Terror on the train is a horror thriller crime Starring Anna Kendrick,Katie Cassidy,Ashley Grenne,Sarah Roemer,Nina Dobrev,Briana Evigan,Sara Paxton,Shay Mitchelle,Lucy Hale,Dianna Agron,Nikki Reed,Chelan Simmons,Troain Bellisario,Emma Watson,Ronney Mara,Emma Roberts,Emma Stone,Selena Gomez,Lea Michelle,Zoe Saldana,Zoe Kravitz,Hailee Steinfeld,Juno Temple,Jane levy,Keke Palmer,Amber Heard,Teresa Palmer,Jessica Stroup,Danielle Panabaker,Crystal Lowe,Arielle Kebeel,Holland Roden,Crystal Reed,Ashley Tisdale,Jennifer Lawrence,Alice Greczyn,Britt Robertson,Aimee Teegarden,Vanessa Hudgens,Jamie Chung,Mary Elizabeth Wistead,Ariana Grande,Victoria Justice,Miranda Crosgove,Bridgite Mendler,Katy perry,Maggie Grace and Matt Damon




  • Anna Kendrick As Elaine
  • Katie Cassidy As Jenna
  • Ashley Grenne As Sarah
  • Sarah Roemer As Kate
  • Nina Dobrev As Kit
  • Briana Evigan As Anna
  • Sara Paxton As Jess
  • Shay Mitchelle As Hayle
  • Lucy Hale As Jill
  • Dianna Agron As Quinn
  • Nikki Reed As Sam
  • Chelan Simmons As Stacy
  • Troain Bellisario As Sadie
  • Emma Watson As Tracy
  • Ronney Mara As Gwen
  • Emma Roberts As Courtney
  • Emma Stone As Heather
  • Selena Gomez As Bridgette
  • Lea Michelle As Dawn
  • Zoe Saldana As Lana
  • Zoe Kravitz As Cami
  • Hailee Steinfeld As Effie
  • Juno Temple As Kat
  • Jane levy As Mary
  • Keke Palmer As Ellie
  • Amber Heard As Jaime
  • Teresa Palmer As Jo
  • Jessica Stroup As Lucy
  • Danielle Panabaker As Jennifer
  • Crystal Lowe As Cara
  • Arielle Kebeel As Noele
  • Holland Roden As Blaire
  • Crystal Reed As Joyce
  • Ashley Tisdale As Rene
  • Jennifer Lawrence As Grace
  • Alice Greczyn As Kelly
  • Britt Robertson As Gina
  • Aimee Teegarden As tina
  • Vanessa Hudgens As Nikki
  • Jamie Chung As Lisa
  • Mary Elizabeth Wistead As Jazmine
  • Ariana Grande As Andy
  • Victoria Justice As Melly
  • Miranda Crosgove As Milly
  • Bridgite Mendler As Sirena
  • Katy perry As Siena
  • Maggie Grace As Natalie
  • Matt Damon As Dick Cooper


Natalie-Throat Sliced

Tina-Stabbed in Back with axe

Sienna-eyes gouged out

Gina-hook through the neck


Joyce-ax in the stomach

Sirena-sliced throat with a barbed wire

Melly-melly screams when she sees the corpse without eyes sienna flips dick stabs her in the heart with machete

andy-it was gutted

Milly-she was strangled with a wire and was ejected from the train is hit by a speeding car

Lisa-she is shot with the shotgun back

Efiie-stabbed to death with Blade

Kat-it is pushed by jasmine the murderer and the murderer goes through in her face

Jazmine-she is strangled and then the murderer sees a train coming the other strip and train the tears apart

Kelly-her and Cara hidden in one of the dips is stabbed in her mouth

Cara-decapitated by the train window

Blaire-she's has a broken throat with a hammer

Rene-she is stabbed in the neck with peak

Ellie-she saw the bodies of her friends dick she cries and bothers her mouth reduced by half

Noele-crane was broken when the murderer hit him with a steel pipe

Jo-when trying to hit the dick hits it with ax chest

Jennifer-she is thrown from the train and breaks his neck

Lucy-face was beaten with a stick

Jaime-she is beheaded

Grace-burned alive and beheaded

Mary-she has sided slice

Cami-she is covered with gasoline and burned alive Train

Lana-it was reduced by half with the hatchet

Gwen-hit with glass neck

Tracy-stacy and you stabbed her to death by accident bridgette heather and thinking it was the murderer

Stacy-Tracy and you stabbed her to death by accident bridgette heather and thinking it was the murderer

courtney-she has an ax back

Sadie-she was stabbed in the face with the ax

Heather-she has the ax in the back

Bridgette-she fights with dick to dawn escape and she is stabbed and thrown in estamago train but does not die because the water falls it alerts the authorities about dick

anna-dawn comes crying saying bridgette heather was dead and that was the driver anna murderer says he does not believe the murderer and pauñala back with machete

Jess-she hits the murderer in the face on the strip to the floor and step on the throat until it breaks

Sam-she broke her neck

Jill-she is stabbed in the neck

Sarah-she gets when elaine was being stabbed heart is stabbed

Haley-when the train slows down and stabs her in the mouth murderer

Dick-arms intercepted by elaine and jenna is stabbed in chest by kate and kit is hit in the face by quinn and dawn when not die and will kill elaine and bridgette shoots him in the head and is crushed by another train


Elaine,Jenna,Kate,Kit,Dawn,Quinn and Bridgette

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