Texas Chainsaw: The Next Chapter is 2015 slasher film and ninth film in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. This films stars


Two years after Texas Chainsaw 3D. Leatherface enjoy his life with his cousin, Heather and never forget his 29 years old niece, Helen who he kidanpped her to keep her safe, 14 years ago (Texas Chainsaw Legacy) But Helen escape and found herself in nowhere in Texas with her uncle look for her with the help of her cousin who face in dark side.



  • Amber Heard as Helen Peterson/Who is Leatherface's niece who was kidanpped because her safety and her real name is Amelia Sawyer
  • Dan Yeager as Jed Sawyer/Leatherface
  • Alexandra Daddorio as Heather Miller/Leatherface's cousin
  • Britt Robertson as Young Helen Peterson


The Opening Scene

  • Word: Lionsgate Presents.
  • Word: A Millennium Films Production.
  • (Video start)
  • Young Helen: My name is Helen Peterson.
  • Young Helen: Everbody know Helen Peterson is dead.
  • Young Helen: But the real Helen Peterson alive.
  • Young Helen: I am 16 years old.
  • Young Helen: My uncle is Leatherface.
  • (Leatherface showed in the video)
  • Young Helen: My real name is Amelia Hewitt.
  • Young Helen: My parents who murder by my adopted father.
  • Young Helen: Owen Peterson.
  • (Owen stab Helen's parents in the video)
  • Young Helen: Adopted me.

Helen's escpae

  • (Helen pants)
  • Helen: My one last chance.
  • (Explosion)
  • (Helen groan)
  • (Heather wake up)
  • Heather: Helen.
  • (Helen hold the grass, move and jump)
  • (Helen groan)
  • (Heather run to Helen's cell)
  • (Heather open the door)
  • Heather: Helen, sweetheart.
  • Helen: Don,t call me fucking sweetheart.
  • (Helen run)
  • Heather: Helen.
  • Helen: Two thing, one, don,t make big mistake.
  • Helen: And two, tell your cousin, "Go fuck a horse".
  • (Helen run)
  • Heather: Helen, stop.
  • (Leatherface bang the door)
  • Heather: Cousin, she is escape.
  • (Helen run and pants)
  • Heather: We need to go after her.
  • (Leatherface grab Heather in her arm)
  • (Leatherface shake his head and point like "No, cousin, I will go after her")
  • Heather: No, cousin, I will go after her.
  • (Thunder and Helen run)
  • (Car stop)
  • Helen: Please, help me, I...
  • Betty: Don,t stop, Harrison.
  • (Harrison scream)
  • Betty: Drive.
  • (Car drive)
  • (Helen pants)
  • Helen: I AM ALIVE.
  • (Car keep drive)
  • Helen: Please.
  • (Helen saw Leatherface)
  • (Helen scream and run)
  • (Leatherface run and chase her)
  • (Helen pants)
  • Helen: Help me.
  • (Leatherface hold his chainsaw)
  • Man #1: PARTY.
  • (Helen run to the car and Leatherface chase her)
  • Helen: Wait, stop.
  • Woman #1: Who the fuck is this.
  • (Helen pants)
  • Helen: Let me in, please.
  • Man #1: Sure.
  • Woman #2: Who the fuck is this.
  • Helen: Thank you very much and hurry.
  • (Leatherface walk)
  • Helen: Drive.
  • Chris: OK, my name is Chris, what your name.
  • Helen: Amelia Hewitt and hurry up.
  • Chris: Shit.
  • Jessica: Come on, Chris.
  • (Chris drive)
  • Helen: My name is Amelia, what your name.
  • Jessica: Jessica Webster.
  • Helen: Nice to meet you, Jessica...
  • (Leatherface saw the back of the car)
  • Helen: WEBSTER.
  • Emily: Who the fuck is this.
  • Helen: Crazy killer.
  • Darren: How we go to get out.
  • Helen: Let me.
  • Jessica: Amelia, be careful.
  • Mike: Her name is Amelia.

The Train Chase

  • (Helen walk)
  • Helen: Hello.
  • (Young Helen photo)
  • (Leatherface saw Helen)
  • (Helen gasp)
  • (Leatherface run)
  • (Helen run)
  • (Helen scream)


It will distributed by Lionsgate and Millennium Films

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