The Adventures Of Josh And SIlv follows the adventures of two human who are pets of a cat and a dog couple of jericho dog and claypso cat in a bizzare world where pets are human's and human's are pets in which the pets become human and the human's become pets due to the toxic waste spill in the gulf of mexico


Season 1

  1. The Oil Spill-a story is told of what happened after the oil spill in the gulf of mexico and how it turned human's into pets and pets into animals
  2. Pet Shows-Josh and silv compete in a pet show with stiff competition 
  3. The Pet Catcher-A devious grumpy pet catcher tries to capture josh and silv
  4. Back To the past-Josh and Silv are caught in a time warp back to the oil spill but when they prevent it from happening they realize they have threatened they're existence so they must make things right
  5. Thanksgiving-after finding out the pet catcher didn't have a good thanksgiving they decide to invite him and teach him how even though he is grump they still appreciate him
  6. How The Catcher stole a Christmas carol-the pet catcher attempts to steal christmas in a parody of the grinch but is then visited by his late father and three ghosts of christmas meanwhile silv feels he is worthless and is showed what life in petsville would be like without him
  7. a new years story-during new years eve a narrator (voice of bruce willis) tells of his new year in petsville in a parody to a christmas story
  8. The wedding-Jericho and calypso get married the pet catcher tried to capture them wearing a priest disguise
  9. Happy new year-josh tries to make a resolution this year but realizes he doesn't need to make one
  10. a bride for the dog catcher-the dog catcher wants a valentine so he tries to find one 
  11. youtube channel-josh and silc want to start a youtube channel the youtubers give them advice

Season 2

season 3

season 4

season 5

season 6 (final season)

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