Texas Chainsaw Legacy is 2014 slasher film, the prequel to 2013 film and the eighth film in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. This films stars


In 2001 before Texas Chainsaw 3D, A 16 years old teenager who found out the truth of her real family. Her real name is Amelia Hewitt, the niece of the killer, Leatherface. With her friend's help, to go to Texas and hunt for Leatherface but find themself in danger


The movie open with the poster of Helen Peterson (Britt Robertson) who was missing after train crash on 2001. Her dad's head is found in the box. Helen went to Texas with her friend, everbody is gone, Helen went gone. The truth about Helen is discover by the audience who is watch this film.

The movie back to 7 days earlier,


  • Britt Robertson as Helen Peterson/Amelia Hewitt/A teenager who is Leatherface's niece and only surivior who was kidnapped by Leatherface because he keep her safe
  • Dan Yeager as Leatherface/A killer and Helen's real uncle
  • TBA as Owen Peterson/Helen's adopted father and a villian who the one murder Helen's parents
  • Amber Heard as Older Helen Peterson (Cameo)
  • Alexandra Daddario as Heather Miller (Cameo)


Owen kills Daniel and shot Leatherface and Owen try to kill Helen

  • (Helen and Daniel run)
  • Owen: Helen.
  • Helen: Owen.
  • Owen: Is Dad.
  • Helen: You are not my dad.
  • (Leatherface growl)
  • Daniel: What the fuck is going on.
  • Owen: Hi, Thomas.
  • Helen: Owen.
  • Daniel: Helen, sweetheart.
  • Owen: Daniel, do you know her uncle try to make her up.
  • Daniel: Leatherface wanted everybody out.
  • Owen: Kiss her.
  • Daniel: Helen.
  • Helen: My uncle try it.
  • Owen: He told her to kiss him back.
  • Daniel: Helen, you fucking idiot, you try to fuck your fucking uncle.
  • Owen: She is his family, asshole.
  • Daniel: Owen, you listen.
  • Owen: I know, do you know you are next to died.
  • Daniel: What.
  • Helen: Daniel.
  • Daniel: Shit.
  • (Owen shot Daniel in the stomach and fall to his table)
  • Helen: Daniel, Daniel.
  • Owen: He is dead.
  • Helen: No.
  • (Owen shot Daniel in the head)

The truth about Helen about to found out right now

  • (Black screen)
  • Word: The truth about to found out what happening to Helen Peterson.
  • (Helen walk with her stuff)
  • Helen: Thank you.
  • (Helen got her ticket)
  • (Helen walk)
  • (Helen open the door)
  • (Train driving)
  • Helen: Huh.
  • (Helen open the letter)
  • Helen: I wanted you in my life.
  • Helen: What.
  • Helen: From your uncle.
  • Helen: Shit, no.
  • (Helen run)
  • (Explosion)
  • (Helen groan)
  • (Leatherface's foot)
  • (People scream)
  • (Blood)
  • (Helen grab her teddy)
  • Helen: I love you, Mr Russell.
  • (Helen hold her teddy)
  • (Leatherface grab her and push her)
  • Helen: No, Uncle.

The Ending Scene

  • (Leatherface walk)
  • (Leatherface knock the door)
  • Older Helen: Who is it.
  • (Leatherface open the door)
  • (Older Helen with white dress)
  • Older Helen: Uncle.
  • (Older Helen hide)
  • (Leatherface hold Helen's hair)
  • Older Helen: Don,t fucking look at me, uncle.
  • Older Helen: One day, I could escape.
  • (Leatherface shake his head is No)
  • (Leatherface give Helen a food)
  • Older Helen: I hate meat.
  • Older Helen: I am only having potato not fucking meat.
  • (Leatherface grab Helen and Helen scream)
  • (Underground)
  • Older Helen: No, NO.
  • (Leatherface move Helen to the table and cain her to the floor)
  • (Leatherface put Helen her dinner)
  • Older Helen: No, no, no, NO.
  • Older Helen: No, not this again.
  • Older Helen: Don,t you fucking let me in.
  • (Leatherface lock the door)
  • (Helen scream)
  • (Black screen)
  • (Helen scream echo)


95 mins

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