Terry Draven
The Tigerman
Alias(es) Terrence Draven
The Man in Orange
The Animal
The Tiger
The Predator
TV Shows Tigerman
Films The Tigerman
The Guardians: Part One
Status Alive
Alter Ego Tigerman
Voice Actor Robert McCollum

Terrence "Terry" Draven is the main protagonist of the superhero anime series, Tigerman. He is a twenty one old college student and costumed vigilante known as Tigerman.


Early life

Terry's mother, Maria Draven was murdered by an unknown killer using a knife, while she was still pregnant with him, fatally wounded, she was taken to hospital but died right after she gave birth to Terry. By the time Terry was eight years old he was placed in a foster home and constantly started to have nightmares of his mother being murdered and seeing her face as she dies, which later continues to haunt him.

Unable to handle his haunting dreams, Terry runs away and lives on a streets, at age thirteen he becomes a street thug and does petty thefts. But al that changed when he met Shane Ryder, where he took Terry under his wing and trained him how to fight and help him with his desire for revenge. Terry eventually becomes a capable fighter by the time he turns eighteen and swores that he will find his mother's killer.

After learning everything he needed to know from, Shane, Terry attends college at age twenty, where he meets his new classmates and eventual close friends, Ashley Sunset, Alex Takeda, Charles Randall and Natasha Young.

He also develops a rivalry with with a fellow student, Kyle Walker, who butt heads with eachother do to them having different lifestyles, which causes them to be at odds.


Terry takes himself seriously and usually closes himself off from others all except from his friends. Terry suffers from having nightmares of his deceased mother who died while she was still pregnant. Since than, Terry has been shown to be resentful to everyone that has a "happy life" and hates people that think that they are better than everyone else. He is a however a loyal should to the end, but a highly tempered when people are on his bad side.

But despite this, Terry is shown to have a compassionate side, as he is willing to help others that are in danger and have been hurt, even for someone that he doesn't even know. His heroism and self esteem has made him popular and known to other students. But despite this, Terry is fuelled by vengeance and self hatred for the death of his mother, feeling that it was his fault that his mother died. He also has dark side which caused by his lust for revenge and does not let anyone else know. In secret, he lives a double life as a costumed vigilante known as a Tigerman, he is a protector to the innocents but vicious and lethal to the criminals of New York City.



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