The 2nd Scary Scream is the sequel to The Scary Scream (scream and Scary Movie crossover). There is another sequel: The Final Scary Scream: Cindy Campbell vs Sindey Prescott


The film begins where the last one left off. A now insane Charlie Walker attacks Kirby Reed after returning months after his supposed death in Scream 4. Charlie knocks out Kirby and kidnaps her and a month later he goes on a new killing spree with a mysterious partner. Cindy Campbell and Sidney Prescott team up (this time with Dewey Riley helping) once again to defeat the killers


Cindy leaves the sheriffs office to personally help Sidney and Dewey Riley with Charlie's return with 5 police officers: Alfred (who Sidney is in love with), Micheal, Bruce, Barbara and Selina (Cindy's best friend next to Sidney). Cindy and Sidney talk about Charlie's supposed death at the hands of Jill roberts and how he survived. Charlie then arrives on the scene and plays a film which is part one out of 4. It shows Charlie torturing Kirby with a metal pipe meaning that Charlie is insane now. A second, female ghostface whom Charlie introduces as his new partner attacks Cindy and Sidney. Barbara comes to aid them and results in getting stabbed in the forehead by Charlie and he laughs while doing so confirming that Charlie has gone insane. They manage to escape from Charlie and the new ghostface and they wonder who his new partner is and how anyone is crazy enough to help him. the group splits up: Bruce and Cindy go after the second ghostface and Alfred and Sidney go after Charlie. Bruce and Cindy do not find the second ghostface but are shown part 2 of the video with Kirby and Charlie is shown torturing Kirby again, this time by branding her cheek with the letter C. When Cindy calls Charlie an insane monster, Charlie instantly kills Bruce by shooting him in the forehead in front of Cindy and sends the second ghostface at her.  Cindy and the second ghostface fight in hand to hand combat and Cindy finds herself overwhelmed by her. Cindy manages to retreat and finds Sindey and alfred. A flashback revealed what they were up to: they found a pre-recorded video by Charlie showing them part 3 of Kirby's torture this time by splashing boiling water all over her. Sidney and Cindy vow to make Charlie pay for hurting their friend and Alfred also vows to help them in any way they can.

Sidney recives an emergency call from Dewey and Selina, they are under attack by both of the ghostfaces. The trio hurry head to Dewey's house to save him and selina. Selina is under attack by the second killer while Dewey is fighting Charlie and he overwhelms Dewey. The trio arrive at the house and soon Sidney and Cindy find Selina and Dewey dead and Charie forces them to watch them to watch both being killed on a TV screen and shows Dewey having his neck snapped by The 2nd killer and Selina is brutally shocked by Charlie. Both Cindy and Sidney Break down in tears along with Alfred, seeing this. Charlie then turns off the screen and goes away. After a half hour of mourning at the house they get up and all three make vow again to make Charlie pay for everything he has done as well as the 2nd killer. Alfred and Sidney kiss and at the same time he proposes to Sidney to get married after Charlie has been stopped, she eagerly accepts thus kissing him again. Charlie contacts Cindy and Sidney by phone and informs them that playtime is over and that if they want to end this once and for all they need to come to the hospital where Jill died in which is now abandoned. They both arrive with Alfred and demand that he and the 2nd killer come out. Before they do come out they show the fourth and final segement in Kirby's torture:  it is revealed she finally cracks under pressure from the torture and becomes insane like Charlie, they both kiss and start to make plans to start a killing spree together. At that moment the 2nd killer and Charlie arrive and the 2nd killer unmasks herself revealing to truely be Kirby Reed and the branded C on her left cheek is visible, now insane and a killer just like Charlie is now. Charlie explains that he had still loved Kirby when he had stabbed her months ago and that he tortured her for so long so that they could be together and explained his views to Kirby about overall life with that being cut off from the other tapes. All 3 are shocked and sickened by this and attempt to reason with Kirby, only for her and Charlie to attack and Kirby kills Alfred in cold blood by slitting his throat in front of them. A furious Sidney (and remembers she also killed dewey) screams at Kirby, driving Sidney to the brink of madness and tackles her out of the room leaving Cindy and Charlie.

Sidney and Cindy engage the two killers in two seperate extremely Brutal fights. Sidney brutally Beats Kirby with her bare hands while Kirby fights Sidney with her bare feet. Meanwhile Cindy who is also incensed at Alfred's death and well as Selena's and others. Charlie has the upper hand at first manging to scratch her face with a mirror shard after throwing her into a mirror. Cindy has had enough and turns the tables on Charlie by collapsing a shelf on him, Brutally beats him with kicks and throws him on a bed where she almost uncontrollably punches him. Kirby and Sidney are still fighting each other to a standstill due to Kirby learning "how to take a bit of pain" during Charlie's torture sessions and Sidney's fighting skills. Kirby Kicks Sidney repeatingly until she stops her attack, does a massive uppercut on Kirby, Kicks Kirby in her face 6 times and drops a shelf on her.Kirby stabs Sidney in retaliation  in her stomach twice but she knocks the knife off of her after an attempt to stab her again. She viciously Punches her face on the floor 10 times. Kirby is now covered in her own blood and is barely able to move and Sidney finally realizes what she has done and calms down. Sidney apologizes to Kirby for losing control and hurting her so much. Kirby barely manages to say "please just end it" and mercifully ends Kirby's suffering by shooting her through the head, killing Kirby instantly and Sidney breaks down in tears. Back at the other room Charlie grabs Cindy's hand and impales it with a knife and does not remove it. Charlie's face now bloody and beaten, Starts to retaliate for it by Punching her 10 times, Stabbing her shoulder with a knife and not removing it and finally pinning her to the ground. Charlie prepared to finish her off when Sidney reappeared and said "clear" while shocking Charlie with the same chest paddles used to shock Jill Roberts . Sidney sees that Charlie's hand is twitching which means he is still alive. Before Sidney can finish him, Cindy does it for her by stabbing Charlie with the knife still in her hand finally killing Charlie Walker once and for all. Cindy is to rushed the the emergency room where her hand sadly has to be amputated because of it being impaled with the knife. Months later Sidney's overall life goes back to normal. Sidney was revealed to have been pregnant by the time of alfred's death and now has a baby boy named Alfred Prescott (named after alfred of course). Cindy is not so fortunate however she had her hand replaced surgically and the  fight with Charlie also damaged her Brain. Cindy has a mental breakdown after a series of nightmares of being Kirby while being tortured and Charlie ranting on about perfection and keeping this a secret. She goes downstairs into the kitchen where she sees Charlie as an halluctination telling her grab the knife and make herself perfect. She cuts off her surgically replaced hand, replaces it with a Knife, smiles evilly and begins laughing as she has now gone insane like Charlie and Kirby.

Ghostfaces and motives:

1. Charlie Walker: Having gone insane after his supposed death in Scream 4 he returns to torment Sidney and Cindy

2. Kirby Reeds: she was tortured by Charlie (with boiling water, a metal pipe, and being branded) into becoming an insane killer along with Charlie


1.Barbara: stabbed in the head by Charlie

2.Bruce: Shot through the head by Charlie

3. Selina: shocked to death by Kirby Reed

4. Dewey: Neck snapped by charlie

5. Alfred: throat slit by Kirby Reed

6. Kirby Reeds: Brutally beaten and pain mercifully ended by Sidney

7. Charlie Walker: Brutally Beaten by Cindy, shocked by Sidney and stabbed by Cindy


1.1st Kirby torture session:

Kirby: why are you doing this?

Charlie: Do you think i'm here to hurt you oh no no no. I am making you perfect just like me.

Kirby: your an insane killer

Charlie smacks Kirby with a pipe

Charlie: bad bad bad i know it hurts, it hurts, but i am the perfect thing here and something you gotta be cruel to be kind or just for entertainment HAHAHA!! And you well, consider yourself perfect in training HAHAHA (repeatingly smacks Kirby until session ends)

2.2nd torture session:

Charlie: see this C over here this very hot C? i bet you are thinking right now: what are you doing you can't brand me! your insane! well here's the deal i want you to see things... my way, my vision of reality into your own words, don't be a cog or a mindless drone, be like me. I am not a monster here, i'm the perfectionist, i am the head of the curve so to speak, now come and be like me we'll be TOGETHER. (brands Kirby and she begins screaming)

3.3rd torture session:

Charlie: Ah water water water, see this water in here? this is a reward for you. if you be like me you get to taste it oh it's very refreshing! i know what you're thinking it's not refreshing, oh but it is! Insanity is what drives us to our potential in the life! sanity holds us back as i learned when i was stabbed by Jill Roberts that fateful night i saw the truth that day and now SO... WILL..YOU (splashes Kirby with the boiling water and she begins screaming) torture session:

Charlie: good good good you've finally learned havent you? you've finally learned your full potential at last!

Kirby: i was a fool to resist before and now i know this is gonna be a PERFECT life!

Charlie: HAHA! YES! oh yes! the world will finally know i am back and you, you will accompany me on my return! oh but first a little gift for you my darling!

Charlie and Kirby kiss

5.Cindy goes insane:

Cindy cuts off her surgically replaced  hand

Cindy: it was filthy

Charlie hallucination: and what do you do now my darling?

Cindy picks up the knife


Cindy plundges it into her arm

Charlie hallucination: YES! YES! YES! YOU'RE PERFECT! MY DARLING!


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