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The Adventures Of the Banana Splits is a Reboot of The Banana Splits Adventure Hour it will serve as a adventures show about the banana splits going on adventures  and will run for 20 seasons and will have 26 episodes for each season



Theme Songs


Fleegle(Jim Cummings)- A dog leader of the bunch and the brains he is kooky and will be driven bananas by the other members he plays the guitar

Bingo(frank welker)-He is the jokester of the group and likes to play pranks he plays the drums

Drooper (carlos alazraqui)-He is a southern lion who likes to have fun he plays the base guitar

Snorky-the mute elephant he can only speak in honks he plays the keys and secretly has a crush on harmony

Blueby (Rob Paulson)-The smooth talking blue bunny he is a new member of the group he plays the saxophone

Harmony (Tara Strong)-Sometimes a tomboy sometimes a girly girl she has a crush on snorky she plays the tambourine

Teanna (Andrea Libedeman)-A live action human she is happy go lucky and a big fan of the splits she is the backup singer

Aarkvie (Eric bauza)-the nerd of the group he is shy timid but likes to rock out he plays the cowbell

Howlie (Phil Lewis)-A Wolf who loves to howl he often scats he plays the harmonica

Steve (Dan Castenella)-a crocodile from the everglades he is cajun and likes to cook he plays maraccas

Leafy (Frank Welker)-A Giraffe who is not afraid to speak his mind he is often the peacemaker of the group he plays the trumpet

The Sour Grapes Bunch (various)-the rivals of The Splits they often challenge them to different sports and such

Josh And Nick (josh krasinski and Nick Akeson)-The Splits next door neighbors they are big fans of the splits and will often join them in they're adventures

Cuckoo (Paul Reubens)-A cuckoo bird in a clock he serves as a background character who usually tells what time it is in hilarious ways

Gopher Goofy (Bill Farmer)-A gopher who lives in a flower pot he usually says random one liners

Banana Vac (John Cena)-A talking moose head on the wall who tells jokes after something weird happens 

La Fran (Ryan Drummond)-A french criminal baring a resemblance to Fleegle the only difference being a mole on his face he will do anything to get away with his crimes 

Baby Ky (Tara Strong)-she is the baby of the group she loves to sing along with the splits  she also loves superheros and plays the rattles

Freddy (Will Smith)-Fleegle's cousin he is a dalmatian who loves to play the banjo he used to be late but has learned how to be on time

officer Stevie (rob paulson)-he is a bumbling officer who just wants to help he also plays a bit of the cowbell he plays the kazoo  

Micheal Myers (Jessie Heisenberg)-known as the villain from the Halloween franchise in real life he is just a normal guy who joins the club as he feels he can just be himself he plays the turntables  

tigra (jessica alba)-she is a bouncy peppy tigress who plays the flute drooper has a crush on her  

fiona (brizzy voices)-fiona a golden retriever from and a friend of harmony from high school she plays a handmade trumpitair fleegle has a crush on her  

Jungle (Amber lee connors)-a free spirited panda who plays a flute made out of bamboo she is also an old friend of bingo's   

yogi bear (dan akroyd)-a recurring character he is the famous bear in a green hat who is smarter then the average bear and like to eat alot 

velveteen (zooey deschanel)-a happy jolly rabbit she sings in the band blueby has a crush on her

chuck e cheese(jaret reddick)-the mascot for chuck e cheese restaraunts he is a recurring character

mickey and minnie mouse (jess harnell and tara strong)-the disney couple they are recurring characters on the show

darkwing duck (Jim cummings)-a egotistical but heroic duck he is a recurring character and often has cameos

patchy the pirate (tom kenny)-he is sponebob's biggest fan and is a judge for some reason

potty the parrot(doug lawrence)-patchy's sidekick and loyal parrot they often butt heads but they are still friends

bonkers d bobcat (Jim cummings)-he is a guest on the show starting with valentines body swap

bibleman (robert t schlipp)-the christian superhero he first appears to help the banana splits the shadow of doubt la fran and jason vorhees

the shadow of doubt (tom mastarokos)- a villain built on doubt he first appears trying to fill everyone with doubt when they splits pay tribute to kobe bryant and his daughter and teams up with la fran and jason vorhees but is defeated with help from bibleman and the ghosts of kobe bryant and his daughter

Bubble Buddy (dan abrell)-a bubble brought to life by spongebob he is easy going and fun loving and rides in bubble vehicles

bugs and lola (eric bauza and kathie soucie)-the sexiest bunny couple bugs is goofy lola is sexy but they do say opposites attract

woody and winnie woodpecker (eric bauza and tara strong)-a couple of woodpeckers they are often crazy but they still make the best of each other

the collector (rob paulson)-bonker's enemy he has returned as a full toon

buzz buzzard (epiclylod)-woody's big enemy he is greedy and will do anything to get rich

wally walrus (jim cummings)- the swedish enemy of woody woodpecker he finds woody annoying and meddlesom

megavolt (jaleel white)-darwking duck's enemy he is crazy and mental and has electric powers

goofy (bill farmer)-a dimwitted dog man he is clumsy but loving

helen henny (nancy cartwright)-chuck e's girlfriend she is fun loving and cheery

The Monsters (various)-the monsters of massive monster mayhem they are always getting into trouble

the louds (various)-the loud siblings of the loud house they first appeared in the video chat episode

arnold and friends (various)-the characters from hey arnold nuff said

the teenage mutant ninja turtles (vartious)-they retain they're designs and personalities from rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles

the goojitzu heroes (various)-they heros with stretchy powers they are led by blazagon

the imaginary friends (various)-the characters from foster's home for imaginary friends they a few miles fomr the splits

oswald the lucky rabbit (frank welker)-he is mickey's brother and is very lucky at times

sonic (roger craig smith)-the fastest thing alive he is cocky but friendly and loves chili dogs

yakko warner (rob paulson)-he is the oldest of the warner siblings and talks alot

pete (jim cummings)-oswald and mickey's nemesis he is always villainous and loathes the two brothers

king salazar (paxton whitehead)-he is the animaniacs nemesis who will do anything for riches

dr.eggman (mike pollock)-he is sonic's nemesis who is a genius sonic teases him by calling him egghead

movie ninja turtles (various)-they are the turtles from the live action movies

modern ninja turtles (various)-they are the version of the turtles from rise of the tmnt

baron draxum (John cena)-he is the enemy of the modern ninja turtles he retain his personality from the show

the shredder (kevin micheal richardson)-he retain his personality from the live action movies

duchess (grey griffin)-she retain her personality from foster's home for imaginary friends

krang (weird al yankovich)-shredder's genius lackey from dimension he has the form of a brain inside the middle of a robot body

queen tyrahnee (tia careere)-the queen of mars she retains her personality from the show duck dodgers

lord dominator (noel wells)-a wander over yander villain from season 2 she retain her personality from the show

2012 shredder (kevin micheal richardson)-the version of the shredder from the 2012 series on nickelodeon he retain his personaity from the show

Larry The Lobster (Mr Lawrence) He's a muscled lobster from bikini bottom. He's a lifeguard, a weightlifter, and gym owner. He's a friendly lobster and friends with Spongebob and makes sure everyone is safe at the goo lagoon beach. And spends his time working out.

Don The Whale (Clancy Brown) He's a buffed up Killer Whale from Bikini Bottom. He's friends with Larry the Lobster, a weightlifter when participated at the Anchor Toss Competition at Goo Lagoon. He can be seen as a super strong whale because of his exercise.

Frank the muscled Goldfish (Dee Bradley Baker) He's a muscled Goldfish and friends with Larry and Don whenever he goes to the Goo Lagoon.

Pearl The Whale (Lori Alan) She's a sperm whale and the daughter of Eugene Krabs. but gets very sad and cries a lot. She also spends most of her time at the Bikini Bottom Mall.

Baljo (frank welker)-he is a lovable walrus who loves to play he plays the horns

Lozzie (Carolyn Lawrence)-she is a country raccoon who plays the banjo she is brak's girlfriend

Brak (Andy Merril)-the dimwitted alien cat thing he first appeared on the show as the mouse exterinator he is dating lozzie

PizzaBat (Tristen P)-she is a crazy bat who loves pizza she is dating josh 

the t rex king (matt chapman)-the king of the dinosaurs he is kinda chicken but is fearsome when needs to be 

timothy the triceratops (matt parker)-he is snorky's best friend and is always happy to help 

Dudley puppy (jerry trainor)-the dim witted dog agent he retain his personality from tuff puppy 

kitty katswell (tress mcneil)-dudley's parnet she is the same as on tuff puppy 

ren and stimpy (billy west)-the chaotic duo of a chihuahua and a cat  

wakko warner (Jess harnell)-yakko's younger brother he is wacky and eats everything but the kitchen sink

dot warner (tress mcneil)-the sister of the warner bros she is cute and she knows it 

bill and ted (keanu reeves and alex winter)-the famous time traveling duo they help the banana splits travel back in time 

death (william sadler)-he is bill and ted's best friend and the grim reaper after they beat him in various games he is based on the death from the film cheating death 

bubble bass (dee bradley baker)-an obese fish he is an expert on comic books and food

Kevin c cucumber (same as the show he is on)-a nerdy cucumber he is a jellyfishing expert

shredz (james earl jones)-a new goojitzu villain he wants to make the goojitzu warriots his lunch

hydra (rob paulson)-a hydra his three heads have different personalities

the aquabats (themselves)-a band of rock and roll freedom fighters they retain they're personalities from the aquabats super show

homestar runner (matt chapman)-a simple minded armless white athlethe

strong bad (matt chapman)-ounce a villains for homestar he was popular enough to become his friend on occasions

the gabba gabba gang (various)-the gang from yo gabba gabba they retain they're personalities from said show

321 penguins (various)-they are the freedom fighting group of penguing from space

mando (tim curry)-he is the protagionist from the disney plus series of the same name not much is known about him

baby yoda-also known as the child mando raises him like he is his own

the penguins of madagascar (various)-the crew of penguin escape artists they retain they're personality from the madagascar movies and the penguins of madagascar show

perry (dee bradley baker)-a secret agent platypus he retains his personality from phineas and ferb

kermit (steve vladimer)-the leader of the muppets he has his usual personality

mao mao (kevin conroy)-a hero of mysterious origins he has issues

badgerclops (josh gad)-a lazy one eyed badger he is mao mao's best friend

adorabat (andrea libdeman)-a cute little bat with a peg leg she is a little curious and child like

tails (nacy cartwright)-sonic's friend he is a two tailed fox with a genius IQ

knuckles (john dimaggio)-sonic's best friend and muscle of his team he is not very smart sonic calls him knucklehead

amy rose (tara strong)-a girl with a crush on sonic she is high tempered which explains her hammer

fat albert (tracy morgan)-the famous black skinned chubby cartoon character he retains his personality from his tv show of the same name

the dirty bubble (stays the same)-the number 1 nemesis of mermaidman and barnacleboy

manray (stays the same)-the number 2 arch nemesis of mermaidman and barnacleboy

nat peterson (stays the same)-a high anger prone fish

francis (stays the same)-a random fish with a rich background

tom (stays the same)-a chocolate obsessed fish

fred (stays the same)-a fish who says MY LEG! whenever his leg is hurt

spongebob (tom kenny)-a happy go lucky sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea

harold (stays the same)-a anger prone fish with an anger problem and big appetite

patrick star (bill faggerbake)-spongebob's idiotic best friend

plankton (mr.lawrene)-a miniscule one eyed mastermind who tries to steal the krabby patty formula

squidward (roger bumpass)-a grouchy squid

sandy cheeks (carolyn lawrence)-spongebob's friend from texas

mr.krabs (clancy brown)-spongebob's cheap money loving boss at the krusty krab

cousin blackjack (stays the same)-spongebob's cousin

danny fenton (taylor laugthner)-the alias of danny phantom

jazz fenton (stays the same)-danny's sister

tina russo (stays the same)-a tomboy duck who works at copy place

renamon (stays the same)-a tomboyish fox digimon

stanley s squarepants (christopher guest)-spongebob's clumsy cousin

betty boop (stays the same)-a female hollywood cartoon star she retains her original personality

willy weasel (stays the same)-an actor from the film willy's wonderland he is micheal's closest friend

Sheen Estevez (stays the same)-jimmy's best friend he is a lovable dope who likes ultralord

funtime chica (Tara Strong)-she retains her personality from ultimate custom night

Roland Rat (Stays The Same)-he retains his personality from his series and other things he has been in

Clay-Background character spongebob not much is known about him

Scooter-Recurring character from spongebob not much is known about him

Martin-Minor character from spongebob not much is known about him

Sandals-Background character from spongebob who wears sandals

Medley-Background character from spongebob not much is known about him

Sam Manson(Grey DeLisle)-Goth gal and helps out Danny fight evil

Tucker-(Rickey D'Shon Collins)-supergenius he helps danny fight evil

Vicky-(Grey DeLisle)-Timmy's arch babysitting enemy

Jack Skellington-(Chris Sarandon)-The pumpkin king from Halloween Town

The Grinch-(Benedict Cumberbatch)-The guy who hates Christmas

Jem & The Holograms-(Tara Strong, Grey DeLisle, Lara Jill Miller, and Cree Summer)-80s band

Slappy Squirrel (Joan Rivers)-the crankiest of creatures in the whole wide world and former cartoon star

the flying dutchman (tom kenny)-he is the spectral living entity of scares he loves halloween which is why he loves micheal myers

movie snorky-the moive counterpart to snorky

ruff ruffman (same as the ruff ruffman show)-he is ecentric and quite a showboater

pepe le pew (eric bauza)-a skunk who lives in the house after getting cancelled by cancel culture he still retain his personality

spiderham (john hamm)-a cartoony pig version of spiderman from the zooniverse he retain his personality from into the spider verse

edd (same as the show)-the smart one of the eds

ed (same as the show)-He is the brawn of the eds he is not too smart

eddy (same as the show)-the leader of the ed boys he is a expert scam expert

screwball squirrel (paul reubens)-he is a crazy squirrel hence the name

blossom von yum yum-ruff ruffman's assistant

lina (tina turner)-a boxing champion tiger with a personality similair to jessica rabbit she sometimes flirts with snorky making harmony jealous

winnie (lisa lopez)-a warthog with many tastes she is dating spiderham

lizzie (andrea libdeman)-she is drooper's sister who likes to be pretty

amy (lina lopez)-she is fleegle's shark girlfriend who is shy but playful

fleetrice (tress mcneil)-fleegle's sister who is dating screwball squirrel she is flirty and playful

bon bon (angelia jolie)-drooper's girlfriend who likes to play tricks

tito the turtle (Mario lopez)-a spanish turtle who is willy's friend

the fantastic four (various)-the world's first superhero family

quentin the quokka (paul hogan)-he is similair to steve irwin

radioactive man (same as the simpsons)-he is a radioactive superhero

arty the alligator (tom kenny)-he is a smooth talking alligator who is dating blossom

cammy chameleon (nancy cartwright)-she is a chameleon who loves to sing she is dating willy

knighty knight-he is a silent knight who is dating siren sara

siren sara (andre libdeman)-she is a fairy who loves to play she is dating knight knight

fallout boy (stays the same)-he is radioactive man's young sidekick

red eyed tree frog man (david spade)-he is kuzco from a dimension where is a superheroic red eyed tree frog

alberto (same as lucca)-he retains his personality from lucca

good luck bear (same as unlock the magic)-he retains his personality from unlock the magic

funshine bear (same as unlock the magic)-he retains his personality from unlock the magic

hello kitty (tara strong)-a cute little kitty who stands up for her friends

share bear (same as unlock the magic)-she retains her personality from unlock the magic

harmony bear (same as unlock the magic)-she retains her personality from unlock the magic

love a lot bear (same as unlock the magic)-she retains her personality from unlock the magic

grumpy bear (same as unlock the magic)-he retains his personality from unlock the magic

millie (same as helluva boss)-she retains her personality from helluva boss

spyro (tom kenny)-he retains his personality from his games

crash bandicoot (ryan reynolds)-he retains his personality from his games

shy (tara strong)-harmony and snorky's daughter

willow (rainbow dash's actress)-bingo and hooty's daughter

demi (rina rodriguez)-a cute girl with a tough side

lemon drop (fluttershy's actress)-fleegle and amy's daughter

the noid-he is a silent goofball

the samurai pizza cat (same as they're show)-they retain they're personalities from they're show

geoffery the giraffe (john dimmagio)-the former mascot for toys r us he lives in the clubhouse now

shrek and donkey (mike meyers and eddie murphey)-they retain they're personalities from the shrek films

rango (Johnny depp)-a sheriff lizard he retains his personsality from the film of the same name

lenny (jack black)-he retains his personality from shark tale

oscar (will smith)-he retains his personality from shark tale

jed (owen wilson)-he retains his personality from night at the museum

octavius (stays the same)-he retains his personality from night at the museun

king kong (bill fagerbake)-the giant gorilla who retains his personality from the nick and josh show

godzilla (tom kenny)-he retains his personality from the nick and josh

kil-r-dudley's little buddy'

mordecai and rigby (stays the same)-they retains they're personalities from regular show

muscle man and high five ghost (stays the same)-they retain they're personalities from regular show

hopps the frog-lana's pet frog

cliff the cat-the loud's pet cat

walt-the loud's pet canary bird

charles-the loud's pet dog

homer simpson (dan castenella)-the dad from the simpsons

gossamer-the red furry monster

granny (same as the cartoons)-a sweet old lady

urkel (Jaleel white)-the nerdy clumsy neighbor from next door

bert and ernie (same as sesame street)-two roomates from sesame street

beaky buzzard (same)-the dimwitted buzzard

taz (jim cummings)-the wild tasmanian devil

stan podolak (same as space jam)-the nerd from space jam

elmer fudd (stays the same)-the dimwitted hunter

barnyard dog (stays the same)-foghorn leghorn's nemesis

wile e coyote (stays the same)-the self proclaimed genius always trying to catch the roadrunner

sylvester (stays the same)-the cat always trying to catch tweet or speedy

lebron james (himself)-famed nba superstar

bill murray (himself)-the legendary actor

micheal jordan (himself)-nba legend alias his royal airness

speedy gonzales (gabriel ageseas)-the fastest mouse in all of mexico he is sometimes chased by sylvester

tweety (stays the same)-the cute little bird always being chased by sylvester

porky pig (stays the same)-the stuttering pig who says th-th-th that's all folks

roadrunner-the speedy bird who chants beep beep who wile e coyote always chases

yosemite sam (stays the same)-the pint sized anger prone outlaw

daffy duck (stays the same)-the crazy duck frenemie of bugs bunny

bionic bunny (stays the same)-a bunny parody of superman from arhur

darkbunny (kevin conroy)-brother of bionic bunny and bunny parody of batman

dario (james earl jones)-dario's big brother he can control dark energy

darkstar (eddie murphey)-this sheep is dario's partner he or she we don't know

the slender splits (microsoft sam)-they are like the slender splits only slenderman like

vigo (carlos penavega)-He Likes To Play in Harmony's Garden And Hangs Out With Fleegle and Snorky He Doesn't Like Being Watch

popstar (andrea libdeman)-She the Best Popstar of the World and She Snorky Best Firend and She Likes to hang out With Him She Dislikes When Harmony IS with Snorky and She is the lead Singer of the band

yuko (same as penny ling from lps)-a cute panda who is shy but playful

cherry (kristen wig in the style of lola bunny)-a fun little monkey who is a ditzy clutz but has her moments

angel (jessica albel)-willy's sister with fur like snow

gianna (lara jill miller in the style of lisa loud)-leafy's smartypants of a sister he hasa lisp but vigo thinks it's cute

charlie the robot-a robot from a theme park mystery inc encounter

Cartoon Segments

The Pink Panther-the adventures of of the pink furred character of the same name

The Ant and The Aardvark-An aardvark tries to eat an ant but to no avail

The Powerpuff girls-The adventures of three heroic little girls who were made by an accidental adding of chemical x

Popeye The Sailorman-The Adventures of a spinach eating sailor man

Sonic The Hedgehog-The adventures of the speedy hedgehog and Sega's mascot

Danger mouse-The Adventures of London's greatest secret agent

The Inspector-The Adventures of the bumbling detective Jacques Clouseau

Capser The Friendly Ghost-The adventures of a ghost who wants to be friendly

Teensy's Life With Lilly Loud-Teensy The Triterrortops of Massive Monster Mayhem's adventures with lily loud of The loud House

phoebe and snorky-Phoebe attempts to educate snorky as video tapes show

the three stooges-the adventures of three bumbling pals larry curly moe (and sometimes shemp)

scooby doo and guess who-scooby doo and the gang team up with a special guest star each episode

the justice friends-three of earts mightiest heroes team up under one roof to face the challenge of everyday life starring major glory val halen and the infraggable krunk watch as hilarity ensues

snuffy smith-the adventures of a country hunter based on the strip of the same name

looney tunes-the looney adventures of bugs bunny and friends 

homestar runner shorts-homestar runner and his friends getting into shenanigans

wedgies-random cartoon shorts

strong bad emails-strang bads checks email from his fan

the aquabats cartoon shorts-animated shorts about the aquabats

the funtastic treasure hunt-the 321 penguins aquabats powerpuff girls action league louds mmm monsters scooby doo gang and looney tunes going on daily treasure hunts to get the treasure before dick dastardly and muttley get it first

jercat-the adventures of a young superheroine who flies like a jet and fights like a cat hence the name

spy vs spy-a black and white spy try to outwit each other

perry's owca files-perry and dr.doofenshmirtz leading a team of new owca agents

the banana splits music video-a music video starring the banana splits

wallace and gromit-the adventures of a crackpot inventor and his dog

bert and ernie's great adventures-the adventures of bert and ernie in different lands

fractured fairy tales-comedic retellings of classic fairy tales

 Season 1 

  1.  Time For A Comeback-The splits disgusted by the Banana Splits Movie decide to make a proper comeback and hire new members meanwhile the powerpuff girls must stop the smiths when they want revenge
  2. Fleegle The Menace-Fleegle runs into a French criminal and after he puts his mole on him the police mistake him for La Fran the Splits must find out who is real and who is fake
  3. Uh Oh Chongo!-the gang ends up on Danger Island and meets Morgan And Chongo who must help them find a boat and return home meanwhile danger mouse must save london when baron von greenback attempts to flood the whole city the aardvark faces boris the aardvark as they fight over a can of chocolate covered ants
  4. The Micro Venture-When The splits end up shrunken they are helped by The characters from Micro-Ventures meanwhile the ant and the aardvark end up in prehistoric times sonic the hedgehog tries to find uncle chuck and the pink panther has trouble with a pet rock
  5. Back In Time-the splits end up back in time and meet The Three Musketeers and Dooley who must help them get back to they're time meanwhile popeye tries to prove himself to superman who is actually bluto in disguise the pink panther becomes a secret agent and the ant and the aardvark end up in Antarctica when the ant goes on vacation
  6. Fleegle in the Dessert-Stuck In traffic Fleegle must survive in the dessert when the city disappears meanwhile a cartoon is told about Popeye meeting the forty thieves The ant finds some vitamins and and the pink panther tries to be a doctor
  7. The Banana Knights-The Banana splits end up back in time again this time a time machine sends them to ancient Arabia where they run into the Arabian knights who are dealing with backar trying to steal gold meanwhile the powerpuff girls make they're own adventure on a rainy day Popeye deals with a ship full of ghosts and attempts to get him and olive back to civilization but the ghosts think otherwise
  8. The Pilot-The Splits watch the pilot for infinity train pilot but first they must find it after fleegle reveals he lost it
  9. Super Drooper-Drooper Becomes his own superhero super Drooper and he must prove he is a true superhero when la fran goes on a crime spree meanwhile The inspector deals with a boat style smuggling the pink panther goes to war with his neighbor due to a mysterious voice and danger mouse and jeopardy mouse work together to solve the mystery of a missing cat
  10. Baby Ky-The splits meet baby ky who ends up joining the splits meanwhile sonic is framed for multiple crimes by eggman's latest creation metal sonic the pink panther meets up with a seal after accidentally ending up in the arctic danger mouse fights count duckula and bluto sues Popeye and sends him to court
  11. Hide And Seek-During A game of Hide and seek the splits try to find Baby Ky but turns out she was hiding under the covers cause she fell asleep meanwhile sonic must deal with scratch and ground and the inspector must deal with a three headed criminal
  12. Baby Splits-Baby Ky Becomes a adult out of nowhere but the splits become babies so she must take care of them meanwhile danger mouse must deal with Julius Von King Kong the third sonic deals with the crazy monkey coconuts and The Inspector must deal with two face louie
  13. I'm In love with a sour Grape-Baby Ky meets her first love only problem? he is a member of the sour grapes meanwhile the aardvark finally eats the ant but regrets it as he has no more motivation the pink panther meets up with a vampire and Popeye must give up spinach when he injures bluto 
  14. S.S.Split-The Banana Splits go on a pirate adventure to get they're pirate costumes for they're play meanwhile the aardvark tries to catch the ant with the help of a computer the pink panther adopts a fish hi jinks ensue and danger mouse is captured so jeopardy teams up with new agent Tosh Mouse
  15. Kyderella-The splits do a play of Cinderella with Ky as Cinderella meanwhile the pink panther is a caveman who is struggling with hunger and fights for a bone against other prehistoric creatures and sonic manages to get uncle Chuck's memory back but must help him escape eggman's lair
  16. Super Drooper's jealousy-Super Drooper get's jealous of Baby Ky's favorite superhero spiderman cause she loves him dearly but when Ky needs saving he must come to her rescue meanwhile the ant saves a tiger who becomes his friend and helps him deal with the aardvark and the inspector must deal with a mysterious criminal in black and find a missing gorilla
  17. Happy Birthday Baby Ky-While Baby Ky is out with Harmony The other splits get ready for her surprise meanwhile Danger mouse tries to get Tosh And Jeopardy together and the aardvark ends up in prehistoric times where ants are giant and sonic tries to de-roboticize uncle Chuck
  18. Storybook Adventure-The Splits are transported into a giant book of children's stories and must fix them after they were changed by La Fran meanwhile sonic must deal with eggman's metal sally robot the aardvark get's lonely while the ant is on vacation so he follows him and the inspector must deal with a beautiful dame who is secretly a criminal
  19. Splits in A bottle-When The splits end up in a bottle it's up to teanna harmony and ky to win a band battle to get a wish to wish them out meanwhile secret squirrel deals with the miniscule quark who is destroying all the world's biggest buildings the pink panther must deal with a bandit after he gives him his pink tonic 
  20. Ky In Wonderland-Ky falls down a rabbit hole and ends up in Wonderland where she meets the characters only difference is that they look like the other splits meanwhile sonic has a nightmare and it is slowly coming true and secret squirrel must deal with voodoo goat
  21. The Dilly Sisters-The Splits meet the Dilly Sisters at a concert meanwhile the inspector dresses up as a woman to get info on the chief and the pink panther makes a comic book
  22. Early Halloween-The Splits talk about how every store is is filled with Halloween stuff but blueby hates halloween meanwhile capser makes a friend in the form a cute little fox he names ferdie and the pink panther unknowingly checks into a haunted hotel
  23. The Great Pumpkin-Ky and Harmony wait for The Great Pumpkin not knowing he isn't real meanwhile casper meets two kids in an old kentucky home and sonic must deal with a metal sonic bend on revenge
  24. Banana Splits B.C.-The Splits Go Preshistoric but with all the future stuff is it gonna turn into technology enduced chaos? segments: The Ant And The Arrdvark in: Technology Phooey The Pink Panther in: Preshistoric Pink Phoebe and Snorky in: Furniture Casper The Friendly Ghost In: The Absent Minded Robot Teensy's Life with Lily Loud: Blues Clues And You
  25. The Splits Get A Clue-The banana splits go on Blues Clues and guest star and help Josh Find Clues segments: The Pink Panther in: Pinkfinger Pheobe And Snorky in: Bridge Teensy's Life with Lily Loud in: Teensy's The Babysitter
  26. Phoebe's visit-Snorky's friend from hey Arnold and co star in Phoebe and Snorky Phoebe segments: popeye meets sinbad Phoebe and snorky: tv phoebe and snorky: fishing phoebe and snorky: boat

Season 2

  1. Beetlejuice-The Splits meet Beetlejuice on Halloween meanwhile the pink panther deals with a vampire phoebe teaches snorky about bowling and Popeye deals with superman who is actually Bluto in disguise
  2. The End Of Super Drooper-Drooper feels like he should retire as Super Drooper as he feels like he is not that super the splits become superheros to help him meanwhile the pink panther adopts a fish danger mouse is in a musical with pink dawn and popeye tells the story of how he faced off with a giant in the form of jack and the beanstalk
  3. Friday The 13th-today is Friday the 13th the unluckiest day of all the months little do they know Jason is already here and is actually here to play a cartoon segments: scooby doo and guess who guest starring the funky phantom and courage the cowardly dog the three stooges: spook louder
  4. Angel-Fleegle's lover angel comes to visit segments: the and and the aardvark: an ant in my plans
  5. The Banana Split Masquerade-The splits go to a masquerade segments: The Pink Panther: Pinksylvania The Three Stooges: higher then a kite
  6. Chuck E Cheese spongebob and mickey and minnie mouse -Chuck E Cheese and Spongebob and mickey mouse Guest star segments: the three stooges: when a body meets a body Popeye the sailor man: valley of the goons
  7. Banana Dooby Doo-The banana splits meet up with Scooby Doo after they're van breaks down and go to solver the case of a sour grape phantom segments: the three stooges: pop goes the easel Popeye the sailorman: aladdin and his wonderful lamp
  8. The Banana Splits Food Drive-The Splits Starts a food drive to help they're banana buds across the world who are starving segments: the three stooges: so long mr.chumps scooby doo and guess who: guest starring the banana splits the pink panther: the midnight ride of pink revere
  9. New york vacation-the splits go to new york for a vacation segments: phoebe and snorky: hammock teensy's like with lily loud: all's fair at the fair the pink panther: jet pink phoebe and snorky: airplane the three stooges: disorder in the court songs: i'm a dude by kel mitchell as ed trapped in the drive thru by weird AL
  10. Freddy's late-the gang decided to help Freddy be on time segments: scooby doo and a guess who guest starring orson and friends
  11. The Splits In Court-The banana splits are arrested by officer stevie for making too much noise that the neighbors can hear segments: the pink panther: G.I pink three stooges: who done it?
  12. My friend Micheal-Micheal Myers comes to the club and tries to make friends with the banana splits segments: scooby doo and guess who: guest starring secret squirrel and morocco mole the three stooges: fixer upper
  13. young Love-micheal and ky try to get together without anyone knowing segments the pink panther: pinkerella the three stooges: a snitch in time phoebe and snorky: trampoline
  14. the cheese caper-when the world's supply of cheese is stolen that officer stevie retires the splits use they're skills to solve the case segments: phoebe and snorky: game console life with lily: nightmare on sesame street the inspector: le miserobots
  15. The banana splits meet the ghostbusters-during a haunted house party ghosts starts popping up there the splits call the ghostbusters segments: the three stooges we want our mummy popeye the sailorman: fright to the finish capser the friendly ghost: to boo or not to boo
  16. Friendaversary-it's the anniversary of the first time the banana splits met so they sing a song segments: scooby doo and guess who guest starring: ronald mcdonald and friends the three stooges: on the ham
  17. Thanksgiving splits-the splits celebrate thanksgiving and try to trap a turkey but then learn the lesson never trap a sad turkey segments: life with lily: thanksgiving snuffy smith: turkey shoot 
  18. Species change-a witch changes the splits species the splits become human and baby ky becomes a bunny after they argue about which species suffers the worse segments: the three stooges: a plumbing we will go danger mouse: the toilet con cometh scooby doo and guess who: guest starring andrew w.k.
  19. a banana splits thanksgiving -the splits are celebrating thanksgiving with excitement and they are inviting you to it yogi bear decides to visit but it's chaos as the turkey from thankskilling appears and drooper has a dream about tom turkey axing himself segments: the three stooges malice in the palace jerky turkey tom and jerry in: little orphan
  20. The banana splits nutcracker special-baby ky get's a nutcracker as a present after fighting the mouse king where it becomes human (played by sour grapes james) and they splits follow her and the nutcracker into the land of sweets
  21. The search for blueby's parents-blueby doesn't know what Christmas is due to being seperated from his parents when his country was at war segments: popeye-spinach greetings pheobe and snorky-christmas teensy's life with lily-a loud house christmas woody woodpecker-the 12 lies of christmas
  22. To The Beach-the splits head to the beach for a vacation- segments: popeye: a day at muscle beach three stooges: halfwits holiday
  23. Jury duty-the splits get jury duty from officer stevie the pink panther in: who's smiling now popeye in: cops is always right
  24. new year same splits-the banana splits get set for the new year what follows are live action segments cartoon segments: pheobe and snorky: music life with lily: here's roger
  25. valentines body swap-velveteen get's blueby a body swap machine swapping all of the split's bodies including special guest bonkers d bobcat segments: pheobe and snorky: valentines day life with lily: the upside down house sick bricks-shhhh 
  26. the kobe tribute show-the gang pays tribute to kobe bryant but bibleman villain the shadow of doubt want's to ruin it segments: popeye: the umpire strikes back pinkin panther: pink 8-ball

Season 3 

  1. Sports day-the splits celebrate sports day  nick get's tickets to the football game and josh makes a bet segments: pheobe and snorky: softball pink panther: in the pink popeye: you gotta be a football hero teensy's life with lily: Baby Birthday Nightmare for Teensy
  2. Happy Easter-fleegle's favorite holiday easter is the subject of today's episode as all the episodes have to do with said holiday segments: pheobe and snorky: bunny care
  3. happy st.patrick;s day-st.patrick's days is celebrated this episode the three stooges: mail order brides popeye-popeye on holiday
  4. the carona virus and a broken leg-the splits talk about the carona virus as well as welcome new members bugs and lola bubble and aarkvie has a broken leg teensy's life with lily- how to survive the corona virus pheobe and snorky-hospital popeye-i yam love sick
  5. Banana Splits Video Chat-the splits have a video chat with special guests woody and winnie woodpecker segments: pheobe and snorky-doctors teensy's life with lily-the scary episode
  6. Banana splits live-the banana splits go live from home featuring oswald the lucky rabbit,duchess,yakko warner,and sonic the hedgehog segments: pheobe and snorky-exercise life with teensy-the wild life
  7. Random episode-it's a random episode segments: popeye: the island of no return the three stooges: a plumbin we will go
  8. pirate splits-after woody finds a treasure map the splits go on a treasure hunt little do they know the villains want it segments: popeye: a day at muscle beach the pink panther: pinky: he delievers the ant and the aardvark: isle of caprice
  9. Another Video chat-another video chat happens with the splits what will happen this time pink panther: doctor pink the ant and the aardvark: from bed to worse popeye: the medicine man
  10. The spread-the splits try to deal with the coranavirus spread cartoon segments: pink panther in: pinknic popeye in: shuteye popeye the ant and the aardvark in: scratch a tiger
  11. The Regis Philbin tribute-the splits pay tribute to regis philbin
  12. the pizzeria murder- after fleegle tell the splits about few murders that happened at several pizzeria's the show goes all spooky segments: popeye: ghost host the pink panther: ghost and mr.panther pheobe and snorky: halloween decorating
  13. Post Office salute-the splits talk about the post office and donate to them to help them stay in business segments: pink panther: the pink is in the mail popeye: motor knocks teensy's life with lily: louds pay the bills
  14. time traveling splits-bill ted death walt dinsey jim henson and death help the banana splits stop a time traveling villains from erasing the show from existence segment: the pink panther: pink in time the ant and the aardvark: one small step for ant casper the friendly ghost: red white and boo
  15. Prevent Wildfires-the gang learns how to stop forest fires segments: popeye the sailorman: popeye the sailorman the pink panther: rock a bye pinky casper the friendly ghost: spunky skunky
  16. Election day-The splits are set for election day but after a sudden arguement between josh and nick could this be the last episode segments: popeye the sailorman-popeye for president pheobe and snorky-voting teensy's life with lily-the store conspiracy
  17. prank day power outage-the power goes out at the clubhouse during prank day but the workers slack off segments will be all about pranks due to it being prank day segments: popeye- cookin with gags pink panther-pink pranks teensy's life lily-lily's wedgie spree
  18. the banana splits meet the fantastic four-doctor doom kidnaps baby ky it's up to the banana splits and the fantastic four to save her
  19. summer hear-the gang tries to figure out what how to beat the heat cartoon segments: pink panther: bummer vacation the ant and the aardvark: dune bug phoebe and snorky: the beach

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