The Adventures of Teddy and Friends (season 1) is the first season of The Adventures of Teddy and Friends, an animated parodical sitcom focusing on a yellow teddy bear named Teddy, his brother, a stuffy gray bear named Bibi, their stuffy gang of friends, and the many adventures they have as they adjust to New Stuff City.

Season overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 July 23, 2013 August 12, 2014


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Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
1 1 "Teddytanic" Fatima Mataraci Poppy Livingston July 23, 2013
A yellow teddy bear named Teddy and his many colorful friends from Stuffampton embark on a cruise liner, the SMS (Stuffy Mail Service) Teddytanic, in order to start anew on New Stuff City, the cruise's destination. However, the cruise collides with an iceberg and begins sinking, so Teddy and his friends must survive the ordeal.
Title reference: Titanic
2 2 "Cloudy With a Chance of Meteors" Ronald Munoz Tamara Morgan July 30, 2013
Teddy and the gang must try to stop a meteor shower that begins occurring in New Stuff City.
Title reference: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
3 3 "The First Day of High School...With An Alien Invasion" Marjory Katz Calvin MacKenzie August 6, 2013
Teddy and his friends attend the largest high school in New Stuff City and must adjust to American school traditions, along with dealing with bullying from their peers. However, things get worse to the nth degree when aliens begin invading New Stuff City.
Title reference: N/A
Note: This is the first appearance of the Aliens.
4 4 "The Wizard of Teddy" Van Allen Donald Fairbanks August 13, 2013
A cyclone tears out the gang's apartment while they're in it, transporting them to the surreal landscape of Boss.
Title reference: The Wizard of Oz
5 5 "Poistelladon" Dipper Annie Oh August 20, 2013
Stella's boyfriend Blue, who's the captain of a cruiser, cordially invites her and the rest of Teddy and the gang on a mini cruise trip, but when a tsunami flips the cruiser upside down, the gang have to utilize the survival skills they'd garnered in Teddytanic for them to survive.
Title reference: Poisedon
6 6 "Teddypendence Day" Amy O'brien Annamarise Scarborough August 27, 2013
The Teddy gang try to celebrate Independence Day with a barbecue party, but the aliens find it a good day to invade New Stuff City and poop on our stuffy friends' party.
Title reference: Independence Day
7 7 "Around the Teddymind in 80 Minutes" Wendy Conroy Grekk December 3, 2013
Teddy starts to feel a sudden wave of melancholy overcome him and makes the rest of the gang enter his mind and figure out the reason behind it.
Title reference: Around the World in 80 Days
8 8 "The Gangvengers" Fenton Cole Thurop van Orman December 10, 2013
When a meteor with magical properties strikes the gang's apartment, it passes down its powers to them, turning them into Avengers-like superheroes with the likes of Iron Ted and Pink Widow.
Title reference: The Avengers
9 9 "Stuffy Friday" Kamden Middleton Diane Reed December 17, 2013
Tired of their so-called "stuffless" lives, the gang agrees to switch out each other's bodies and live the others' lives, and switcheroo shenanigans cue in.
Title reference: Freaky Friday
10 10 "Alien Invasion Around the Galaxy" Patrice Harrison Thurop Van Orman December 24, 2013
An invasion plotted by the aliens begins brewing in Teddy's home galaxy, StuffellexianX589, so he and his friends visit all the planets in it in order to stop the aliens again. Along the way they encounter Bibi, Teddy's long-lost brother, who may be the key to temporarily end the invasion.
Title reference: N/A
11 11 "Date With Stufftiny" Calvin MacKenzie Grekk December 31, 2013
On Valenstuffy's Day (parody of Valentine's Day), Teddy tries to give a store-bought Valentine's card to his best friend and secret crush Kitty, but she mistakes his handwriting in the card for Puck-Man's, so she accepts a Valenstuffy's date with him, breaking Teddy's heart. So he decides to disguise himself as Puck-Man and go to the date in the latter's place.
Title reference: Date with destiny
12 12 "The Exorcism of Mr. Snuggles" Poppy Livingston Anthony Gilligan January 7, 2014
Mr. Snuggles gets possessed by a demon after the gang's play session with an Stuffja board, so they begin looking for ways to expel the hellish creature out of his body.
Title reference: The Exorcism of Emily Rose
13 13 "Stuffed In Love" Dipper January 14, 2014
Stella's latest target of her affections is Teddy, so she begins giving him advances much to his clueless self. After they fail to get Teddy's attention, she decides the next big thing is to force a marriage between them.
Title reference: N/A
14 14 "From San Anteddio" Annie Oh Lester Gomez January 21, 2014
Mr. Snuggles' past life as a henchman for a stuffy gangster catches up with him when the gang gets kidnapped and shipped to San Anteddio, and only he can free them from the evil grasps of said stuffy gangster.
Title reference: From Russia With Love
15 15 "Undercover Gang" Joe Ansolabehere Grekk January 28, 2014
Kitty tries to apply for a job as a daycare worker after getting fired from her park manager job due to her frequent cat fights with dogs, but becomes suspicious that the daycare is running a secret child kidnapping ring, so the gang go undercover to infiltrate the sketchy daycare.
Title reference: Undercover Boss
16 16 "Gang on the Run" Wendy Conroy Ronald Munoz April 2, 2014
Teddy and the gang become starstrucked on a trip to Stuffywood, but when they accidentally and fatally trip over a famous stufflebrity (stuffy celebrity), the gang find themselves on the run from the local police department.
Title reference: Love on the Run
17 17 "Fun and Stuffy Games" Fatima Mataraci Diane Reed April 9, 2014
The gang have their nightly Friend Game Night, but friendships and feelings threaten to break the gang apart.
Title reference: Fun and games
18 18 "Teeny Tiny Stuffies" Ingrid Gibbons Thurop Van Orman April 16, 2014
The aliens decide to get the gang once and for all by shrinking and storing them in their laboratory on their spaceship.
Title reference: N/A
19 19 "The Stufflimpics" Dipper Miriam Northrop April 23, 2014
Teddy and the gang unwind themselves by going to New Stuff City's local Olympics game, but the aliens ruin their day of relaxation (yet again) by holding the spectators hostage, sequestrating the stuffy athletes and replacing them with their extraterrestrial counterparts, and forcing everyone to watch their twisted version of the Olympics.
Title reference: The Olympics
20 20 "Stuffy COPS" Sherm Cohen Calvin MacKenzie April 30, 2014
Teddy and Bibi train to be cops with the help of an actual police officer, but during their training they're forced to arrest an actual criminal.
Title reference: COPS
21 21 "The Para-Teddy Universe" Poppy Livingston William Ebert May 7, 2014
John Crazy builds a dimensional portal which Teddy accidentally gets sucked into.
Title reference: Parallel universe
22 22 "Comic Book Gang" Marjory Katz May 14, 2014
The gang decides to publish a fanfic comic book based off of their favorite superheroes, but problems arise when fans of those superheroes denounce them for getting some key plot points of their comics series wrong, causing their comic book copies to be burnt in bonfires and a witch hunt targeting their apartment.
Title reference: N/A
23 23 "Tragic Magic" Wendy Conroy Anthony Gilligan May 21, 2014
New Stuff City hosts a talent show in which anyone over 15 can participate, so Teddy dons the stage name "Tedini Terrific" and begins flexing his magic muscles so he can show off some magic tricks at the show. On the day of the talent show, however, his act goes awry when he makes Stella disappear out of thin air, transporting her to a world devoid of any stuffies.
Title reference: N/A
24 24 "Tedzilla" Kamden Middleton Ronald Munoz May 28, 2014
Teddy mistakes one of John Crazy's concoctions for soda and tips all of it up, causing him to grow to epic proportions and have intellectual decrease, making him only able to communicate in incomprehensible grunts and roars.
Title reference: Godzilla
25 25 "Cartooned In" Patrice Harrison Lester Gomez August 5, 2014
During the viewing of an animated movie at the theater, Teddy and the gang end up getting sucked into the movie when the film reel gets stuck into the projector.
Title reference: N/A
26 26 "We'll Always Have Bibi" Dipper August 12, 2014
Bibi disappears out of the blue on one particular day, and the rest of the gang begin a search for him. The mystery begins fueling even more when Teddy begins seeing an unmarked spaceship flying around the apartment.
Title reference: "We'll always have Paris."
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