The first season of The Adventures of Teddy and Friends, the animated television series focusing on the titular yellow extraterrestrial teddy bear and his group of colorful friends adjusting to life in New Stuff City, debuted on June 5, 2009, and concluded on March 19, 2010, for a total of 26 episodes.

Season overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 June 5, 2009 March 19, 2010


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Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
"Tedtanic" Fatima Mataraci Poppy Livingston June 5, 2009
The unfulfilling lives of Teddy, a bisexual yellow teddy bear and immigrant working a menial job as a cashier for a video rental shop; Elizabeth, a stuffed tabby cat adopted by Queen Elizabeth of England, who is evicted from the Queen's palace for being perceived by the Queen as an inconvenience; Mr. Snuggles, a gay former henchman for a gangster who's now reformed and liberated from prison; and Peck-Man, an asexual, optimistic orb with an insatiable appetite, intersect during the RMS Tedtanic's maiden voyage from Southampton (where they originated from, excluding Teddy) to bustling metropolis New Stuff City, when all four begrudgingly share a cabin in the ship's third class, hoping to start their lives anew once they reach NSC. Devastatingly enough, however, the cruise liner strikes an iceberg and begins submerging, leading our four unlikely friends to unite in solidarity and attempt to survive the sinking. Once they accomplish this, with most of the passengers escaping unscathed, the four of them arrive belatedly to New Stuff City, where they temporarily separate before re-encountering one another when they realize they will live in the same duplex together. In a wham shot shortly before the hour-long pilot concludes, it is revealed that Queen Elizabeth is an alien monarch/mother married to her uxorious alien husband, the Alien King Father, with two children, who became queen only to pass on intel to her husband and the alien population in general.
Title reference: Titanic
2 2 "Cloudy With a Chance of Meteors" Ronald Munoz Tamara Morgan June 12, 2009
As Teddy, Elizabeth (now calling herself Kitty to distance herself from the Queen), Mr. Snuggles, and Peck-Man, adapt to the New Stuff City lifestyle, they find they must also prevent a meteor shower that threatens to completely demolish NSC, as they are the only intragalactic immigrants residing in the city and ergo with the most knowledge on averting a catastrophe of this magnitude. They tell their Earthling roommates, boy-crazy Stella, and the reclusive scientist with implied mental illness, John Crazy, to take shelter in John's underground laboratory, where antics promptly ensue.
Title reference: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
3 3 "The First Day of High School...With An Alien Invasion?" Marjory Katz Calvin MacKenzie June 19, 2009
Teddy and Kitty attend their first day of high school at NSC High School and have to adjust to American high school traditions, alongside xenophobia from their ignorant peers. Things escalate when the Alien King Father invades New Stuff City during school hours to prove himself to his psychologically abusive wife. Meanwhile, Mr. Snuggles and Peck-Man attend a poetry slam at a local cafe that leaves Mr. Snuggles mortified and Peck-Man compelled. And Kitty masters the "art" of flirting with the help of Stella, or at the very least tries to.
Title reference: N/A
4 4 "The Wizard of Paws" Van Allen Donald Fairbanks June 26, 2009
The gang, currently disillusioned with NSC's gritty reality, have a cyclone tear out their apartment while still inside, transporting them to the surreal landscape of Paws. Though the whimsical world proves more idealistic for the gang than NSC, they discover that they are permanently trapped there, much to their realization that they actually love it more in NSC than in Paws. Their only escape lies in the Bizarre Wizard, who resides in the Ember Gold City, so the gang traverse towards Ember Gold City through a series of magical obstacles.
Title reference: The Wizard of Oz
5 5 "Furry Dancing" Dipper Annie Oh July 2, 2009
Frustrated at his lackluster knowledge of the performing arts, the singular thing that could aid him in winning Mr. Snuggles' affections, Teddy pursues ballroom dancing as a possible career, and endures criticism from the rancorous dance instructor, Mr. Castsew, unbeknownst that it is out of envy. Bibi confides in Mr. Snuggles to educate him on poetry so he can pen a love poem to his own crush, Matilda. Although Mr. Snuggles struggles to come up with a good poem at first, he eventually comes to term with his subconscious crush on Teddy and pens a very eloquent poem, to the delight of Bibi. When Bibi inquires him on the source of inspiration for the poem, Snuggles simply responds with "Inhibition".
Title reference: Dirty Dancing
6 6 "Intedpendence Day" Amy O'brien Annamarise Scarborough July 9, 2009
Teddy organizes an Independence Day celebration of his home planet StuffellexianX589, with barbecue party and all (or at least the attempt is made, because the rest of the gang show no interest in the party, leaving Teddy to celebrate by his lonesome self), but it is immediately besieged by the aliens, who intent to invade New Stuff City. Kitty discovers that Queen Elizabeth is actually the Alien Queen Mother, and her preexisting odium for her grows exponentially.
Title reference: Independence Day
7 7 "Stuffy Friday" Kamden Middleton Diane Reed July 16, 2009
Tired of their so-called "stuffless" lives, the gang switch each other's bodies and live the others' lives, and switcheroo shenanigans ensue. Nevertheless, this leads them to connect more on an emotional level, although they cut short of calling themselves friends.
Title reference: Freaky Friday
8 8 "Bookback Mountain" Colette Patterson Calvin MacKenzie July 23, 2009
Teddy accompanies Mr. Snuggles on a "camping trip" to the idyllic and serene Bookback Mountain (a hybrid library/mountain range) out of his maddening crush for him, whereupon he uncovers Mr. Snuggles' ulterior motives for his excursion there: to withstand the elements and shield Teddy and him from the feral animals roaming in Bookback, as punishment for returning an overdue book.
Title reference: Brokeback Mountain
9 9 "From San Anteddio With Stuff" Annie Oh Lester Gomez July 30, 2009
Mr. Snuggles' past life as a henchman for a stuffy gangster catches up with him when the rest of the gang gets kidnapped and shipped to San Anteddio by a rival gang member, and only he can free them from the evil grasps of said stuffy gangster.
Title reference: From Russia With Love
10 10 "McStuffie's" Annamarise Scarborough October 2, 2009
The stuffy gang get employed at a fast food restaurant in the vein of McDonald's following various unsuccessful stints at previous jobs. This opens up their eyes on how unhealthy and trashy their food actually is, so they try improving the quality of the food much to their failure.
Title reference: McDonald's
11 11 "Ted's Head" Wendy Conroy Grekk October 9, 2009
Teddy experiences a feeling of dejection for reasons left unknown, so the rest of the gang enter his mind to figure out the source of his sorrow, since Teddy refuses to explain it himself. As it turns out, Teddy yearns to reunite with his stuffed koala bear brother Bibi, who remained in their home planet StuffellexianX589. The gang consoles him after realizing this and vow to reunite him with his space sibling.
Title reference: Herman's Head
"Alien Invasion Around the Galaxy" Patrice Harrison Thurop Van Orman October 16, 2009
An invasion plotted by the Aliens brews in Teddy's home galaxy, StuffellexianX589, so he and his friends visit all the planets in it in order to impede the aliens. Along the way they encounter Bibi, Teddy's long-lost brother, who may be the key to temporarily end the invasion.
Title reference: N/A
14 14 "Teddy's Brother and the Professor Sewn" Patrice Harrison Thurop Van Orman October 23, 2009
Bibi enrolls in a magic school after hearing horror stories about American public high schools from Teddy, not knowing magic school comes with its own set of problems, including having to defeat the deformed Lord Dolldemort.
Title reference: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
15 15 "The Exorcism of Mr. Snuggles" Poppy Livingston Anthony Gilligan October 30, 2010
Mr. Snuggles gets possessed by a demon after the gang's play session with a Ouija board, so they begin devising methods in which to expel the hellish creature out of his body.
Title reference: The Exorcism of Emily Rose
16 16 "Furrest Gump" TBA TBA November 6, 2010
Flashback episode that showcases how a young and depressed Teddy altered the course of StuffellexianX589 history, including narrowly averting an invasion by the aliens that drove them to their unalloyed hatred for him specifically.
Title reference: Forest Gump
First Tom Hanks film parody episode.
17 17 "Stringless in Seattle" TBA TBA November 13, 2010
Upon hearing the sob story of a caller in Seattle referring to himself as "Stringless" on her favorite radio show, Stella becomes infatuated with him and sets out on a journey to meet him. Unluckily for her, however, the caller was already engaged with someone else.
Title reference: Sleepless in Seattle
Second Tom Hanks film parody episode.
18 18 "A League of Their Sown" TBA TBA November 20, 2010
Pac gets hired as the baseball coach for Teddy and Bibi's high school's baseball team, which Teddy tries out for and is promptly selected. He starts holding animosity towards Pac after the latter degrades the other players.
Title reference: A League of Their Own
Third and last Tom Hanks film parody episode.
19 19 "The Stufflimpics" TBA TBA November 27, 2010
Teddy and the gang unwind themselves by going to New Stuff City's local Olympics game, but the aliens ruin their day of relaxation (yet again) by holding the spectators hostage, sequestrating the stuffy athletes and replacing them with their extraterrestrial counterparts, and forcing everyone to watch their twisted version of the Olympics.
Title reference: The Olympics
20 20 "Date With Stufftiny" Dipper Miriam Northrop February 5, 2010
On Valenstuffy's Day (parody of Valentine's Day), Teddy tries to give a store-bought Valentine's card to his best friend and secret crush Kitty, but she mistakes his handwriting in the card for Puck-Man's, so she accepts a Valenstuffy's date with him, breaking Teddy's heart. So he decides to disguise himself as Puck-Man and go to the date in the latter's place.
Title reference: Date with destiny
21 21 "String Theory" Poppy Livingston William Ebert February 12, 2010
John Crazy builds a interdimensional portal that Teddy accidentally gets sucked into. With Crazy being the only one out of Teddy's friend group proficient at physical cosmology, he needs only to overcome his mental illness to rescue Teddy from the multiverse. Concurrently, he must also ensure the rest of the gang remains blissfully aware of his disappearance.
Title reference: String theory, "a theoretical framework in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings."
22 22 "Stranger than Fanfiction" Marjory Katz February 19, 2010
Teddy experiences his life as though it were a fanfic he'd written of a popular vampire show (which won awards at a fanfic contest), and immediately attributes it to glossing over a crucial detail in the contest's rules stipulating that the contest winner's fanfic will emulate the writer's life. He then has to edit his fanfic as it features a major character death that could also occur to Teddy. John Crazy's communications satellite receives a signal from outer space denoting the Aliens' presence.
Title reference: Stranger than Fiction
23 23 "The Alienchurian Candidate" Wendy Conroy Anthony Gilligan February 26, 2010
The Alien King Father brainwashes his son to run as a charismatic candidate for the New Stuffy City mayoral elections so that the aliens can ultimately gain control of the stuffy city and eventually, the world. But the Alien Prince Son has other plans.
Title reference: The Manchurian Candidate
24 24 "Tedzilla" Kamden Middleton Ronald Munoz March 5, 2010
Teddy mistakes one of John Crazy's concoctions for soda and tips all of it up, causing him to grow to epic proportions and have intellectual decrease, making him only able to communicate in incomprehensible grunts and roars.
Title reference: Godzilla
25 25 "Cartooned In" Patrice Harrison Lester Gomez March 12, 2010
During the premiere of an animated movie at the NSC theater, Teddy and the gang end up getting transported into the movie's universe when the film reel gets stuck into the projector. While the gang scramble to find a method of teleporting themselves back into the real world, Bibi learns to appreciate the animation medium as a whole.
Title reference: Tune in
26 26 "We'll Always Have Teddy" Dipper March 19, 2010
Bibi disappears out of the blue on one particular day, and the rest of the gang initiate a manhunt for him. The mystery begins fueling even more when Teddy sights an unmarked spaceship circling around the apartment, which he decides to investigate further. As it turns out, the Alien King Father and the Alien Queen Mother abducted Bibi so they could lobotomize him into becoming malignant. Their plains fail when the gang yet again deter them and oblige them into letting them go scot-free.
Title reference: "We'll always have Paris."
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