The Second Lego Worlds Movie (stylized as The 2nd Lego Worlds Movie) is a 2024 American 3-D computer-animated comedy adventure film produced by DreamWorks Animation and released by Universal Pictures. Directed by Chris Miller and written by Miller, Sarah Jane Cunningham, and Suzie V. Freeman, it is the sequel to 2021's The Lego Worlds Movie and the third installment in the Lego Worlds Movie film series following the first film's 2023 spin-off SkullSword. It was produced by Ramsey Ann Naito and has a score composed by Randy Newman. The original voice cast: Justin Timberlake, Keke Palmer, Brendan Fraser, Seth Rogen, John C. Reilly, and J.K. Simmons, reprise their roles from the first film alongside newcomers to the cast including Zackary Arthur, Lila Sage Bromley, Benedict Cumberbatch, John Ortiz, Michael C. Hall, and Trevante Rhodes.

The 2nd Lego Worlds Movie
Directed by Chris Miller
Produced by Ramsey Ann Naito
Written by Chris Miller
Sarah Jane Cunningham
Suzie V. Freeman
Based on Lego Construction Toys
Starring Justin Timberlake
Keke Palmer
Brendan Fraser
Seth Rogen
John C. Reilly
J.K. Simmons
Zackary Arthur
Lila Sage Bromley
Benedict Cumberbatch
John Ortiz
Michael C. Hall
Trevante Rhodes
Music by Randy Newman
Edited by Clare Knight
Production company DreamWorks Animation
Lego A/S System
Animal Logic
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date December 19, 2024
Running time 100 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $150 million
Box office $789 million

After the first film's success, DreamWorks and Lego had plans for a sequel in 2022. Production began in May 2022, and Miller was revealed to be directing. Miller hired Cunningham and Freeman to pend the screenplay with him. Most of the original cast signed in on that same year, with new members being added in 2023 and 2024, respectively. Like its predecessor, the film is made entirely out of Lego bricks. Newman returned to compose the score.

The film was released theatrically in the United States on December 19, 2024, and has grossed $789 million worldwide. Like its predecessor, The 2nd Lego Worlds Movie received universal acclaim, with critics praising its music, animation, humor, story, characters, and voice acting. It was nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 97th Academy Awards.

This was DreamWorks Animation's final film distributed by Universal Pictures, as the rights to the entire DreamWorks Animation library, including this film, are now owned by Warner Bros. Pictures, starting with their following film, Dakota and Elle.


10 years after the events of the first film, Matthew Greenwood is now a SuperBuilder. He and his wife MetalGirl have two kids: six-year-old daughter named Elizabeth and a seven-year-old son named Jesse. Jesse is not afraid of anything and longs for an adventure, but Elizabeth is a little timid and somewhat bossy with him for his tendency to accidentally make messes. One day, a bird robot named Birdbot invades LEGO City and chases Matthew, MetalGirl, Jesse, Elizabeth, Laval, SkullSword, Manny Ankylosaurus, and Jimmy Tyrannosaurus. In the chaos, Birdbot destroys the statue Matthew built for the kids. They manage to build a plane and manage to subdue Birdbot, but crash-land when he shoots at the plane. Desperate to have his quest, Jesse spots a spaceship owned by Max Spacevest, an astronaut. Max invites them all aboard and seems to be impressed with Jesse. Jesse promises to protect his sister no matter what.

While searching for Birdbot, Matthew, MetalGirl, Laval, SkullSword, Manny, Jimmy, Max, and the kids make it to the Monkey Kingdom in a new realm: the jungle. Jesse and Elizabeth are nearly eaten by a carnivorous plant, but Laval remembers the day Jesse passed the carnivorous plant level in his Monkey Kingdom video game and uses this to his advantage to save them, killing the plant in the process. They meet the Monkey king, Fur, whom Jesse recognizes from the game. Although unimpressed with Matthew, Fur welcomes him and the rest of the gang into his kingdom. During their visit, Fur's mean brother Muck beats up Fur, causing him to lose his authority over the Monkey Kingdom. He then banishes Fur, Matthew, and the gang from the kingdom.

During their travel towards Birdbot's lair, Matthew learns of Birdbot's goal of capturing all SuperBuilders and turning them into space zombies. Birdbot's minions show up to turn the group into space zombies, but stuntman Ron Kapow saves them. Inspired, Elizabeth begins to admire Jesse's heroic antics, and they fall in love. The group follows a stream in hopes of finding Birdbot. At the end of the stream, there are traps, but they narrowly avoid them. Much to their relief, they surface in a field near Birdbot's lair, but, fed up with Jesse's recklessness, Elizabeth lashes out at him for breaking his promise and runs away. Birdbot's ballerina minion captures her until Elizabeth convinces her to stop capturing and to save SuperBuilders.

Birdbot turns the gang into space zombies. He is about to make Matthew a space zombie, but he is revealed to have been wearing earplugs. He confronts him and smashes his magic wand to bits, saving his friends and family from Birdbot's control. He SuperBuilds a great white shark, which lands in the ocean and grabs Birdbot, killing him. With their enemies gone, Jesse and Elizabeth reconcile, and the group departs back home and unites the realms in harmony. Elizabeth and Jesse stay together, Fur resumes his role as the ruler of the Monkey Kingdom, and Matthew gets hailed as the new king of Brick Island.


  • Justin Timberlake as Matthew Greenwood, a former stakeboarder-turned-SuperBuilder who is MetalGirl's husband and the soon-to-be king of Brick Island.
  • Keke Palmer as MetalGirl, a SuperBuilder and Matthew's wife.
  • Brendan Fraser as Laval, an anthropomorphic lion and a legend of Chima who is also a SuperBuilder.
  • Seth Rogen as SkullSword, a pirate skeleton who is a SuperBuilder.
  • John C. Reilly as Manny, an Ankylosaurus who is a SuperBuilder.
  • J.K. Simmons as Jimmy, a Tyrannosaurus Rex who is a SuperBuilder and Manny's best friend.
  • Zackary Arthur as Jesse Greenwood, Elizabeth's older brother and Matthew and MetalGirl's son who longs for a quest.
  • Lila Sage Bromley as Elizabeth Greenwood, Jesse's younger sister and Matthew and MetalGirl's daughter who is shy and is somehow bossy with him for his tendency to accidentally make messes with his imagination
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Fur, the self-proclaimed ruler of the Monkey Kingdom.
  • John Ortiz as Birdbot, a bird-robot variant who wants to destroy all SuperBuilders.
  • Michael C. Hall as Max Spacevest, an astronaut.
  • Trevante Rhodes as Ron Kapow, Brick Island's greatest stuntman.
  • Martin Starr as Muck, Fur's mean brother.
  • James Marsden as Fred, a fire wizard and former villain who is now a SuperBuilder.
  • Catherine Keener as Laura, the chief of the Brick Island Police Department.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as Suzy Greenwood, Matthew's mother.
  • Tara Strong as Ballerina
  • Sarah Jane Cunningham and Suzie V. Freeman as Birdbot's minions
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