Terror in the Woods is the fourth episode of The Phoenix Defenders.



Episode opens with two burlgars robbing a pet store.

Burlgar#1:Oh yeah, we'll steal these animals and then re-sell them for more money!

One of the burglar walks up to Burlgar#1 and his face was like a red ballon.

Burlgar#2:Hey boss! Can we leave the hamsters? I'm allergic to them.

Burlgar#1:Shut up and put them in the truck!

Suddenly Cursechanter appeared out of nowhere and landed in front of them.

Hunter Jonas/Cursechanter: Kidnapping innocent animals? That's a new low.(her hands begin to glow) Now prepare to meet my...

Then out of nowhere, an arrow pinned the burglar's sleeve against the bricked wall. And then another arrow did the same with the other sleeve. Cursechanter turned around to see a man who wore a green uniform and is carrying a bow and arrow. The other burglar tried to escape, but the man jumped on him and threatened him with an arrow.

Man:You have failed this city!

Burglar#2:Please, don't hurt me! I'll never do that again!

Man:I know you won't.(shots the arrow, pinning the man's sleeve)

Burglar#2:(screams as the man leaves)HEEELP!

Hunter Jonas/Cursechanter: Wait!( the man stopped) Um...thank you.

Green Arrow:You're welcome.

Hunter Jonas/Cursechanter: Who are you, by the way?

Green Arrow:You can call me...Green Arrow.

As soon as the police was coming, Green Arrow quickly left as the cops arrived.

Howard Cooper:Stay still, Phoenix Defender! Your days of vigilantism are over!


Howard Cooper: What? People don't say that anymore?

Hunter Jonas/Cursechanter: Eh... i don't think so, men. Camouphlat Vaporis.

Suddenly, thick clouds of fog began to appear and surrounded Cursechanter. Narrowing their eyes in suspicion, the cops started to shoot at her. Inside the fog, Cursechanter creates a mana force field around her and chants a spell.

Hunter Jonas/Cursechanter: Abeo Exorior!

She begin to blur until she disappear completely and the force field dissolves. The cops continued shooting at her and once the fog disappeared, the cops realized that Cursechanter has vanished. Cursechanter appear in her bedroom and takes off her mask.

Hunter Jonas: Who was that guy?

Trixie Jonas:(offscreen) Hunter! Are you awake?

Hunter Jonas:(pretending she was waking up) Uh, Mom?

Trixie Jonas:(offscreen)Sorry, did i wake you up?

Hunter Jonas: Uh... yeah...sorta, but it's okay. I'll go back to sleep.

Trixie Jonas:(offscreen)Good night, sweetie.

Hunter Jonas: Good night, mom.

The next morning,Hunter laying her head against the dinner table while Trixie is cooking breakfast.

Trixie Jonas: I thought that going to bed earlier would mean you wouldn't be so tired. You always go to bed at 10:00. How are you still exhausted even after eight and a half hour nights?

Hunter lifted her head.

Hunter Jonas: Uh...restlessness?

Trixie rolled her eyes.

Trixie Jonas: Wake up your sister and tell her that breakfast is almost ready.

Hunter nodded

Hunter Jonas: Are you alright.

Hunter Jonas:Look... Maybe...Maybe you should stay home today...If you want...

Hunter Jonas: I'll take that as a yes.(sighs) Are you sure you're alright? What really happened back at school?

Julie Jonas: Tell mom that i want to go to school.

Hunter Jonas: Are you sure?

Julie Jonas:(mentally)Perhaps it was my courage that made me say those words...No...I didn't have any courage.(not mentally)I have...a history test.

Hunter Jonas:(sighs)Alright, i'll tell mom.(leaves the room)

pulled into the school parking lot. Hunter and Julie got out of the car and walked away.

Trixie Jonas: Julie, you forgot your backpack.

Julie reluctantly grabbed her backpack. She sighed and she and Hunter left the car.

Hunter Jonas: See you later sis!(walked the other way)

Julie Jonas: Hey, see you...too.

Julie Jonas: Hey Maya!

Maya turned around, eyes wide with surprise but she quickly put on a cool mask.

Maya Martinez:(scoffed) Screw off! (stomped inside the school)

Julie flinched and sighed with her lips pulled down. Julie couldn't take it and ran away with tears in her eyes. Without looking at where she is going, she bumped into Indira with noodles flying all over the place.

Indira Cooper: Nooooo!

Indira falls to her knees and threading her fingers through the fallen food. She sobbed and clutched the noodles to her chest. Julie crouched and opened her backpack to pull out a pack of instant noodles. She offered it to Indira, who looked up from her tears at the blonde's insistence. Grinning, she snatched it and hugged her tightly.

Indira Cooper: Goddess! She's a goddess, I'm telling you!

Julie blushed in embarrassment and patted Indira's back.

Julie Jonas:(whispers) Indira, you're making a scene!

Indira glanced around her to see the amused stares of the students. She spotted Vanessa and waved excitedly, pointing at Julie. Vanessa raised an eyebrow but walked to them, pulling Indira's arm to make her stand up. Indira complied and waved the food cup in Vanessa's unimpressed face.

Indira Cooper: Vanessa! Vanessa! Look at what Julie got for me!

Vanessa sighed, pushing the cup away and walks away.

:Do you think she's coming?

Macy: I hope not. She practically did that on purpose. Poor Ciela. She told me that jacket was the only thing her mother gave her before she died.

Lacey:(quietly) It's a shame really... Can you believe she's Hunter's younger sister?

:No way! Lacey, you're serious?! I feel so bad for her that she has a pathetic , worthless and a burdening loser as Crasherna as her sister.

:Look who decides to come to school!(points her tan hand at the entrance of the school)

Julie entered the school with a blank heartless expression.

(brushing her mousey hair out of her face)Jeez, why did she even come today?(glared horribly at Julie)

Macy: Come on, i don't want to be in Crasherna's presence. (walks away)

Her groupies gave a quick glare at Julie, before following their ring leader.

Julie slowly trotted down the steps and everyone in the school glared at her. They then immediately turned their backs to her and started wildly whispering, which seemed more like loud hisses. Julie didn't even seem to notice them, as she took a step across the floor.

Somebody in the crowd#1:What are you doing here, Crashlie?

The expressionless girl walked over to her locker, not even locking up.

Somebody in the crowd#2:Looks like Crashlie crashed her hearing!

The school hall was filled with wicked laughter as she opened it like a tortoise. She pushed her bag in her locker, then grabbed her math book.

Somebody in the crowd#3:(with an evil grin)Ooh, is she going to cry?

The horrid laughter continued, echoing through the halls and corridors.

Macy: Whatcha gonna do now, Crashlie?

Everyone cooed, giving Julie harsh glares.

Wendy then walks over and tapped Macy on the shoulder.

Wendy Lee:Hey you!

Macy: (turned around) What!(looked down to see Wendy)Well, well, if it isn't the goth freak? Shouldn't you be fooling around with the other goths at Hot Topic or something?

Wendy Lee:You and your buddies better knock it off, or believe me you're going to regret it.

Macy: Oh and what are you going to do about it goth freak?

Wendy Lee:(smirks)I'm not gonna do anything about it but she will. (nodded towards Hunter, who has an angry look on her face)

Hunter flexed her muscles and cracked her neck.

Hunter Jonas: (screams)HEY!

Everyone stopped laughing and talking. There was nothing but bitter silence. They all stared at Hunter with shock, fear and surprise. Wendy silently walked away from the scene.

Macy:Oh no, first Morticia Adams and now her!

Groupie#1: (sings) Eyy sexy lady! Whoop, Whoop, Whoop...

Hunter Jonas: You guys have got a lot of nerve picking on her! You'd better leave her alone and i mean it!

Somebody in the crowd#3:Woman, what are you? Crashlie's mother?

Hunter Jonas: (snarled with a raised eyebrow)No but you got a reason you all were bothering my sister?

Somebody in the crowd#4:Sister? Aw crap girl, i didn't know seriously.

Groupie#3:(nervously)Yo Hunter, we were just having a little fun.

Hunter Jonas: (angrily) Do i look like i care?

Groupie#3:Guess not.

Somebody in the crowd#5:How can you even be related to Crashlie? I feel sorry that you are!

Somebody in the crowd#6:I bet she isn't even your sister like all the adults say!


Macy: We'll lay off her, dude, we promise.

Hunter Jonas: Oh you will, believe me.

Everybody flinched when they heard Hunter's knuckles cracking.

Julie Jonas: Sis no! Don't start a fight!

Weston:So, hot stuff. You single? I could show you a good time. A really good time.

Hunter Jonas: Excuse me?!

Weston:You're hot. I'm hot. Let's hook up and have some fun sometime shall we.

Hunter's face flushed angrily.

Hunter Jonas: (angrily)Like i'll ever go out with a jerk like you!

Weston:You look so smoking hot when you're angry .

Hunter Jonas:You're still a jerk.

Weston:And you're still a hottie. Every boy in this school can't get enough of you and couldn't show you anything fun but i can. Someday, i can take you out on a ride of a lifetime.

Hunter Jonas: I have a vehicle thank you.

Weston:Who says anything about a vehicle.

Julie Jonas: (mumbles)Hunter is going to murder Weston if he said another thing to her.

Weston:Wait Hunter, you need to remember that we're "hanging" out after school!

Hunter Jonas: In your dreams Weston!

Weston:(licks his lips)Hmmm ok, so i'll see you in my dreams.

Julie Jonas:Eww.

Hunter and Julie continues walking until Weston rushed over and grabbed Hunter by the arm causing her and Julie to stop walking.

Weston: Oh sweet cheeks, i was just playing with you! Don't be so sensitive! Come on, how about you and i play house this afternoon, you can be the door and i'll slam you! (turns her around to see that her head is down) How about it babe so you can let off some steam.

Hunter then raises her head a little bit and opened her eyes.When she opened her eyes, her eyes is glowing purple, startling him.

Weston:What the-

Suddenly, Hunter's fist colliding with his face; the impact sent him flying out of the school.

Hunter Jonas:(shouted)Moron i have a boyfriend and let me tell you something, he's a lot hotter and sexier than your sorry butt! (to everyone, speaks in a dangerous tone)If i ever caught you all bothering her again, not even your families will find what's left of you all. Come on Julie, let's hurry up to class before we get tardy.

Both girls walked away from the shocked crowd. Everyone's eyes stayed glued to the two sisters, who didn't look back.

Hunter Jonas: So Julie, do those people back there really call you...Crashlie?

Julie stopped abruptly and stared at the ground. Hunter stopped and turned to her.

Hunter Jonas: Is...that what everybody in school call you?

Julie slowly nodded as she fumbled with her fingernails.

Julie Jonas: I mean, what other suiting name is there to call me?

Hunter Jonas: Your real name. You're Julie and that's that. You shouldn't let people get away with treating you so horribly. Truth to be told, i don't know what it's like to get bullied, but if you're allowing yourself to be a victim of bullying without doing anything to stop it, then you'll let those people win. You can't let that happen. You have to stand for what's right, even if it means standing alone.

Julie Jonas: Thanks...Hunter...Let's hurry up to class before the tardy bell rings.

Julie Jonas:Paul? Could i ask you something?

Paul Rowan:What is it?

Julie Jonas: Are you mad at me for yesterday, when i said i was interested in Maya?

Paul Rowan:Not really mad at you, just mad that her name reminded me of bad things in the past.

Julie Jonas: If you don't mind me asking, why do you dislike her so much?

Paul Rowan: I don't like her, i just hate her and no one in this school likes her. I'm sorry Julie, but i can't tell you why i hate her. It's personal between me, her and Antonio.

Julie Jonas: Antonio?

Paul Rowan:Yeah, but don't bother asking him. He's better than me at keeping a secret.

Julie Jonas: I'm sorry Paul, i didn't mean to upset you.

Paul Rowan: Nah, nah! It's cool! I get why you're so interested, just remember that getting too close to Maya will get you smoked or bitten whatever that tomboy feels like doing.

Maya Martinez:This tomboy will screw you up if you talk crap about her again, loser.

Paul Rowan:Bring it. You wouldn't dare touch me.

Maya growled under her breath and scowled.

Maya Martinez:You know what? You're not worth the trouble; os coming down the hall right now and i need my eardrums.(begin to storm off. She stopped suddenly and whirled around. She marched up to Julie and pulled hr up by her collar. Julie flinched and puts her hands around the brunette's fists. Vanessa, Hunter and Paul stood up to interfere, but Maya's warning glare held them back) Why are you talking to me like we're friends? We are not friends and we never will be. I don't need some annoying little girl trying to purify me or cure me or whatever, so stop bothering me! Got it?

Julie nodded fearfully and Maya dropped her. marching back to her desk. Julie let out a breath and trembled, gripping her elbows. Hunter put a hand on her shoulder.

Lisa Sato: Are you okay?

Julie Jonas: I'm fine, really, just a little shaken.

Paul Rowan: (sighs)Just stay away from her.

Julie Jonas: Maya!

Maya Martinez:What do you want? Why won't you leave me alone?

Julie Jonas: I don't believe you when you want to be alone!

Maya Martinez:Huh?

Julie Jonas: You act all tough and mighty and you keep saying mean things to me and others, but i know it's all an act!

Maya Martinez:You must be crazy or something. What do you want, a cookie for your analytical skills?

Julie Jonas: See? The fact that you're still here talking to me just proves my point.

Maya scowled and turned around

Maya Martinez:You're wrong, i hate everyone, just like everyone says i do. You're a complete moron, now go bother someone else with your theories about me.

Julie Jonas: Maya! Wait up! I'm not done with you!

Maya raised a hand and continued walking.

Voice Cast

Elizabeth Gillies- Hunter Jonas

Ariel Winter-Julie Jonas

Kate Micucci-Indira Cooper

Sophie Oda-Lisa Sato

Sabrina Carpenter-Sandra Rowen

Michael Cera-Paul Rowen

Keshia Chante-Tanya Martinez

Becky G-Maya Martinez

Carlos PenaVega-Antonio Martinez

Chanel Iman- Sheila Jelani

Drake Bell-Ezekiel Sanders

Abigail Breslin-Vanessa Black

Brenda Song-Wendy Lee

Jennette McCurdy-Robby Gooden

Jerry Trainor- Trent McGuire

Josh Keaton-Brent McGuire

Katie Crown-Jan McGuire

Christine Marie Cabanos- Melanie Cooper

Will Friedle- Doyle Blackwell


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