Terror in Maryland is an American Horror Movie scheduled to come out in the Fall Of 2012, It is about a young police officer who is investigating a series of murders in Montogomery County, Maryland, The prime suspect in the murders is a author is it her or is she being framed by a psycho who is obsessed with serial killers?


Alex Pettyfer as Officer Mike Landers-He is a young police officer who has been on the force for 2 years, and now he is working on his toughest case.

Rooney Mara as Nicole Jones A author she becomes the prime suspect after Mike's new girlfriend is killed, and because she wrote a book about serial killers.

Kurt Russell as Dennis Lucas(AKA The Butcher)-He is a vicious serial killer who killed Mike's father 10 years ago,he says he gets letters from the serial killer.

Emma Roberts as Melissa Edwards-She is a strange girl who thinks of Nicole as a kindred sprit because they both are interested in serial killers she has a book written by Nicole, she is also a fan of the Butcher.

Chandler Massey as Todd King-He is Mike's troubled best friend from school.

Danielle Panabaker as Tami Benson- She is Melissa's's best friend, she wants to be a FBI Agent when she graduates from college

Samuel L Jackson as Captain Hicks-He is a tough but fair man, he also misses being on the streets where the action is. He was the Det who arrested Dennis Lucas 10 years ago.

Crystal Lowe as Lisa Colson- She is Mike's girlfriend she is worried that Mike will get close to Nicole again while on this case.

Thomas Jane as Det James Howell-He is arrogant and he doesn't like Mike.

Saoirise Ronan as Debbie Landers- She is Mike's younger sister, she worries about him alot.

Jennifer Beals- Martina Smith-She is a housewife.

Ben Affleck as Joe Morgan- He is a friend of Melissa's parents.

Sasha Pietrese as Kimberly Hansen- She was Melissa's first victim she is shown in flashbacks through out the movie.

Taylor Launter as Rick Baines- He is the star QB on the football team at the local community college.

Freddie Smith as Greg Monroe- He is Rick Baines best friend, he is also a prankster.


Mike Landers

Nicole Jones

Captain Hicks

Debbie Landers

Det James Howell

Melissa Edwards


Melissa Edwards-She kills because she is a big fan of Nicole Jones book and she is hoping to get her attention so she will write a book about her,she kills the same way her idol the Butcher did. She goes to jail instead of dying because she will return in the future.


Kimberly Hansen-Melissa sees her hitchiking and picks her up and when they are at a stoplight suddenly Meliisa rams Kimberly into the dashboard knocking her out, she drives to a wooded area and takes out a saw from the trunk they pulls her deep into the woods and starts to dismember while she is still alive. Kimberly wakes up and screams when the first cut is made but Meliisas rams her head into a big rock which kills her then she dismembers the girl and buries her body parts.

Joe Morgan-He makes a pass at Melissa when he is drunk after dinner but she doesn't tell her parents instead later that night she goes to his house and sneaks in and brutally stabs him 20 times while he is sleeping.

Martina Smith-She lives 2 block down from Melissa and her family, she hears a knock and opens the door and sees Melissa Edwards she askes the pretty girl what does she need?Melissa says this she stabs her in the stomach then trips her then she continues to stab her over and over. Afterwards she leaves the back way and cuts though the woods to her house.

Rick Baines- He is at the college's gym working out late at night when Michelle come in to the gym she starts talking to him when suddenly she grabs a weight and drops it on his stomach which causes him to drop the barbell he was lifting onto his neck breaking it.

Lisa Colson- Melissa followed Nicole Jones to Lisa's house, she saw them arguing in the kitchen through the window. Lisa tried to smack Nicole but she blocked it and hit Lisa who fell to the ground, Nicole left in digust because she knew Lisa was faking being hurt after she left Melissa snuck in through the back door which was unlocked Lisa asked her who was she and why was she in her house? Melissa said she was Nicole's biggest fan and she didn't like seeing her trying to hit her she then took a frying fan which was on the stove and hit her in the head untill she was dead..

Todd King-He has come to see Lisa about a private matter he knocks and Melissa opens the door he asks her who she is? She says it's not important who she is she then tells him to come in and she stabs him in the heart once he steps in to the foyer, she then leaves through the back door.

Greg Monroe-He is waiting for his roommate to come home so he can play a prank on him, he hears a knock and answers the door he says a pretty blonde girl standing in front of him and he thinks his roommate is trying to prank him by sending him a coed pretending to like him , he invites her in and Melissa says okay he starts asking her questions but she says no she wasn't sent by anyone she said she saw him the other day. He sees that she is telling the truth and he starts to put on the charm and he goes to get a bottle of wine as he gets up he suddenly feels a sharp pain in his stomach, Michelle has stabbed him and he is gushing blood she then takes her knife and slashes his thoart.She says she has been wanting to do that ever since she first saw him because she thought it would be fun and she was right.she then leaves before his roommate came home

Tami Benson-Melissa picked her up for a trip to Ocean City on the way she had to stop to go to the bathroom and get some drinks for her and Tami while she was inside the store Tami picked up a folder that was on the floor she picked it and opened it inside was clippings of the murders that had been happeneing the last few weeks and that the writer Nicole Jones was a person of interest in the case. She was reading the clippings so intently she didn't notice Melissa open the car door and sit down in the driver's seat, she saw Melissa had a angry look on her face she asked Mivhelle why did she have these clippings? She said she was writing a paper on this case for class and she told Tami she had asked her if she could look in the folder she then said I'm sorry for getting upset about you looking inside the folder let's not let this ruin our trip to Ocean City, Tami said okay it won't while they were getting near OC Melissa saw a wooded area and got an idea she suddenly took her right hand of the steering well and went into her pocket took out a knife and stabbed a shocked Tami in the che she got off the interstate in made a right turn and pulled over to the side she said sorry to Tami but she had to do it because she was smart nd was going to figure out that she was the killer and she didn't want that she then went to the trunk took out a shovel and went to dig a hole, afew minutes she buried Tami then she continued her trip to Ocean City. She wasn't worried about anyone noticing Tami was missing for now because her parents and older brother were in Europe for the summer.

Melissa's arrest

! week after Melissa returned from the beach she saw Nicole and followed her home, she snuck up behind Nicole as she was going to open the door and pushed her inside and then hit her in the back of the head with a gun. Nicole woke up a few minutes and she saw she was tied up to a chair and a young girl who she had never seen before was sitting across from her,Melissa introuced herself and said she was a big fan of hers she then confessed to being the serial killer at first Nicole didn't beliee her but she started to give details that only the killer would know she then said she wanted Nicole to write a book about her.Mike now knew who the killer was because Dennis Lucas the serial killer who killed his father had told him he had been reciveving some fan fail from a girl named Melissa Edwards and she claimed to be the person committing those murders the last few weeks He had a feeling that Edwards would proably go after nicole because Dennis had told him she had mentioned Nicole in her letters, he raced to Nicole's house. Meliissa told Nicole she wanted to start the book now Nicole said okay btto write the book she would have to untie her because she was the only one who could use her computer Melissa believed her and when she was untied she attacked the deranged young girl they were fighting when Mike arrived and they didn't hear him come through the door Melissa had gotten advantage and was straddling Nicole getting ready to stab her when Mike said drop the knife she smiled and pulled her gun of her pocket and turned around to shoot him but Mikeshot first hitting her in the shoulder, he then handcuffed her and read her rights.


A couple of days later Mike was visiting Nicole making sure she was okay, she said yeah she was but she said that girl Melissa is very crazy,Mike said yeah she is very crazy and woldn't surprise him if her lawyer pleaded her not guilty because of reason of insanity. He then asked Nicole would see like to get away from all the media coverage fopr about a week we could go to Florida? She gave him a look he laughed and said we will go as friends he just fhim and Lisa were supposed to leave tommrow and he said he still was going to go he said he will go to where Lisa had planned for them to go and she could do whatever she wanted, she said yeah that does sound like fun she just let me pack and you can go get your bags and bring them back she said since she lives closer to the airport.Melissa Edwards was in her jail cell she was thinking to herself they make thing it is over but it 's isn't and she will get her revenge one day.

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