Terrorcorpse are name of undead sorcerers whom revived with the power of The Rising, and major antagonistic forces of The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer's Apprentices.

Appearance and Characteristics

Terrorcorpses' appearance mostly the skeletal and emaciated versions of their former self, with cracks in their bodies that glow in jet black with a red hue. While majorities of them can be slow but persistent much like typical zombies, if the controller desires, they could quickly became more agressive, tougher, and even capable to use their skills, abilities, and even sorcery they had in life.

In spite of the Terrorcorpses now merely the shell of their former selves upon being reanimated, they actually retain their habits, desires, memories, and traces of personality that they had in life. This mainly because during the Terrorcorpses' reanimation with The Rising, their souls were summoned back to their original remains. Which means these undead beings were not simply reanimated as soulless puppets, but rather being resurrected as undead version of their mortal selves. In spite of this, the Terrorcorpses mostly behave like the near emotionless zombies whom obeyed the order from those whom reanimated them.


Despite their savagery, Terrorcorpses are often slow much like typical zombies, making them vulnearable to quick attacks from their foes unless the controller increased their aggresiveness. The only way to kill these undead beings are via decapitation or severe damage on the head, albeit complete dismemberment are more efficient.

Because of retaining their habits, desires, memories, and traces of personality, has someone managed to revaled something that these undead beings once dear most, this caused the sudden change of the Terrorcorpses' mood, where they recalled their former lives and hestitant to resume their rampage. In extreme cases, Lancelot, whom revived as one of these zombies, suddenly recalled his past life in the midst of his fight against his fellow Knights of the Round Table Sir Gawain and thus, his original self resurfaces and slashed Owl-Eye one eye in retaliation of desecrating his body and resurrection, though Owl-Eye ultimately killed by the latter in retaliation.


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