Terror Train is a 2012 horror slasher film and a remake of the 1980 film of the same name.


During a frat party, Alana Maxwell is roped into playing a prank on the nerdy young pledge Kenny. Kenny is brought to a room with the promise of a sexual encounter with Alana. However, the gang have placed the body of a woman in the bed. Kenny freaks out and falls through a window. He is then placed in a mental ward. 

On New Year's Eve, the people involved in the prank board a train as guests of a costume party. Ed, the class clown, is Groucho Marx, the leader of the prank Mike is a monk, athletic Jackson is a Godzilla-like monster, Alana's best friend Mindi is a witch and her boyfriend Mo comes as a bird. Other passengers include Ken, a magician, and the train conductor Arthur.

Before the train leaves the station, Ed appears with a sword in his chest. The others congratulate him on another joke and laugh it off as they board the train. Ed falls down dead as his assailant steals his mask before climbing on board. The train crushes his body as it departs.

During the journey, Jackson winds up in the toilet with the killer, and tries to get him drunk. Suddenly, the killer grabs him and smashes his head through the mirror. He then takes his lizard costume and makes his way to Mindi's cabin, where she is waiting to sleep with Jackson. The killer then strangles her to death.

Later, Alana walks in on Moe engaged in a sexual liason with another party guest. The two argue and Moe storms off. Mike stumbles across his body and is then attacked, only to find it to be a part of a prank. As he tries to call out the prankster, the killer comes in and slits his throat.

Arthur finds the girl who Moe was with dead and has the train stopped. However, he is ultimately forced to continue the journey. Alana recalls the prank and Kenny's fascination with magic, leading her to conclude the magician to be the killer. She finds a yearbook and reminisces briefly before accidentally happening upon Ken's body, mangled inside of his own magic box. Suddenly the killer appears, dressed as a monk, and chases her. She eventually outwits the killer and stabs them with a letter opener.

She returns to the front cabin, where she finds the magician's assistane waiting. She reveals herself as Kenny, taking revenge for his humiliation. Alana desperately apologizes but he brushes them off and then forces her to kiss him. When she does so, he flashes back and begins to freak out again. Arthur appears with a fireman's shovel and beats Kenny down, but the villain gains the upper hand and stabs Arthur with a concealed knife. Alana retrieves the shovel and strikes him again, causing him to stumble towards an open door. As they wrestle, she stabs Kenny with his own blade before he falls from the train and plunges into the icy lake below.

The film ends with Arthur recovering from his wounds as the train returns home.

Death Scenes

Ed - Imapled on a sword and pushed under train.

Jackson - Head smashed through mirror and throat slit.

Mindi - Strangled.

Moe - Killed offscreen, possibly via broken neck.

Mike - Throat slit.

Party girl - Stabbed.

Ken - Impaled inside of his own magic box.

Kenny - Stabbed with a letter opened in the back, beat with a fireman's shovel, stabbed in the chest and falls from a moving train into a frozen river.

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