Terrordrome is a 2028 American Supernatural Action Fantasy Horror film written by Jason Blum, Carlton Cuse, Adam Sztykiel and Ehren Krueger, directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber.

The film is the 23rd and final instalment of the Horrorverse cinematic franchise that began with Fede Alvarez and Ghost House Pictures' 2013 Evil Dead.

It features a collective crossover of all the previously rebooted horror characters spanning from Evil Dead up to Last Summer (2027).

Purely shot on sound stages, with the mixture of high budgeted visual effects and CGI rendering and practical display, on a budget of $54 million it remains the highest costing production of the entire cinematic universe.

It stars Willem Dafoe, Tom Hardy, Alden Ehrenreich, Jane Levy, Daniel Gilchrist, Robert Carlyle, Conan Stevens, Boris Kodjoe, Holly Taylor, Debi Mazar, Maya Hawke and Andy Serkis.


Ash Williams, telekinetic Carrie White, animate doll Tiffany, clown entity Pennywise and a male alien try to escape through labyrinth corridors from pursuing deadite hellhounds and skeletal guards. Using sonic eruptions the alien divides a hallway from their pursuers but then is mauled by another creature.

Pennywise is stabbed with numerous swords in the chest by the skeletal guards and erupts in a deadlight explosion that renders Carrie catatonic, resulting in her recapture.

Ash and Tiffany make it to a square room with a revolving floor and Tiffany falls through an open platform, ultimately getting stabbed with razor spheres belonging to the Tall Man.

Ash makes it to a dead end protruding false surface light and is seized by a Linda appearing Shaitan who summons the other skeletal guards and hellhounds to him followed by deadite Ajaina.

Mia Allen getting in contact with Tommy Jarvis of Crystal Lake and Laurie Strode of Haddonfield attempts a locating spell to determine Ash's location, The Tall Man attacks and leaves Laurie wounded and captures Tommy.

Mia accompanies Laurie to Haddonfield Memorial and determines that Ash is in the Deadite dimension and so now is Tommy, Mia states that she has to bring them out and can open a portal with Professor Knowlby's Naturom Demonto recordings in storage at Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital archives.

The Tall Man descends to the dimension Condaria with several spheres engraved with images pertaining to captured souls.

Meeting with the Shaitan and Ajaina he releases from the capture spheres: Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Edward Thomas/Leatherface, Elliot Spencer/Lead Cenobite Pinhead, Daniel Robitaille/The Candyman, Charles Lee Ray in his animate Good Guy Chucky Doll form, Matt Cordell/The Maniac Cop and a quiet dentist murderer Marvin Rendell also titled Dr. Giggles.

Marched down into the Captivity Circle which becomes barred by a trap gate a suddenly without composure Marvin rushes for the gate and is electrocuted to death by a hidden forcefield.

The Captivity Circle as scanned by the others contains various captured killers and monsters, as well as a being tortured for his attempted escape Ash Williams.

Familiar face Dr. Herbert West is instructed to escort the recent arrivals along with Ash to an audience chamber, where they are brought before deadite leader Shaitan and his right hand companion Ajaina.

Shaitan informs them that they are to partake in a battle royale tournament where the winners of three consecutive rounds will serve in his armageddon army.

First round a reluctant cop is pitted against an enraged Chucky who has discovered his girlfriend Tiffany was captured and killed. Chucky initially stabs and beats into Cordell before he seizes the living doll and tears him in half.

Mia on the surface retrieves Knowlby's tapes and some manuscripts before she is surprised by Dr. West's former apprentice Dan Cain, Cain warns that West tampered with mystical forces attracting the Deadites, defied the laws of nature and that he and the other captives should remain in hell.

Ash proposes another escape attempt to the Candyman, Maniac Cop, Pinhead and Jason believing them to not be truly evil beings deserving of damnation in Condaria, he specifically excludes Freddy and Leatherface, though Freddy jumps in on the plan offering his set ideas on how to actually escape.

Maniac Cop is however forced into another immediate match against Jason and ultimately is bisected in half with Jason's machete.

In panicked desperation Ash attempts the plan immediately with Freddy, Candyman, Pinhead, Leatherface and a now awoken from catatonia Carrie.

Carrie however panics and summons the guards leading to the group's recapture.

Mia is able to escape Dan and wife Megan Halsey as Crystal Lake police receptionist Suzanne Waters arrives in her red convertible accompanied by Lex Stevens.

Directed by Mia the three drive toward Chicago as Charles Lee Ray's former mentor and hoodoo witch doctor John Gumya's Dambala ritual is part of the overall spell to opening a portal into Condaria.

Shaitan senses Mia's plan and dispatches Ajaina and several accompanying deadites, lowering his defences.

Ash, Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, Pinhead and Candyman are all individually tortured for their brief escape attempt, as Carrie watches remorsefully and is awarded immunity.

The second round of the tournament commences and Jason is pitted against Tommy Jarvis, who eventually despite his evasive techniques in the arena is pinned and almost killed by his machete, spared at the last second as the Shaitan has a mirage of an 11 year old Tommy from 1979 take form.

Jason drops his machete and both contestants are beaten.

Freddy is matched against Pinhead who assumes given the group's allegiance will not battle and instead refuse the fight, Freddy uses Pinhead's vulnerability to glimmer him back to his human form and stab him in the chest with his bladed glove.

Ash fights with Freddy as he is returned to the captivity circle but Candyman and Jason are able to separate them, with Candyman confirming another escape route and plan.

Candyman is then pitted into the arena following Leatherface who has successfully killed his hammer wielding mutant opponent, Candyman kills his opponent, an undead Naturom Demonto raised Ben Willis/The Fisherman hook slicing him to death.

At John's Mystic Tower Ajaina possesses John and attempts to kill Mia, Lex and Suzanne.

Suzanne dies during the building's destruction from a collapsing floor much to Lex's horror and Dan and Megan appear killing the Ajaina possessed John with fire, an angered Lex shoots and kills the remaining deadites.

After Carrie's immunity ends with Shaitan's rage over Ajaina's death he pits Carrie into a match against murderous japanese spirit Sadako, in which Carrie is saved from before death as the combined energy of Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, Ash and several other rebelling captives results in the destruction of the arena.

Ash, Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, Carrie and Candyman escape into the Labyrinth stowing away after evading the guards, as time passes the group in exhaustion collapses into sleep with which a scheming Freddy enters Candyman's mind and tries to kill him. Candyman defeats Freddy in the nightmare however and awakens informing the others.

Ash attacks Freddy again and proposes abandoning him though the Shaitan summons a deadite possessed Ghostface costume that armed with a condarian dagger attacks the group. Ash using Jason's headbutt previously used in 1989 to kill Benji McLoughlin allows Freddy to stab the animate costume in the side of the throat and kill the deadite.

A previously unveiled deadite monster entitled Pumpkinhead is then released into the tunnels as Herbert West appears offering guidance to the exit. Candyman is mauled and killed by Pumpkinhead releasing a swarm of bees at the others.

West is killed as he is caught behind and Pumpkinhead twists his head around.

In the revolving floored chamber Freddy falls down into a mausoleum area where he is confronted by the Tall Man. Freddy duels with the Tall Man and two of his accompanying hellish dwarves, murdering them with his extending shadow and finishing the Tall Man with a re-directed bladed sphere.

At the exit revealed by Carrie an already serving Shaitan Michael Myers appears and stabs Ash in the shoulder blade. Jason is overpowered, matched in strength with the undead Myers. Freddy using his dream abilities conjures a bomb within Leatherface's stomach, that he detonates upon losing his fight with Myers by chainsawing into his chest, the tunnel is engulfed in flames and Leatherface and Myers are caught in the explosion.

Mia and Lex driven by Dan and Megan depart for Westin Hills to perform the ritual as an adult Andy Barclay, his girlfriend Theresa and their friends Joan and Lionel arrive and switch into Suzanne's car.

Adult Beverly Marsh and Benjamin Hanscom side in another vehicle and as does Kirsty Cotton with Sue Snell and Helen Lyle.

Winged Deadites result in Andy's car crashing and Joan and Lionel's deaths. As they exit their cars at an alley a bee embodied Deadite swarms Helen and drops her to her death.

In the alley Dan and Megan are killed by Shaitan's telekinetic head twists who appears himself in a doppleganger Mia form.

Reaching Westin Hills Ben and Beverley are killed by various deadite hellhounds and Lex is drowned by Shaitan. Andy and Theresa die as the Shaitan puts his fist through their chests and Sue and Mia successfully open the portal.

Ash, Carrie, Freddy and Jason come through the portal which opens up outside Westin Hills.

Shaitan executes Sue by throwing her through a wall and Mia is propelled backwards out a window, caught by Jason.

Shaitan summons the Abomination with the soul power provided by the Tall Man and final battle ensues where Jason, Ash, Freddy and Mia kill the two with individual Condarian weapons as Carrie cradles Sue's body.

With the Shaitan's destruction all the previous real world deaths caused by the Deadites revert resurrecting Lex, Suzanne, Ben, Beverly, Andy, Theresa, Sue, Dan, Megan and Helen. Tommy surfaces as a final portal opens and Michael also pulls through. A hospital gown donning Laurie appears and with her revolver shoots a charred Michael as Mia recites an incantation from the Demonto.

Freddy disappears in a flaming portal and Jason by a nearby pond before Ash, Mia and Tommy can do anything.

Carrie and Sue hobble out of a collapsing Westin Hills.

Post-credit scenes show a drunken Ash at the bar with Mia drunkenly hallucinate that a bar patron is a deadite and punches him, Freddy returns to Elm Street in Springwood and attempts to scare a sleeping girl who with her dream warrior abilities shows no fear and banishes him.

Jason at Camp Crystal Lake comes across three camping individuals about to get into sleeping bags after drinking and dancing, he removes his machete.


  • Willem Dafoe as Freddy Krueger
  • Tom Hardy as Elliot Spencer/Pinhead
  • Alden Ehrenreich as Ash Williams
  • Jane Levy as Mia Allen/Abomination Mia
  • Katelyn Tarver as Jason Voorhees
  • Robert Carlyle as Shaitan
  • Conan Stevens as Edward Thomas/Leatherface
  • Boris Kodjoe as Daniel Robitaille/Candyman
  • Maya Hawke as Carrie White
  • Holly Taylor as Laurie Strode
  • Kevin Durand as Michael Myers
  • David Morse as Jebediah Morningside/The Tall Man
  • Tommy Dorfman as Tommy Jarvis
  • Debi Mazar as Ajaina
  • Julia Ling as Sadako
  • Haley Bennett as Absalom
  • Andy Serkis as Charles Lee Ray/Chucky/Pumpkinhead
  • Nicky Whelan as Tiffany Valentine/Tiffany
  • Bill Skarsgaard as Pennywise
  • Misha Collins as Marvin Rendell/Dr. Giggles
  • Matt Gerald as Matt Cordell/Maniac Cop
  • Javier Botet as Male Alien
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