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The Adventures of Stuart Little is a TV show, based on the novel and films. The show is directed by Melody Fox, produced by Red Wagon Productions and Sony Pictures Television for the Starz Kids and Family digital cable television, and written by Rick Wilkie.

The Adventures of Stuart Little teaches kids how to solve their own problems and feel proud of their accomplishments.

Kevin Clash reprises his role as Gopher, with the rest getting replaced by David Kaufman (Stuart), Jodi Benson (Vexy), Kathy Najimy (Margalo), Grey DeLise (Camille Stout), Andrew Garfield and Billy Crystal in some episodes (Reginald Stout), Troy Baker (as Hackus), Walker Boone (Snidely Whiplash), George Lopez and Gary Valentine in 2 episodes (Dick Dastardly), Charles Martinet (as Muttley), Lou Albano (Smarty), Marc Graue (Greasy), Justin Long (Psycho), Harvey Atkin (Wheezy), Peter Berkrot (Stupid), Bill Farmer (Slimy), Christopher Sabat (Flasher), Billy West (Funny), Corey Burton (Emo), Bret Iwan (Crazy), and Adam Lambert (Wacky).

The series aired for just 1 season, containing 18 episodes; afterwards, it got cancelled."[citation needed"