The Adventures of Teddy & Friends is an American animated television series that regularly broadcasts on The CC. The show originally began on July 23, 2013 and ended on November 2, 2016. The show originally planned to go on an indefinite hiatus, but the series had to be cancelled due to issues with budgeting, leaving only 4 seasons and 86 episodes produced and broadcast. The creator announced, a couple of years after the show's first run, that he would like for the show to return for a TV special or a theatrical film.

On December 20, 2016, a movie based on the television series, titled Teddymovie: Teddy vs. Aliens (formerly titled Teddy: The Movie) was reported to be in the works by online news site Deadline as a collaboration between The CC (Cartoon Comedy) production studio and famed film studio Universal Pictures. The movie premiered on November 17, 2017, on the channel and in theaters on the same day for a limited, weekend-long time. The film, which does not follow the canon of the series, was a box office flop, but DVD sales soared with over 700,000 copies on the first week of its May 2018 release date.

The unexpected success of the DVD sales prompted the show to announce its revival with a 30-episode fifth-season on May 12, 2018. It aired from June 1, 2018 until March 29, 2019, after the premiere of the Robot Buddies TV movie, Robot Buddies Reprogrammed and garnered 6.8 million viewers for the episode "Kitty's Out Of My Life", one of the highest premieres for a show in the channel The CC's history. The next two episodes got equally high ratings, and on June 19, 2018, the series was renewed for a 6th season consisting of 30 episodes which began airing on May 24, 2019. The season 6 premiere was a huge ratings success, so much so that an hour later the series was renewed for a seventh and final season of 30 episodes.

The three-season revival was part of an effort by The CC to revive or reboot already existing properties for additional seasons/specials/television films. On June 22, 2018, the series aired its 90th episode, making the series one of the only The CC productions to hit the 90th- episode milestone. Two months later, on August 24, 2018, the series broadcast its 100th episode, becoming the third The CC (Cartoon Comedy) production to reach the 100th-episode milestone.

The series has spawned a franchise, unofficially titled The Stuffniverse, which consists of numerous sequels and spin-offs. The first spin-off, Freshmen, focused on some side characters going to college. It only aired on the week of June 16 - 23, 2014, and was canceled despite having been renewed for 6 seasons and 120 episodes. Other failed attempts at spin-offs included The World of Teddy (a sketch comedy series) and TM (a mystery-centric series a la Gravity Falls), which never made it past production. A spiritual spin-off series was announced at around the same time as the movie's announcement entitled Stuffy Quests, which aired on September 11, 2017 (formerly on September 18). It is the most successful sequel or spin-off from the Stuffniverse franchise, having three seasons (with a fourth one planned) to date.


The series is set in New Stuff City, a metropolis clearly parodying New York City, and revolves around a cast of colorful characters (mostly parodies of characters from intellectual properties, excluding the main characters brothers Teddy and Bibi) who arrived from Stuffampton, Stringland, a parody of Southampton, England (as played out in the first episode, "Tedtanic") adapting to urban life in NSC while simultaneously becoming embroiled in comical misadventures and the increasingly consequential world-conquest plans of the Aliens, a race of terrifying extraterrestrial beings who were originally seeking a new home planet but became increasingly evil with the Alien King Father's reign.

Voice cast

  • Teddy (Nathan Kress) - An 18-year old introverted and unconfident yellow Teddy bear (hence his name), Teddy is the main protagonist of the series that lives in New Stuff City with his motley crew of friends, serving as their de facto leader on numerous adventures due to his craftiness. Despite that, it is shown he doubts his abilities and his hatred for the aliens (who he believes are not as bad as perceived). It is suggested that he was infatuated with Mr. Snuggles, but gradually moved on to his best friend Kitty when the latter subtly rejects him. They began dating in the season 3 episode "New Stuffy Year!" following a reciprocation of feelings, and later have children in the season 4 episode "Baby Teddy". However, Kitty abandons the family in "Kitty's Out Of My Life" for another man, so a devastated Teddy mourns her at a park bench, wherein he meets a stuffy named Stuffa. They instantly strike a friendship that morphs into a relationship, as they marry in "Here Comes the Stuffy Bride...Or There, Or Somewhere Else". In the season 5 finale "Tuffa", the two adopt the titular stuffy girl, since Tuffa cannot bear children.
  • Bibi (Logan Miller) - An 18-year old stuffed koala bear and Teddy's "best brother forever" (BBF) who does not appear until season 1 episode 10 "Alien Invasion Around the Galaxy". In contrast to Teddy's withdrawn and nervous personality, Bibi is more carefree and affable. He, however, does not possess good leadership skills, as he relies on others to excogitate for him, much to his own frustration and those around him. He was infatuated with his classmate Matilda, and in the season 4 finale "Pomp and Stuffcumstances", they become a couple. Afterwards, the two are not seen together ever again, and it is presumed they broke up offscreen.
  • Elizabeth "Kitty" (Jillian Bell) - As her name suggests, Kitty is a stuffed tabby cat who sports a golden bracelet on her right paw. Her former birth name was Elizabeth, a name derived from her foster parent, Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of Stringland, who took her in after abandonment from her parents but kicked her out of her palace at the beginning of "Tedtanic" for her "cheekiness" . Originally Teddy's best friend, she ultimately becomes his girlfriend in "New Stuffy Year!" following a reciprocation of romantic feelings and a passionate kiss. She becomes pregnant with his quintuplets, who are born in "Baby Teddy". In the season 5 premiere, "Kitty's Out Of My Life", Kitty abruptly abandons Teddy and the kids for another stuffy man, as she detailed in a note she left. In "Stuffy Date", she is seen with her new man at a restaurant.
  • Stuffa (Athena Karkanis) - Stuffa debuts in the season 5 episode "When Teddy Met Stuffa", wherein Teddy meets her at a bench while mourning over his break-up with Kitty, which happened in the premiere episode "Kitty's Out Of My Life". She and Teddy immediately connect with each other, which becomes an engagement and, eventually, official, as they wed in "Here Comes the Stuffy Bride...Or There, Or Somewhere Else".
  • Mr. Snuggles (Will Arnett) - A reformed goldenrod-colored stuffy who used to be the henchman of a notorious gangster, until he developed an affinity for English poetry while serving a prison sentence. Nowadays he serves as the bodyguard for Teddy's rag-tag group of friends. He was also Teddy's crush for a while before he subtly rejected the yellow stuffy in "From San Anteddio With Stuff" out of disinterest.
  • Turbo (Daryl Sabara) - A fast and agile stuffy, and Teddy and Bibi's classmate-turned-friend ,who first appeared in "Faster Adventures of SherTurbo Holmes" showcasing his sleuthing skills.
  • Charlie (Logan Chabinsky) - A pessimistic, cynical kid, and Teddy and Bibi's classmate, who is a parody of Charlie Brown of Peanuts comic strips fame. This was Chabinky's first voice role; he was 9 when he auditioned for the character.
  • John Crazy (Jason Mantzoukas) - John is Teddy's scientist friend with implied mental health issues, of which they are played largely for comedic relief, though they become more serious as the series progresses. He first appeared in season 1's "The Gangarell Universe" and was rumored to have died off-screen by viewers due to his sudden disappearance. He later appears randomly in a later episode and heretofore plays a major role in discovering a nefarious plot by the aliens, thereby upgrading him to a main character.
  • Stella (Anndi McAfee) - A coquettish, petite pink stuffy, who flirts with nearly every male stuffy in Teddy's social circle, including Teddy himself (before marrying Stuffa, of course).  Her last appearance as a secondary character is in "Poistelladon 2: Return of Blue", but she appeared again in "Teddy + Stella", where she was promoted as a main character.
  • Peck-Man "Peck" (Thurop van Orman) - A yellow orb with a voracious appetite for food, and a parody of arcade game icon Pac-Man.
  • Brat (Nancy Cartwright) - A character who regularly pops in and out of the series. He is a parody of Bart from The Simpsons, insofar sharing the same voice actress, Nancy Cartwright.
  • Frank Cap the Rap Moose (Ron Funches) - A stuffed moose rapper who first appeared in the episode, "Murder Mystery", where he rapped Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger", and recurs as a background character in several other episodes.
  • Teddy's children - In the episode Baby Teddy, Kitty gave birth to quintuplets, 3 mini Teddy bears and 2 kittens. The Teddies, Terry, Theodore, and Todd, are all voiced by Atticus Shaffer. The kittens are Kelly and Kesha, both voiced by Hyden Walch.
  • King Alien Father (Alfred Molina) - As his royal rank suggests, the King Alien Father is the current king of all aliens and the one that holds the most power. He is also the father to two alien children, whom he forces into continuing the family's legacy. As a result of this, they disenfranchise from him and the Queen Alien Mother to pursue their respective careers of choice.
  • Queen Alien Mother (April Winchell) - The King Alien's wife and mother to two alien children.
  • The "Milk" Alien (Bobby Moynihan) - The Royal Aliens Couple's manservant who provides them with milk, the Aliens' sustenance. He is shown to be adept with cannons.
  • Alien Prince Son (A.J. Locascio) - Heir to the Alien throne and is The King and Queen Alien's son. He made his first appearance in Teddymovie: Teddy vs. Aliens, and soon after became a recurring character in season 5.
  • Alien Princess Daughter (Tati Gabrielle) - The King and Queen Alien's daughter. She made her first appearance in Teddymovie, and, along with her brother the Alien Prince Son, became a regular on the series starting in season 5.
  • Alien Minions (Tom Kenny) - King Alien's minions, whose their mission is to destroy Stuffkind.

International broadcast

TAoTaF was broadcast in 100 countries and approximately 50 languages.

Country Title Airdate
USA The Adventures of Teddy and Friends July 23, 2013
Canada Same as USA November 26, 2013
UK Same as USA January 14, 2014
EU Same as USA February 18, 2014
France Teddy et les amis (Teddy and Friends) April 29, 2014
Spain Las travesuras de Teddy (Teddy's Antics) July 22, 2014
Mexico Latin American Spanish: Las adventuras de Teddy y sus amigos & Yucatec Maya: Le aventuras Teddy yéetel etail July 22, 2014
Guatemala Teddy y sus amigos (Teddy and His Friends) July 22, 2014
Nicaragua Same as Mexico July 22, 2014
El Salvador Same as Mexico July 22, 2014
Honduras Same as Mexico July 22, 2014
Panama Same as Mexico July 22, 2014
Dominican Republic Same as Mexico July 22, 2014
Costa Rica Same as Mexico July 22, 2014
ALL ASIAN TERRITORIES It depends on the country.

China: 泰迪熊和朋友们的冒险 (Simplified)
泰迪熊和朋友們的冒險 (Traditional)
India: टेडी और दोस्तों के एडवेंचर्स
Japan: テディベアや友人の冒険
Russia: приключения плюшевых и друзей
Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, the Palestine Liberation Organization, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen: مغامرات تيدي والأصدقاء
Armenia: Իսկ արկածները teddy եւ ընկերների
The Philippines: sa mga pakikipagsapalaran ng Teddy at mga kaibigan
Georgia: თავგადასავალი ტედი და მეგობრები
Indonesia: petualangan Teddy dan teman-teman
North and South Korea: 테디 와 친구들 의 모험
Laos: ເຫດການຂອງ Teddy ແລະຫມູ່ເພື່ອນ
Thailand: การผจญภัยของ เท็ดดี้ และเพื่อน ๆ
Azerbaijan: Teddy və dostları sərgüzəştləri
Mongolia: Тедди , найз нөхөд нь адал явдал
Nepal: टेड्डी र मित्र को रोमांचक
Uzbekistan: Teddy va do'stlari sarguzashtlari
Vietnam: những cuộc phiêu lưu của Teddy và bạn bè
Malaysia: pengembaraan Teddy dan rakan-rakan

December 2, 2014
Brazil Aventuras do ursinho e amigos March 24 2015
Greece οι περιπέτειες του αρκουδάκι και των φίλων May 12, 2015
ALL EUROPEAN TERRITORIES Not including UK, EU, France, and Spain, as those already broadcasted.

Italy: le avventure di Teddy e amici
The Netherlands: de avonturen van Teddy en vrienden
Luxembourg: d' Aventure vun Teddybier a Frënn
Germany: die Abenteuer von Teddy und Freunde
Bulgaria: приключенията на мечето и приятели
Belarus: прыгоды плюшавых і сяброў
Bosnia and Herzegovina: avanture Teddy i prijatelja
Norway: eventyrene til Teddy og venner
Hungary: kalandjait Teddy és barátai
Poland: przygody Teddy i przyjaciółmi
Latvia: piedzīvojumi Teddy un draugiem
Estonia: seiklustest Teddy ja sõbrad
Croatia: Avanture Teddy i prijatelje
Czech Republic: dobrodružství Teddy a přátel
Denmark: eventyr Teddy og venner
Belgium: Same as The Netherlands
Iceland: Ævintýri Teddy og vinir
Malta: l-avventuri ta Teddy u l-ħbieb
Serbia: авантуре Тедди и пријатељима
Slovakia: dobrodružstvo Teddy a priateľov
Slovenia: dogodivščine Teddy in prijatelji
Sweden: äventyr Teddy och vänner
Albania: aventurat e Teddy dhe miqtë
Turkey: Teddy ve arkadaşlarının maceraları
Ukraine: пригоди Тедді і друзів
Wales:' anturiaethau Tedi a chyfeillion
Ireland: na heachtraí a Teddy agus cairde
Scotland: dànachd Teddy agus caraidean

July 21, 2015
Kenya Adventures ya Teddy na Marafiki Aug 25, 2018


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  • A pilot for the series was produced but never aired. It is now considered lost.
Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 July 23, 2013 August 12, 2014
2 16 January 13, 2015 June 30, 2015
3 21 October 6, 2015 April 5, 2016
4 23 June 27, 2016 November 2, 2016
Television film November 17, 2017
5 30 June 1, 2018[1] N/A
6 30 N/A


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