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The Adventures of Gumby in Wonderland is a 1998 musical-comedy adventure film directed by Thomas Henson. It is the second theatrical feature-length film based on the popular U.S. children's series Corporation Street, the first being Anchor the Amigo Ghost: The Movie in 1984. Produced by Matthew Mouse Pictures in association with the Children's Television Elmore and released by Universal Pictures on Decmeber 4, 1998, the film co-stars Jeffrey Tambor and Julia Roberts alongside Shiresland performers Roy E. Shires, Alan Oppenheimer, Paul Winchell, and Charles Martinet. This is one of the few Corporation Street productions directly produced by Matthew Mouse Pictures. Alongside Shiresland from Space, this is the final Shiresland-themed feature film to have the involvement of Winchell, who retired from being a full-time puppeteer the following year.


Shiresland performers

  • Roy Wallace as Boggy Bunny, Pepper the Porcupine
  • Roy E. Shires as Anchor the Amigo Ghost, Gumby the Cat
  • Charles Martinet as Danny Gribbleston, Big Bunny
  • Paul Winchell as Quacky Duck, Roy Gribbleston
  • Neil Ross as Raggedy Duck
  • Leonard Clements as Sketchpad, Tommy Time-Tone
  • Peter Cullen as Pat Hare
  • Debi Derryberry as Mavis Mole
  • Brian W. Armstrong as Gloria the Cow
  • Michael Bell as Krazy Mouse
  • Alan Oppenheimer as Hal the Helper, Jinxy, Edward P. Bear
  • John Stephenson as Rinxy, George Bear
  • Frank Welker as Marty Mole

Other Humans

  • Jeffrey Tambor as Henry
  • Julia Roberts as the Queen of Rubbish