Tessa, Absolutely is an American teen comedy television series. It premiered in September of 2017. It stars Merit Leighton as Tessa Brown is a teenage 9th grader and how is she raised by her lesbian parents.


  • Tessa Brown (played by Merit Leighton) is a 14-year-old 9th grader at Clear Waters High. She is now raised by her lesbian parents. She takes cheerleading lessons and art class since the whole high school year.
  • Rhonda Brown (played by Rebecca Romijn; Jessica Belkin as her younger self) is a lesbian novel writer who broke up with her husband. She reunites with her old friend since middle school named Harriet.
  • Harriet Brown (played by Katheryn Winnick; Breanna Yde as her younger self) is a lesbian childhood friend of Rhonda and is a painter. Her husband tragically died from a heart condition.

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