These are the family of tetracods listed, A. Cotats (a family of rat-like terrestrial fish), B. Catods (a group of carnivorous house cat-like land fish), C. Monkods (a group of monkey-like mostly arboreal fish), D. Rabbod (a group of herbivorous rabbit-like hopping fish), E. Dogcod (a group of major carnivorous wolf-like fish), F. Fibbon (a group of gibbon-like arboreal intelligent fish), G. Predacod (a group of major big cat-like carnivorous fish), H. Coapes (a group of ape-like herbivorous fish), I. Coman (a group of human-like sapient upright-walking omnivorous fish), J. Codalope (a group of horned herbivorous antelope-like fish), K. Bearod (a group of large bear-like omnivorous fish), L. Corse (a group of large horse-like herbivorous fish), M. Copir (a group of tapir-like bipedal herbivorous fish), N. Flish (a group of bird-like mostly flying fish), O. Codopotamus (a group of semi-aquatic hippo-like alligator-like herbivorous fish), P. Codoceros (a group of rhinoceros-like triceratops-like herbivorous fish), Q. Codstrich (a group of bipedal otrich-like ornithomimus-like omnivorous fish), R. Coraffe (a group of tall giraffe-like herbivorous fish), and S. Codophant (a group of gigantic elephant-sized placerias-like herbivorous fish).

Tetracods are future descendants of Atlantic cods that survived the Holocene extinction and having their populations recovered. They evolved from a group of Atlantic cods that crawled onto land as alligator-sized omnivorous mudskipper-like fish with lungs and vocal cords (which caused them to have crocodile-like sounds), but after the mass extinction in 500 million years A.D. some have survived extinction and diversified to replaced the extinct mammals and birds. They rule earth from 510 million years A.D. to 1 billion years A.D, about 490 million years, making them the most successful creatures on earth, more so than the prehistoric dinosaurs, which ruled only for about 170 million years. They rule on the supercontinent called Pangaea II, which consists all continents during the Tetracod's reign. Tetracods come in many different variety of forms, ranging from lizard-like species to gigantic placerias-like species.
  • Domain: Eukarya
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Gadifordae
  • Clade: Heterichthidae
  • Superfamily: Tetraichthyidae
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