This is a List of three stories that takes place before the events of The 100 Acre Wood series.

Part 1

Cholena the daughter of the indian chief of a mouse tribe in the forest befriended Jiminy Cricket who taught her about what was right and wrong. So - little Cholena went on an adventure to the other side of the 100 acre wood - where She encounters new friends such as a mighty rat sorcerer named Nicodemus and enemies such as a large group of Mouse Bandits who lived in a Bandit Camp. They followed Cholena in hot pursuit. But then - She escaped. With help from a small green creature named Jedi Master Yoda - Jiminy and Nicodemus struggled to bring Cholena back to the indian village. Along the way - Nicodemus got separated from the others and went looking for them at a beach. Meanwhile - Cholena and Jiminy realized that Nicodemus is in danger. So - They find him and rescued him from Monstro the Whale. Jiminy and the others got Cholena home.

Part 2

Nicodemus and his group of rats were captured by humans and were sent to a place known as N.I.M.H.

The rats have become intelligent and They escaped Nimh with help from a heroic mouse called Jonathan Brisby. Months passed after the escape. Nicodemus introduced two teenage rats Justin and Jenner to Cholena and Jiminy.

Meanwhile - Jenner sensed that his mother had been captured by The Mouse Bandits. He found her at their home. But she died. Jenner became enraged - Killing everyone at the Bandit Camp. Finally He realized he had done something terribly wrong. Cholena - in the meantime - discovered that Justin is fighting back with a fierce cat called Dragon. So - Cholena jumped in and she and Justin ran for their lives. Jenner saw what was happening and he tried to stop the cat. But just as Dragon is about to finish him off - Cholena sneaked onto the cat's head and pulled both his ears hardly causing him to run off. That evening - Justin told Cholena that He was going to become the Captain of the Guard one day.

Part 3

Jiminy Yoda and Nicodemus trained Justin to fight the dangers of the forest. One day Yoda discovered that Peg Leg Pete is planning to take over the hundred acre wood. So - Yoda confronted Pete and Pete - However - changed his mind. When Yoda found Cholena at the indian village - He told her that the real person behind Pete's plot is Jenner - who is consumed by a lust for power.

One night - Cholena went to a Pond where she spends time with Jenner. She told him that He had turned his back on his friends. Furious at what Cholena said back at him - Jenner almost torn Cholena's clothes. But was stopped by Justin and the two rats fought each other back with two Sticks. When they reached a cliffside - Jenner is about to bash Justin on the head. But Cholena jumped in his way and Jenner accidently took a step backward falling into a river below. a wounded Jenner survived and Pete came to save him. Cholena broked down and wept for what she has done. But Justin told her it is allright and they embraced.

Cholena and her tribe moved to Skull Rock and build a new village. Cholena bid farewell to her beloved friends Jiminy Yoda Justin and Nicodemus.

One day - Jiminy sees that a small friendly Bear named Winnie the Pooh will save the hundred acre wood from the forces of evil. This bear is their only hope.

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