That's My Dad is a 2016 American Family Comedy Sitcom, premiering on the ABC Family Network on September 7, 2016, and stars Dylan Sprayberry,


A family of four will be changed forever, when an archaeologist gets turned back into a 16 year old. Now he, his wife, and two teenage kids must adjust to their new life, as he heads back to High School.


Nick Wechsler as "Adult" Daniel "Danny" Carter & Dylan Sprayberry as "Teenage" Danny - An archaeologist that was turned back into a 14 yr. old kid, by an old purple gem. Now that he's a kid, he goes back to High School with his two kids, watching out for them, as an over protective dad/"cousin", until he can find a way to turn back into an adult. He's the new co-captain of the Basketball team, with his son Andrew.

 as Jennifer Carter - Daniels wife, who is having trouble adjusting to a 14 yr. old husband.

Lulu Antariksa as Alexis Carter - Daniel and Jen's 16 yr. old daughter. She often argues with her father, but does a lot to help him redo High School.

 as Andrew Carter - Daniel and Jen's 14 Yr. Old son and the co-captain of the Basketball team, alongside his father.

Jake Reynolds (Jonny Gray) - Andrew's best friend, who eventually finds out about Daniel and helps his friends protect his secret.

Trina Thomas (victoria justice) - Another one of Andrew's friends, eventually girlfriend. She also finds out about Andrew's father.

Mr. Jameson (Frank Oz) - A science teacher that does his best to make Alexis and Andrew miserable, but when he does, Daniel is always willing to snap back at him.

Taylor Stacy (eliza bennett) - A popular cheerleader and friend of Trina's, who constantly hits on Daniel. When she went with Trina to the Carter house to see Daniel, Jennifer tried to make her uncomfortable.

Jackson (Graham Philips) - An unbright jock that picks on Andrew, but is stood up to by Daniel.


Season 1

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