the series finale of the show for a long time, before coming back with a 5th season on June 1, 2018. It is now officially the last episode before the show went into an almost two-year hiatus.
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