That's Us
Genre Comedy


Created by Ifan Barber
Starring Various
Opening Theme That's Us theme
Location Cardiff, UK
Country Of Origin United Kingdom
Number Of Episodes 32
Running Time 30 minutes
Original Channel: BBC One
Original Air Date 21st April 2019 - present
Produced by BBC Studios
Directed by Various
That's Us is a British television comedy-drama created by Ifan Barber that premiered on BBC One on April 21st 2019. It focuses on a group of four friends in their early 20s and the progression of their friendship through various obstacles. It has aired four series of eight episodes to date, with a fifth and final series currently in production, which will be followed by a conclusive feature film.

The four primary characters serve as the series' only main cast members in series one, while in all remaining series only three of the friends are main cast members. Supporting characters include each primary character's family members and significant others.



  • Flower Matthews, a teaching graduate currently taking time off before finding a job.
  • Fiona Thomas, a barista at a local coffee shop and a devout Christian.
  • Shona Griffiths, the manager of a local restaurant who always has a different boyfriend.
  • Ira Banbury, Flower's cousin who initially leaves for an internship in New York before returning, he now attends university in London. (Main, season 1, supporting season 2 - )


  • Brody Carson, Shona's on-and-off boyfriend, despised by the other friends.
  • Nora Matthews, Flower's mother and Ira's aunt.
  • Ruth Thomas, Fiona's mother.
  • Anthony Thomas, Fiona's father.
  • Peter Griffiths, Shona's father.
  • Tori Griffiths, Shona's mother.
  • Kate Banbury, Ira's mother.
  • Leigh Banbury, Ira's father.
  • Laila Banbury, Ira's sister.
  • Chris Matthews, Flower's brother.
  • George Matthews, Flower's brother.
  • Simon Matthews, Flower's brother.
  • Maya Griffiths, Shona's sister.
  • Tim Lewis, Briefly Fiona's love interest.


Series 1

Series 1 of That's Us premiered on April 21st 2019 and ran for eight episodes.

Episode Title Synopsis Airdate
1 Graduation Party It's the day of Flower's graduation, and while she originally plans it as a friends-only occasion, a family dinner prompts her to invite her younger cousin Ira to the occasion. Proving to be the soul of the party, Fiona and Shona, Flower's two best friends, suspect they've found a replacement for a former member of their group who's just ditched them. 21st April 2019
2 Pub Quiz Shona and Fiona insist that Flower invites Ira to the weekly pub quiz in town, and when he shows up he proves to be key to their success. At home, Flower's mother is reluctant for her to become closer friends with Ira, and the sentiment is echoed by Ira's parents too. Meanwhile, Shona tells Fiona about a new boy who's starting working at the restaurant, and he just happens to be Ira's arch nemesis. 28th April 2019
3 Exams Ira has just finished his exams and is banking on getting into Manchester University in the Autumn. While out for dinner with Flower, Shona and Fiona, he's left dumbfounded when Brody joins them too. He tells Flower all about him, and she gets concerned about Shona's future with Brody in it. 5th May 2019
4 Summer Road Trip Flower invites Ira to join her, Shona and Fiona on their annual road trip to Pembrokeshire. While en route, Shona receives a phone call from Brody and their whole weekend away is thrown into jeopardy. Meanwhile, Fiona has recently been embracing religion, and has started reading aloud from the Bible to pass the time, much to Flower's annoyance. 12th May 2019
5 Garden Party Ira decides to have a garden party for his 18th birthday and invites everyone. They have a good time until Shona decides to leave early after an offer of a drive with Brody. Sick of playing second fiddle to her new boyfriend, the new trio decide it may be time to end their friendship with her. Meanwhile, an advance from her pastor casts doubt over Fiona's faith. 19th May 2019
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