Texas Chainsaw Masscure Campground is a 2018 Horror Slasher Thriller Film starring Lea Michelle, Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Hall, Jane Levy, Dianna Argona and Travis Van Winkle.

Plot Summary

Six young friends investigating the murders of a group of teenagers nearly three decades earlier in the small town of Newt, Texas, run afoul of the same family of chainsaw-wielding cannibals.

  • Amanda
  • Mike
  • Leah
  • Josh
  • Sean
  • Kaylie
  • Paige

Plot Synopsis

Twenty years following the events of the first film, a group of students: Mike, his girlfriend Amanda, Amanda's best friend Leah, and their friends: Paige, Sean, Josh, and Kaylie, are on a road trip in rural Texas. The group decide to stay at an isolated motel on the highway. The group spends some of their time smoking marijuana and drinking, and exploring the surrounding woods, eventually stumbling upon the Sawyer farmhouse.

Josh discovers the bones of a small animal strung up in the hallway of the house. When he enters a room, he is suddenly ambushed by Leatherface, who slices his Achilles' tendon, before slashing him across the face with his chainsaw, severing the top of his skull. He hangs Josh's body up on display. Having gotten enough pictures and footage, the group decides to head back to the motel. They realize Josh is not with them. Paige goes to search for him, believing he is only playing a prank on them. However, Paige is lured out to the back of the farmhouse by moaning, where she discovers a disfigured man bound to a tree. He lunges at her, knocking her on her back. Leatherface appears wielding a sledgehammer and bludgeons Paige to death, before feeding her remains to his disfigured brother.

While Mike and the others believe Paige and Josh are just fooling around at the house and will be back soon, Amanda is not so sure. Kaylie and Sean volunteer to search for them, while Amanda and Mike attempt to alert the motel clerk, who has also been murdered, his throat slit with a pair of scissors. Kaylie and Sean arrive at the house, where they look for the others. Sean enters the house, while Kaylie walks around outside calling for the others. She discovers Paige's desecrated remains in the yard, her skull completely caved in. Kaylie vomits at the sight, while Sean discovers Josh's body. He is ambushed by the disfigured Hitchhiker, who slashes his throat with a razor. Kaylie enters the house to alert him to what has happened, only to encounter Leatherface's disfigured brother, who chases her out of the house and into the woods.

Meanwhile, Mike, Amanda, and Leah discover the clerk's disfigured body in the office. They attempt to escape in their vehicle. However, Mike swerves to avoid hitting a dead cow in the road, presumably left their by Leatherface, resulting in an accident that incapacitates Amanda and Leah, and presumably kills Mike. Likewise, Kaylie becomes caught in a bear trap in the woods and is disfigured by the Hitchhiker, who slashes her face with his razor. Amanda and Leah awaken in the overturned van, only to be attacked by Leatherface, who begins sawing through the overturned wreckage. Leatherface slashes Leah across the thigh, badly injuring her; in retaliation, Amanda stabs him in the shoulder with a shard of broken glass. She pulls Leah from the wreckage and attempts to escape on foot, while Leatherface removes the glass from his shoulder.

The two make it back to the motel with Leatherface in hot pursuit, while Mike awakens in the wreckage, having miraculously survived. Amanda leaves Leah in the lobby, while she attempts to use the phone in the office to call for help. A dispatcher answers the phone, but the power in the building goes out before Amanda can give the person on the line any important information. Amanda runs back to the lobby, alerted by Leah's screams. She discovers Leah unharmed, but bleeding profusely. Amanda barricades the doors to the office, before Leatherface arrives and begins sawing his way through the door. She climbs through a small window to escape, urging Leah to do the same, but Leatherface enters the room and impales her through the chest with the chainsaw before she has the opportunity to do so.

A lengthy chase ensues, in which Leatherface pursues Amanda through some woods, where she discovers Kaylie's body, then through a grove. She runs into the road, where she is able to stop a passing motorist who appears to be helpful. He promises to drive her to Childress, a nearby town, but instead drives towards Newt, alerting her to his motives. When Amanda attempts to stop him, he pulls over and begins to choke her, before punching her in the face, knocking her unconscious. He takes her back to the farmhouse, where he is greeted by Leatherface and a deformed Nubbins, along with a now ancient Drayton Sawyer. The men bind Amanda to a chair at the dinner table and torment her, surrounding her with the bodies of her dead friends.

During the dinner, one of Leatherface's brothers attempts to assault Amanda, spitting in her face. As the men laugh and taunt the bound and gagged Amanda, she manages to struggle free of her ropes and takes Drayton, now the family patriarch, hostage, slitting his throat in retaliation for her friends' murders. Leatherface chases Amanda, who escapes by leaping out of a window.

She arrives at an empty meat processing plant. She arms herself with a long butcher's knife and prepares to confront Leatherface. Leatherface enters the plant and searches for Amanda, who is hiding behind some equipment. She lunges forth and stabs Leatherface repeatedly, heavily wounding him and knocking them over a railing into a cistern filled with blood. As the two struggle, Leatherface's chainsaw whirs near Amanda's face. He attempts to overpower and kill her, but Mike appears and rescues her by knocking Leatherface unconscious, before pulling a blood-covered Amanda from the cistern. Before they can escape, Leatherface's brother appears and attacks them, stabbing Mike in the stomach. Amanda kills him by stabbing him with a meat hook and disemboweling him.

The film ends as Amanda and Mike take the man's truck, driving to a nearby hospital. While Mike's wounds are tended to, Amanda is interviewed by a police officer. Amanda's attention is caught by a catatonic patient being wheeled by on a gurney.

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