Texas Chainsaw Massacre 5: The Return of Leatherface is an American horror-slasher film starring Agnes Bruckner, Sean Faris, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ryan Merriman, Odette Yustman, Chelan Simmons, Crystal Lowe, Nicholas D'Agosto, Arlen Escarpeta, Ryan Hansen and Andrew Bryniarski


10 college friends are on their way to discover more about the Hewitt house and what really went on there. Now it's up to the college friends to survive the night at the Hewitt house or else they will all be dead soon.


The film begins with Leatherface cleaning off his chainsaw and looks outside. 10 college friends are in Texas to discover more about the Hewitt house, they get to the Hewitt house and look around, Julie sees something walk by and goes to look but finds nothing. Julie turns around and is scared by Bobby, Leatherface then squeezes Bobby's skull and Julie runs and screams outside. They ask what happened and Julie says that Bobby was killed. Molly starts crying and she and Marcus run to the truck, Marcus pushes Molly and drives away. Molly then runs back to the group and tells them that Marcus drove off in the truck, Chris tries to call Marcus but he doesn't have reception. Marcus still driving runs out of gas and gets out the car and runs into the woods. Leatherface comes up behind him and slashes his face with his chainsaw and takes Marcus' body back to the Hewitt house. Julie, Chris, Molly and Matt decide to go look for Marcus. While the group are walking in the woods they see Marcus' dead body, they sceam and Molly has her throat slit with his chainsaw and Matt hits him in the face with a log and the group run back to where the other group is. They tell them that Marcus and Molly are dead and they need to get out of there, Matt decides to take charge of the group, Leatherface gets up and goes to look for the group. Leatherface gets to the group comes up behind Matt and decapitates him with his chainsaw and the group run to the Hewitt house to hide.

Leatherface comes in the house he finds Marnie and slashes her to death with his chainsaw and Jenny runs outside the house, Julie and Chris see Leatherface and Chris drops a glass of eyeballs and Leatherface hears this and Julie, Chris and Jerry run outside the house while Leatherface drags Karen down his basement. The trio find Jenny and she tells them that they have to leave now but they disagree and Jenny runs into the woods to escape into the road but Leatherface finds her and cuts her in half. Julie, Chris and Jerry make it back to the Hewitt house and hear Karen screaming for help. Julie, Chris and Jerry go to the basement and find Karen tied up to a chair and Jerry cuts her loose with his pocket knife. Leatherface returns to his house with Jenny's body and they hear him. They try to look for a way to escape Leatherface comes downstairs and Jerry stabs him in his chest with his pocket knife, Leatherface rips out the pocket knife and stabs Jerry in his chest. Karen screams and tries to run upstairs but Leatherface stabs her several times with the pocket knife and Julie screams and hits him with a wooden baseball bat and Julie and Chris run and hide upstairs.

Leatherface gets up and goes upstairs to find them, Julie and Chris hide in a bathroom, Chris puts his ear on the bathroom door to listen for Leatherface and Leatherface stabs him through his head with his chainsaw and Julie screams and runs back into the basement, grabs an axe and hides in a locker. Leatherface comes downstairs and finds her, Julie stabs him in the arm with the axe, grabs a shotgun and runs out of the house into the barn. Leatherface gets up and goes to find Julie. He goes to the barn and finds Julie hiding with the cows and Julie pops up and shoots him 4 times with the shotgun and Julie runs to the meat warehouse, Julie grabs a machete and waits for Leatherface to come. Leatherface walks into the meat warehouse and finds Julie and stabs him with a machete 3 times and grabs Leatherface's chainsaw and slashes his face and he dies. Julie runs into the woods, gets to the road and gets in the car and drives away.


Agnes Bruckner as Julie - One of the college students discovering the Hewitt house

Sean Faris as Chris - Julie's boyfriend comforting her on the trip to discover more about the Hewitt house

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Karen - Julie's best friend also on the trip to discover the Hewitt house

Ryan Merriman as Jerry - Karen's boyfriend also on the trip to discover more about the Hewitt house

Odette Yustman as Marnie - Julie's other best friend also on the trip to discover more about the Hewitt house

Chelan Simmons as Jenny - One of the college students on the trip to discover more about the Hewitt house she also doesn't like Julie and is Julie's competition

Crystal Lowe as Molly - Jenny's best friend also on the trip to discover more about the Hewitt house and is Bobby's girlfriend

Nicholas D'Agosto as Matt - Chris' best friend also on the trip to discover more about the Hewitt house he is also the group leader

Arlen Escarpeta as Marcus - Chris' other best friend also is on the trip to discover more about the Hewitt house and only wants to save himself so Leatherface doesn't kill him

Ryan Hansen as Bobby - Molly's boyfriend also on the trip to discover more about the Hewitt house

Andrew Bryniarski as Thomas Hewitt/Leatherface


Bobby- Skull squeezed

Marcus- Face slashed with Leatherface's chainsaw

Molly- Throat slit with Leatherface's chainsaw

Matt- Decapitated with Leatherface's chainsaw

Marnie- Slashed to death with Leatherface's chainsaw

Jenny- Cut in half with Leatherface's chainsaw

Jerry- Stabbed in chest with his pocket knife

Karen- Stabbed several times with Jerry's pocket knife

Chris- Stabbed through head with Leatherface's chainsaw

Thomas Hewitt/Leatherface- Stabbed in arm with an axe, shot 4 times with a shotgun, stabbed 3 times with a machete and slashed in face with his chainsaw by Julie



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