The Adventures of Teddy and Friends (season 3) is the third season of The Adventures of Teddy and Friends, an animated parodical sitcom about a yellow teddy bear named Teddy, his brother, a gray bear named Bibi, their stuffy friends, and the many adventures they have as they try to adjust to New Stuff City. This season is the only one in the whole entire series to ever feature two hour-long specials.

Season overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
3 21 October 6, 2015 April 5, 2016


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Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
43 1 "Stuffageddon" Poppy Livingston Donald Fairbanks October 6, 2015
The aliens' latest antics involve sending a noticeably gargantuan meteor hurtling towards Stuffearth, and the gang have to yet again enlist STUFSA's help to send them back to stuffer space and contain the meteor.
Title reference: Armageddon.
44 2 "Stuffy Killer" Fatima Mataraci Miriam Northrop October 13, 2015
In this sequel to the season 2 episode "Stuffy COPS", Cop Teddy and Cop Bibi are stuck solving the case of a murdered stuffy. When all clues point to Cop Teddy, he attempts to clear his name and prove that he's not the stuffy killer.
Title reference: Serial killer
45 3 "Stuffdiana 500" Marjory Katz Patricia Tambor October 20, 2015
Turbo, a former go-kart driver when he was in elementary school, sets his ambitious goals to win the Stuffdiana 500 by signing up for the competition. He begins to have second thoughts on the race when he sees that his childhood friend is also competing.
Title reference: Indiana 500
46 4 "Teddy-O and Julie Kitt" Wendy Conroy Lester Gomez October 27, 2015
Teddy Olaf Stuffulet, known more commonly by his shortened name Teddy-O, falls head over heels for Julie Kitt Meowtage, but they are bounded from their secret trysts by their parents, due to their different social and economical backgrounds.
Title reference: Romeo and Juliet
47 5 "Scary Stuffy Stories" Calvin MacKenzie Annamarise Scarborough November 3, 2015
Teddy and Bibi each tell one scary story during a camping trip with their stuffy friends: "Scary Secret" and "Down by the Lake".
Title reference: N/A
First Halloween episode.
48 6 "The Stuffing" Annie Oh November 10, 2015
The gang help Charlie take care of his dad's hotel, situated in a remote mountain range in Stufforado, but a weird series of events take place, like walls with mouths that can talk and a hand that pops out the most random of places.
Title reference: The Shining
Second Halloween episode.
49 7 "Stuffy Hollow" Sherm Cohen Tamara Morgan November 17, 2015
When the gang arrive in the tranquil town of Stuffy Hollow after John gets a part-time job as an event organizer for the town's annual Stuffberry festival, they hear about the local legend of the Stuffless Horsestuffie.
Title reference: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Third Halloween episode.
50 8 "Teddy/Alien" Patrice Harrison Thurop Van Orman November 24, 2015
Teddy becomes an alien after the aliens invade his home one night.
Title reference: N/A
Fourth Halloween episode.
51 9 "Bloody Teddy" Ronald Munoz Calvin MacKenzie December 1, 2015
As part of the "Doll ritual", the gang summon "Bloody Teddy", a girl who was killed in a freak accident involving drowning in a vat of blood. She's eventually proven to being more than a legend as she tries to drown the gang in blood.
Title reference: Bloody Mary
Fifth and last Halloween episode.
52 10 "Diary of a Stuffy Kid" Kamden Middleton Amy O'brien December 8, 2015
Teddy and the stuffy are re-imagined as characters from Diary of a Wimpy Stuffy universe in which Teddy is Greg Stuffley, Bibi is Rowley Stufferson, Elizabeth is Kitty Hills, John Crazy Is Tedley, and Turbo is Rodrick Stuffley.
Title reference: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
53 11 "Stuff No. 9" Marjory Katz Diane Reed December 15, 2015
Stella gets all of the stuffy boys in Teddy's gang of stuffy friends to consume drinks spiked with mysterious "stuff" on it.
Title reference: "Love Potion No. 9"
54 12 "Stuffsy the Snowstuffy" Poppy Livingston Donald Fairbanks December 22, 2015
A sentient snowstuffy named Stuffsy manages to trance most the stuffy gang with his cheerful and positive attitude, plus his Christmas songs crooning, with the exception of Teddy, who finds him cheesy and saccharine, and does everything he can to melt to him to death.
Title reference: Frosty the Snowman
55 13 "Santa Stuffy" Joe Ansolabehere Grekk December 29, 2015
Santa needs the stuffy gang's help when his sleigh crashes on top of their apartment and is rendered useless.
Title reference: Santa Claus
56 14 "The End of Teddy?" Ronald Munoz March 1, 2016
Teddy is diagnosed (eventually revealed to be misdiagnosed) with a "stuffed-out" tumor that's implied to be cancerous that will kill him in a week, so he begins enjoying life more. In the end, he still lives as he was misdiagnosed, with the tumor simply being benign.
Title reference: N/A
57 15 "Meet the Teddies" Annie Oh Donald Fairbanks March 8, 2016
Teddy and Bibi's parents are granted Spacesa cards and travel down to New Stuff City and give their blessings to Teddy and Stella's marriage, as she called them over to announce her marriage proposal to Teddy.
Title reference: Meet the Parents.
"New Stuffy Year!" Kamden Middleton Thurop Van Orman March 15, 2016
Every single one of Teddy's stuffy friends reminisce on their first year being in New Stuff City, but some of them secretly desire to go back home. Things feel hard for Kitty as she loses her employment and begins portraying a pessimistic attitude towards a new year, despite wanting to give Teddy a New Year kiss, all of this which worries Teddy. So he begins consoling everyone by watching fireworks, but a bomb is set off and everyone freaks out. Teddy manages to gather all of his stuffy friends but is unable to locate Kitty. He finds her with minor injuries, but she doesn't want hospitalization, only "Teddy's kiss", revealing her feelings for him. They French kiss until the gang finds them, and they both announce their engagement in unison. Then they all agree to celebrate the rest of New Year's at Teddy's apartment. Stella glares down at Kitty as she and Teddy Eskimo kiss.
Title reference: N/A
60 18 "Drama Teddy" Marjory Katz Grekk March 22, 2016
Teddy joins the drama club at his stuffy high school and reveals his perfectionist tendencies as he's assigned the job of director, much to the annoyance of everyone else in the club wanting to meet the deadline until the play is performed to the public.
Title reference: N/A
61 19 "Teddyfoot" Patrice Harrison Wendy Conroy March 29, 2016
The gang explore the depths of the New Stuff Woods and encounter the elusive Teddyfoot, who's enamored with Teddy and gives him the chase of his life.
Title reference: Bigfoot
"Aliens Rise" Amy O'brien April 5, 2016
The aliens revive the 118-year old deceased Alien King Grandfather, who harnesses godlike powers that helps all of the aliens regain control of New Stuff City once and for all, and this time they succeed, even managing to "stuff out" (implied to be death) some stuffy citizens. The gang find themselves powerless as the Grandfather imprisons those he wishes to spare from death, though the spare comes at a cost as he turns them all into aliens and makes them do labor so they can reinstate New Stuff City as a new form of government involving intergalactic business. Teddy tries to instill hope in his friends so they can overthrow the aliens and succeeds, so they try to suck out the elixir that resurrected the Grandfather by making him sweat from chasing them all over the city. Teddy and Bibi lead him down on a chase while Kitty pounces unsuspected and wipes down the elixir from the Grandfather's towel, eventually killing him. Without him, the aliens are easily kicked out of Stuffearth, and they all begin to drown their sorrows in milk provided by the Milk alien.
Title reference: N/A
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