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Terry Bogard is a playable character in the fighting video game, M.U.G.E.N Trilogy. He was confirmed on November 6, 2019 when he was revealed at the Nintendo Direct on the same day. Takashi Kondō provides the role for Terry in this fighting game, using voice clips borrowed from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Terry Bogard is an American martial artist known for his charisma and friendliness. His fighting style is a mix of various techniques from a variety of martial arts, including boxing, kung fu, and kickboxing, in addition to the fictional martial art Hakkyokuseiken, created by his master, Tung Fu Rue. Outside of fighting, his other hobbies include playing video games and basketball. Terry also has a love interest, "Blue" Mary Ryan, and a pet monkey named Ukee.

Terry, alongside his younger brother Andy, spent his early childhood as an orphan living on the dangerous streets of the fictional South Town. They were soon adopted by Jeff Bogard, a student of the Hakkyokuseiken martial art. When Terry was 10 years old, he witnessed Jeff's murder at the hands of the local crime boss Geese Howard, host of the "King of Fighters" fighting tournament and former friend of Jeff. Terry and Andy thus spent the next decade honing their skills to avenge their father's death. After this, the two of them, along with their friend Joe Higashi, entered the King of Fighters tournament and ultimately defeated Geese, sending him falling from the top of a high rise, as depicted in Fatal Fury.

The following year, in Fatal Fury 2, Geese's half-brother, a German nobleman named Wolfgang Krauser von Stroheim, sponsors a new King of Fighters tournament, bringing it from South Town to the world stage. Terry enters the tournament and defeats Krauser in the finals, earning Terry the title of South Town Hero. After this, Krauser mysteriously disappears, apparently having taken his own life shortly after his defeat.

Three years later, in Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory, Terry returns to South Town from his worldwide travels, meeting with Andy, Joe, and Andy's love interest, Mai Shiranui, just in time for the grand opening of Pao Pao Café West. They soon learn that Geese survived his fall, and that he intends to obtain the legendary Jin Scrolls, which are capable of giving immortality to their user. Terry and his friends enter another King of Fighters tournament, where they meet Ryuji Yamazaki, a Japanese crime boss hired by the Jin brothers to find the scrolls. After defeating Yamazaki, he flees. Terry later encounters Geese, whom he also defeats. Terry re-encounters Yamazaki and beats him again. Afterwards, Terry is suddenly transported to a mysterious chamber by Jin Chon Shu, who challenges him for the scrolls; he ultimately defeats both him and his older brother Jin Chon Rei. While Terry is crowned the champion of this new tournament, he discovers that Geese had managed to escape with the scrolls.

In Real Bout Fatal Fury, Terry and his friends fight their way through the new King of Fighters tournament, once again in South Town. Terry eventually progresses to the final battle in the tournament, a bout against Geese. At the end of the fight, Geese is knocked off the edge of a high rise once again, but Terry grabs hold of him before he can fall any further. Geese, in a seeming act of egotism, refuses Terry's help and knocks his hand away, plummeting to what is believed to be his permanent death. In the aftermath of the tournament, Terry comes across a boy named Rock Howard, Geese's son, who lost his mother after Geese abandoned them and left his wife to die in illness. Terry takes Rock in as a surrogate son, raising him as a means to put the feud between him and Geese behind, and teaches him how to fight on the streets of South Town and during his travels around the world.

Several years later in Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Terry is the only veteran fighter who participates in the King of Fighters Maximum Mayhem tournament, which is held by Rock’s uncle, Kain R. Heinlein, in Second South Town. Though Terry realizes the tournament is meant to lure Rock into Kain's control, Terry reluctantly accepts Rock's decision to enter the tournament, driven by Kain's claim that his sister⁠—Rock's mother—is alive.

Terry is a recurring supporting character in The King of Fighters series, where he is the core leader of Fatal Fury team in the main King of Fighters timeline. This series ignores the continuity of many of the previous games that came before it, likely due to it being an "all-star" game. For example, characters from Fatal Fury and its prequel series Art of Fighting are depicted as around the same age as one another; Art of Fighting is intended to be set over a decade before the events of Fatal Fury. Geese and Krauser's deaths are also ignored, though Rock is still raised by Terry despite this. However, the 3D fighting game spin-off series The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact is heavily based on the storyline of Mark of the Wolves, where Geese perished at the end of Real Bout Fatal Fury's tournament, thus making it a direct follow-up to the main Fatal Fury games.

How to Unlock

Scan Terry Bogard's AR Icon from the M.U.G.E.N Trilogy website.