Texas Killing Fields is a 2012 horror movie that was released in theatres in March 12, 2012 in which four friends are terrorised by a physcotic gas station owner and his brother in the rural roads of Texas.

The film was directed by Sean Skene and was polarized by critics.

The film achieved $179,000,000 at it's opening weekend and debuded at #1 at the box office. The film went on to make $965,000,000 worldwide.

Plot Summary 

The film begins with five youngsters – Jenny, Tyrell, Sylvia, Marla and D.J. travelling down an abandoned Florida road as part of their road trip in a camping van. They pick up a hitch-hiker named Thomas and then stop for gas, they meet two brothers Harry and Sawyer, who run the gas station. The brothers get into a fight and Sawyer threatens to kill Jenny and Sylvia, the group flee to safety after being shot at and continue along the highway. They are followed by the brothers in the truck and they eventually crash with another car carrying Big J. The brothers attack the group and they drive off. After sleeping, the next day they are run of the road into a river by the brothers, and forced into the woods after Sawyer kills D.J by gutting him with a chainsaw. They fight for survival in the woods and Big J is attacked and presumably killed. They kill Thomas by shooting an arrow through his head, then Jenny, Tyrell and Sylvia find a farm house and look for help. It is revealed it is the brothers house which they use for tortuting and killing victims. They are tied to a dinner table and made to eat D.J and Thomas. Whilst arguing in the kitchen, Sylvia breaks free and lets the others escape, they are chased in the lawn and hide in the barn where Harry kills Sylvia by ripping her to pieces with a chainsaw. Jenny and Tyrell attempt an escape by stealing a truck, they run over Sawyer and Harry kills Tyrell. Jenny crashes the truck and runs into the woods where she faces off with Harry and thinks she has killed him. The next morning, she is seen walking down the highway and is picked up by Big J and Pretzel who are revealed to be alive. As they drive off, Sawyer appears in the back of the truck with a shotgun, the screen fades to black and shots are heard. It is revealed in the third movie that both Jenny and Big J were killed.


Actor/Actress Character
Danielle Panabaker Jenny Callow
Chace Crawford Tyrell Medows
Alexandra Daddario Sylvia Miles
Mitch Hewer DJ Campbell
Ariana Grande Marla Williamson
Erik Knudson Thomas Santos
Daniel Radcliffe Paul Nenniger
Frankie Muniz Aaron Sanford
Pretzel Flick The Dog


The film was met with critical praise when it was release to the public. The film was screened in advance for critics. The film was majorly critisised for being to similar to "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Jeepers Creepers". The film debuted at #1 at the US Box Office in it's opening week, making $179,000,000 during it's opening weekend. The film dropped to #9 the following week. The film was successful internationally, and debuted at #1 at the box office in the UK, Italy, India, Australia and China. The film grossed $965,000,000 worldwide.


Character Death Killed By
DJ Gutted with a chainsaw Sawyer
Thomas Shot in the head with an arrow Harry

Ripped apart by a chainsaw


Throat slit



  • Body count = 6
  • The film was first offered to Wes Craven, who turned it down in 2002. 
  • The film has been in and out of production since 2007.
  • Alexandra Daddario broke her ankle during filming.
  • Danielle Panabaker said she disliked the movie's final cut.
  • A sequel was greenlit on 10th May 2012, three months after the film's initial release.
  • The film was released in Europe in January 2012, but wasn't released in the United States until March 12th.
  • Sean Skene said he wouldn't make a sequel as the first movie was so close to being slated.
  • Mila Kunis was offered the role of Sylvia, but turned it down.
  • Lionsgate and Universal were in a bidding war over the film in 2006, Lionsgate ultimatley won.
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