The second season of The Adventures of Teddy and Friends, an animated parodical sitcom about a yellow teddy bear named Teddy, his brother, a gray bear named Bibi, their stuffy gang of friends, and the many adventures they have while adjusting to life in New Stuff City, commenced airing on June 3, 2011, and finalized airing on April 29, 2012, totaling 26 episodes during its run.

Season overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
2 26 June 3, 2011 April 29, 2012


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Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
"Ply Me to the Moon" Kamden Middleton Grekk June 3, 2011
In the 45-minute season 2 premiere, Teddy and the gang respond to an ad by the STUFSA (Stuffy Teddies Unauthorized Flight and Space Administration) soliciting for willing contenders to be the first stuffies to ever set foot on the newly-discovered planet StufferlingX303. The STUFSA accept their offer and launch the ecstatic friends into stuffer space through a spacecraft. Unfortunately, the gang's short-lived enthusiasm at the prospects of going into unknown alien territory is short-lived as they have yet another unpleasant encounter with the aliens.
Title reference: "Fly Me to the Moon"
29 3 "Journey to the Center of The Hearth" Annie Oh Diane Reed June 10, 2011
Teddy's home town is terrorized by a new species of aliens who start birthing from beneath the town, causing mass destruction to the city's infrastructure and the livelihoods of its citizens, so he and his friends, with the aid of STUFSA from the previous episode "Stuff Me to the Moon", must go there and obstruct this infestation of aliens.
Title reference: Journey to the Center of the Earth
30 4 "Teddy's The Man" Patrice Harrison Lester Gomez June 17, 2011
Teddy's disappointment at his own demasculinity changes when he initially develops positive masculine traits, like muscle growth and a thick beard, but it comes at a price for Kitty's affections when it escalates to overtly machismo and dismisses Kitty as his "dishwasher".
31 5 "No-Sew Area" Fenton Cole Thurop Van Orman June 24, 2011
The Alien royals abduct Teddy's parents and the gang pursue them back to the stuffless planet of Gaxellion, the planet of the Aliens.
Title reference: No-go area, "an area in a town or region that is barricaded off to civil or military authorities by a force such as a paramilitary, or an area that is barred to certain individuals or groups."
32 6 "The Statue of Liberteddy" (Part 1) Marjory Katz Patricia Tambor July 1, 2011
New Stuff City's anthropomorphic Statue of Liberteddy is about to be replaced with a more younger statue, so the gang try to convince the "statue replacers" that she is still good at her job despite her aging.
Title reference: The Statue of Liberty
33 7 "Liberteddy Controlled!" (Part 2) Amy O'brien Wendy Conroy July 8, 2011
The aliens figure out how the Statue of Liberteddy can be controlled to bring destruction to New Stuff City once and for all, and they manage to do just that, and the gang, for once, find themselves powerless to stop them.
34 8 "Petclones" Wendy Conroy Patricia Tambor July 15, 2011
John Crazy's new pet that he created begins messing with one of his cloning machines, effectively cloning itself. These clones begin wreaking chaos in the house, and John finds himself liable to un-clone his pet.
Title reference: Petco, an American pet retailer
35 9 "The Fast and the Furry" Poppy Livingston Amy O'brien July 22, 2011
All the members of the stuffy gang, including Teddy himself, enter a surfboarding competition while in Stuffwaii.
Title reference: The Fast and the Furious
36 10 "Further Adventures of Shellock Holmes" Ronald Munoz Calvin MacKenzie July 29, 2011
The gang meets Turbo, the fastest stuffy in their high school, and realize that along with his lightning-bolt speed, he is also capable of solving mysteries just as fast, so they hire him to find a missing Kitty.
Title reference: The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
37 11 "Wrath of the Aliens" Anthony Gilligan Donald Fairbanks October 7, 2011
Realizing their anger towards Stuffkind can be weaponized the aliens use this knowledge to their advantage and prepare to invade New Stuff City with the succor of their anger weaponry.
38 12 "Dr. Crazy and Mr. Dried" Sherm Cohen Tamara Morgan October 14, 2011
39 13 "The Ted Files" Marjory Katz Grekk October 21, 2011
Two government agents, Dana Wooly and Fox Moldfur, approach Teddy and solicit their services to him in capturing a UFO that had been spotted around his house. Believing he might definitively ensnare the Aliens once and for all, Teddy remains in contact with them in the off chance he manages to sight them, unaware of the agents' true motivations.
Title reference: The X-Files
40 14 "Hey, Teddy Krueger!" Aracely Tepes Miriam Northrop October 28, 2011
Teddy and the gang mistake their apartment for that of serial stuffer Teddy Krueger, and he's going to make sure that they all pay for this trivial mistake.
Title reference: N/A. (However, the main antagonist for this episode, Teddy Krueger, is a spoof of the main antagonist from A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Krueger.)
41 15 "A Stella Carol" Fatima Mataraci Diane Reed December 23, 2011
Stella's promiscuous behavior towards the males in the stuffy gang takes a toll on her in Stuffmas (Christmas) when three stuffy ghosts: Ghost of Stuffmas Past, Ghost of Stuffmas Present, and Ghost of Stuffmas Future, pay her a little visit to teach her how to become a better version of herself.
Title reference: A Christmas Carol
"New Tear's Eve" Kamden Middleton Thurop Van Orman December 30, 2011
Teddy's stuffy friends reminisce on their first year being in New Stuff City, with some of them secretly experiencing homesickness. Kitty is especially afflicted as she loses her employment and begins portraying a pessimistic attitude towards a new year, despite wanting to give Teddy a New Year's kiss. All of this which concerns Teddy, so he begins consoling everyone by accompanying them to watch the firework show, where a bomb is set off, freaking everyone out. Teddy manages to gather all of his stuffy friends but is unable to locate Kitty. He finds her with minor injuries, but she doesn't want hospitalization, only "Teddy's kiss", revealing her feelings for him. They French kiss until the gang finds them, and they both announce their engagement in unison. Then they all agree to celebrate the rest of New Year's at Teddy's apartment. Stella glares down at Kitty as she and Teddy Eskimo kiss.
44 18 "The Drapes of Wrath" TBA TBA March 4, 2012
45 19 "Fight Cub" TBA TBA March 11, 2012
46 20 "TBA" TBA TBA March 18, 2012
47 21 "TBA" TBA TBA March 25, 2012
48 22 "TBA" TBA TBA April 1, 2012
49 23 "TBA" TBA TBA April 8, 2012
50 24 "TBA" TBA TBA April 15, 2012
51 25 "TBA" TBA TBA April 22, 2012
52 26 "TBA" TBA TBA April 29, 2012
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