The Adventures of Inspector Crane and Mr. Rabbit
Directed by James Kenny
Robert Stevens
Gerry Chiniquy
James Anderson
Wilfred Jackson
Produced by Michael Shires
Written by
Screenplay by
Story by Walt Hulett
Ken Armstrong
Tom Oliver
Tom Oreb
Mike Beck
Dick Howard
Dick Kenny
Ernest Peters
Based on
Starring Danny Kaye
Frank Sinatra
Paul Wing
Music by Paul J. Steck
Editing by
Production company(s) Michael Shires Productions
Distributor Republic Pictures
Release date(s) February 18, 1949
Running time 79 Minutes
Language English
Gross revenue
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The Adventures of Inspector Crane and Mr. Rabbit is a 1949 animated package film produced by Michael Shires Productions and released by Republic Pictures.


The Movie is split into 2 stories: Uncle Wiggly and The Legend of Inspector Crane.

Uncle Wiggly

Mr. Rabbit’s Horse, Crozokus gets injured on the way to Uncle Wiggly’s house, so he has to walk, but Skeezicks warns him about the predictor named Woozy Wolf.

The Legend of Inspector Crane

A Lady named Kathrine Von Till assigns Inspector Crane to solve a case about a Headless Hairy Dog after hearing Boom Bones’ story.

Voice Cast


  1. Happily Going Anywhere - Mr. Rabbit and Crozokus
  2. Inspector Crane’s on the Case - Frank Sinatra
  3. Kathrine Von Till - Frank Sinatra
  4. The Headless Hairy Dog - Boom Bones


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